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1 When You Look Me in the Eyes

Their best & most inspiring song obviously. They nailed every bit of it & nothing else of theirs will ever surpass it. It shows how deep everyone's lives matter. Yet it was catchy too. It passed all tests unless you like dance music, but this's perfect for all other aspects.

And this one made me cry every night and it really to believe if I was looking at yours eyes but it's like my life was falling apart and or makes me very, very much very desperate by seeing. People's eyes and I got see your eyes to that's the is about right but I love It much more

2 Burnin' Up

This song is amazing, it is one of my favorites, I love the rhythm and the lyrics do make sense. I love the sound of the instruments.

This song is so good, I can see why it is number 2 on the list! This song is perfection and a totally good song to be an ear worm!

Who can hate this song? You can't help but love this song! Hearing this song will get you ears burnin!

3 A Little Bit Longer

I was very excited when this song came out. Not only because it was personal and special to Nick, but because it showed that they can write about things other than girls and their relationships. I get teary eyed each and every time I listen to this song as well as the speech Nick gives when he performs it live.

It so touches me that every time when I hear this song I cry. But also it makes me feel better, leke it tells me, "hey, you're not alone, there is a reason to stand up"

If this played a little bit longer, it would've lived up to its name. Great song.

4 Lovebug

I like this song with my heart. It is a amazing song it gives music sense and shows the musical abilities. This song rocks, brothers sing this song very rockingly, I listen this song every time when I was use my laptop

Decent & lovin' it. It's better than getting invaded by lovebugs that fly all over you.

One of the best musical creations you have ever heard in your life.

5 Sucker

Their best dance rock song along with S.O.S. in upbeatness. It's unusually upbeat for a song of theirs (I mean 138 bpm or 34.5 measures/bars/notes per minute). Yet it sucked everyone & me into it & their album, though the rest of the songs in their album Happiness didn't live up to the quality this did.

This was the first Jonas Brother song I EVER listened to. All That, a Nickelodeon show, had the Jonas Brothers as their FIRST musical guest for their remake, and they ROCKED! I see why this song is in the top ten. It HAS to be.

6 Paranoid

Jonas Brother's "Paranoid" Sucks! Black Sabbath has a much better song with the same name! Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" Rules!

This song is just so poppy. Whenever I hear it just want to get up and dance.

I like Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" better.

7 Only Human

This has such an oldies vibe. Though admittedly they seemed to have copied Diana Ross's It's My House & added elements from the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars on it. Guess this's meant to be an homage to the old days of dance & reggae music.

My favorite song for 2019. This piece of music reminds me of the streets of Paris. I heard this song in my ground transfer from CDG Airport to my hotel in the 9th Arrondissement or Pigalle district.

I L-O-V-E this song with all of my heart.

8 Play My Music

This song changed my life... I played for the local band competition and rocked the BALLS off the crowd!

This song is for the true lovers of music and they have sung it as the true lovers of music... Great

Joe rocked it in camp rock. What a stud

9 Before the Storm

Really an amazing song! Miley and Nick are in their best in the vocals. Surely it must be in top.. Go Miley! Go Nick! You both rock...

10 Year 3000

This song makes my day the best ever. The Jonas Brothers music has alway's been here for me because their lyrics truly inspires everyone around the world and it helps me through the worst and best situations (: I am a junior and I still love them and I still can say that the Jonas Brothers still make me happy and I will always love them.

If this ever played in the year 3000, I wonder what people would think of this? I bet people would still be hooked by the Jonas Brothers & their songs including this. They stood the test of time.

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11 Fly with Me

When I think of that song and it makes me whoever I wanted to be is like. Every part of me makes me feel and it is the way I was telling my mom about my solo like around the world and it makes to be flying about and so that song just made my day perfect

This song is an amazing one... Can understand why is so down! Please people vote for this song!

It's my favorite song when I'm a kid. It's absolutely amazing! I'm still listening to this song. Love it

12 S.O.S.

I started to listen this song since I was 15. I think there can't simply be someone who doesn't like this song. This song gives me joy every time I hear it. I had many memories of this song. If I listen to this song, it reminds me my friends. I really thank Jonas brothers for singing such a good song for me. Hope you like it.

Is this really and S.0. S you really don't want a second guess. is this the bottom line, and is it true? Did you gave your all to them? Is your heart in two? And you can't find the other half? Is it like your walking on broken glass, and do you better beileive you bled?

13 What a Man Gotta Do
14 Waffle House
15 Cool
16 Sorry

I love every song of theirs but this is my absolute fave! Love it so much... their vocals, the lyrics, the music PERFECT...
Have loved the joe bros since I ws ten and I'm 18 now... best boyband ever

O please... How can it be on such a low position... It's the best song by jb... Hope to see it on top 10 the next time I check the list...

Why is this song at the 19th place? I mean is a masterpiece I am inlove with the lyrics, I don't actually pop, but this one touch my heart

17 Inseparable

I love so many songs of them but if I choose only one, it's inseparable! Love this song!

18 Hold On

Wow, not only they made a terrible song named Paranoid, but they also made a terrible song named Hold On. Kansas has a great song with that name.

Truly rocking man... And the lyrics are inspiring too... And I m listening to this song from 2 years but it is as new as it was before... Rocking.. And sensational woa..!

The most inspirational song! I'll never get over it!

Because an empty room.. Can be so loud.. Its too many tears.. To drown them all

19 Who's in Your Head
20 Live to Party

How can it be on 22?.. Who are rating on this site? Kids?

Come on friends vote in the top ten at least.

19 for this awesome song?!

Oh god people are deaf.

Best song by jonas without any question... Please get it to the top

21 L.A. Baby (Where Dreams are Made Of)

This is the best ever sing by the Jonas brothers ever and I hope they do best

22 Dance Until Tomorrow

Guys! How did you forget the latest! Dance until tomorrow! It's different! It's new! And its JB!

I like this song very much. It's so cool.

23 I Believe
24 Pom Poms

Amazing song! Great comeback :) So happy the Jonas Brothers are making music again.

25 Please Be Mine

Are you kidding? Why is this song 29? It should be right up there with When You Look Me In The Eyes and A Little Bit Longer. These are the songs that give me chills.

Are you kidding me!? This song is awesome it's one of their best songs EVER it should definitely be with the top 10

The sincerity of Joe's voice made it an angelic song to kickstart their career

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