Best Warrior Cat Couples

Have you ever seen two cats so purr... fect for each other??? It's up to YOU to decide who are good together and who should go their separate ways!!!

The Top Ten
1 Cloudtail & Brightheart

This couple is just the sweetest and they have the best chemistry. Cloudtail didn't care about what Brightheart looked, that is what real love looks like. Cloudtail cared so much for Brightheart that he basically confronted Bluestar in order to change Brightheart's name. Brightheart also has that same type of love for Cloudtail, always looking out and caring for him, maybe being too overprotective. Like I said earlier, the sweetest and most dynamic couple in this series.

After Brightheart and Swiftpaw were attacked by dogs, and what happened to Brightheart, Cloudtail always supported her and helped her no matter what! Unlike other cats in the furture who were deeply disturbed by her. Brightheart and Cloudtail DESERVE each other. Honestly I'm partly happy with swiftpaw dying cause I would never want to risk seeing Brightheart x Swiftpaw work out…

Cloudtail is one of the only ones (Apart from Firestar and some other cats) that don't treat Brightheart for how she looks, but for how she acts. It's not her fault that the dog ripped off half her face! At least she's not dead like poor Swiftpaw...Anyway, this is one of the cutest ships ever!

I personally think Cloud X Bright is the best ship ever. Cloudtail helped and cared for Brightheart (at that time was Lost face) so much it was obvious that they had feelings for each other. Even when cats like Firestar kinda lost hope that Brightheart could ever be a warrior again Cloudtail had so much patience in teaching Brightheart how to fight with only one side of her face and she turned out as one of the best warriors.

2 Graystripe & Silverstream

Wow, they just broke the Warrior code to meet with each other. It was too sad that Silverstream died. Although, if Silverstream didn't die, that part of the series would be really weird and most of all I doubt that Mille would ever meet Graystripe. And if for some reason Mille did meet Graystripe, Silverstream would think that Garstripe was abandoning her. Anyways, the point is that this couple was just so cute. And when I say Millie I don't like her. She was so mean to Blossamfall! Millie said, "Start acting like a real warrior, Blossamfall!." Like how rude is that. I wish she could treat her kits like how she does to Briarlight. And now when I think of how she would treat her half-kits, Stormfur and Feathertail. That would be 2 times worse. That means hating them. Now Millie isn't mean when Graystripe was taken away. She was actually really nice, only if she stayed like that. In a way, I feel bad for Millie though because she will be alone in Starclan she won't have Graystripe ...more

Moments in Warriors that make me cry are few and far between, but this was one of them. Graystripe and Silverstream shouldn't even have been together according to the warrior code, but they don't care and keep seeing each other anyway. One of the most memorable parts about the 1st arc was when Silverstream died, and Graystripe still loves moons later. He loves more than he could ever love Mille (which is understandable because Millie is one of the worst cats ever. She only has eyes for Briarlight and doesn't even remember she has other kits.)

Graystripe he… he truely loved her. I could always imagine Silverstream following in Graystripe's footsteps as he lived on, helping him in his difficult situations. They truely loved their kits, and Graystripe gave them to RiverClan, probably to be with their mother. And Graystripe wouldn't want to leave them, of course! they're all he had left of Silverstream.

This couple is one of the cutest they just Made like meet togheter at four trees to see wach other, I really sould wish that they where in the same clan so they could be togheter. It was so sad seeing Silverstream die from the loss of blood, but at the same time the story sould be very different if she would survived.

3 Leafpool & Crowfeather

This was a good couple at the start, but I feel like later on it was ruined by Crowfeather and Breezepelt. Breezepelt especially. Breezepelt tried to kill his half-brother, Jayfeather! It's obvious that Leafpool still loved Crowfeather; she even named Jayfeather after him. (The feather part.) But Crowfeather didn't. And Breezepelt strait out hated Leafpool, Lionblaze, Holyleaf, and especially Jayfeather. Crowfeather didn't hate them, he just kinda... wished they didn't exist. But then Crowfeather had to go mate and have Breezepelt, out of all the kits, Breezepelt! They were good at first, but Breezepelt ruins it. The end. My opinion. The end. Congradulations for reading all of that, you get an A+. The end. For real this time. Wait no, I mean this time. Nothing after this one.


I have too much to say about these two. Let's start with Leafpool.
Leafpool was a medicine cat, she abandoned her clan just to go with Crowfeather. That point #1 in breaking the warrior code. Then she even had kits with him. That's point #2. I feel bad for her because she went through so much stress with those kits.
Now Crowfeather, He was once always cranky but when Leafpool came he was so nice! And yes we all know that he to abandoned his clan.
Even though, this all proves that they deeply love each other.

Crowfeather x Leafpool is my pride and joy! They had beautiful children and I bet you all the fresh kill Leafpool caught that Crowfeather still wants Leafpool! It is wholesome. I hate Nightcloud because she tries to tear this beautiful ship apart! Breezepelt does the same but they won't stop me from loving Crowpool!

Aaa, my favorite ever warriors ship! First off, this may contain spoilers, like a lot of my comments. So. Leafpaw was always interested in Crowfeather. the tom stood out to her. Crowfeather wasn't in the best mental state at the time, due to him losing his first love, Feathertail. But after a while, Crowfeather found himself falling for the ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice. Then, they decided to run away together. This didn't last long because they met Midnight the badger who warned them about the ThunderClan and badgers battle. Leafpool made the hardest decision of her life. She had to be ThunderClan's medicine cat. Cinderpelt was killed by a badger. Their relationship was faced with hardships as Crowfeather mated with nightcloud and Leafpool kept their kits a secret. This was eventually sorted out though.

P.S. Crowfeather never "betryayed Feathertail" or "broke Feathertail"s heart." In fact, she was glad Crowfeather moved on. Feathertail wanted Crowfeather ...more

4 Bluestar & Oakheart

The cutest couple ever! Since they are from different clans it makes it so much more romantic and nice. I hope they get back together in Star clan other wise I will be mad at Erin Hunter.

I've loved them since I reald her super edition! I just simply love this couple. Why isin'nt this near the top? Bluestar sacrificed her life for Firestar in Long Shadows she worried so much.

For some reason I just love the relationships where the cats break the warrior code, its like they let themselves love the cats they want to love, and that amazing that you don't force yourself to hide affection and love from that cat! And Oakheart and Bluestar are simply the best!

They are so CUTE. Fore some reason I just love the relationships where the cats break the warrior code, they where cute together.

5 Jayfeather & Half Moon

Stop yelling about timeline and read Sign of the Moon. Stop about "but Half Moon loved Jay's Wing noy Jayfeather" and read The Last Hope. She called Jayfeather 'my love'. I know, Jaylight thing was cute, but they both never shown their love toward other.

Just a beautiful ship, Jayfeather really finds love. It's my favorite ship of them all! It's so amazing how they are from different Arcs and different times, from the ancients and Modern time!

This is a cute ship, and what is peculiar about it is that the two lovers are from different times! Half Moon literally waited years as a ghost to see Jayfeather again. She comes to the rescue during the Last Hope and is a sweet cat who warms Jayfeather's grumpy heart.

OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE! READ THE LAST HOPE! Stop saying "oh, well, Half Moon loved Jay wing's not Jayfeather." Because in the last hope, she said he was her love! Stop saying about the age difference because a lot of the ships you might like, probably have a big age difference. Cats don't care about that stuff okay! Also, a thousand years go great with this shipe.

6 Firestar & Sandstorm

I can't see Firestar pairing with anyone but Sandstorm. In every single dimension and alternate reality of the Warrior Cats multiverse, I would see Firestar and Sandstorm still being together no matter what. It would feel wrong if they were not together, because they have such a great, strong, layered relationship. They make each other better in literally every way. This relationship is one of the most realistic and true relationships in the whole series. Firestar and Sandstorm were almost always honest with each other, were very supportive of each other, and genuinely cared for and loved one another. Each one of them would probably sacrifice their own life if it meant the other could live. Death could not separate them (because canonically, they would be enjoying themselves up in StarClan). In my opinion, I believe this coupling is the best in the Warriors series (it is also my favorite), this pairing will likely remain the greatest couple in Warrior Cats history. This pairing ...more

Best thing about Firestar and Sandstorm is that they didn't start off on the right foot. This is probably the most well developed relationship in Warriors. This relationship is not cliche, since it takes so much time for them to finally realize they have feelings for each other. The relationship is also very realistic, you see all their fights, their care for each other, everything they go through. My favorite Warrior couple of all time and no one is going to beat them out.

Oh my gosh.
Simple explanation: Sandstorm is so rude to her mate, and then she loves him. Firestar is a bad character in my perspective, but even she isn't good enough for him. Firestar x No one is good.

This... Is the most well developed ship ever. They started out RESENTING each other, but Fireheart refused to let Sandpaw die, and he saved her, and that was so sweet how she started being his friend. I did kinda feel bad for Dustpelt because he lost his bestie but still. Cute ship, plus they had Squirrelkit and Leafkit! Sorry I don't know their warrior names I haven't read that yet. But still! Best ship EVER. But Brightheart x Cloudtail was also so nice!
- Sunflowerpelt of ThunderClan

7 Brambleclaw & Squirrelflight

Bramblestar and Squirrelflight is one of my favorite ships. Bramblestar may not have always been the kindest to her, but they always made up and that's what makes it so special. Some people argue that Squirrelflight x Ashfur would have been better, but I disagree. Ashfur was nice to Squirrelflight, but his biggest interest seemed to be fighting with Brambleclaw, instead of focusing his attention on Squirrelflight. Also, Ashfur really overreacted when Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over him. He threatened to kill what he thought was her kits! Is that what you call love? Ashfur may have seemed good to Squirrelflight, but really he was just a hazard to her. Not only did he try to kill Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze, but he also killed and imprisoned many cats in the dark forest, along with possessing Bramblestar. I kinda turned this into a rant about Ashfur, but his evil deeds are just more reasons Squirrelflight and Bramblestar should be together.

now THIS is a series-shown(shown throughout series) ship!
Brambleclaw was avoided a bit for his father's actions. But Squirrelflight had always been there for him. Squirrelflight was a truely kind cat. When brambleclaw and squirrelflight were angry at each other(the fights in lake territories, not before the journey), Squirrelflight wasn't Angry like, "You're mean and evil!" She was more concerned, in my opinion, And Brambleclaw always wanted better from HIMSELF. after that, when brambleclaw had the dreams with tigerstar #1 and hawkfrost. he didn't want to tell squirrleflight cause she was like the main cat who trusted him, and he didn't want that friendship thrown away. wew. I would say more but you've probably just spent half of your life reading this.

I used to not really care for this ship. I didn't hate it, but I didn't think it was especially good either. I'd say Squirrelflight was fine single. Then I read The Darkness Within. Squirrelflight was so devestated without Bramblestar, and I'd never want that to happen to her again. I hope they are never seperated again after this.

First of all, Bramble is such a doubted cat who should have been given more credit.
These are my reasons Bramble x Squirrel should be together
Spoiler Alert: Might be from stories

1. Bramble claw is an awesome cat
2. Bramble claw had a hard time because his father: Tiger Star.
2. (Cont.) The first Tiger. Not second.
Tiger Star's mom (First Tiger): Leopardfoot
Tiger Star's dad: Pine Star
Littermates: Night kit and some other kit. (I forgot)
Tiger Star's mother (second): Tawny pelt
Tiger Star's father: Rowan (star/claw)
Littermates: Dawn pelt and Flame pelt
3. Bramble claw was always doubted because what his FATHER did
4. In Broken Code, Ash fur (also loved Squirrelflight) somehow became Bramble Star to punish Squirrelflight (I think...)
5. Bramble claw was judged harshly
6. Bramble claw was loyal and became deputy
7. He tried his best
8. He is kin to Fire Star since he mated Squirrelflight
9. He is part of the prophecy in The ...more

8 Brackenfur & Sorreltail

These two weren't massive characters so we don't see this one as much, but hey! They had beautiful kits and loved each other as much as the sun! (That didn't make sense, did it?)

They both are minor characters so it's hard to see full-out things but it's more of the small things you see that really shows how much they care for each other.

I think that Sorreltail shouldn't have a mate. Even though they are cute together, Sorreltail doesn't need someone else in her life.

I'm sorry but almost nobody pays any attention to Brackenfur because he is more of a side character... but I absolutely LOVE this ship! Like I mean... there is a map about and everything and Brackenfur has a pretty... well not bad but his sister is dealing with her leg and having to be a Med-Cat instead of being a warrior and he just does not know what to do and then he meets Sorrel and his mood just lifts! It is amazing how much they love each other and their kits

9 Hollyleaf & Fallen Leaves

I think I heard that Holly is ace. I hope not. Leaf x Leaf is the destination of life. Some says that they are just friends, but do you think if I would even care? Leafshipping was meant and is confirmed unlike that Mouseleaf thing.

It said they both loved each other. They are the best together! Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf! I haven't read Hollyleaf's Story but I'm sure that Fallen Leaves cares about Hollyleaf enough to help her survive during her time in the cave.

Fallen leaves gave his life force to hollyleaf a cat he didn't even know. fallen leaves watched hollyleaf die but he knew it wasn't in vain

It said that they both loved each other. I was so sad when Hollyleaf died but I was happy because Hollyleaf's last deed was saving a classmate (Ivypool). Also, Fallen leaves became free so I was happy.

- Wet paw -

10 Lionblaze & Cinderheart

I couldn't think of a better cat to pair Any of these two with. Like, Cinderheart thought she didn't deserve Lionblaze from the start and then they became mates later! Like, how is this not any higher on the list?

It is sad, because Cinderheart does not think that she deserves Lionblaze. She says that It isn't Fate. He was born for a better quest. Lionblaze keeps on trying to make Cinderheart understand, but she doesn't. I am so happy that they got together!

At the point in the book, Lionblaze and Cinderheart are my third favourtie ship, I was so worried at first Lionblaze would not be able to be Cinderheart's mate. I really like this couple and I think the would have gotten fine with Cinderheart was still Cinderpelt.

At the point I'm at in the book, they both love each other a lot, but Cinderheart doesn't want to distract him from the prophecy. I hope they get back together again.

The Contenders
11 Dustpelt & Ferncloud

Best Warriors couple. Ferncloud is probably my favorite character in the whole series, and Dustpelt stays loyal and faithful to her throughout his life. I love how they have so many kits, but I think it's so stupid how the authors killed off so many of them. Honestly I can't recall how many times the authors have made me really mad, usually when they "separate" two cats who were or should have been mates for life or make another cat come in between them. e.g. (Stupid Spottedleaf butting in on Firestar and Sandstorm, stupid Daisy doing the same thing to Cloudtail and Brightheart, making Leafpool choose her clan over Crowfeather who truly loved her, making Lionblaze reject sweet Heatherpaw, Squirrelflight acting like she likes Ashfur just to make Brambleclaw jealous, etc.) So annoying. I doubt any of the authors understand the concept of true love. And then they kill off Ferncloud when she and Dustpelt had like the only relationship I could get behind. Also I LOVE how they have so many ...more

Even tho it's like already decided from the first point that these two are going to be mates you just can't ignore how pretty it is to se them together. Let's start with Dustpelt, he was a grumpy short-tempered and rude tom, but when he met Fernpaw he just grew into a kindhearted sweet buddy everyone loves! Fernpaw was a careful and shy she-cat with (in my opinion the worst mentor for that kind of cat)but when she met Dustpelt he was the kind of reassuring and loving character she so desperately needed. Then they just keep on loving each other for the rest of their lives. That is what I call a very loyal and caring relationship!
Moonlight of Thunderclan

Ferncloud had so many kits(DOn't FORGET SNOWBIRD), and a long life! And Dustpelt stuck with her and loved her for the whole time, even after!

They were a couple for a long time and you can see how much they loved each other from all the little moments that happened between them.

12 Stormfur & Brook

This Ship is very romantic of how Stormfur went to ToRW with Brook where small fish swim, Next thing you know his name will be Storm that shudders at night!

Stormfur and Brook, there perfecto! They were meant to be, seriously! Stormfur is part of the prophecy, either way, he still had to travel threw the mountains to find a new home, and would have to meet Brook! Did I just explode your mind? You: Not really -Ivyfrost

I love how they stuck together through thick and thin, and while there was definitely attraction at first sight, their love was nurtured and has grown so beautifully. They're both willing to sacrifice anything for the other and they just trust each other so much! Hope they can find happiness in the tribe (I haven't read AVoS)

I think they both deserve a lot of credit. Because Stormfur is a great warrior and a great father to his kits and is a very strong loyal patient kind cat to the Tribe. I also think Brook is very nice sweet supportive of their kits. So to me they deserve a lot of credit.

13 Jayfeather & Stick

Oh my gosh...I just laughed when I saw this ship. I mean... there's nothing wrong with it. But I totally understand how jayfeather loves his stick .even tho the stick isn't alive and it has no mind.this is so far the funniest ship in warriors so far jayfeather is grumpy and calm at the same time. I think that's why cats don't fall in love with him , so I think that's why he's dating an object.I think he's afraid that people will judge him for his rudeness. Jayfeather x stick forever

Stick:Look at them play.
Jay: I know.
Kit with stick legs: I'm gonna get that butterfly.
Kit with log head:-sign language- Slow poke
Kit with stick body:Purrr

I honestly can not believe how Jayfeather and Stick are higher than Crookedstar and Willowbreeze! I just want to say HOW and WOW!
- Rosefeather from Thunderclan

Sticks are the coolest! Jayfeather, you should totally date her! You guys are sooo romantic! The fineness of jayfeather, with his handsome grey fur, and the beautifulness of the she-stick, with a fine brown pelt, and a sharp pointy end. Even the dark forest would gush at this ship, this wonderful Romance, and love so strong, nothing can break it apart! Jayfeather and Stickella, I now pronounce you, mates, have wonderful half cat and half stick kits together, and may your love life be the best!

14 Crowfeather & Feathertail

Wow. Just wow. Feather died. Crow cried. He named after Feather. Then he literally stabbed her back. ;-; He loved Leaf then. Wow just wow. This is a song for FEATHER TAIL, NOT Crowfeather, the jerk and traitor. Sorry to the Crowfeather fans... But this cat is literally a jerk.
Feather tail you were so scared. As a 'paw. You thought you couldn't forgive. But you heard the words.. then you forgave. But now.. you lost your life. For a cat you loved. who was from a differ clan... Then you watched your love stab you.. You regretted your death.. wishing to be with your brother.. and be with your mentor.

- Light fur from ThunderClan -

Why isn't this higher? It's such a good ship, one of my favourites. I have nothing against Leaf x Crow, but I think Feather x Crow is better. Feathertail understood him and made him feel happy. And he made her feel happy. They loved each other with all their hearts.

I like how Feather tail doesn't care about Crow paw's snappy replies, his anger, and his annoyance. Feather tail just sees him in a different way. Loving, nice, strong, protective, and loyal. Crow paw just wants what's best. I felt sad for Crow paw when Feather tail died tho...

- Lick fire -

During the journey to the sun-drown-place, Crowpaw(feather) was grumpy, and nobody else was nice to him. Until Feathertail. Feathertail always looked out for him, tought him to fish, and more! She SACRIFICED her LIFE for crowpaw. Er, and, of course, the tribe of rushing water and the others…

15 Ivypool & Hawkfrost

I was tied between them and Cinderheart and Lionblaze, but these are just the best. Hawkfrost helped Ivypool feel like she was special and I know Hawkfrost was evil, yeah but I feels so sorry for him it makes him less evil. Everyone hates him, he never really wanted to hurt anyone, he just knew it was the only way. He didn't get opportunities like Bramblestar (Whom I hate for not being fully evil) and he even tried to share his discoveries and ambitions with him. But bramblestar betrayed and killed him, which made me cry. Hawkfrost and Ivypool both have mad problems which makes them perfect for each other. if Hawkfrost could've been less evil, I would totally ship them. #HawkfrostandIvypoolforever

The first time they met, Hawkfrost was so charming, which was just an act. Though I think gradually he grew to love and trust her, as he always favoured her over every other apprentice in the Dark Forest and defended her when her loyalty was questioned. Ivypool liked him before she found out his intentions, but I'm pretty sure she didn't hate him after she found out. And Hawkfrost isn't as bad as some say he is. Both must have been so hurt when they found out the truth about the other, I really wish this could have gone further.

I actually like this because of the complication of their relationship. Ivypool clearly looked up to Hawkfrost before she knew he was evil, and later on I think Hawkfrost grew fond of her, and his fondness of Ivypool blinded him to her deception. I think Hawkfrost might have fallen for her without realizing it. When she betrayed him, he covered his hurt up the only way he knew- rage and killing. Ivypool was also hurt somewhere deep inside her that the cat she had looked up to when she was younger killed one of her best friends, but she THINKS she hates him. So I think it would be interesting if they met again, with Hawkfrost asking her why, WHY she betrayed him. I think here Ivypool might feel a sliver of guilt. And I think it would be amazing if StarClan gave him a second chance sent him back to the clans, and Hawkfrost joined ThunderClan to be with Ivypool.

It's clear Hawk loved her (even if he never said that). I mean, on their first meeting he acted like on a date. They were in the middle of flowers and he was so sweet! When Dark Forest members questioned her loiality he always insisted she will fight for them in the end. And Hawk isn't the evilest cat ever. I know sometimes he was a bit "Should I have really followed my father? I betried my Clan, half-brother and sister." And I suspect he was so outraged because Ivy left him for TunderClan and Dovewing. That's why in the Great Battle he killed cats. It would be too cool if Ivy would visit Hawk again once they would feel guilty and in the end they will be together either in StarClan or Dark Forest.

16 Berrynose & Honeyfern

Even is berrynose was a little twerp I love honeyfern and all my problems with him honey fern fixes why did she have to die! and when poppy frost was being annoying how berry nose didn't love her honeyfern was like girl he is just worried about u

Seriously, WHY on Earth did Vicky Holmes kill Honeyfern?! She was an amazing cat and deserved to live a longer life with Berrynose! But then again, how would Poppyfrost have had kits and become Berrynose's mate?Also, I'm out for revenge at the snake!

Honeyfern deserved someone better than Berrynose. he was a prick but I guess they are kinda cute together. I'm still grieving over her.
-Cloudstar (Shadowclan)

They were so cute together. Berrynose is one of my favorite characters. Honeyfern really brought out the best in him. We got to see his sweet side. She would have been a really good mate for Berrynose and Berrynose would have been a great mate for her. I wish that snake didn't bite her. It was so sad especially because it happened shortly after they had a sweet moment together. It was so sad.

17 Tallstar & Jake

This ship is so beautiful I can't put it into words! I also loved that joke guided tallstar to starclan but why can't they be together there!? That's just too depressing

Auther statements: People are saying in real life male cats can"t be mates with each other Kate Carry (author) stated on her blog that Tallstar will bever get a mate because his heart belongs to "his Jake." I kinda feel that they liked-liked each other.

Author statements:
Kate has said Tallstar's heart always belonged to "his Jake".
Kate thinks Tallstar goes out of StarClan to visit Jake.
Inside the publisher's head, Tallstar and Jake are "Good Friends". However, inside Kate's head, she sees them as mates.

Kate Carry (author) stated on her blog that Tallstar will never get a mate because his heart belongs to "his Jake." Canon

18 Dovewing & Tigerheart

Why did I even vote for this? This ship is terrible. Sure, maybe Dovewing and Tigerheart do love each other, but seriously? Dovewing is always doubting herself and then Tigerheart gets dragged into it...
It was sooo annoying to read! When Dovewing came back from her journey and her sister was mad at her, I was like, "Yeah! Go Ivypool! What your sister did was so WRONG!" Too bad they made up. And then Dovewing went off to join ShadowClan and I was like, "I hate them so much now"

Yes! This one is awesome! I wish Tigerheart had joined Thunderclan though… but then Shadow sight would've never been a medicine cat… I don't totally love Dovewing in Shadow clan but it's okay, I don't really mind.

Dovewing and Tigerheart are my second favorite ship, there pretty dramatic though, I mean, if Tigerheart didn't go through the Dark Forest, I'm pretty sure they would be mates by now, like, at the Last Hope. I'm a little upset at Dovewing for leaving Ivypool alone which has all of a sudden made Ivypool tied favorite with Dovewing so, yeah. Like, I know I haven't read the Last Hope but still! Like, I know some things! -Ivyfrost

this is my favorite Forbidden loaf, they are bother VERy attractive cats, knowing how much Dovewing gets the toms around the camps of every clan! Same with TigerHeart/Star kinda clingy but that all, I absolutely H A T E BummblexDove, Obviously DovexTiger is best!

19 Graystripe & Millie

Warning! Spoilers for Omen Pf the Stars (the Briarlight thing).
Mille is underrated. Everyone hates her for favouring Briarlight. But of course she!d want to spend lots of time with Briarlight! She could perfectly well see the other two were handling themselves, but her daughter was in a terrible accident that affected her for life! Of course she'd want to spend more time with her. She's not just gonna brush off something like that.

I love these two, they're a healthy relationship and Millie has done so much for Graystripe (let's just ignore how rude he was to her in the mangas) and helped him get over his grief, it was really sweet. Honestly I wish Graystripe actually did something in the whole Blossomfall situation though, it would've been nice for him to help Millie

It's so goddamn underrated! People treat Millie badly because of her relationship with her kits but her relationship with Graystripe is perfect!

Sorry I don't really like Millie because of what she did to her kits. After Briarlight got injured, Millie only paid attention to her and none of her other kits. I mean who would want to be treated that way? I like Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and Briarlight, but I don't really like mille. I really liked her in the manga, and I don't mind her refusing a warrior name. I just really hate how she treated her kits! Sorry to all the GrayxMillie fans, but I just don't think this couple goes well together. I support GrayxSilver! Graystripe and Silverstream make the perfect couple. I just want to show my opinion.

20 Grey Wing & Storm

I feel sorry for Gray Wing. He loved Bright Stream, but she loved Clear Sky, he loved Storm, but she loved Clear Sky. It's obvious that he loved Storm, and I wish she could have loved him back. They had so much to teach each other...Clear Sky also stole Star Flower from his son, which is sad but Thunder and Violet Dawn still make a cute couple. Things really could have been different for both.

Why did Clear Sky have to fall in love with Storm when he didn't even protect her? If Storm stayed with Gray Wing she would be so happy.

They would have made an amazing couple, if Clear Sky wasn't there and Turtle Tail stayed a kittypet.

21 Briarlight & Jayfeather

They are a GREAT couple, Briarlight is so sweet and perserveriant and Jayfeather is so Focused on every little thing he knows and wants, they are perfect together

Okay I really wish they had really become something. It would be another forbidden love but I don't care. There are cute together I just was so upset when Briarlight died and it didn't become a canon ship. - Goldeneye

I really like this! It's a shame they can't be together because they are medicine cats. But I don't know if they really do like eachother sooo...I still like it.

It would be awesome for them to be together, it doesn't say it in the book but there is a lot of sign of LOVE in the air around them. Let's just hope and see what Erin says about that. Maybe Briarlight will learn how to walk more normally and Jayfeather will be able to put Briarlight as his medicine cat apprentice.

22 Crookedstar & Willowbreeze

Man, how is this not #1? Crookedstar's Promise was the first warrior cats book I ever read, and these two are adorable together! After poor Crookedstar broke his jaw, he was worried that nobody would love him. But Willowbreeze was just so sweet to him, and loved him for who he really was. And it was SO SAD when she died :(

They just love each other so much. I think it's beautiful. Willowbreeze looked behind Crookedstar's disfigurement and saw the cat inside and Crookedstar looked behind Willowbreeze's past and loved her for who she was.
Moonlight of Thunderclan.

Omg this ship is AMAZING. When STORMstar broke his jaw, he thought no one would love him. But willow breeze was there for him. It was sad when she died :(

This was easily the best couple in any warriors book. They clearly cared about each other so much, and she was one of the few who saw Crookedstar for who he was, and not his injury. Her death was so sad... And his reaction exemplifies how much they cared for each other. I actually cried myself to sleep the night I finished this book, that death was so sad. Crookedstar really never had anyone he loved that much ever again. They were clearly meant for each other, but unfortunately fate had other ideas.

23 Longtail & Mousefur

Even though they weren't mates, they are super cute together! Mousefur is cranky, but Longtail is sweet and kind. They were always in the Elder's den. I think it would be cute if they did. :3

I think they are a great ship. I mean, they did become great friends. I mean, I might not consider this a ship, but, like. I do and I also don't. Because the age gap, but, honestly, who cares. And when Longtail died, she was brave enough to admit it was her fault (and it was) and when they went to StarClan. I THINK (don't correct me, please) they were happy to see each other once more.

Omg! Mousefur is so stern about him and the way he does it yet she comforts him the most. I love them together, only if they could have kits.

Even though Mousefur is older than Longtail, I do think they would have made a great couple. Mousefur was deviated when Longtail was killed by the falling tree and missed him ever since. They grew close when Longtail was blinded and spent ever hour together in the elders den.

24 Ravenpaw & Barely

They are my FAVORITE COUPLE! That picture is adorable. They represent the G in LGBTQ+. Being gay, is not wrong. They seriously are the most perfect couple out of all the warrior cats in the forest (and every other cat in the galaxy).

Ravenpaw has always been one of my favorite characters and to see him in a relationship that makes him happy makes me happy! I think I cried at the end of Ravenpaw's Farewell. Finding out Erin Hunter confirmed their romantic relationship made that story even more emotional.

They relationship is just healthy a super cute. They deeply care for each other. They're also CANON gay couple! If you don't trust me go and read Ravenpaw Farewell. There are lot of hints.

All of you guys saying "they're just friends" need to think for a second. Sure, just these two nice hetero young guy friends willing to die for each other and regularly saying that they love each other. Seems accurate.

25 Bristlefrost & Rootspring

Yes they are so cute together literally! Rootspring waited so patiently until bristlefrost loved him back in "darkness within". They literally love eachother and they have to be together! And I'm pretty sure that being away from eachother since rootspring was pulled into the dark forest, has made them realize that they need to be together. Like come on, just get together already! I really hope rootspring gets saved from the dark forest

I love this one. It's another forbidden romance but they are so cute together. I love watching Rootspring fall head over heels for her and Bristlefrost is like dude for real. I do think it's weird that Bristlefrost hated him then boom loves him... - Goldeneye

This is kinda boring since there are so many 'forbidden' relationships, but they are still rather cute together, definitely ship them. I like how Bristlefrost doesn't even love Rootspring until the third book but he had a crush on her since the first.

I think Rootspring x Shadowsight Is aN awesome ship and Bristolfrost x Rootspring is also a great one!

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