Top Ten Best Bread Songs


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The Top Ten

Everything I Own
did you know that david gates wrote this song when his father died? Listening carefully to the message of the song, it tells how a son loves his father.


Just fits my situation so strongly right now.
This song means a lot to me! I just got back in touch with someone after 31 years. I'm giving up everything and moving to Arizona to be with her!
[Newest]They simply did not do better than this song, one of the greats of all time...

2Make It With You
this is a great song. No wonder it peaked no 1 in the billboard hot 100.
the song has also a very good message.


Love love love this song
One of the best late night songs
[Newest]Best song bread made

this might be an overrated song because it is one of the most famous songs of bread, But still, Bread's spirit is in the song.


One of the greatest rock ballads of all time.
The most beautiful songs I've heard, it is suitable heard in any situation. Thank you for creating this song, my late father's favorite songs
[Newest]Great valentines day song

this is a total outpour of the writing talent of david gates. It's more of a story-telling technique, which made the song in the list.


5It Don't Matter to Me
A very good song about a man trying to find a second chance.


Great tune and great lyrics

6The Guitar Man
This song is probably the best of all Bread songs. It has a awesome intro and outro, and every guitar player can really relate to the song.


I love the melody, the lyrics and it has a great intro. Brings back a lot of nostalgia as well. The guitar solos are amazing and the song is just plain catchy!
I think this is an awesome song. But have to tell the truth there isn't a Bread sing that I don't think is awesome.
[Newest]This is a classic song of great performers and their second voice.. Play on my friends.

7Lost Without Your Love
this is another hit by bread, which proves that they can still play good music even though they have already disbanded.


I really like that song, it can relay based on a true story in your life.
This should be #2, behind Everything I Own. It's just such an amazingly intense Melody.

8Baby I'm-A Want You
very good song and also peaked high on the boards.


Very very solem I love it

I think the song can make the listeners melting even though they don't understand the meaning of the song. It's because the music especially guitar is very strong..
Have ALWAYS loved this song. Promised myself when I was a kid that if I ever had a daughter, I'd name her AUBREY. That dream came true!
One of the best song I ever heard. Fall in love...
[Newest]Such a special song, very sentimental.

10Mother Freedom
this is what we call the " bad side" of bread. Bread, though a "mellow" as many say, can also rock hard, and this song proves it all.


I like to see this song make the list, because even though it got a bit of airplay, it was one of the many 'unknowns'. They had a lot of these on their albums; they were much deeper than folks gave them credit for.
Not too many hard songs like this from Bread, but a great riff nonetheless.

The Contenders

11Let Your Love Go
who says that bread can't play hard rock?


12Dismal Day
The most impressive song by them in my opinion, vocally and instrumentally.

13Sweet Surrender


15Too Much Love
Cannot be left out please

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