Top 10 Strangest Websites of All Time

The internet has been around for a really long time now. Over the years, it has gotten bigger and bigger. It's a place of not only communication, but also expression and creativity. Though, it can get pretty bizarre at times. Of course it would. With people being able to express themselves and considering how long the internet has been around for, of course there's going to be weird things around, and they can be a bit more obscure than many websites. But if you're looking for them you will definitely find them. I'm absolutely one of those people who look for weird stuff for fun and I want to share some of my discoveries with this list. These are the Top 10 strangest websites of all time. Vote for the ones you find to be the strangest of them all. However, please don't add NSFW sites. Thank you.
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It's exactly what it sounds like. This is a real website, I wish I was kidding. It's just gross and weird. Not much else to say about it honestly. Who the hell thought of this?

I think I saw a subreddit similar to this website before. It was super weird and disgusting.

Yeah, it is incredibly gross and disgusting, but I think that this site counts as a NSFW site.


This is just absolutely ridiculous. When you go on it, you will see one image with a bunch of men in Sailor Moon and King Kong with part of a woman's face holding a microphone. There's some other people too. The image has an anime aesthetic and at the top says "because Washington is Hollywood for ugly people." Yeah... this site is really stupid.

To be real, this picture is "so bad, it's hilarious".


This website shows you images of people that don't exist. Yeah I know, REALLY unexpected. It's not like pictures of random cartoon characters, but pictures of real people that aren't actually real, if that makes sense. A new image shows up every time you refresh the page. It's truly bizarre to me, but at the same time it's kind of cool. In the corner of the page, you can find out how it works if you want to.


A website created by Dr. Gene Ray that contains insane statements like the earth has 4 days each rotation and 4 corners. It's ridiculous and it's no surprise that has been parodied a lot.


This is a pretty colorful website that says you can do anything on it and plays some music when you click on the volume button... even though there's practically nothing you can do on it. It's pretty useless. Also why does the guy say it's one million times? Anyway this is supposed to be a satirical website that makes fun of Flash intro pages. And It just keeps on loading forever.

I remember going to this website back in elementary...


A website that argues that we are all living in a simulation (or the Matrix) and some other ideas. It's a strange idea that I heard of before but never heard the arguments about. I'm personally neutral on this idea and I can't prove it true or false, but it's still an interesting one.


You see a man's face and are asked a single question upon opening this website: ever dream this man? Apparently, hundreds of people dream about his face every night. You can read about the history, the dreams, and theories about the man. There's other links too for stuff like portraits, news, and other things. Now this is probably a hoax but it's still creepy.


Cleverbot is a website that I used to go on a bit a long time ago for fun. It's a website where you speak to a bot that can start and continue conversations. Some of them are normal, but others are creepy. One time, the bot asked them how old a user was and that they are right behind them. I wonder if they got any sleep that night. Sometimes though it just sends lyrics of Green Day songs for no reason.


This website contains flashing lights, so do not go on it if you are prone to seizures. This website contains a worm that moves when you move your mouse. If you move your mouse just a little bit, not much happens. However, if you shake it vigorously, you will be met with flashing lights. This website is pointless but has startled a lot of people the first time they saw it.

You're actually right. It really startled me when I moved the snake too hard. Why did they make it so insane and extreme to scare people?

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This website contains a phone number on a spinning black pyramid. There's some links to some social medias when you scroll down, but the most interesting parts of the website are the hotline messages. They are pretty weird. For example, in one of the messages you can hear a teenager doing rapping and, well, it could be better. Another one has someone saying the lines from what I think are some old Vines. I just wonder what the grandmas think about some of these.

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