Top 10 Best Online Email Services

Email is one of those digital lifelines you just can't live without - staying connected for work, keeping up with friends and family, and of course, shopping for those online deals.

But with all those email providers out there, how do you know which one is the right fit? Some offer tons of storage, others prioritize security, and then there are those slick interfaces that make managing your messages a breeze.
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1 Gmail

I think Gmail is the best because it has a built-in "Google Talk," allowing me to chat with my friends all around the world. You can also change your theme in Gmail. It provides 7.5GB of storage, supports 25MB attachments, and multiple external mail protocols (IMAP, POP, POP+TLS, Microsoft Exchange). Gmail even works on Windows Live! I use my Gmail for Xbox Live and various other things. It's just that one address for me. I love Gmail and would recommend it.

I wrote an email intending to send some files but completely forgot until after I clicked send. Luckily, Gmail reminded me with a dialog box that I had written "attachments" in the email but hadn't attached any files. Another reason to love Gmail.

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2 Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is the best email service, in my opinion. I've tried all the others, but Yahoo! Mail stands out. It's fast, aesthetically pleasing, and offers a full suite of options.

No doubt, Yahoo! Mail is the best so far. Its simplicity, speed, and beautiful design suit both beginners and professional email users.

It's awesome and very user-friendly. The themes are all superb.

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Outlook is the best option out there. From its seamless integration with all other Microsoft storage to its unlimited email storage and its gorgeous applications, Outlook has proven to be far superior to all competitors. The design is clean, the sweep functionality outperforms Google's counterpart, and guess what? Skype. Gmail was my service of choice for five years, but I have finally seen the light.

I cannot believe I am alone in thinking this. It is a brilliant service and is much better than others. All my emails from my Outlook account to my mother's Yahoo account went into her spam folder.

I didn't have this problem when I later emailed her from my old Yahoo address.

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4 iCloud

Very user-friendly. A no-problem approach to email.

6 AOL Mail

AOL Mail is the most underrated email provider out there. It's like the grandfather of the email world - reliable, safe, and straightforward. It has been around since the dawn of email.

7 Zoho

Zoho Mail is a really good email service. You can send emails really quickly, and the recipient can receive them just as fast. It has a really good font, and you can send videos through it.

You can even access it on your cell phone!

8 Fastmail

I've had Fastmail for three years. The comment that they lock your account without warning is B.S. The reason his account was locked was because he didn't pay. Fastmail gives you multiple warnings, almost too many in my opinion, that your account is due for renewal. They even allow you access for two weeks afterward. You're just not allowed to send email.

Customer service is okay. They can take up to three days to respond. I was trying to set up IMAP on my phone. They did get back to me. It just wasn't immediate. The things I like about Fastmail include good spam protection and the ability to use dummy accounts. So, when you sign up for a website, the spam goes elsewhere. Also, the note feature is nice. I use it to keep track of my accounts and passwords since I tend to forget information about my many accounts. No ads is also a plus. I pay $10.00 a year, and 250 MB is more than enough for me. I think it's totally worth it. Sometimes there are coupon codes that save you a couple of dollars as well.

10 Juno
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11 Lavabit

It loads quickly, is reliable, and respects privacy.

Lavabit is an awesome email service, super secure and basic.

12 Thexyz

Thexyz is an ad-free, business-quality email service that offers only a paid version. It is compliant with government and medical services due to the extensive archiving technology it employs on its servers.

Thexyz is fantastic. What I enjoy most is having the confidence that my correspondence with people is not only reliable but also private. This is much more than can be said for some of the bigger email providers.

Thexyz webmail is full of features, and the service is unmatched by any other email provider I have used before. It's worth the money, without a doubt!

13 Yandex

Ad-free, colorful themes, spam-free, 10 GB storage, and many more options make it greater than Gmail. It also has a browser and chat messenger. It's a newer service.

15 Tiscali
16 ProtonMail

One of the best email service providers!

17 EarthLink
18 Rediffmail
19 Tutanota

Privacy-oriented email with a nice, secure app.

22 Autistici/Inventati
23 SwiftERM

Flow-e is an email and task management platform combined to transform your inbox into a highly visual task board, streamlining your workflows and making you and your team into a more efficient, highly productive unit.

By integrating your inbox with an element of task management, you can unify tasks and personnel with just a single platform. Flow-e eliminates the need for an external task management solution. With your inbox becoming your visual task board, you can manage your tasks, see what your team members are working on as well as their progress and messages, and delegate functions with ease, speed, and accuracy.

25 Riseup
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