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1 It Ruined the Vampire Image

OK, I agree with everything, but I chose this because I like the number two. Anyway, It completely destroyed vampires. Things that looked awesome before sucks now. Like the red eyes, burning in the sun, kick-ass fighting is destroyed because Stephanie Meyer decided to make vampires that sparkle like fairies, climb trees like spider monkeys, see the future and control emotions and read minds and all that other crap etc. etc. etc. Because this story was introduced to this world, we now look at vampires like they're vampires, but they're aliens that have lots of respect from blond sixteen year old girls... Thanks a lot...

! I totally agree with this statement. I mean since as long as anyone can remember, vampires burned in the sun. That's just what happens. Even in books like The Vampire Diaries, the vampires burn if they take off their rings. Then Stephanie Meyer comes along and decides to make the vampires sparkle. what? She tuned them into walking disco balls! Why? It completely ruined vampires. Honestly that was a really stupid idea and it's probably one of the main reasons that Twilight gets so much hate from people.

Aarhgh! First of all I hate Twilight. It's the biggest piece of crap ever written. And always when I type in Google Images the letter "E" it goes for Edward Cullen, "B" for Bella Swan and "T" for Twilight. I don't read or watch vampire things anymore cause every time Twilight runs into my head and I'm sick of it. Just a girl who every1 wants to kiss and when one dude kissed her she hit him and her hand broke. Ugh... sick, man!

One of the biggest reasons I hate Twilight is because of HOW vampires are portrayed and I love vampires. I hate that people consider Twilight to be the core of vampire fiction when Dracula, Anne Rice's works, the Vampire Diaries books, etc. came BEFORE it. I only like vampires who're bloodthirsty(no pun intended) and are actually terrifying. A sparkling vampire is not scary in any way shape or form.

2 The Fans

Yes, EVERY fanbase has bad apples so not all Twilight fans are rude, brainless, bigoted, and selfish but the ones who are, I can't stand them. They would leave their friends if their friends hate Twilight. They think that anyone who hates Twilight is too stupid to understand it. They vehemently defend Edward's rudeness towards Bella because "he loves her". They compare Twilight to critically-acclaimed and Oscar-winning/nominated movies and always say Twilight is better because "it's superior". And they only tolerate opinions that match with their own when an opinion cannot be right or wrong. If you love Twilight, good for you. Just don't even think about throwing a temper tantrum if someone reveals they don't love it.

Not all, perhaps, but most are brainless. Everything about this horrible farce of a plot is terrible. Everything. It's extraordinary to me that such a thing could become so popular. And what is this teaching out young people anyways? There's stalking, and passive-aggressive behavior, a this young woman who seems to have no personality, that is obsessed over this guy who treats her like crap. Every time I hear or see one of those Twitards sticking up for anything Twilight related, I lose a little more hope for our future. Sickening.

I went to blockbuster one time to rent a movie and twilight was on the rack I thought" hey this could be good" so I rented it and watched it and then I'm like "this is not a movie this is dog poop. " and there were like a million girls at school wearing twilight t-shirts and I said "that's a stupid movie why the heck do you like it. " then she's all "your just not smart enough to truly appreciate it. " what

When I find Twilight the video game on apk android, I will destroy the device with it downloaded onto it. As for the Ds, I will destroy the game card with a hammer and rip up and burn the cover artwork. For wii, again I will burn the cover artwork and snap the disk in half. All this will be done in front of the toxic Twilight fandom.

3 Edward Shines in Sun

Just why. This has no relevance to the already crap plot, it just gives teens a reason to swoon over a fictional character.

First vampires: Didn't die in the sunlight.

Mid-age vampires: Died in sunlight.

New vampires: These are not vampires, they are sparkpires.

Vampires die in sunlight but this horrible film made them sparkle. SPARKLE! This whole movie is idiotic!

Of course Edward has to be perfect and sparkle in the sun.

4 The Plot

It's basically the tale of "What if obsession was love? " The answer is it's not, but Stephenie Meyer did her damnest to force it and we got the trainwreck that is Twilight. Seriously nothing in this book proves that they were anything other than a high romance - nothing about their love is epic.

Plot: Bella Mary Sue Swan (Let's call her Bella Sue,) goes to school, and meets this sparklypire named Edward Stu, and they fall in 'love,' and no character development, Bella Sue has no personality, A Random Howler From Animorphs from Quotev complains about this being a waste of trees, and Bella Sue has no personality and is a bad example of a female main character. That is all I know.

OK so the whole book is based on a girl who has no life or personality or friends, neither beautiful but somehow guys love her and vampires and werewolves are interested in her. Then she meets vampire and now we get onto the part where she describes literally EVERY STEP HE MAKES. We get it, your in love don't torture us with that!

5 Bella

I feel like Bella is so dependent on boys and I hate how when she loses one boy she turns on the other. She's just confusing the boy and the reader. When people ask me if I'm on team Edward or Team Jacob, I say I'm on Team Bella Get your Life Back Together. I think that if she wasn't so focused on boys, she could do amazing thing things, because she is kind of smart and has a lot of potential.

She doesn't really deserve Jacob. Breaks his heart for someone who she only started to like because of his looks.

There's really nothing to like about Bella. She barely even hangs out with her friends and just thinks about boys.

I love the books so much. Kristen looks like her but does not act like her. I thought Bella would just be great.

6 It Wins Everything on the MTV Movie Awards

Twilight is bad, but it's not relevant anymore. Instead of whining about it, how about we move on from it? Like we did with Bieber, Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers', etc.

These movies deserve no awards.

There's no reason to watch mtv movie awards anymore, you know that twilight gonna win everything again

Thanks a lot crazy girls.

7 Team Jacob vs. Team Edward

Honestly, Bella's conflict between these two men is just childish. We all knew she'd be safer with Jacob, yet, she chose Edward like a fool despite falling hard for him when she knew nothing about him.

Oh! I had to vote this but accidentally voted different option. Seriously, no use of this... Everyone knew who would get the girl... And Jacob was the character everyone felt pity for...

She kissed Edfool right in Jacob's face. I just want to punch her right then. What do they see in her?

I can resolve this argument... Team Edward Elric! Ah... okay... I should go see out somewhere else

8 The Acting

K stew is a fake and impere rotten disgusting sickening girl who will eat your soul
I hate that angry face she makes in the breaking dawn poster!
Kristen Stewart is nothing but fake to me!
She ducks and I wish she was dead I hate her! Aaargh I'm disgusted!
Disgusting sickening sack of filth!
She is so dumb and stupid and I wish she would stop being a twilight actress!

There's worse actors out there than Kristen, people.
You're tearing me apart, Lisa.

Every one is fine, the movies are great... With one exception
she stole my men, she makes me gag every time I see her 'face' and as if she isn't enough of a pig to kiss the 2 hottest guys ever; now she's MARRIED one of them

9 It Destroyed Bands Like Muse

Ugh, Muse, why'd you do this? -_- Muse is the most amazing and talented band of all time. They're so much better than this.

It destroyed Linkin Park, paramore and muse, thanks to god that iron maiden and megadeth aren't in this crap

10 It Has So Many Fans

Not really a problem... No, it has worse.

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11 Bella and Edward's Abusive Relationship

'I like to watch you sleep. It's fascinating." Stalker much? You can't just waltz into someone's bedroom and observe them. That's creepy.

12 The Visual Effects
13 Boring
14 It Spawned Fifty Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey was originally a Twilight fanfic, you wanna talk abusive relationships? Talk 50 Shades. Like, come on, who takes a fanfic of something and is like "I'll but the rights for that! " and then makes a bad erotic novel.

The crap made by a crap.

Never knew this.

15 The Dialogue

You know what happens if Twilight goes like this:

Pikachu: Hey girl I'm pikachu. Kiss me and you will be a Pokemon. What do ya say?
Jealous guy: No be with me and you can become a digimon. Digimon is totally better. Pokemon is overrated
Pikachu: No don't be with a Pokemon wannabe.
Girl: I don't KNOW.


Girl: I wannabe a Pokemon but I had sex with both guys so...
Pikachu: piki-chu

16 Anti-Feminism

I am 11 years old and my 9 year old sister is looking up to Bella and Twilight. My mum first recommended this to me and I refused gladly. Teens, pre-teens and young girls don't need men but apparently you a boyfriend in Twilight or you're useless and uncool.

If I have daughters (and sons) I will ban twillight and make them read harry potter instead.
Because Hermione is a better role model. And she teaches kids good morals

Bella Swan oly teaches kids to get boyfriends and that abusive relationships are Ok

17 Bella is Such a Weak Character

I agree with this statement. I mean, first of all, Bella was unlikable from the start. People call her relatable because she's normal, but the definition of normal to Meyer is to make a character that is heartless, vain, and self centered. Bella is a brat that won't open her eyes to the real world. she's anti feminist, a very dependent and naive character, and won't own up to her failings. She likes Edward based only on his looks, and blindsides Jacob, which is totally disrespectful, and she's also senseless and stupid. If you hate bland lovesick drama queens like Bella Swan, don't pick up this piece of crap they call Twilight

18 Jacob

Now, who added him to the list? Everyone else, I can easily do without. Some parts, I was like, "Now when's Jacob coming in? " Bella is so stupid she tries to kill herself just to hear Edward's voice. And Edward sparkles in the sun. But Jacob is a wolf. How awesome is that?

Oh, sorry.

Jacob did not ruin Twilight. Jacob helps her when she needs him the most. All stupid Edward does is leave her crying. She tries to kill herself because of him.

Edward is amazing and Bella clearly loves him so just GET OER HER! She clearly is not interested but you still go and ruin her life

If I have a boyfriend and he's just like him, I'm breaking up with him in a heartbeat (no pun intended)

19 Not Enough Michael Sheen
20 Robert Pattinson Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson is an English actor, producer, model, and musician. He started his film career by playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a 2005 fantasy film.

A brick wall can act more than him. Also he is so cringing to watch and he isn't even that good looking. Kristen can do better without a self absorbed sparkly vampire

Not even that hot.

He isn't hot or attractive at all.

Well he didn't act bad

21 Kristen Stewart Has No Expression
22 Being Forced to Watch by Your Girlfriend

If I ever get a boyfriend, I will be a good girlfriend and not force him to watch this if he doesn't want it.

Am a straight girl. I HATE twillight. Twillight = torture. If Twilight came on it would be torturing both me and whoever my future boyfriend is

My Chick is forcing me right now but let's see if I like Twilight

23 It's So Over the Top and Dramatic
24 Bella is Way Too Dependent on Men

Honestly, Bella had the brain power of a potato. Between being caught in some pointless and childish melodrama with guys, and thinking that abusive relationships are the new 'hot', she will do anything to gain appreciation from boys. Bella just cowers behind any man who can get the job done, which shows that woman should be dependent and wait for men to take all the control when she had potential to take matters into her own hands

My boyfriend left me for my own safety...better jump off a cliff! Kids are reading this, and thinking it's fine to sit around and let guys wait on you hand and foot. Bella is a HORRIBLE role model for anyone. Go read Harry Potter or Percy Jackson and find (a) some actually good literature and (b) strong girl characters.

25 Too Much Love
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