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Having a fast loading website is key. Numerous studies have shown that the faster your site loads, the less likely people are to bounce and the more likely they are to interact with your site whether that be reading your content, adding comments or posts, or making a purchase. The problem is that regardless of how much work you do to optimize your code, images, databases, and server to maximize speed, you are at the mercy of the network between the service your site is hosted on and the end user. This may not make much of a difference if the distance is short, but if the person accessing your site is a continent away, the time it takes to load and render your website may be many times longer when compared to accessing the site locally.

A content delivery network (CDN) helps speed up your website in part by shortening the distance between the person visiting your site and the server delivering the content. Your site, or at least some of the elements of your site are distributed and cached on servers across the globe. That way, whether someone is accessing your site from Australia, China, the U.S. or the U.K., they are able to load your content from a local server instead of having to wait for it to be provided by your origin server. This can have a significant impact on load times while also reducing the strain on your hosting server. This can also save you on bandwidth costs.

Almost all of the top online retailers, banks, portals, brokers, etc., make use of a CDN. And with the range of options and pricing plans available today (including free services), a content delivery network is something that just about every webmaster should look into.

To help you get started, here is a list of the top ten best commercial content delivery networks.

The Top TenXW

1MaxCDNTheTopTens Trusted Partner*

I bought a maxcdn account for 29$ and have used it to speed many of my blogs at the best cost.

Pleased with the speed they cache images.

I use it. It's stable and cheap

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2IncapsulaTheTopTens Trusted Partner*

Easy, very fast to implement, no re-coding required, and doesn't need to fully hijack your domain for it to work.

The real plus with Incapsula is that it has a well integrated, non-third party WAF and DDoS mitigation service. When CDN offering have become so homogenous, this detail sets them apart.

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Having been an IT Director for the last decade and having worked with a number of CDN vendors I can honestly say that from a global performance stand point CDNetworks are peerless. Despite being cheaper than the market leader.

Edward Ho, CIO

Better reach, availability, and performance than any of the other CDN's. They are the only other viable alternative choice to Akamai. CDNetworks is in China as well with Dynamic and Static acceleration.

I used to work with CD Networks when Korean government supported to launch online gaming global service platform (GSP) with its web site, W. Gamengame. Com.
As the director for that program, I was in the position to choose which service we apply. In fact, we used Akamai for the first 3 months, but soon we switched to CDNetworks.
We needed flexibilities in using the contents downloading infra-structure, and CDNetworks knew our needs and satisfied us.
If you consider CDN regardless of your cost, then you have several options.
But if you want to meet a CDN open to your requirement,
CDNetworks will be the best. David Kim / MarkAny

If you need global performance, CDNetworks is the winner

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If you can afford it, they are the best. This is the company behind FaceBook and other massive global web properties. In fact, Akamai claims to deliver between 15-30% of all Web traffic. If you have a need for a top notch CDN, and the capital to pay for it, then it makes sense to join the 96 out of the 100 top online retailers in the U.S. that rely on Akamai.

Akamai is the market leader in content delivery. The FIFA 2014 has been an excellent display of the flawless service Akamai provides.

Great performance - but customer service is taking a hit and their constant product changes don't help.

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Akamai is great for the big boys, but for the rest of us who can't justify a 5 figure monthly payment for our CDN, CloudFlare is a great solution. At no charge, CloudFlare will provide their basic level CDN, DNS, Always Online service, web page optimization, and website security features. Then, for only $20 per month, you can have this service expanded with higher priority performance, mobile optimization, and near real time stats. And if you need even more, CloudFlare offers advanced web optimization for dynamic content, and advanced DDoS mitigation.

The best one out there. Helped me a lot for my small websites.

Use this service with all my websites can fault them the sites all increased in performance

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Content Delivery Network stores your content on worldwide network of servers. Your visitors will get it from closest location. That reduces page load times and download times, which increases click-throughs, conversions, sales and repeat visits.

The CDN77 has the best performance/price ratio from all of these CDNs listed a above. They have outstanding coverage around the whole world. They have also pay as you go service. And lots of world brand customers...
CDN77 is the best "reachable" solution, however Akamai and CDNnetwork is just still somewhere else. If you can't afford 5 figure monthly payment for these CDNs choose CDN77.

With CDN77 you get very good quality for the lower price than is usual on this market. I also appreciate their individual approach of communication with the customer. Very nice!

Love the CDN77 support!

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I just tried to use their service and not only is there no phone number after 20 min there was still no email with my information.

Please feel free to use any of our phone numbers: or please contact our 24/7 live chat or email support. Adriana @CDNsun

The CDNsun has very good prices and with them you pay as you go. They have an extensive network and they provide help with integration of CDN. They also provide Shared SSL for free as well as free trial.

Best CDN provider I have ever had!


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8Amazon CloudFront

Pay as you go service leveraging the expertise of the world's largest online retailer.

Amazon don't even use Amazon Cloudfront for their CDN! That shows you how much they value their own CDN

Works well, very affordable

It's a good server provider

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These guys are the new, hot thing!

Their Customer Service and Tech Support is way better than the others.

I love the fact I got a Test Trial before I bought them.. They gave really good integration support.

Best customer support; best performance; best reporting functionality; and now with the Verizon acquisition, the best network footprint.

They are fast, good features, good customer service - what more do you want?

Highest quality service and support. great performance!

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10Limelight Networks

Highest performing CDN in all regions of the globe

They are far from #2 and would be lucky to be in top 10 today. Unless something changes they will be bought out or will never make it. If they get rid of Kurt Silverman, there may be hope.

Professional and no fine print
Nonsense service.

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The Contenders

11Windows AzureVisit Website

They offer a great value-based pay as you go cdn service with transparent pricing unlike other cdn providers. It's easy to add resources and speed up websites anywhere in the world. They also added some nice features to dashboard. After couple months I'm very happy with them.

Large network with global reach, great prices in USA and Australia, easy to use dashboard and very helpful technical support.

Great performance, largest coverage in Europe and United States, pay as you go pricing, great dashboard and very kind tech support. Overall impression - excellent!

Great performance in Asia unlike other CDN providers.

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CacheFly works like you'd expect. The people at CacheFly are great to work with.

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14Level 3

The actually one a tier one network!

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15HighwindsVisit Website
16WebMobi Networks

Thanks webmobi for your best service.

I am Webmobi's reseller & I proud to be a part of you.

Your support made me a superstar in the market.

Thanks for great support and service.

Really superb service I got from Webmobi Networks.

A best CDN provider from India, always providing fantastic support at anytime.

Service is value for money

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CDNify is a 'pay as you grow' service which is aimed at startups and developers. Its easy to use and instant to setup and works very well too. They have a large number of PoPs globally backed by a solid support team.

Very good pricing for and for the speed its same with other bigname, sometimes it faster

Amazing CDN for anyone looking to integrate custom SSL as there are no integration charges. Pretty awesome! :D

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18ITWorksCDNVisit Website

Very good and fast CDN and cloud services with low rates and excellent technical support.

20SoftLayerVisit Website
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