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Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever
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This song is beautiful in it's own way. The power of these simple lyrics which sound nothing special at first, take you to a different world later. It's like escaping not into a world of flashy fabricated dreams but a better and more beautiful reality. It's fresh, dreamy and soothing and songs like these, are what makes The Beatles so amazing and unique.
"Strawberry Fields" was the first track cut during the Sgt. Pepper sessions. The innovative studio techniques the Beatles employed recording it and McCartney's "Penny Lane, " another childhood memory of a Liverpool landmark, heralded the band's new direction - as did the acid-inspired reverie in the lyrics of both songs.
Not only the best song by the beatles, but the best song ever. It was revolutionary to the psychedelic era, using new technology, such as backmasking, to create an amazing sound which no-one had heard before, and sparked a whole new generation of music.
This is one of the best songs ever. It's all about that place you go to where reality seems to just disappear. This was an important song in the forming of the psychedelic rock genre. The song also provides one of the first glimpses into John Lennon's troubled past.
unplaceable in time or genre, this is the essence of the creative and crazy musical mind of the beatles, never repeated as a sound by anyone before or since and is the best, but far from the only, example of what set this band apart as a creative force
John Lennon's voice will hypnotize you into realizing that this is undoubtedly the best Beatles' song. Even if you do not like Beatles, you must love Strawberry Fields Forever. It is absolutely original and unique song.
The first time I heard this song, it was in my head for at least a week. A beatiful song and a reflection on the unique British nature of the Beatles. This song will never die and neither will the Beatles, the best band ever!
The single greatest song of all time. It's so revolutionary. It had the first music video of all time. Its very amazing and is simply moving. The only one that contests it is A Day in the life.
Amazing song and the people who sing it are legends and everyone loves them and john lennon is a legend and paul mccartney legend and george harrison legend and ringo starr legend.
This song contrasts adult introspection and seriousness to childhood purity and wonderment. It exudes sheer trippy genius. Nothing like it before or since!
Simply stunning. Like so many Beatles songs it disturbs your equilibrium and remains unforgettable, embedding itself in your consciousness.
This song is just too beautiful. You don't need to understand the weird lyrics... if you listen closely you feel them under your skin. Strawberry
Just the best, it really shows the spirit of late Beatles songs. It's so deep and strange that you want to listen to it again and again.
Best song ever. Hey Jude and Let it be or Yesterday are very good songs but nothing to do with Strawberry Field. Not the same league.
the greatest song of the beatles! no another beatle's song can exert more! greatest... ever in their musical career!
Album: Double A-side of Penny Lane / Magical Mystery Tour
Writer(s): John Lennon
Lead Vocals: John Lennon
I've heard this song so many times.. and still I want to hear it..
Its an awesome song nobody gets tired of listening to..
I Love this song! I like how all of the interesting instruments play with the Beatles. This song blows my mind!
Undoubtedly their best song, incorporates Paul's ear for melodies with lennons intricate lyrical talent. This is where their attempts at psychedelic rock really came off.
Most creative song for its time and most daringly challenging in its use of tempos and keys out of sync. Evokes a whole world yet is still a classic. One of Lennons best!
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. The lyrics don't seem to mean anything at first but they really do.
This song is so good that my sister gets literally crazy after listening to it
To me it is a tie between this and Lucy in the sky with diamonds
This is the best beatles song. It takes to a world of its own.
So new and influential at the time, there best song by far.

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