Best Warrior Cat Couples

Have you ever seen two cats so purr... fect for each other??? It's up to YOU to decide who are good together and who should go their separate ways!!!

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1 Cloudtail & Brightheart Cloudtail & Brightheart

:Breaths in...Breaths out : I love this I got to say Cloud and Bright are one of the best couples in all of warrior cat history! Ever since they were apprentices Cloud has always had a thing for Bright, but after the dog attack Bright needed someone to help her with her trauma. Cloud was always there for her, when she needed help recovering with her new face, who was there? Cloud.

Better than Swiftpaw x Brightheart. I heard that Swiftpaw hopes that Brightheart will leave Cloudtail for him. She would never! Would you lead your crush into danger? I like to think that Cloudtail left his Kittypet life for good for Brightheart.

Cloud and Bright are one of the best couples in all of warrior cat history! Ever since they were apprentices Cloud has always had a thing for Bright, but after the dog attack Bright needed someone to help her with her trauma. Cloud was always there for her, when she needed help recovering with her new face, who was there? Cloud. He was there with her every step of the way. And each of their kits are amazing, even Ambermoon! And she basically did nothing! In conclusion I love both Bright and Cloud very much and they deserve the best.-Fallen from long before StarClan

Cloudtail was so sweet to Brightheart after the dog attack. Also, I feel like his love for Brightheart was the real thing that made him realize that he shouldn't become a kittypet.

2 Graystripe & Silverstream Graystripe & Silverstream

I feel like these two really loved each other because even though they were breaking the warrior code, their love was worth it. I was really sad when she died, and I hope they are happy together forever in Starclan.

I LOVE THIS. I don't mean to be rude, but Millie is not my favorite cat. Graystripe loved Silverstream more and chose Silverstream in Starclan. Mille always gave her attention to one kit and not the others.

YES just yes! I honestly prefer Silverstream over Millie (no offense) I was REALLY sad when Silverstream died, I was on the verge of crying and my friend actually DID cry.

Just perfect I love them so much ! I cried when grey stripe saw silver die and when he fell for MILLE omg not to be mean but I hate

3 Firestar & Sandstorm Firestar & Sandstorm

I HATE HATE HATE, Spottedleaf x Firestar! For one, spottedleaf only liked Firestar because of his looks! He never did anything to make her like him. Spottedleaf is so much older than him too! Sandstorm liked Firestar because he proved that he would save any of his clanmates despite how they treat him!

I just love this ship and I saw it coming from a mile away. In season one book two I could already tell they were falling for each other, I mean Fire & Sand, that just sounds right. Once I saw her actions change towards him I just need to know if they were going to be together, and I freaked out when they actually became mates.

This one is so cute! And I love this ship but I think that I would ship bluestar and firestar just because but I like this one tho a little bit better!

I can't see Firestar pairing with anyone but Sandstorm. In every single dimension and alternate reality of the Warrior Cats multiverse, I would see Firestar and Sandstorm still being together no matter what. It would feel wrong if they were not together, because they have such a great, strong, layered relationship. They make each other better in literally every way. This relationship is one of the most realistic and true relationships in the whole series. Firestar and Sandstorm were almost always honest with each other, were very supportive of each other, and genuinely cared for and loved one another. Each one of them would probably sacrifice their own life if it meant the other could live. Death could not separate them (because canonically, they would be enjoying themselves up in StarClan). In my opinion, I believe this coupling is the best in the Warriors series (it is also my favorite), this pairing will likely remain the greatest couple in Warrior Cats history. This pairing ...more

4 Leafpool & Crowfeather Leafpool & Crowfeather

I hardcore ship Crow X Leaf. For one (No offense to anyone here) I don't really ship Crow X Feather. Again, Feathertail had JUST been made a warrior so it basically another apprentice thing. I mean, sure they cared about each other, but Crowfeather moved on, and after The New Prophecy (Minus Crowfeather's Trial) he never even says the word "Feathertail" because he's clearly forgotten about her. But even during Omen of the Stars there are plenty of moments that signify the fact that he still loves Leafpool. He was a bit upset when he first learned that Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze were his kits, but can you blame him? If your ex-girlfriend showed up out nowhere with her daughter and her daughter was like "Oh! I'm adopted, you all caused me pain, I hate you all, you're my mom, and you're my dad, and you're going to live with that whether you want to or not!" (I don't hate Hollyleaf but that was pretty much the exact same thing as what she said) you probably would be too! But ...more

I really love these two together. I really like how they bonded over the journey, and then their relationship grew afterwards. I don't hate Feathertail, but I feel like that wasn't as good as Leafpool and Crowfeather.

I don't mind this. At first, I thought it was random, but I re read the series and there were some in dawn, crowfeather was TOO NICE in helping her jump lover the cliff, and was clearly battling with the guilt. You don't see much of their meetings because its mainly focused on leafpool failing as a medicate, but from my understanding, they happened everyday. So...yeah

Awww! Whoever says this ship doesn't work, buzz off! They are practically made for each other! When Crowfeather was all stubborn, it was Leafpool that calmed him! And I could tell that they had liked each other since they saw each other, during the journey. They just couldn't figure it out without doing something wrong!

5 Bluestar & Oakheart Bluestar & Oakheart

Okay, I know I'm going to get a bit of hate for this, especially since it's so high up on this list, but I don't really ship Bluestar X Oakheart. I don't even like Oakheart if I'm honest, and Bluestar is a cat I have mixed feelings for. One of the things she's done that I don't agree with it; Become mates with Oakheart and ditch Thrushpelt. I ship Bluestar X Thrushpelt, so Oakheart completely ruined that, and also, do they REALLY love each other? Like, Bluestar didn't even CARE when Oakheart died. They clearly didn't love each other THAT much! I feel like, in my opinion, that Thrushpelt would've been a much better mate for Bluestar then Oakheart. You're probably wondering "Why would you vote this then?" But it's because I'm doing my Top 10 LEAST favourite ships because I already did my favourites. I know Blue X Oak is well developed, but I feel like Bluestar and Thrushpelt had potential, had she just given him a chance. There are so many ships that I agree with where one cat (Mostly ...more

BlueXOak were so cute together. I never read Bluestar's Prophecy until after all the normal series so when I heard of Bluestar & Oakheart I didn't understand their relationship. But I was so glad once I read that book. It was so good! I feel like forbidden romances are more romantic. I just LOVE the meetings between Bluestar & Oakheart. It's SO adorable. I'm glad BlueXThrush didn't work out. I mean, Thrushpelt's a really good cat and he deserves a nice mate, but BlueXOak is AMAZING. BlueXOak FOREVER!

I choose BluexOak ship for a reason.
Mosskit died right in front of Bluestar!
She had her kits was so happy!
In my opinion, Oakheart's a awful cat.
If he didn't know Bluestar, Mosskit wouldn't have died! I wish he could have thought and disagree with Bluestar in the book.
If Oakheart wasn't here, Bluestar could have had a happy, great, life.

I love this ship so much! Bluestars prophecy is one of the few books I cried in and when I read this ship it gave me goosebumps because it was scarily relatable to one of my own experiences. It should definitely be higher on the list!

6 Jayfeather & Half Moon Jayfeather & Half Moon

To be honest, I ship all of the Jayfeather ships, but this one is my favorite.I know its just another medicine cat affair...Oh by the way did you know that every medicine cat, Spottedleaf onwards has had an affair?Though most of them did not act on it...

Spottedleaf:Firepaw but did not do anything

Yellowfang:Raggedstar and had kits

Cinderpelt:Had a crush on Firestar and her reincarnation had a legit ship.

Leafpool: Had kits with Crowfeather

Jayfeather: Cannon relationship with Half moon that to be honest, should have gone so mush farther.

Alderheart:The refuge kitty pet that I forgot the name of and him had feelings but did not act on it surprisingly.For once the warrior code was obeyed.

Anyway Jayfeather will hopefully be mates with her in StarClan.Her final words to him were super touching... "I'll wait for you forever, Jays wing!" and just went to show how deep their relationship was, even if it only existed for a few chapters.

Even though the Jayfeather and stick one is good, I still like this one. Jayfeather is one of my favorite cats on the books as well.

Ahem, Ahem. Jay and Half are perfectly fine! They are okay! Plus, Jayfeather IS Jay's Wing, and he is basically just like him! The only difference between Half and Jay is that Jayfeather is alive, for StarClan's sake!

Okay, nobody hate me here, but... I don't ship it. I ship Jay's Wing X Half Moon, but not Jayfeather X Half Moon. I know they're basically the exact same cat, but hear me out; Jayfeather is living. Jay's Wing is not. If Jay's Wing had've been a different cat and had gotten to be with Half Moon, I probably wouldn't mind, but not when Jayfeather is a literal reincarnation of Jay's Wing and now everyone ships them. No, before anyone starts hating on me, I don't ship Jay X Stick either. You're probably thinking "What, do you hate Jayfeather and think he's better off single?" But it's because I ship Jay X Briar, and Jay X Cinder is my 2nd choice. I just feel like this ship is another forbidden romance that doesn't need to exist, because we already have Jayfeather's sister running off with a dead cat, we don't need him to go off with one too! I don't hate HollyFallen, but we don't need Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, AND Leafpool with forbidden romance stories. That's just stupid, it's ...more

7 Brambleclaw & Squirrelflight Brambleclaw & Squirrelflight

Bramblestar and Squirrelflight is one of my favorite ships. Bramblestar may not have always been the kindest to her, but they always made up and that's what makes it so special. Some people argue that Squirrelflight x Ashfur would have been better, but I disagree. Ashfur was nice to Squirrelflight, but his biggest interest seemed to be fighting with Brambleclaw, instead of focusing his attention on Squirrelflight. Also, Ashfur really overreacted when Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over him. He threatened to kill what he thought was her kits! Is that what you call love? Ashfur may have seemed good to Squirrelflight, but really he was just a hazard to her. Not only did he try to kill Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze, but he also killed and imprisoned many cats in the dark forest, along with possessing Bramblestar. I kinda turned this into a rant about Ashfur, but his evil deeds are just more reasons Squirrelflight and Bramblestar should be together.

I just love the way they kinda worked through issues and seemed to always make up! I'm spoiling River, Bramblestar is horrified that Ashfur like took control of him and made him and Squirrelflight fight!

I know how Brambleclaw/star was a little mean when Squirrelflight was a "paw", but I also really like that he was able to see past an annoying apprentice, to see the love of his life.

I loved them as a ship yet I always got so annoyed at how blind Brambleclaw/star could be when it came to Squirrelflight and I felt heart broken when Squirrelflight started hanging out with Ashfur just to annoy Brambleclaw. Thankfully they got back together

8 Brackenfur & Sorreltail Brackenfur & Sorreltail

Their love is the most cute out of all the couples I picked, and I feel they really love each other, because even though they are side characters, their love is mentioned quite a bit.

I truely loved this ship, even though these cats were side characters I loved how for once the ship wasn't forbidden! Their love for each other is so sweet I was so happy when sorreltail gave birth to her kits yet sad that Cinderpelt during the event

Brackenfur and Sorreltail I feel might have just came up out of nowhere, but they did look like they did love each other. I felt so sad when I read Dovewing's Silence and Bramblestar's Storm and found out she died, Brackenfur spent all of Bramblestar's Storm grieving over her!- Fallensky from SkyClan

I feel like this ship is just kinda perfect.Its not really that important but it is just so lovable and sweet how they don't have forbidden love or anything, no handicaps, they just both are nice and love each other.It's the fact this this relationship is so simple that makes it so lovable.

9 Hollyleaf & Fallen Leaves Hollyleaf & Fallen Leaves

Honestly I find it funny how the siblings, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze, have ships with sorta dead cats. Hollyleaf and Fallenleaves, Lionblaze and reincarnation of Cinderpelt, (Sort of a ghost thing) and then the legit cannon ship of Jayfeather and Half-moon. Anyway I like that ship because I really agree with it. also, has anyone noticed ships in the later arks are some of the better ones, but they have been around for such a short time they have like no votes?

I cried and slammed the book in the wall when Hollyleaf died... Then she and Fallen Leaves couldn't be together anymore! Sure, they're both dead, but they're both in different ghost worlds that will never connect! I'm gonna have to write a FanFic talking about their kits to sooth my pain

I feel like holly should have someone even if it's a million year old ghost tom. They deserve each other. They helped cats that got stuck in the tunnels get out. I 100% ship them! And if u disagree your loss.

I think I heard that Holly is ace. I hope not. Leaf x Leaf is the destination of life. Some says that they are just friends, but do you think if I would even care? Leafshipping was meant and is confirmed unlike that Mouseleaf thing.

10 Lionblaze & Cinderheart Lionblaze & Cinderheart

One of the few ships that felt real, This one is extra sweet because of how at first Cinderheart loves him back, then she finds out about being a reincarnation of Cinderpelt and thinks she can't!I feel like it is super awesome how she gets over it then loves him again and it's a happy ever after and they have a million kits.

Okay, I for one cannot STAND Heatherpaw/tail or anything that she does/did because she was/is just an arrogant, fox-hearted, mouse-brained, stupid, dumb, itiotic, crazy, stupid, stealing, rotten, little BRAT, but Cinderheart is like the definition of amazing. It was so sad when she thought her and Lionblaze couldn't be mates because apparently he's too good for her (She's way better then him, no offense) but I love that they became mates and had kits in the end! I'm only on The Apprentices Quest but I know they have kits (Thanks a bunch internet) and I love them so much! They're delevopment was interesting and we for once had a protagonist that didn't have a forbidden romance story (Not including Brambleclaw, he doesn't even count as a protagonist smh) so that was nice too. Cinderblaze/Lionheart forever!

Lion x Cinder ALL THE WAY. It was so sad when she thought she wasn't good enough. I literally CRIED. And Heathertail, by the way, is over rated. I don't even know why Lionblaze even thought of liking her.

I just think they would be better together than Lionblaze and Heathertail. Plus, they gave us Stemleaf who helped our amazing BRISTLEFROST see her love for Rootspring.

The Contenders
11 Dustpelt & Ferncloud Dustpelt & Ferncloud

I can tell these guys really love each other since Dustpelt was absolutely heart-broken when Ferncloud died. I hope that these two live happily in Starclan together.

I just love this ship. Dustpelt was always a grumpy cat from the start, but when Ferncloud came he changed. He started to become sweeter and a great warrior. I cried when she died. Then When Dustpelt took some of Ferncloud bedding and put in his. It was just SO SWEET. I truly loved this relationship.

DustXFern are so cute! I mean from when Ferncloud was a kit Dustpelt loved her. They are perfect for each other. They had so many kits, and I love them all! They had a long life together, and it was so sad when Ferncloud died... Dustpelt was mad with grief. Dustpelt was a grumpy short tempered tom, but when Ferncloud came along he turned into a sweet caring mate for her. I can't imagine them not together. DustXFern FOREVER!

Best Warriors couple. Ferncloud is probably my favorite character in the whole series, and Dustpelt stays loyal and faithful to her throughout his life. I love how they have so many kits, but I think it's so stupid how the authors killed off so many of them. Honestly I can't recall how many times the authors have made me really mad, usually when they "separate" two cats who were or should have been mates for life or make another cat come in between them. e.g. (Stupid Spottedleaf butting in on Firestar and Sandstorm, stupid Daisy doing the same thing to Cloudtail and Brightheart, making Leafpool choose her clan over Crowfeather who truly loved her, making Lionblaze reject sweet Heatherpaw, Squirrelflight acting like she likes Ashfur just to make Brambleclaw jealous, etc.) So annoying. I doubt any of the authors understand the concept of true love. And then they kill off Ferncloud when she and Dustpelt had like the only relationship I could get behind. Also I LOVE how they have so many ...more

12 Stormfur & Brook Stormfur & Brook

I love how they stuck together through thick and thin, and while there was definitely attraction at first sight, their love was nurtured and has grown so beautifully. They're both willing to sacrifice anything for the other and they just trust each other so much! Hope they can find happiness in the tribe (I haven't read AVoS)

I think they both deserve a lot of credit. Because Stormfur is a great warrior and a great father to his kits and is a very strong loyal patient kind cat to the Tribe. I also think Brook is very nice sweet supportive of their kits. So to me they deserve a lot of credit.

This Ship is very romantic of how Stormfur went to ToRW with Brook where small fish swim, Next thing you know his name will be Storm that shudders at night!

StormXBrook are made for each other and would do anything for each other. I mean, like stormfur gave up his clan life just to live in the tribe with Brook. And sweet Brook, when Stormfur was banished form the tribe, Brook offered to follow him rather staying with her kins. Long live StormXBrook!

13 Briarlight & Jayfeather Briarlight & Jayfeather

So, I am gonna be honest, Jayfeather is one of my favorite characters, so I feel like if he gets a ship he would be so much happier and I want that so bad, so I have selected every Jayfeather ship on here, even if that's a bit messed up...Anyways, I never thought of this ship but now that I see it it makes total sense.He is super nice to her and brings her back from the brink of death!It would have been cool if she got a better death though...Maybe like, she could have been going through the woods fro some reason and hears Jayfeather being attacked so she jumps on the attacker (Breezepelt maybe?) and then is badly wounded but they drive him off, Then they confess their feelings for each other and she dies and yeah.Big scene.

I love Jayfeather and Briarlight! Jayfeather was the only one who had hope Briarlight could make it. I was so sad when Briarlight died.

I know this isn't a canon ship but I don't care. Jayfeather and Briarlight CLEARLY loved each other. You could tell by the way Jayfeather's additude changed when he was with her. With everyone else he's all "Alderpaw, why did you do something without permission?" and "You won't even be a warrior if you don't shut up, Toadkit!" (I LOVE Jayfeather but he was still kind of rude to the young kits and apprentice's (Not that I care but whatever)) but when he was with Briarlight he was all like "Briarlight, can you do your excersizes please?" and when she was an apprentice and had first broken her backbone and was worried she would never be a warrior, Jayfeather comforted her like she was his own daughter! STUPID SICKNESS TAKING BRIARLIGHT'S LIFE SHE WAS MY FAVOURITE CAT IN ALL OF WARRIORS! I would've loved to see them get together and I don't even freaking care that it's forbidden, so was Blue X Oak and Gray X Silver and everyone still ships them nowadays so what difference does it make? ...more

I kinda dislike Half moon...she was only in the books for like 3 or 4 chapters and left..In StarClan I BET they are mates now, shut up haters Jay is with Briar sorry Half moon! -ShadeMist (Check out quotev)

14 Jayfeather & Stick Jayfeather & Stick

So I feel kinda mean because this is sort of my least favorite Jayfeather ship but I still think it is sorta true.Anyway I think that he should not have broken the stick.

Sticks are the coolest! Jayfeather, you should totally date her! You guys are sooo romantic! The fineness of jayfeather, with his handsome grey fur, and the beautifulness of the she-stick, with a fine brown pelt, and a sharp pointy end. Even the dark forest would gush at this ship, this wonderful Romance, and love so strong, nothing can break it apart! Jayfeather and Stickella, I now pronounce you, mates, have wonderful half cat and half stick kits together, and may your love life be the best!

Jayfeather and Stick forever! I was so sad when Jayfeather broke stick...
-Jayfeather- "I thought what we had was special! " -smashes stick-

Darnit, Rock! I think you lead the saddest life of all the warriors, but jeez, you ruin so many things! Jayfeather's relationship with an inanimate object, Flametail's LIFE, etc.
However, before I rant about how Rock destroyed Jayfeather and Stick, he did do something good in it. He lead Jayfeather to his true love (sorry Stick)- Half Moon. Their encounter was brief, and I thought it was a little lame when Jayfeather was all like "Hurr I guess I'd might as well love her because yah", but I think Jayfeather might always think about her. Half Moon, the cat he'd never see again until he walks with the stars.

-Floppy Kitten

Oh my gosh...I just laughed when I saw this ship. I mean... there's nothing wrong with it. But I totally understand how jayfeather loves his stick .even tho the stick isn't alive and it has no mind.this is so far the funniest ship in warriors so far jayfeather is grumpy and calm at the same time. I think that's why cats don't fall in love with him , so I think that's why he's dating an object.I think he's afraid that people will judge him for his rudeness. Jayfeather x stick forever

15 Crowfeather & Feathertail Crowfeather & Feathertail

Crow and Feather were just made for each other. Unlike Leaf and Night where they just appeared kinda out of the blue, the development of their relationship was adorable! Crow truly loved Feather so much, and Feather was always there for him. Even after she died Feather always supported Crow, supported his every decision even when he wanted to love Leaf and Night. They were meant for each other.-Fallen from long before StarClan

This is the only ship with Crowfeather I like because it's the only one he doesn't act weird or selfish in. I don't like him, but he did truly care for Feathertail, and even named himself after her. -Fallensky from SkyClan

Crowfeather and Feathertail are pretty good together, I mean, Crowfeather had a crush on Feathertail since the begining of their journey!

This couple is goals! Feathertail and Crowfeather are some of my favorite characters. Crowfeather changed in a good way after meeting Feathertail. Their love really changed him to be a loyal, hardworking cat. Feathertail understood how Crowfeather had the capacity to be that way. She loved him, and no other cat could see why. They are an amazing couple. Think about what Crowfeather would be like if he never met her. He also had his name be Crowfeather so he could never forget her. They are both amazing cats and the perfect couple,

16 Tallstar & Jake Tallstar & Jake

I really love Gay ships, but we need lesbian ships tooo!
Anyways, this is a really cute ship because he's a soppy old kittypet and a leader!

This ship is so beautiful I can't put it into words! I also loved that joke guided tallstar to starclan but why can't they be together there!? That's just too depressing

Auther statements: People are saying in real life male cats can"t be mates with each other Kate Carry (author) stated on her blog that Tallstar will bever get a mate because his heart belongs to "his Jake." I kinda feel that they liked-liked each other.

Author statements:
Kate has said Tallstar's heart always belonged to "his Jake".
Kate thinks Tallstar goes out of StarClan to visit Jake.
Inside the publisher's head, Tallstar and Jake are "Good Friends". However, inside Kate's head, she sees them as mates.

17 Graystripe & Millie Graystripe & Millie

This is so much better than Silverstream x Graystripe. Silverstream is such a brat, she says 'I can do as I like with Crookedstar as my father!' she keeps using Crookedstars name to do what she wants! I honestly also hate Graystripe. Erin said that Graystripe only liked Millie because she had silver tabby fur. What a brat! Millie never would've gotten Graystripe in trouble!

I honestly think that this ship is better than Silver stream and Graystripe I hate how they were so protective over each other, Silver stream is such a brat, she went against her OWN FATHER who is ALSO the leader of her clan! I hate Silver stream.

Sorry I don't really like Millie because of what she did to her kits. After Briarlight got injured, Millie only paid attention to her and none of her other kits. I mean who would want to be treated that way? I like Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and Briarlight, but I don't really like mille. I really liked her in the manga, and I don't mind her refusing a warrior name. I just really hate how she treated her kits! Sorry to all the GrayxMillie fans, but I just don't think this couple goes well together. I support GrayxSilver! Graystripe and Silverstream make the perfect couple. I just want to show my opinion.

I don't think Millie deserves the amount of hate she gets. Silverstream died seasons before Graystripe met Millie, did you expect him to be forever alone? If you're a Graystripe fan, you should be happy he found love again, this time, without breaking the code. That being said, I'm not a Millie fan, but I don't hate her either, Millie gave a lot of attention to Briarlight, yes, and definitely not enough to Blossomfall and Bumblestripe in comparison, but aside from that, she was a loyal and strong warrior, so my feelings towards her are totally neutral. Thank you.

18 Berrynose & Honeyfern Berrynose & Honeyfern

Honeyfern really brought out the best in Berrynose. Before he had a mate, he was kinda cranky, but Honeyfern's kind and caring personality brought the sweet side of him.

I was literally crying when Honeyfern died! Why, Erin Hunter?! Everyone loves this couple! I demand that you go back, change Honeyfern into Poppyfrost, and kill Poppyfrost instead!

They were so cute together. Berrynose is one of my favorite characters. Honeyfern really brought out the best in him. We got to see his sweet side. She would have been a really good mate for Berrynose and Berrynose would have been a great mate for her. I wish that snake didn't bite her. It was so sad especially because it happened shortly after they had a sweet moment together. It was so sad.

I really liked Honeyfern as a character, and became really upset when she died. I wish that the Erins killed Poppyfrost instead. I did not like this couple because Berrynose is a stuck up, no good excuse for a cat. He literally got her pregnant, and then when she died, he got her sister pregnant a moon later. She deserved so much better than him. She died a true starclan cat, a hero. She died saving a kit's life!

19 Dovewing & Tigerheart Dovewing & Tigerheart

I really like how they fell in love even though so much was against them, and I also really like how Tigerheart was ready to give up everything just so he could be with her.

DoveXTiger was a recent one for me, but I fell in love with THEIR romance from the beginning. They were amazing together. TigerSTAR actually. Tigertar II. They are so cute together I love them. I just hate how Dovewing joins Shadowclan, she's Thunderclan! But I guess, to be with Tigerstar II. I actually hated DoveXBumble it shouldn't even be a thing. Bumblestripe is good, but I love DoveXTiger WAYYY more. They are so cute together. DoveXTiger FOREVER!

Why did I even vote for this? This ship is terrible. Sure, maybe Dovewing and Tigerheart do love each other, but seriously? Dovewing is always doubting herself and then Tigerheart gets dragged into it...
It was sooo annoying to read! When Dovewing came back from her journey and her sister was mad at her, I was like, "Yeah! Go Ivypool! What your sister did was so WRONG!" Too bad they made up. And then Dovewing went off to join ShadowClan and I was like, "I hate them so much now"

Yes! This one is awesome! I wish Tigerheart had joined Thunderclan though… but then Shadow sight would've never been a medicine cat… I don't totally love Dovewing in Shadow clan but it's okay, I don't really mind.

20 Grey Wing & Storm Grey Wing & Storm

Ok first of all at first a did love them as a couple but then Clear Sky stole Storm from him. I mean come on! Who does that! But then again I did really love Gray Wing and Turtle Tail. I wish they could have been mates longer before she died. But I think the best one was Slate and Gray Wing. Gravy Wing died right in front of his kits. I loved Gray Wing with my whole heart. I cried when he died, it was just sad.!😭

If only Storm liked Grey back. Grey loved Bright Stream, but she loved Skystar. He loved Storm, but she loved Skystar. Thunder loved Star Flower, but she loved Skystar. UGH! I hate Skystar. But actually GreyXTurtle is better. Oops.

I feel sorry for Gray Wing. He loved Bright Stream, but she loved Clear Sky, he loved Storm, but she loved Clear Sky. It's obvious that he loved Storm, and I wish she could have loved him back. They had so much to teach each other...Clear Sky also stole Star Flower from his son, which is sad but Thunder and Violet Dawn still make a cute couple. Things really could have been different for both.

Why did Clear Sky have to fall in love with Storm when he didn't even protect her? If Storm stayed with Gray Wing she would be so happy.

21 Ivypool & Hawkfrost Ivypool & Hawkfrost

I ship this one so much Ivyfrost is a really good ship for me,because Hawkfrost was my favorite cat before feathertail so I think this one is pretty good!

I feel Hawk truly loved Ivy, and maybe even Ivy loved him before she found out his true intentions. Hawk always stood at Ivy's side, protecting her from all the other Dark Forest cats when they doubted her loyalty. I feel he was truly heartbroken and sad when Ivy showed her true loyalties to the clans.-Fallen from long before StarClan

I actually like this because of the complication of their relationship. Ivypool clearly looked up to Hawkfrost before she knew he was evil, and later on I think Hawkfrost grew fond of her, and his fondness of Ivypool blinded him to her deception. I think Hawkfrost might have fallen for her without realizing it. When she betrayed him, he covered his hurt up the only way he knew- rage and killing. Ivypool was also hurt somewhere deep inside her that the cat she had looked up to when she was younger killed one of her best friends, but she THINKS she hates him. So I think it would be interesting if they met again, with Hawkfrost asking her why, WHY she betrayed him. I think here Ivypool might feel a sliver of guilt. And I think it would be amazing if StarClan gave him a second chance sent him back to the clans, and Hawkfrost joined ThunderClan to be with Ivypool.

I was tied between them and Cinderheart and Lionblaze, but these are just the best. Hawkfrost helped Ivypool feel like she was special and I know Hawkfrost was evil, yeah but I feels so sorry for him it makes him less evil. Everyone hates him, he never really wanted to hurt anyone, he just knew it was the only way. He didn't get opportunities like Bramblestar (Whom I hate for not being fully evil) and he even tried to share his discoveries and ambitions with him. But bramblestar betrayed and killed him, which made me cry. Hawkfrost and Ivypool both have mad problems which makes them perfect for each other. if Hawkfrost could've been less evil, I would totally ship them. #HawkfrostandIvypoolforever

22 Ravenpaw & Barely Ravenpaw & Barely

YASSS! This one is probably my favorite ship in all time! They needed to be mates before Ravenpaw died I wish the erin hunter team made them mates!

They were so cute together! I love the fact that Barely let him stay in the barn with him and omg I just can't but also, to all of you guys saying "they're just friends" need to think for a second. Sure, just these two nice hetero young guy friends willing to die for each other and regularly saying that they love each other. Seems accurate.

~ Frostheart from Thunderclan

One of the best gay couples in the whole series. When Raven retreated from the clans Barley excepted him with open paws. Barley helped Raven get over so much trauma that Tiger had brought upon him. A true loving couple.-Fallen from long before StarClan

I used to hate Raven x Barley but now I know they really belong with each other, (I haven't read the whole seris yet) and I hope they will also be happy in starclan together!

23 Bristlefrost & Rootspring Bristlefrost & Rootspring

I don't care if it wasn't developed well. Just the fact that Bristlefrost spent her last living moments thinking about him is so sad and cute. The way Rootspring reacted literally broke my heart, and NO ONE can say they don't love each other. I mean, with LeafxCrow, leaf pool wasn't able to give up her medicine cat duties for Crowfeather. In DovexTiger, Dovewing was able to give up her clan, but not her life. Dovewing also ran away from him... Bristlefrost sacrificed her life to save Rootspring( and all the clans), and as if I can't stress that enough, the fact that Rootspring was heartbroken after she died, it was so sad.

This is such a cute couple and I love it. The ending of this couple was so sad tho, I cried for 14 minutes. Bristlefrosts death was so sad how she sacrificed herself for all the clans. And the way Rootspring reacted broke my heart. Best ship ever!

They were such a cute couple. Even though Bristlefrost did't love him at first they were such a couple. Then in the last fight in the Darkforest, Bristlefrost sacrificed herself by pushing Ashfur in the dark water. She sadly went with him, but her death wasn't for nothing she saved the Clans, Starclan, and the Darkforest. Rootspring was heartbroken when she died it was all really sad. But an ways they were a great couple.

I cannot describe my sadness about the end of this ship.When I finished reading the book, my mind said without me trying, "But, there love was so beautiful though..." and I just...cracked.I am mourning her loss to this day.

24 Crookedstar & Willowbreeze Crookedstar & Willowbreeze

Most of the ships are forbidden mates, this is one that isn't. This is one that makes you realize that cats can find someone they love in their own clan. They had a relationship that developed. I cried when his family died. Some of the other ships its love at first sight then oh now I hate you. This one isn't like that it is a healthy relationship that grew and developed over time. They are perfect for each other.

I love how their relationship gradually developed over time, and it was so sad when Willowbreeze died. I feel like Willowbreeze lived on in Silverstream, and I hope that Crookedstar can meet his lost daugh

This was easily the best couple in any warriors book. They clearly cared about each other so much, and she was one of the few who saw Crookedstar for who he was, and not his injury. Her death was so sad... And his reaction exemplifies how much they cared for each other. I actually cried myself to sleep the night I finished this book, that death was so sad. Crookedstar really never had anyone he loved that much ever again. They were clearly meant for each other, but unfortunately fate had other ideas.

The fact that Crooked went through so much and yet still was able to be a great and strong leader for RiverClan. And Willow is one of my favorites.

25 Longtail & Mousefur Longtail & Mousefur

I don't really know about this, but they seem to have feelings for each other. They don't realize it, but they really do, despite Mousefur's cranky, barbed tongue and Longtail's irritable blind personality.

I recently realized this, and this is an amazing ship. I didn't realized these things before, but after re-reading the series I found this out. I hope they're happy in StarClan!
Maybe is there was an alternate story, they might have been mates? :)

I think they are a great ship. I mean, they did become great friends. I mean, I might not consider this a ship, but, like. I do and I also don't. Because the age gap, but, honestly, who cares. And when Longtail died, she was brave enough to admit it was her fault (and it was) and when they went to StarClan. I THINK (don't correct me, please) they were happy to see each other once more.

Even though Mousefur is older than Longtail, I do think they would have made a great couple. Mousefur was deviated when Longtail was killed by the falling tree and missed him ever since. They grew close when Longtail was blinded and spent ever hour together in the elders den.

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