A Day in the Life


Just amazing, I've never heard as thrilling song as A day in the life. It's absolutely one of the best songs in history. Yeah, Hey Jude and Let it be are really awesome too and I love them so much but A day... is very mature, modern even today, quaint with fantastic music. In this song every second is important and that's why I love A day in the life.

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This is a song with so much emotion It made me cry, it made me smile, it made me feel giddy inside. The Beatles have been the best influential band of all time. They made history in Music, and this song definitely counts as an attribute to that fame. John Lennon used his "Power Voice" in this song, giving it that extra oomph that every song deserves, but doesn't always achieves.

TIMELESS TRACK: this is honestly a magical song, no matter how many times I hear it I always feel as though I'm being transported into this wonderful place... Only the Beatles have been able to create this feeling for me. If anyone ever says that the Beatles are overrated you should tell them to listen to "A Day in the Life" and I promise you that they won't have a leg to stand on

Wow, Psychedelic, Art and Progressive rock, all at the same song, I'm just a progressive rock fan maybe that's the reason I like this song, but beside this fact, just wow, their best song, on one their best albums. - Mcflupy

This is the first song by the Beatles that I fell in love with. The Sgt. Pepper's album is a masterpiece!
And I see most of the songs in the list are their most famous ones - just because it's a famous song doesn't mean it's one of their best. I personally think A Day In the Life, Helter Skelter, I Want You (She's So Heavy), I've Got A Feeling or For No One are their best songs. I love them all but the most underrated ones tend to be the better ones.
Long life for the Beatles!

This song is so excellently performed with john lennon's low, depressed, sad vocals, then there's a loud symphany that is like the whole world is spinning faster and faster and faster like a twister and then it takes us to Paul McCartney's positive, up-beat, voice. It's the tip of the hat. Basically, the song title says itself. It takes us into a day in the life. John Lennon describes the negatives and lows while taking the information from a newspaper or film, however, Paul McCartney takes us into a positive day of getting up, going to work, and having a smoke. Who aso could forget the famous drug reference line, "I'd love to turn you on. " Done beautifully by John lenmnon. All in all, this song should be number one and everything is just wondderful in the song. Very well done.

There will never, EVER be a song anything like this. It's truly a musical masterpiece that deserves recognition for its brilliance. John Lennon's voice in this remind me of a surreal dream, while Paul McCartney's middle eight bit adds a pleasant and upbeat tune that gets me feeling energetic, much like a morning coffee.

The Greatest Song Of All-Time! (And I'm NOT exaggerating)
Lennon's haunting yet beautiful vocals, Paul's middle 8, the orchestras sounding nothing less than a roaring thunderstorm and the crashing (E)chords of the pianos.
A masterpiece to say the very least...

I'm completely fine with Hey Jude and Let it Be being higher than this although I would say this is the best Beatles song of all time. It was so far ahead of it's time that it's unbelievable. This was the last true collaboration between John and Paul (in a writing aspect).

The very best of The Beatles, this is the peak of the Lennon/McCartney songwriting team, good intro, sweet vocals from john, excellent crescendos, great middle by paul, and the best part is the final E chord in the piano, who shows us that rock's possibilities seem infinite

A Day in the Life is the song that best shows The Beatles' evolution from a poppy boy-band to mature rock legends.

Hey Jude, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Let it Be, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields Forever and more are all great songs, but nothing really close to A Day in the Life

Beautiful, simply beautiful... Poetic, breathtaking... Lennon's vocals combined with the melody, and then McCartney's when he comes in show how beautiful a partnership it was... Probably the greatest song of the greatest band of all times

This song is absolutely amazing! I totally love it. The meaning of the song is abstract and different. Paul and John's voices both make this song the amazing piece of artwork it is! The instruments and music played are also brilliant!

One of the most influential songs to other bands by the Beatles. The directions that this song goes through is astonishing, and the orchestral parts are gargantuan. This is not my favorite song, this is their best song.

This is the best of the Beatles, and of the Lennon-McCartney duo as a songwriters, and in the song I love the switch from paul to john, this song tells what happens in our lives, even that I'm not from the UK

This is absolutely the best song ever written. John and Paul put their 2 songs together to create a masterpiece and it remains to this day, not only my favorite Beatles song but my favorite song ever.

This is definitely the best of the Beatles. It transcended the music of the time. The subject matter the orchestral music, it had a wow factor that nothing else had at the time.

This song fuses John and Paul's writing styles at the time perfectly. Paul's catchy "I woke up, got out of bed" part with John's trippy "went in to a dream... " part. Truly Epic!

This song is the best.. the songs in a wide range of musical instruments used and the song is sung by all members of the Beatles John Lennon until the start of Ringo... I Like It so Much!

This song is not like any other song in history. It's not just detailing a normal day but also interpreting what is going on in the rest of the world while we are living another day.

Candidate for greatest song ever. Is the best song in the greatest album ever. I can't even comprehend how Let it be is above this one. Definitely the best Beatles song ever.

Why are the top two songs sung by Paul? Do you people not have souls? Do you even listen to The Beatles? John was the mastermind behind the band, he was the best songwriter, Paul was just a pretty face.

A musical masterpiece. I can't stand how this song always gets out shined by "Hey Jude" (don't get me wrong, it's a great song, but it's not even close to their best. )

Its an amazing song. Just adds life to whatever you are doing! The boys are great and its an absolutely unmatchable song. Will forever be in love with this melody...

One of the best psychedelic songs ever made.
Listening to this song and that too stoned is one hell of a ride. Even when sober this song never fails to mesmerize you with the ever so melodious tunes. The song is a definition of perfection. Such a masterpiece can never be recreated. EVER!