Top 10 Free Website Analysis Tools

Here are the list of best website analysis tool that will provide you detailed information about how SEO-friendly is your website. Website analysis tool helps in many SEO factors such as alexa rank, page speed, keywords etc. It will also give you design recommendations as well as other suggestions to make the website more SEO-friendly are made.
The Top Ten
1 Moz An industry leader in SEO software, Moz offers a suite of tools aimed at improving online visibility and search engine ranking. Their platform includes features for keyword tracking, site audits, and backlink analysis.

Moz is a suite of user-friendly inbound marketing tools.

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2 Bettergraph SEO Audit Tool & Website Review Tool A digital marketing agency with a focus on search engine optimization, Bettergraph SEO Analyzer provides analytics and optimization services to improve website visibility. Their offerings include keyword research, on-page optimization, and backlink analysis.

It provides SEO reviews and of your website as well as the recommendations to make your website rank better on the SERP.

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3 SEOptimer SEO Audit & Reporting Tool is a free local classifieds website & online classifieds platform where you can post free advertisements related a business, product, items and service offered in India., launched in 2015, a place where people can connect with each other to buy/sell/find goods and services. read more

Website review and SEO audit tool

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4 SEO Site Checkup An online platform providing free and premium SEO services, Seositecheckup offers a comprehensive array of website evaluation tools. The platform helps businesses identify strengths and weaknesses in their SEO strategy through automated reports.

Seositecheckup offers instant access to reports, monitors, and analysis tools.

5 Woorank A web analytics and SEO platform, Woorank provides in-depth website reviews to help businesses improve online visibility. The service includes features such as keyword tracking, competitor analysis, and technical SEO audits.

WooRank is trusted by many small businesses to big companies.

6 Site Analyzer Specializing in website analysis, Site Analyzer offers tools for SEO auditing, keyword tracking, and competitor benchmarking. The platform aims to provide actionable insights for improving website performance and search engine rankings.

The most efficient Website Analyzer

7 Screaming Frog Known for its SEO tools, Screaming Frog offers software that enables businesses to audit and optimize their websites. The company's flagship product is the Screaming Frog SEO Spider, used for crawling website links, images, and CSS to identify SEO issues.

Screaming Frog is a website crawler designed specifically for SEO. Within mere minutes, you’ll get critical data on every URL. Best to just download it and take it for a spin.

8 Quicksprout A digital marketing platform, Quicksprout offers a range of tools aimed at content optimization and SEO improvement. The platform includes functionalities for website analytics, social media tracking, and SEO best practices.

Quick Sprout is the easiest way for you to make better content so your audience and traffic continue to grow.

9 Seowebpageanalyzer An SEO analytics service, Seowebpageanalyzer focuses on providing detailed audits of webpage elements that impact SEO. The tool evaluates aspects like meta tags, content quality, and link structure to offer recommendations for improvement.

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10 ScanBacklinks

If you need to analyze your website's SEO performance, then try out Scan Backlinks.
This SEO checker tool was specially designed to identify and eliminate any on-page issues a website owner can face.

If you need to analyze your website's SEO performance, then try out ScanBacklinks.
This SEO checker tool was specially designed to identify and eliminate any on-page issues a website owner can face.

The Contenders
11 Website Grader P-tech Solution Website And Software development Company in India ,Kanpur providing best website solutions like web design, software development and promotion for your business websites.

HubSpot released a tool called Website Grader that helped businesses uncover search engine optimization opportunities.

12 Sitechecker

Get free site analysis with the best website checker. Detailed SEO audit helps to find errors and grow SEO score.

13 Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is an SEO crawler for regular SEO audit, quick issues search, systematic analysis, and website scraping.

14 SeoWebChecker
15 SEOlium
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