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And Then There Were None
Simply the best murder mystery ever written.
It is flawlessly written--I have read it probably 20 times. Ten people invited to an island where they are murdered one by one. What could be more intriguing and mysterious? The attention to detail--the nursery rhyme posted in each of their rooms, the back stories for each of their characters, the red herrings, and the stormy atmosphere of the island is superb. It makes a great movie too--and could be re-done magnificently by one of our current great filmmakers. Steven Spielberg or Kenneth Branagh --are you reading this?
Probably Agatha Christie's best novel!
A book full of thrill, mystery, and suspense! I love the unusual death of everyone--following the nursery rhyme, and how each indian boy on the table disappear every time someone dies. Also, the shocking ending which makes this book a genius! A great work of Agatha Christie, must-read and highly recommended!
I had the original book titled 'Ten Little Niggers'. I think the original title was mind blowing and seeing titles like 'ten little indians' and 'ten little soldiers' just spoils the fun.

The book is a masterpiece in itself. The plot is thought out very carefully and the reader is in complete suspense till the end. Definitely one of Agatha Christie's best. I don't have my original book anymore. Gave it to someone who did not return it. But anyway, to all those who haven't read it... Its not a compulsion, but a good read for all those who are into this genre. Enjoy
[Newest]It is full of mysteries!
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2Murder on the Orient Express
This was definitely the most suspenseful of all time. I was so sure I knew who did it, and then I was so sure again, and I was so sure again, and then I read the end and sat there, stunned, for something like five minutes! Incredible read!
The end surprised the hell out of me! Exceptional book!
One of the most exciting books never read a plot as good as this fabulous exceptionality. Long live AGATHA CHRISTIE
[Newest]Best book ever read

3The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
one of the most ingenious books of christie. A true brain teaser. Proves that you can never take anything for granted. Simply superb.
You'll never guess who the killer is in this! You'll have to suspect everyone!
no single person can guess the murderer... a simply amazing mystery
[Newest]There was something obvious in the answer - and yet it was impossible! Of course, nothing is impossible for Christie and her detective, Poirot!

4Death on the Nile
You'll find yourself cheering for the murderer! An amazing mystery!
Very good and unbelievable. Christie takes us through the magic world of detective fiction.
You want to start out reading a good mystery? Then start out with this one!
[Newest]I loved this story and its economically produced exotic atmosphere. However there were some weaknesses where timing is everything and was dependent over much on unpredictable circumstances that removed potential witnesses from public spaces. Otherwise, top notch!

5A Murder is Announced
Mystery everywhere in this! So suspenseful and I Couldn't put it down. I remember I had a huge SAT test in the early morning for school and my mom told me to go to bed early, but I stayed up until 2:00 AM and finished it and I was blown away by the ending!
One of Mrs Christie's most baffling novels. Shows Miss Marple's no less than Monsieur Hercule Poirot
The very first Christie I ever read, leading to a lifetime of Christie fandom and love of the old whodunit genre as a whole! The psychological make-up of the murderer is beautifully convincing. My only reservations were the rather silly trap for the killer at the end and the maze of false identities! Still, it all makes for great red herring bafflement and the set up is one wonderful trick!

6Sad Cypress
An exceptional plot with a hint of a love story. Very deceptive and cunning.
Despite the intriguing plot, this book is a phenomenally written novel with an exemplary twist and a message of hope. One of my favourites!
My favorite Poirot and 2nd favorite Agatha Christie book behind And Then There Were None. Amazing characters and setup. Great book!
All you focus on is all the different circumstances totally not in favor of Elinor Carlisle, you can't suspect anything else...

It's the legendary end for Hercule Poirot legend. agatha christie used all of her tricks in this book, I was confused as hell when reading it!
Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings team up to solve their very last mystery. Ending is sort of sad.
I was a bit disappointed in this - I simply couldn't believe either in the murderer nor their way of achieving potential murders. It just didn't ring true. Still cunning, mind you!

8Five Little Pigs
Possibly Christie's best. She weaves an incredible tale of tragedy and mistaken guilt that ultimately feels almost heart-breakingly inevitable. Poirot does it like no one else.
Thrilling read...5 suspects... A murder that took place 16 years ago... One of Poirot's most difficult nuts to crack!
Really good... I was surprised when I found out who the murderer/murderess is... I always thought it was someone completely different and I carried this wrong theory until the end when I was gob smacked! Really good!
[Newest]Arguably one of her strongest novels. The narrative technique is brilliant, plausibility rating as high as one could wish and I can't recall any reliance on unpredictable events/scenarios. Simply superb!

9Evil Under the Sun
I cannot explain how wonderful this novel is. The exotic location, the baffling mystery, the interesting characters, and of course, the ending was the cherry on top! Wonderful Poirot novel!
Wonderful mystery... It keeps you guessing till the end
amazing book!
This has everything! Love, Betrayal, Innocence, A grand house cut off by the tide and secret meetings... EPIC best novel ever
[Newest]Loved the setting but the reliance on chance timings too high to be her most satisfying to my mind.

10Crooked House
The first agatha christie novel I read... Made me wanna read more of her!
Loved it. My third favourite of her books till date.
Crooked House is without a doubt the most shocking of Chrstie's book. And Then There Were None is the most creepy and frightening but Crooked House has the most psychologically unnerving, disturbed and perhaps unintentionally tragic murderer that Christie has written. I can only imagine the reaction it must have got in Christie's time. Also the way it's constructed and the journey it takes to get to the expolsive, disturbing climax not only cements Christie as a great murder mystery writer but also as a master at understanding psychology and questioning what what develps human nature into "good" and "evil". Also Agataha Chrsite wrote in the preface that this was one of her favourite stories to write. You can see why.
Have read the whole book in less than 24 hours... It keeps you hooked to it!

The Contenders

11The A.B.C. Murders
Alice Ascher, Betsy Bernard, Charmichael Clarke, how do they connect?
Probably the best plot in book history!
Plot was very interesting!
Succesful for misleading readers

12Murder Is Easy
It is the first Agatha Christie novel I've ever read... Which made me love her...

13The Hollow
My favourite of her books. Very intriguing story, a lot of female characters involved. Love is shown in different aspects. It's one of those murders that are either too simple or too complicated.

14Dumb Witness
A dog who is the only witness to a murder...One of Agatha Christie's finest novels from the Poirot series. This, and the ABC Murders. Read them...


15Peril at End House
"The Best less-known of agatha christie's books. Every plot point is a big surprise. The clues are pitch perfect. The end is unforgettable. A superb example of how clever can be the good old dame of mystery "
Superb! Confuses you in every corner! I could not put the book down, I've read 5 times!


The best Poirot book

16Hercule Poirot's Christmas
My first Christie novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I bet no one can predict the murderer until The great Poirot himself reveals him. The thing I like about Poirot is that he doesn't need clues like cigars ash or stuffs like that (as Holmes does). He depends on the psychology of his suspects and their nature which is very evident in this book.
One Mrs. Christie most baffling novels ensure you have adequate information on science and heredity before you read it. Monsieur Poirot embarrasses Sherlock Holmes.

17The Mystery of the Blue Train

18Murder in Mesopotamia
Perfectly pasced. Hercule Poirot doesn't even appear until well into the story but it's such a well written novel, it only makes it better when he does. Along with "Death on the Nile, " her best "Middle East" set novels.
It is a very thrilling and awesome.
Should be within the top 5 for sure!
[Newest]One of Christie's mind blowers!

19Towards Zero
Great mystery read many times because one time is not enough it is so awesome

20Death in the Clouds
Awesome mystery! Step aside Sherlock Holmes, and welcome Hercule Poirot!
The first book I read... Which made me eager to read more... It was very breathtaking and I was astonished when I found out who the culprit was... And how he/she did it... Great read for anyone, especially Agatha-Christie fans!

21After the Funeral

22Ordeal by Innocence

23Sleeping Murder
As I m very younger so first time when I read this story... I feel the language was very difficult but as I read it two more times slowly I was able to understand it but seriously its really fantastic story... love it... 😉
Its one of the best agatha christie books complicated yet fascinating story.wonderful ending.please try this
Pretty interesting. Fast paced and reatime detective fiction

24Endless Night
One of Christie's darkest and most eerie! Her legerdemain in this is again stunning if not entirely original... one of the best of her later period. Will creep the dickens out of you! Undoubtedly I think this is one of her masterpieces though often overlooked.
Excuse me? How can this be on no.25? This is a such an awesome book.


The climax is thrilling... An unbelievable ending... Youll simply lovve it... A perfect book

25Sparkling Cyanide

26The Man in the Brown Suit
My favorite Christie book.

27Cards on the Table
Wait, are there four murderers?
The first Poirot book I read, which got me hooked. I have now read all the Poirot books due to this captivating story of Mr Shaitana

28The Mysterious Affair at Styles
A great start to a masterful series!
The first Hercule Poirot mystery.
The only Poirot book I didn't like. Maybe because I read it out of order, but the ending was predictable.

29The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

30Hickory Dickory Dock
The best "find the motive" book.

31Death Comes As the End
I love it, the killer was the only one that I didn't suspect.

32Appointment With Death

33Three Act Tragedy

34A Pocketfull of Rye

35The Pale Horse
Second best book of hers. After the "And then there were none" of course. Very intelligent scheme of crimes. The criminal that Agathe met in her youth and brought to the limelight when its proper time came. The book that saved several human lives... and perhaps ruined some at the same time)
Best book I have ever read in my life
Stunning. Brilliant idea. A different Christie story.

36The Murder at the Vicarage
Loved it but for its English village, tinkling of the tea cups/gossip setting - but definitely overshadowed by Murder is Announced, in my opinion!
Personally I feel its Miss Marple's best and to top it all its her first.
The most English of her novels with Miss Marple and the best supporting characters/suspects of all her novels.

37The Third Girl
Okay okay better than murder in the orient express. I just
Why is third girl at 35th position?! Sure, ought to be on the top 30.


Awesome book! Its about three gals livin in an apartment where one of them one day comes to Hercule Poirot confessing that she MIGHT have murdered sme1!
A must read! To all

38The Murder on the Links
This should be in the top 5. It's in my top 5 books of all time. It seriously will blow you away! Agatha, what a genius that woman is! Best writer of all time hands down. This world would be glum without her. She brings smart, fun, silly, funny, crazy, unique, and amazement into every book she wrote! This one is the supreme example!
You won't guess both the murderer or his/her motive. An excellent book. One of her bests.

39The Moving Finger
Perfect mix of love-story and crime. Wonderful use of famous quotes too. Super language from start to end.
A great favourite and a popular variation of the poison pen theme. James D'Arcy, that hugely underrated and too modest actor, plays it beautifully in the T.V. Suchet version.

40Elephants Can Remember

41The Secret of Chimneys
This isn't my favorite... But I want to tell you, that this one you get totally on the wrong track! You always think, oh the diamond was why the dude was killed, the diamond was why the maid was killed, and the secret passageway and the coded message, every thing the diamond, the diamond, the diamond... But finally, it's not the diamond. The greatest Jewel... Virginia, the illegitimate daughter of the Count and the wife. You'll never guess who the murderer is. He/She was the only one I thought could never have done it... But he did!

42Halloween Party
Nice one quite horror

43The Seven Dials Mystery
Its just awesome. I really enjoyed the ending and at the end I was so baffled. I have read this book a number of times. Its a good one. Deserves reading.

44The Body in the Library
This Miss Marple mystery is also set in St Mary Mead and with some of the same characters as The Murder At The Vicarage

45The Secret Adversary
The only Agatha Christie novel with just two suspects from start to finish and you just can't decide which of them is the criminal mastermind. Tommy and Tuppence at their very best.

46Taken at the Floods
I can't remember Hastings in this book?! It's one of the very few Christies centred on the effects/after-effects of the Second World War. Lots of fascinating insight into social conditions. One of the few where the 'n' word is casually used - but by a most deliberately unsympathetic character. I found the solution to be one of Christie's most disappointing. Still a good read, mind you, with very memorable characters.
As always agatha christie shows her class with this book.
Hastings is almost made to die in this book. A deserving book to feature in the top 10

47The Mousetrap


49The Big Four
Can't believe it isn't on the list. If you like AC then I'm sure it is way better then The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Mark My Words!

50By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Loved it and its overtones of slithery creepiness! A very good baffler!
I liked it, mystery and little horror too... very interesting...
Not bad give it a try if you didn't read it yet..

51N or M?

52Easy to Kill
Great story one of best novels I have read
A delightful English village mystery and my nephew's named after the main protagonist - Luke Fitzwilliam!

53The Thirteen Problems

54Miss Marple's Final Cases

55Mrs. McGinty's Dead

56Dead Man's Folly

57Lord Edgware Dies
Another masterpiece by the world's greatest writer! All the Poirot books with Captain Hastings in it is the best!
The best Poirot book ever! The first Christie book I read and the best! If you can guess the ending right, you must be the worlds greatest detective!
At the very top of her game with this one.

58Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
A delightful mix of mystery, adventure and bright young things. Sheer pleasure!

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