Best Albums of All Time

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Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
Thriller: over-rated...
Becoming: Who in gods name is sarah geronimo and why the hell is she on this list.
A-ha: 80's band that never made a good album in their life. '

I think it is obvious that Dark Side of the Moon is a timeless album, a true classic, that is far superios to any other albums on this list. Definitely should be Number 1.
A-ha's albums are great! There's no need to diss other albums to explain why you think the dark side of the moon is the best.
This album was on the charts for like 100 years straight... It's gotta be #1.
Its deep and sounds amazing nothing like it. The songwriting as has meaning and the album as a whole feels like it was written with more of a purpose then just to make people dance but instead to make them think. Its crazy money gets played on the radio when its about corporate greed
[Newest]Nothing to even to compare with this
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2Thriller - Michael Jackson
I've been searching for "best songs ever made" lately, and I was terribly disappointed to see that on so many lists there is no Michael Jackson! This is outrageous! One of the best pop singers in the world deserves more than that. This is the man that made a dancing and singing revolution, a man who was years ahead of his time, a man who amazed the world with his voice, performance, songs... This man was and always will be a GENIUS! He deserves to be number 1
Come on it doesn't deserve 32% it deserves 101%

Even after 30 yrs of its release, it still remains the largest selling album released in history
I am speechless to describe how much I like this album in fact each and every album and single he released in his life

Mike rocks forever!
Come on now, it's obvious that Michael Jackson's Thriller Album is the best selling album of all time, it's timeless the songs are excellent and Michael put his all into the production process along with quincy jones and in my opinion it is a cut above any other album that is supposedly claimed to be best selling. Rock on michael cause your the best
[Newest]I like Bad better but Thriller rocks! A great album.
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3Led Zeppelin IV (aka ZOSO) - Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV was, is and always will be a timeless masterpiece. It set a standard for rock music which still has never been equaled or surpassed. It had a genius marketing campaign: the album has no official pronounceable title, the band or label name was not printed on the cover, only the song listing, mysterious pictures of an old hermit and the lyrics for "Stairway to Heaven", signifying that names don't matter, only the music. The production quality is crystal clear and even Led Zeppelin themselves couldn't replicate this sound afterwards and every song is a masterpiece although the side 2 of the album is often overlooked. It's one of the best selling albums of all time and is the 3rd best-selling album in the USA. If this album doesn't rank as the best, or at least one of the top ten, I seriously question the musical taste of the people here.
Its really impossible to choose an actual "number one" album, but this is a good pick, stairway to heaven is the greatest sounding solo of all time, and the song doesn't use any percusion or bass for the first few minutes but its still so great people will listen to the whole 8 or 9 minutes it is! Then its got rock and roll which is top 10 favorite rock songs for me, incredible, when the levee breaks is a great example of how zeppelin could turn a nonsingle cover song into a timeless hard rock classic, then they could had an acoustic song like going to California and made it amazing, not to mention this is one of the best selling albums by any artist from any genre EVER, all in all great album
(there are too many great albums out there to choose, this actually isn't even my favorite zeppelin album, its third behind Led Zeppelin II and houses of the holy)


I don't understand what kind of people like metallica, Zoso got "Stairway to Heaven, " "Rock And Roll, " and "Black Dog. " This album without doubt should be in the top three.


[Newest]Led Zeppelin was one of the greatest bands ever and this album was a breakthrough

4Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper made an artistic statement in a music that was NEVER considered art before. Language, fashion, artistic awareness and MUSIC ITSELF changed dramatically after it's release! Sgt. Pepper was a McCartney concept where by The Beatles took on an alter persona... This, in McCartney's mind, would "free" them from any / all "molds" created by the band prior... Lending a unique objectivity and experimentation to their process. The result WAS and REMAINS a landmark MASTERPIECE! The FIRST true "concept" album for sure! Of course the production, performances and COMPOSITIONS were WAY BEYOND "state of the art"! Beautiful, creative, melodic, defiant, edgy and GROUND BREAKING! How The Beatles "love to turn you on"!... Funny side note: did you know that Meter Maids were NEVER called Meter Maids until "Lovely Rita"?... Did you know on "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite" recording tape was actually CUT and randomly put back together to create the beautifully chaotic organ sweeps? (no synths... Just their imaginations w some help from George Martin / Producer)... Did you know that "A Day In The Life" started out as 2 separate songs and that during the HUGE climax the FULL orchestra was directed by McCartney to "just play what you feel"? Did you know that "Penny Lane" AND Strawberry Fields Forever" were BOTH recorded with intentions of being on Sgt. Pepper! The record company was pressuring The Beatles for a FAST release so they released "Penny" and "Strawberry" early to appease the record label! WOW... Must be nice to have the confidence to omit THOSE 2 TRACKS! Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is BRILLIANT on so MANY levels... Dim the lights, grab some headphones and "sit back and let the evening GO"!


This album is the one that changed the face of music more than any other album. It virtually created the term "art rock" and brought rock to be respected. The innovation on this album led to practically every other album on this list. Whether it be the studio amazement on "Dark Side Of The Moon" or even the work with the orchestra on "S&M" The Beatles started it all here. If you wanna hear good work with an orchestra, then listen to "A Day In The Life. " You'll get some good playing there. Without Sgt Pepper, rock as we know it wouldn't even exist.
Sgt. Pepper's lonely Hearts Club Band was a pioneer. The music can never be duplicated due to the sound systems they created. Not even great music engineers can figure out how they created these sounds. Also, not only did it have smash hits like sgt. Pepper's, lucy in the sky with diamonds, a day in the life, but also other cracking songs. Every song on this album was just a masterpiece! And in one word, this album is just 'INCOMPARABLE'!
[Newest]Best album of all time from best artist ever
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5Nevermind - Nirvana
What's wrong with you people? Nevermind on 14th? Kurt Cobain's amazing voice coupled with Krist Novoselic & Dave Grohl... This is THE BEST ALBUM EVER MADE.. Have some respect for REAL MUSIC PEOPLE!
Best there was, best there is and judging by all the crap released in recent years... The best there EVER will be. Kurt single handedly changed the landscape of music.
Nirvana changed the whole music scene with this album! People are still listening to this today, and will be forever more. This should be in the top 5 at least. NIRVANA FOREVER
[Newest]They did change history in music and reminded at there time that it isn't about big curly hair and having music videos with better videography better than the music itself.
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6Abbey Road - The Beatles
Fall Out Boy and Five's Greates Hits before this work of genius? Can't believe it, this is a masterpiece and should easily be in top 10!


This is my second favorite album, My first being one that I like that everyone would hate. Also that one doesn't stand the test of time like this one does. This album is truly a masterwork that only gets better with repeated listens. It has flows perfectly, and is far more versatile and emotionally balanced than Sgt. Pepper. This album is too perfect showing how awesome the Beatles truly are.
A remarkable compilation of interesting stories and tales put to equally interesting music
[Newest]No contest! Best album ever made

7A Night at the Opera - Queen
I seriously am in love with Freddie mercury. But when voting on these things they have so many of my favorite bands. I love... Wait for it Nirvana, Beetles, Guns N Roses, Green day, Metallica. AC DC and muse if you had trouble keeping up don't worry! Your not alone that's me too! But queen really speaks to me you know. They got me through some hard times and Honestly, I don't really feel like typing much more but if you really wanna hear about it go to top of the page where it has all the other things you can choose from. Go to most popular choose best singers of all time then go to freddie mercury number 2 OHYEAH! Then go to more comments about freddie mercury go to newest and look for the really super long one compared to all the others and that's me. Sorry I'm a really bad blabbermouth I'll go on and on and on about nothing in particular... Kinda like I am now. Okay so yeah just a recap love freddie mercury a lot kinda confused about what I like outside of queen but for me that's saying something so yeah. VOTE FOR FREDDIE! Ok bye!
Okay, all Queen fans,... I love you (not in a creepy way).
Long live Queen. Long live Freddie Mercury.
I'm sorry, but why did you only mention Freddie? What about Brian, roger or john? There forgotten too much.


This album is truly one of the greats, not just the best Queen album but one of the best albums of the 20th century. The album starts with 'Death on two legs (dedicated to... ) the song written by Queen's frontman Freddie Mercury and is believed to shown the band's hatred to their first producers Trident. Next was the short but sweet lazing on a Sunday afternoon also written by Mercury. Also on the album was Taylor's I'm in love with my car, Deacon's You're my best friend, May's '39, sweet lady, the stunning The prophet's song and Good Company. As well as Death on two legs and lazing on a Sunday afternoon Mercury also wrote Seaside rendezvous, love of my life and their first UK number 1 single Bohemian Rhapsody. This album truly set their careers off with probably the most famous album covers next to the Beatle's Abby Road. Amazing album.
[Newest]All I need to say is bohemian rhapsody

8Revolver - The Beatles
1. "Taxman" - stunning opening about 95% taxes
2. "Eleanor Rigby" - orchestra awesome
3. "I'm Only Sleeping" - sleepy acoustic
4. "Love You To" - eastern-sounding: sitars, tabla
5. "Here, There and Everywhere" - really good
6. "Yellow Submarine" - very good
7. "She Said She Said" - awesome rock guitars
8. "Good Day Sunshine" - nice piano
9. "And Your Bird Can Sing" - absolute rocker
10. "For No One" - good
11. "Doctor Robert" - interesting medicines
12. "I Want to Tell You" - nice song
13. "Got to Get You into My Life" - jazzy
14. "Tomorrow Never Knows" - make you feel stoned
This happened in 66' when bands were still into the old pop rock that the Beatles also set a standard for! In the revolutionary 60's things changed in months. This set a goal to surpass. And yet no one can beat it but the beatles themselves. This wasn't commercialized like sgt. Peppers. This was crazy stuff in 66'. The album is meant to be cool. I mean for once they are wearing sunglasses indoors. They are using SG's. They aren't being cute with pop rock. They are now physcedelic!
This song has the experimentation and unity of Sgt. Peppers, but each song can also stand on its own, as its own entity.
[Newest]It was released the day my mom was born. August 8, 1966. That's. Freaky! But awesome

9The Wall - Pink Floyd
You can never really treat this album as a series of songs, that you can skip through and listen to at ease. You have to start from the beginning, and then work your way through the whole thing. It tells such a shocking, sad tale, about a descent into pure madness. I've never heard anything so emotionally involved or so incredible in my life. They took music, and they turned it into a real work of art. It's timeless and ageless; and if you haven't heard it before, if ever you have a couple of hours on your hands, just pop it in, shut your eyes, and listen to its story.
Possibly one of the very few albums on this list based on actual events, The Wall dives into the isolated life of a rock star who endured a cheating wife, abusive school teachers, an overprotective mother, and his father dying in World War II. Pink winds up building a metophorical "wall" in order to keep the world around him out. Containing some of Pink Floyd's grandest songs (Another Brick in the Wall, Young Lust, Hey You, Run Like Hell, The Trial, and of course, Comfortably Numb), The Wall is an album you truly have to listen to from beginning to end in order to get the story of it all.


The second of Pink Floyd on this list. While I do enjoy "The Dark Side of the Moon" very much, there is nothing like "The Wall", especially if you've seen the movie. There is no other album that screams a story like this one, it is over-flowed by inspiration combined with Water's exceptional writing skills and Gilmour's guitar.
[Newest]Will never stop hating

10Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park
Great album, but guys, stop hating on Living Things and saying "why won't LP return to their roots" because you know that they definitely won't make a Hybrid Theory 2.
One of the best album ever created.
It deserves to be at number 1..
Thanks Linkin Park for existing
Hybrid theory is average at best it belongs no where near the rest of the albums here. Why they're so popular on this site I will never know
20 IS a little low for the best album by the most popular band on the planet. Has sold 29 million copies since 2000. BIG DEAL. Songs awesome. Style awesome. Mike shinoda awesome. Ches ben awesome. And in the end it doesn't even matter?
[Newest]Best beast best best

The Contenders

11Appetite for Destruction - Guns N Roses
Of course the best album ever by the best band. No 1 because...
Paradise city
Sweet child o' mine
Welcome to the jungle
Night train


Why in the hell is this not higher on this list! Should be number 1... I was surprised this wasn't in AT LEAST the top 10... I'm glad that S&M made it on the top ten though... This, Back in Black, Master of Puppets, Blizzard of Ozz, they all need in the top 10... This album is clearly deserving of a place in the top 10! Has so many many many great songs on it...
Pretty much my top 5 favorite songs of all time are all off this album! Not a single filler song, I could listen to it over and over all day long. Greatest debut album of all time and it contains at least 3 songs which belong on a list of the top 10 rock songs of all time. Oh, and slash is a god
[Newest]Really THREE Beatles albums over this... You can't be serious. I guess if you want to be depressed 24/7 listen to them... Or you can be happy and listen to some of the best tracks of all time.

12Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys
Please, please explain to me how Nirvana is in front of the Beach Boys. "Pet Sounds" remains as the greatest album of all time; while other works like the Beatles' "Seargent Pepper" and Led Zeppelin IV have become somewhat cliche, Pet Sounds stands as something different. I don't like the argument that just because an album was the "foundation" for other albums that followed means that album was greater. Pet Sounds is special because, not only was it never replicated, nobody even tried to replicate it! Brian Wilson's genius will not be matched and has not been matched by anyone, and those who try soon figure out why it is an impossible task to complete.
This is how it goes...
pet sounds is the best album ever.
Brian Wilson is the greatest mind in pop music history.
Pretty much the first pop album to actually make a mark on music on a positive manner that wasn't just made to sell music. Sucks that so many albums are in front of it.
[Newest]Brian Wilson was and still is a genius. This album belongs much higher on the list, likely in the top three.

13White Chocolate - Menowin
I was curious and bought the album and it was a good move :) Its great! His accent is cute :)
I hear it nearly every day. Menowin's voice cools me down, the rhythm of the songs makes me happy.
Best Album ever! Each and every song is just incredible!
[Newest]* This is album is amazing *

14Rubber Soul - The Beatles
On a whim...
And without any real prior knowledge of their collected works...
I started collecting their original albums on vinyl...
And I found...
If ever you could be so clever as to point to the definitive moment all collided and the road for the future was set, then this album is it. More daring than the stones and more crafted than Dylan.
My absolute favourite album! Very underrated in my opinion with some very underrated songs like 'You won't see me' and 'I'm looking through you' which are just amazing!


15London Calling - The Clash
London Calling is the best album ever created (Followed by Pet sounds), no matter genre! It opened so many doors for other bands like the suicide machines and Operation ivy. The way they mixed funk, ska, punk and classic rock was unique back then, and still is.
Even the worst song on this album (possibly "Lover's Rock") is better than about 80-95% of songs ever rerecorded. The Clash's first four albums are all awesome (Combat Rock is just good, not great) but this is their best. High Points: It is impossible to choose, they are all so good.
Punk rock hit it's pinnacle with this one.

Now would be a time to make some honorable mentions - Groups that just missed the cut: Van Halen, Rush, The Who, The Rolling Stones (I was even considering Johnny Cash).
[Newest]This album has added so much to music

16Ok Computer - Radiohead
Gotta love the ignorance of all these pop-culture-cozy blockheads who think that Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake are "OMGosh the greatest thing ever to grace music. " Every list on this site is just a bunch of modern-day junkies with sheltered music tastes chalking out their favorite new pop album. I'm not one to be so pessimistic, but lists like these just make me lose faith in humanity.
Now, to my point. OK Computer, even from the most objective of standpoints, is THE definitive art-rock treatise, and on any short list of the greatest albums ever made, a must-inclusion (and not at #93, please). I don't think people actually understand how revolutionary this album was to the face of music. All the sounds harvested in this album, the spacey, high-strung, compact electronics, set the tone for the future of rock. The album garnered tremendous underground success, and although it didn't go over as well with the mainstream industry, it's still the standard by which all alternative rock albums should be measured against--as any good critic will tell you. Thom Yorke's vocals are eerie, frantic, and at times sleep-inducing. The FX are simply mind-boggling, from the searing guitar riff of "Paranoid Android" to the nightmarish "Exit Music (for a film). "
Don't agree with me? Just watch. Watch and wait. Given another 15-20 years, and this WILL be widely-considered the greatest albums since Sgt. Peppers and Dark Side of the Moon.
this is the greatest album of all time, no question. it is as close to perfect as humanly possible and maybe even past that. not only is it flawless, but the music trandsends that of any other work ever to come out.
Life changing, revolutionary, and unforgettable


[Newest]The reason why this is so low down the list? Utter ignorance.

17Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
oh, I could name so many great things about this album no, masterpiece. and only 41st place? what a shame. invaders starts with an incredible riff and depicts the slaughters of the saxons in the olden days. #2 is about the movie"children of the damned"it is slow and melodic until a vocal genius by the name of bruce dickinson speeds up the tempo. the next two songs are nowhere near as amazing but still great. Then we get to the rock anthem"the number of the beast"which will knock any true metal lover of his/her feet. with a complex and insane riff followed by bruce dickinsons beautiful voice it is one of the most outstanding songs on this album. next is "run to the hills"with its remarkable drums which stands out over all of adrians glorious guitar work. now is my only problem with this album "Gangland"it is by all means not a bad song but it is so out of place in this wondorous album. finally is the single most influencial and beautiful and... oh just listen to it. it is call "hallowed be thy name"and starts of slow with bruces voice, almost a whisper in the background. it slowly builds up and up until BAM! the greatest guitar solo I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

if you have taken the time to read all of this. you must be a fan of iron maiden or your really bored. either way



with tracks like hallowed be thy name and number of th beast this is the greates album of all time, and michael jackson? please


Just about the only album I can actually listen to without skipping a song. Most of the albums up the top were FULL of fillers. 1) Number of the Beast 2) Master of puppets 3) Powerslave 4) Paranoid 5) Piece of Mind Maiden
[Newest]The greatest metal album ever. Even better than thriller. And now the greatest album of UK for the last 60 years. If you vote, vote up or good.

18Master Of Puppets - Metallica
I can't believe master of puppets is 73 on this list. Should be first n following it, ride the lightning, and justice for all, kill em all, black album, n that's just the top 5, then reign in blood, rust in peace, the years of decay, ironbound, vulgar display of power, cowboys from hell, the list goes on n on..
The music on this album is unlike anything else ever been written or will be written. The music is like nothing I've ever heard, and this album blew me away. Master of Puppets transcends music altogether.


Master of Puppets is surely a top 10 choice, and top 3 amongst the picks here, it is the best, most influential and amongst the best selling metal albums of all time!
[Newest]Pure thrash metal at its finest.


19Meteora - Linkin Park
This album is the best achievement in psychology, in my opinion. It helped me to get rid of depression originating in the very beginning of my life. I also love the set of songs from it that became popular.
I have no idea why people like though band so much. It isn't good at all. People think that it brought a new era to music and they're for some reason ranked in the top ten of best bands of all time when none of their albums are in the top 500 on Rolling Stones top 500 albums, and not in the top 100 on best bands of all time in the many lists I have looked at. Linkin Park is probably the most overrated album of all time.
Meteora is one of the finest album ever made in the history of rock genre and best given by linkin park it should be at top position

20Who's Next - The Who
Can't understand how this is 35, this album helped rock to become what it is today. Best album by the Who, and by far one of the best albums of all time.


The best WHO album by far, been listening to it on and off for thirty odd years. Still brilliant.
The best album ever. I still get goosebumps every time I hear the ending of "Won't Get Fooled Again", and I have been listening to it for 40 years.

21American Idiot - Green Day
American idiot. The 2nd best album of all time after thriller. 5 superhit singles rest 8 superb songs with different creativity, art, music and lyrics. And if you're are saying HYBRID THEORY sold 30 million copies, its wrong. The true value is 24 million but american idiot sold 14 million copies. I accept that but there was different time. At that time internet was not so popular so people just buy the album. But almost after 5 years when american idiot was released the internet was popular in all over the world, so people around the world did not need to buy a copy from a shop. AND IN ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE american idiot was ranked 22 best album of decade but in reader's choice it was at rank.1. And in both two list there was no hybrid theory or meteora of linkin park. IN KERRANG MAGAZINE american idiot was ranked 5 at best album of all time. And the songs are amazing in AI.
American Idiot came out at a time when people where afraid to speak out due to 9/11. Green Day didn't care about what people where and wheren't supposed to say, they released the album filled with rage and disappointment about America and it's politics anyway.
The storyline throughout the whole album is appealing to the youth as everybody can find something to identify with. And with a mix of angry rock songs like "American Idiot" to emotional ballads like "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends" I don't see how this can't be considered the greatest album of all time.
Even if it's almost 6 years since it first came out it is still current with a now on going Broadway play.
That, for me, makes American Idiot the obvious choice on this list.
Every song connects to one another and it forms something that is so awesome. An amazing story about a angst punk kid's life (JOS) and how he felt throughout all of it. His girlfriend telling him he became all that he hates "You're not the Jesus of Suburbia. The St. Jimmy is a thing made up of your father's rage and your mother's love. You're not the idiot America! " basically I really can't briefly describe this album!
[Newest]Best album. Need I say more?
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22Ride the Lightning - Metallica
Fade to Black, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Creeping Death... this is easily the best metal album ever
Breaking Benjamin gets ahead of Metallica. Haha, my life is over.
The most brilliant and exquisit album ever! All tracks are amazing on this one, and the best song ever, "Fade to Black" is from this album.


[Newest]Fade to Black, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Creeping Death, three best songs ever and all on the same album!

23Paranoid - Black Sabbath
This album was the most influential album on metal. It completely changed music forever
This album had all or their biggest hits, Iron Man, War Pigs, Paranoid
Nirvana, Linkin' Park and Green Day added nothing to the history of music. This did, a lot. Deserves a higher place than No. 23.

24Dreamboat Annie - Heart
Absolute classic and a gem of an original album.
This is one of the Best Albums ever recorded.

25Back in Black - AC/DC
I am in complete utter shock that this is only at number 35. This should be in top 3, along with Pink Floyd and the Beatles. It is the second best selling album in HISTORY from the WORLD'S most badass rock n roll band! With great songs like hells bells, shoot to thrill, you shook me all night long, and of course, back in black, it is a sin that this is below sarah geronimo and gackt, whoever they are. Vote this please!
Best Album ever and second best selling album worldwide. There's no bad song on it. On the contrary. Hits like "Shoot To Thrill", "Back In Black", "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" and the greatest song of all time "Hell's Bells". New singer Brian Johnson made a really good job. Back In Black is a real tribute for the death singer Bon Scott.
Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, Rock And Roll will survive!
this should be in the top ten or top 5 or 1 best album of all time I love I love it I love it its like the perfect album better than most albums you like or know
[Newest]The last awesome AC/DC album, how is Hybrid Theory higher?!

26HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I - Michael Jackson


Seriously. This album should be at the 2nd place. I totally agree with the first one. It had to be THRILLER. But the 2nd one it should have been this. Have you all forgotten Michael's THEY don't CARE ABOUT US, YOU ARE NOT ALONE... Pretty sad
This album is so underrated.
[Newest]Love it love it love it!

27Rust In Peace - Megadeth
63 is just sinful. Say what you want about Dave Mustaine's wild accusations when he's given a mic / twitter account, but this album is a classic thrash metal album. I think this deserves to be in at least the top 20 albums of all time because it was so jam - packed with great metal hits that it should be considered throughout all genres for best.
One of the best metal albums of all time. I'm surprised it's this low, should be higher than some of the other bands on here such as linkin park and green day.
Oh come on this is MEGADETH'S greatest album it deserves top 10 at least
[Newest]And justice for all should be ahead of this.

28Ten - Pearl Jam
If Eddie had taken both barrels instead of Kurt, these guys would be considered the most influential band of the grunge scene.
Best grunge album ever made, I would dare to say this album is tied with "London Calling" or "Re"
There is not even a slightly mediocre song on Ten. Some songs are empowering and angry, others are deep and touching. I cannot say enough about the sound that Ten brought to the world.
[Newest]For my generation, this is the greatest debut album ever made. This is a top ten effort, no question.

29Metallica (Black Album) - Metallica
How is this album on 23rd.? Come on American idiot on 13th really? Go and check any official List there is no American idiot on it and metallica's black album comes before nirvana's never mind there is something really wrong with this list metallica rocks and this album proved it. M/
Metallica should be at least number 10. I mean, come on! This is one of the greatest albums of all time let alone in heavy metal! That album has five, FIVE, number one singles, which is pretty hard to do now. Metallica is one of the most inspiring bands out there.
This is one of the best albums ever! Metallica are overall one of the greatest metal bands in the history of music and this is one of there top albums! This well deserves to be at least in the top 10!
[Newest]28 you must be kidding...this should definitely be in top 10

30Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
A band in turmoil producing amazing songs. Never heard an album that clearly demonstrates the emotion of the writers in each and every song. Masterpiece!
This needs to be on the list. 8th best selling album of all time.
Amazing group, amazing album. Should be in the top ten.

31True Blue - Madonna
Everything about Madonna is so intriguing. True Blue is one of the most successful albums of history, and one of the Queen's very best. Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart, Live To Tell, La Isla Bonita... such songs are not merely hits but masterpieces, immoratal musical achievemments. Perfection.
Just because Michael Jackson died, it doesn't make him the best artist of all time. People, please stop giving him a pity vote! Madonna was a true artist. She wrote her songs, created her own music, directed her own videos, organized her tours. MJ was good, but NOTHING compared to a great artist like MADONNA.
True Blue is a masterpiece and Madonna's best album, you don't hear such quality in today's music scenario. It is truly her immaculate collection!
[Newest]Certainly one of Madonna's best albums. The issue is figuring out which one of hers is the greatest...

32Kid A - Radiohead
Why so low? Best album of the 21st Century, although in my opinion In Rainbows and Random Access Memories are close.

33Operation: Mindcrime - Queensr├┐che
Greatest rock concept/opera album ever. Every track is blistering to the senses on this well-produced album, complete with choir and orchestra undertones. Ranked #34 on Kerrang! Magazine's list.
This is the definitive prog metal album from a highly underrated band

34In Rainbows - Radiohead
I think we all know this should be much higher on the list.
Radiohead's most emotional album
This album is perfect! My number 1

35Fallen - Evanescence
I think it is the album of Evanescence and it consists of all of my favourite songs like Bring me To Life, My Immortal and Tourniquet. The Open Door and Evanescence are also too good. Please vote it to take a better position. It can go to the top
Epic album... All songs are perfect...
[Newest]Fallen is that should be number 1 with Hybrid Theory.

36Are You Experienced - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Perhaps this requires an acquired taste, but for my money, this is absolutely a top ten album. How can Jimi be considered the greatest guitarist ever, but his album is not in the top 20 (at least). Doesn't make sense.
Hendrix showed NO FEAR in music, visual performance and hard playing and was step ahead of his time twisting his guitar over boundaries.
Comparing this album with all others at that time, very few people really understood he was so advanced.
Everything he played in this album is really the basic from which all others started from. He was really the corner-stone
In rock music and guitar playing.
The low position of this album simply explain how poorly recognized he was at that time by the mass people. A Genius is not always immediately understood.
[Newest]Best debut album ever

37White Album - The Beatles
The White Album is truly a great album! I love it so much. All of The Beatles albums are the best!
It's called the "White Album" only because the album had the "Beatles" spelled out and that was it on a white background.
an amazing album in the top 5 most likely of all time albums...
[Newest]This album stinks. Some of the songs are true masterpieces but most of them are bad.

38Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan
It's a shame that more people haven't heard the magic that is 'Highway 61'. It can only be described as, quite frankly, one of those albums that changed everything. Without this album, as well as 'Bringing It All Back Home', Dylan essentially invented modern rock music as it is today.


I hate my generation. MJ dies and becomes the greatest thing since the wheel, he's overrated one of the greatest entertainers ever yes but his songs are par. The fact that Highway 61 is this low is crap it is ranked #4 of the all time records according to rolling stones magazine. I know this list is crap because Sgt Pepper and pet sounds are also two of the most important albums ever but not in the top ten.
It's sad to see Linkin Park, Green Day and My Chemical Romance above Bob Dylan. Highway 61 has one of the greatest songs of all time and some other great songs to back that up
[Newest]Bob Dylan sounds like someone ran him over with a car before he sang... In other words pretty awful

39Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden
This whole album is just a damn journey to a place far away! Very underrated!
I love lots of MAIDENS songs but most of all The evil that men do

40Slippery When Wet - Bon Jovi
28 million records baby! Deserves to be in the top 10! People have only heard prayer, bad name and dead or alive, which are their masterpieces! But when you hear the whole album including Never say goodbye, Raise your hands, I'd die for you and wild in the streets, you will understand how truly amazing this album is! It was due to this album Bon Jovi became famous and till today in 2012, have maintained their popularity! They got a younger fan base with Crush and an country rock fan base with Lost Highway! Incredible!
Slippery When Wet defined the 80's! Bon Jovi's career at this time was in full swing as many other bands were as well but unlike the "others" listed above Bon Jovi did not follow the downward spiral of "sex, drugs and rockn'roll" no instead they chose a path of example and inspiration. For these reasons and many others this album certainly deserves more credit than it is receiving here. It represents not only an entire album of unforgettable music and lyrics that defined a generation.
You Give Love A Bad Name, Livin On A Prayer, Wanted Dead Or Alive...
Nothing left to say


[Newest]Nothing better than Bon Jovi

41The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
This album brings back such bittersweet memories. While I can't say I'm too proud of some of its fans, My Chemical Romance is my favorite band, and I'm typing this in 2015, two years after their break-up. This album is a masterpiece. The lyrics, the instrumentation, just the feeling you get from listening to it - it's beautiful. There's one song in the whole album that I ain't crazy about (House of Wolves). Pretty much all the songs are packed with raw, real emotion, and that's not something that can be said of the vast majority of albums above. I am Yucca Sherbert (sorry if that doesn't make sense), and this is my favorite album of all time.
This album had to be number one it talks about death which I don't think any other band could have done the theatrical of this album was so amazing especially the songs welcome to the black parade and famous last words... I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone my chemical romance is the best alternative rock band I love Gerard way, Mikey way, frank iero, and ray toro they are so hot seriously start listening to this band they change lives in a good way My Chemical Romance for life!
I expected this to be in the top 10... It doesn't even make top 135.. One of the greatest albums of all time in my opinion... I've heard top to bottom.. From Abbey Road to I am.. Sasha Fierce
[Newest]Hands down best I've listened to.

42The Eminem Show - Eminem
Want to get pumped up? Listen to the most amazing song on the album, 'Till I Collapse.
Want to laugh? Listen to Without Me.
Want to be grossed out? Listen to Drips.
THE BEST RAP ALBUM OF ALL TIME I'm sad that people look at hiphop as a bad genre when rappers like eminem have more talent that most of the bands ahead of him on this list.
WHAT? This is at 44! It deserves to be in top 5! This is the best album ever made! Hats off to king of rap.very meaningful songs.
[Newest]Easily the best album, just about every track on this album is good

43The Doors - The Doors
Alright. I am very confused as to why the doors are way down at number 39. Honestly people, do you really prefer shania twain and linkin park? This is ridiculous. The Doors album, The Doors is probably the single best debut albums for a band ever. Every song has it's own little twist and every song is absolutely in every way a piece of art.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. " How Jim coined their name. This band is indefinitely one of the most important bands earth has ever experienced, and honestly should not be this low on the list.
36 as a position for this sheer masterpiece is justification that humans have totally lost touch in music. But then again, you have to be at Jim's level to understand.
The best of 1967 (which is itself a huge achievement), this album is pretty much flawless. It's also the best debut album, in my opinion.


44Scoundrel Days - A-ha
The best Song of the best album ever from the best band of the world. Scoundrel Days, the song, is like a part/page of a mysterious tale/book and Scoundrel Days, the Album itself, is full of tales about human lives. Everyone can find a part of his soul in every song in this album. Scoundrel Days is one of the best Albums ever made by a band. A-ha Forever
Just a wonderful Album of the best band ever! All songs are fantastic!
One of the best voice in the world of music. Scoundrel days, Swing of things and The weight of the wind are awesome songs".
[Newest]This is a brilliant album which mostly overlooked by a lot of people

45S&M - Metallica
Metallica are an inspiration to all musical aspects, S&M blows your mind as it sets the scene for those who enjoy metallica, and for those orchestral fans, utterly amazing album with two amazing extra track... -human and No Leaf Clover
Let's think here for a second... What's the second highest selling album of all time behind Thriller? Back in black. I want to know where that is on here.
Yeah! Its number 1 to me. This is why Metallica is such a great band... There studio albums and live recordings are equally good.
One, Sad but true, master of puppets, enter sandman and of course nothing else matters are few great songs in this album.
[Newest]Metallica is what most humans believe to be gods. S&M puts them right up to the right hand of god.

46Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
Born to Run 44?
What the hell who votes here anyway? This is the most legendary album. All 8 tracks are brilliant songs, especially Thunder Road, Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, Night, Backstreets, Born to Run, She's the One, Meeting Across the River and the epic final-Jungleland. This album makes every other album look poor, this is the greatest thing in the history of the world and it's 44?
Oh my god. It's pretty obvious what kinds of people vote here if BORN TO RUN ISN'T IN THE TOP 10! Go and listen to this album before you vote. Stuff like Linkin Park is crap compared to this.
Springsteen takes a lot of hate, but this is a fantastic album. "Thunder Road" is my favourite.


47Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin
So so underrated album from most underrated band. Listen guys take this higher it deseves more.

48Powerslave - Iron Maiden
Not only is the best album of the band, but also created a trend in heavy metal music. Along with Piece of Mind, one of the best albums of music history.
All the musicians on this album makes a huge job, especially Steve Harris notes. A historical record, no doubt.
Up the Irons!
This album truly defines what Metal is all about. Every song is epic, every riff is a masterpiece. Bruce Dickinson at his vocal best. Absolutely mind blowing album. Deserves to be in the 10 for sure
66 r you kidding me?

492112 - Rush
Nothing like 2112 was ever heard before. The mixture of metal (for the time) prog in an expansive narrative was unique. 2112 is both explosive melodic and full of virtuoso playing, from the worlds greatest rock trio. Sure others have pushed this technique (maiden dream theater etc) but rush did it first, with the trend setting and groundbreaking 2112.
Epic have you heard something for nothing? The temples of syrinx it is pro! Rush is such a talented group of guys! Bass the guitar and Neil's drumming! It is amazing
THE MOST UNDERRATED GROUP EVER. Yes, I was yelling and standing on top of my desk when I typed that. For my money, this is absolutely a top ten album of all time. I love this group and this is their best album.

50City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold
This is THE best A7X albums ever, EVER! But I think this should tie with the "avenged sevenfold" album because that's also amazing.
City of Evil should be higher than NO. 1
Has some of my favourite songs from my favourite band with some of the best drumming and guitar they've played a7x foREVer
This album almost make me like a beast! This album just like the symbol of "GO TO DEATH"

51Dangerous - Michael Jackson
Its Michael jackson and what more do you need? Give into me, who is it, remember the time, dangerous! Greatest songs of the 90s. Anybody who can be discreet enough to see through an artist with his art will love this classic album
Always the king of pop

52Songs In the Key of Life - Stevie Wonder
This has some of the most beautiful music ever written on it. I find it incredible that it isn't on here already.


Move this one WAY up!

53Brand New Eyes - Paramore
I love this album so much. I realize it's not a legendary album or a very famous/mainstream one either so it will probably never get to the top but it is definitely one the best albums I've ever heard. All the songs were unique but the album was organized very well, it's really relatable, it was really emotional too but it wasn't whiney at the slightest and lyrically wow it's just perfect. I just want to inject this album into my bloodstream

54Phobia - Breaking Benjamin
Every song is awesome
Every song in this album is great -including-diary of jane, breath, had enough and others

55Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
What? Wish You Were Here at 77? I don't believe this. Literally every song (Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-9, Welcome To The Machine, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here) is awesome and this album is my most favorite album after Dark Side Of The Moon. This album deserves to be in the Top 20, to say the least. I don't know why it's so down below.
This is a top ten album, no question about it. This album got me through college. Pink Floyd is among the greatest bands ever assembled. Clearly this list was put together by someone who was hellbent on giving equal time to the more recent bands, none of which are even close to the bands of the 60's and 70's.
Undisputed best album. Not one single note, not one single second on this ultimate masterpiece that does not contribute to its sheer ingenuity...
[Newest]My favorite album of all time, hate to see it so low, but hey at least there's 2 Pink Floyd albums and Led Zeppelin 4 in the top 10

56Becoming - Sarah Geronimo
"Oh Sarah! I love your album so much! Oh Yeah, Sarah! Why are you so wonderful? You're just too cool for us! "

Who is this intruder and why is she 15?


Becoming album of sarah geronimo is great! I have a copy of that album! She is great!


I love all sarah g album... Please those really want to know what I mean try to buy one

57The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem
This album has it all. At a time when Eminem was getting criticised for all his controversy from his first album. So what does he do, make an even more controversial album and it became an instant success. How can a diamond album that sold nearly 2 million copies in its first week be this low. The whole album is packed with genius songs and lyrics and it was an album that told everyone to shut up and listen because Em couldn't care less. A masterpiece
This needs to be higher, no diamond album should be rated this low, with meaningful tracks like Stan and songs to show off em's skills like the real slim shady, this album is the complete package.
You can't talk classics without bringing up eminem
[Newest]This is truly what started Eminem's career as a rapper. Why isn't this album higher up on the list?

58Tommy - The Who
This album is absolutly amazing. Pete Townshend was in top form when he wrote this magnificent rock opera (that's right, ROCK OPERA) and it still endures today as being one of the most original concepts in all of music.
Although I never forgot about them (how can you? Their songs are still played all over on commercials, movies and T.V. shows) I have been giving the Who more listening time lately, they may just be the greatest rock band of all time, especially if you consider how they sounded live. I Could argue for the Who or Led Zep or the Beatles all day long, but each member of the Who was an amazing talent all by himself. Listen to "won't get fooled again in the concert for New York after 9/11--they outrocked all the newer bands by a mile, they are the real deal
The greatest concept album of all time and I love concepts especially the 'Rock opera' concept!
[Newest]Tommy 34th? This is the best thing I've ever heard in my life

59Ray of Light - Madonna
Shame to the people who say pop music is shallow. This album written and produced by Madonna along with William Orbit is amazing and influenced the mainstream by bringing electronic music into its work. This album deals with themes of motherhood, loneliness, selfishness and death. The vocals are Madonna's strongest and compositions range from trip hop inspired ballads to techno/drum and bass lite dance songs. This pop album is worlds better than Thriller.
Madonna's Ray of Light is purely and simply, a work of art. Just listen to it and be engulfed in its ambience and artistry. Certainly an emotional, mature, and introspective album. Definitely some of Madonna's best work.

60Bat Out of Hell - Meatloaf
An iconic album which should be in the top 10 albums of all time. Every song tells a story, powerful emotive lyrics, classic ballads like Heaven Can Wait contrast with up tempo tracks like Dead Ringer for Love, and some tracks combine the two with a level of light and shade that modern artists today cannot emulate. Truly superb.
Still a major album today -paradise by the dashboard light, 2 out of 3 ain't bad are songs you can never really tire of


Connects with the heart and soul and good for any occasion and meaning full number 1 in my opinion

61What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
All I can say is get this album it will change your life and it will change the way you listen to music. It is without doubt the greatest album of all time
Without question, this is a top ten effort. You can listen to this album start to finish. Many of the issues still relevant today. This is a timeless effort.
Again, great song after great song. Writing, performance, and production. Just perfect. And lyrics actually talking about subjects that affect us all.

62Origin of Symmetry - Muse
This album deserves to be higher, I have heard this album too many times and I still don't get enough, it's very good. (even though Absolution is my favorite Muse album =P)
So good I downloaded it on itunes and still went out and bought the CD, just in case my computer wiped it or something
Amazing band, amazing album, One of the few albums I could listen through 5 times running and not skip a single song.


63Mars - Gackt
The best album of all! Even though every album of Gackt is absolutely awesome. His voice is so full of emotions that you will get gosebumps everytime you here him sing... Also his variety of songs is incredible wide... his ballads are as wonderful as his rock songs.
This is a great gackt album... I love it... 'cause he is a great singer... I love him so much, he always moves us with his songs, in particular with this album
ohh mars is a great album. gackt is great singer. he is perfect.
[Newest]Amaing album! I will never get tired of gackts music or x japans music and l'arc en ciel! ~ they know real music!

64Pinkerton - Weezer
A musical masterpiece. Back when it was released, it got some underground success in the emo world, but it was hated by the 1994 =w= fans, because it was more dark than there previous Blue album. But now it's a cult classic, and is one the best albums of all time. If anything, this albums is WAY more emotional than American Idiot, while this you can actually feel the emotions put into such an amazing album. It is a masterpiece of an album, and it will always be my favorite simply because it made me cry, and the emotions have changed me.
In all honesty It should be in the top 20 at Least. It has so much emotional background to it, there is no denying that this album is timeless. It's a cult classic and there will never be an album like it that touches you the way Pinkerton does.
I didn't see this on here but I listen to this album start to finish every day. One of the few musical pieces that has struck a true emotional chord with me.


6521 - Adele
I like her music her lyrics makes a lot of sense if you just listen to the words.
Best album ever- simple as that.

66Live at the Apollo - James Brown
Laugh out loud no comments

67Hunting High and Low - A-ha
I just like this album... Although it took me so long to find out how good it is...


Love love love this album! Puts me into a good mood anytime I put it on
That's not to say though that some of the songs are melancholy but the overall melancholic, wistful mood gives the audience much to think about.

68Let it Bleed - The Rolling Stones

69Like a Prayer - Madonna
Classic album from classic Madonna. Hits "Like A Prayer", "Express Yourself" and "Cherish" are still very important


Great mix of pop hits and ballads! I personally love Dear Jessie and Oh Father.

70Into A Secret Land - Sandra

71Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
Easily one of the greatest albums of all time
This is Jimmy's legacy, fiction and save me were his masterpieces.
A7x did an amazing job with very thing on this albu but some of the lyrics are unforgettable.
To the anger and hate of "god hates us"
To the sorrow of "so far away"
"Danger line" a beautiful song about the horrors of war when you actually get shot.

72Stripped - Christina Aguilera
All genre in here and very deep meaning in the lyrics, and christina so amazing in the albums, I hope you vote for this albums "greatest albums all of times"
53! Most talented female of all time
From "Dirrty" to "Walk Away" to "Can't Hold Us Down" to "Impossible" to "Beautiful" to "The Voice Within" to "I'm OK" to my favorite song of all time, "Fighter" this album was groundbreaking!

[Newest]Legend, her voice is unique.

73Yours Truly - Ariana Grande

74Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
The beginning of heavy metal.
I was on my way to add this if I didn't see it


75Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols - Sex Pistols
The greatest punk album of all time. This is THE album of the people. Even though it's rough around the edges, without it, music as we know it wouldnt exist
The embodiment of punk rock.

76Come on Over - Shania Twain
Shania is just so amazing, I only discovered her songs recently but she is just amazing. I am so glad I came across her because wow, she is just so talented and amazing. All her songs are amazing and I love her so much. My favorite song by her is totally that don't impress me much, this song is just the best and it is so catchy. Shania put country-pop on new level with this album.
And the singer herself, she's so amazing and very sexy.
The Best selling country album of all time. Record sales of 39 million world withe. The best selling album by a female of all time.

77Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin
Not only the best Led Zeppelin album, but the best album ever!
My favorite album of all time and I'm a huge Beatles fan...
Wow this should be higher

78A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay
A lot of the albums above this, they just have two or three standout songs. This should be in the top ten because every track is a classic and is worth listening to.
This is the best thing that Coldplay has ever done and if anyone would give it a chance it would make my day. People that say that this band sucks have not listened to this album. Give it a go!
Number one. Best album ever. So much emotion, so much great instrumentation, so much great everything. This is what made Coldplay famous. 11 perfect songs from the best band ever, in my opinion.
[Newest]Variational like Blur - Think Tank

79Bad - Michael Jackson
It is AMONG one of the worlds best selling albums, selling OVER 30 Million copies


It has my #1 song of all time in it, SMOOTH CRIMINAL


80Reconstruction Site - The Weakerthans

81Anastacia - Anastacia
Baby you're the greatest and this album is fantastic!
It's the best album ever heard, great sprock and a an unique voice. Without any doubt it is the greatest album ever released.


82Your Favorite Weapon - Brand New

83Absolution - Muse
Time is Running Out, Hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome, Sing for Absolution, Fury, and Bitterflies and Hurricanes - they're just my favourites.


84Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits
Love this album 9 sellout out concerts in perth wa on the back off brothers in arms tour near on 100'000 people great concert
Knoppler doesn't play fast or loud. He just plays the perfect notes at the perfect time. You've never heard a guitar sound as clean.
The best sound, cool and delicated.
[Newest]What's this doing at 270?

85Van Halen - Van Halen
Infectious, melodic, and ear blistering! Still has me in awe. It's impact on the future guitar slingers alone makes it a top 20, and the fact most if these sings are known and loved by most put in top 10!
For grab your *****, EXCITEMENT,non-cerebral,kick ass guitar,no pretense,straight ahead ummm ROCK AND ROLL..don't overlook this one!
Among my favorite groups of all time, and this is definitely their best effort. Not sure this is a top ten album, certainly top 20 for me.

86Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs - Derek and the Dominos

87BloodSugarSexMagik - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Amazing album. It have everything. From punk, over rock to funk and pop
its the best album I've ever lisin 2. it has so many styles of music.


I personally think that Californication, but Blood Sugar Sex Magik is not far behind at all. I'm listening to it right now!

88Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
Elton's firt double LP (17 Songs! ). Creates great suspense within it. Some of the best Songs of all times.

89The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars - David Bowie
This album was a masterpiece production. The album cover appropriately noted "to be played at maximum volume". Should have made the top 10.
#85?!?! How is that possible? So far, it's probably the most significant album in my musical evolution, after Pet Sounds.


One of the best albums ever.
Shame it's only here.

90Innuendo - Queen

91Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon

92Ganging Up On the Sun - Guster

93The '59 Sound - The Gaslight Anthem
This album is an auditory representation of my youth.

94Confessions On A Dance Floor - Madonna

95Adema - Adema

96Parachutes - Coldplay

97Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin's masterpiece. The best double album of all time because many successful bands of the '80s spent all their time redoing 5 songs on this album over and over again. Better than any other Led Zeppelin album and way better than any new cruddy artists work.

98Animals - Pink Floyd
I absolutely love pink floyd.
This is the best and most underrated floyd album by far. If you are into rock and find the floyd to mellow, then this is the album for you. Give it a go it might just change your life.
One of the most brilliant masterpieces one can hear. Animals is Pink Floyd at their best. So is Wish You Were Here and Dark Side of the Moon, but Animals doesn't get the credit it rightfully deserves. Sad...
I recommand it to all of you, for those who read this and haven't heard it.
The climax of the lyric composition of Waters with the virtuosismo of Gilmour. A crude sarcasm to the capitalism and society. This is not an album for everyone cause is a critic to society and it's no made to satisfy the superficial-simple-musical'taste of most people. I'm sorry but its true. Songs about 15 minutes with gorgous guitar solos and clever lyrics. Salmos being talked by a robot, sound of animals in the middle of the songs, dogs being dragged by the stone, sheeps rising up against the dogs and pigs, pigs on the wing. Animals is like read a book. Matter of fact, it's inspired in an orwell book.

99The Sufferer & The Witness - Rise Against

100Sha Sha - Ben Kweller

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