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1 Gmail

GMAIL IS AWESOME. IF YOU HAVE IT YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! You could make documents, use a calendar, make websites, get special offers, and more. It works as well as Google!

It makes everything so much easier, simple, personal, cool themes, spam blocker.. Gmail is my favorite

Awesome mail... Webmail and Android, ios, Blackberry App... Top one

Google offers really an integrated service. - MatPolson

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2 Yahoo! Mail

Too many ads so slows loading and the "NEW" site with AT&T slows things down even more. Not even a part of the top in my opinion

No doubt. Yahoo! Mail is the best so far, it's simplicity, speed and beautiful designs suits beginners and professional email users.

Locked out of two email accounts. No explanation and no support. The automated help is useless.

Straightforward and simple.

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3 Hotmail

I have used hotmail ever since I was ten and it was just amazing. Sure I don't use it much any more but it was the greatest that I have ever used. The messages are fast and simple to use and the messages also send quickly.

I urge you to give Hotmail a try and you will not be disappointed.

This is the most reliable online email service in my opinion. It is very simple and is fast and cool.

It's simple, reliable, it has no ads... What more can you want

Hotmail opens my computer. The emails coming and going are fine.

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Outlook is the best option out there. From its seamless integration to all other Microsoft storage to its UNLIMITED email storage to its gorgeous applications, Outlook has proven to be far superior to all competitors. The design is clean, the sweep functionality bests Google's counterpart and guess what? , SKYPE. GMail was my service of choice for 5 years, but I have finally seen the light.

My outlook account works so perfectly thanks to the email service I have the account in -outlook - favouredlist314

Outlook is best mailing site for me.
Other mail site connectivity is too good.

Outlook is the second-best. It does not deserve to be third.

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5 iCloud

Very user friendly. A no-problem approach to email.

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I am so disgusted. DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$. And it's not so much the $ but the fact that it randomly decides to not send the email, says "unable to send" yet 5 min later I try and no problem. it doesn't interface with iPhone well at all, I had to install the app just so I could send an email. It sucks because I bought this for business purposes, had business cards made up with it on there. I'm so frustrated with the service that I'm getting rid of it and all my business cards. WHAT A WASTE!

Poor. has a bug that prevents you from coordinating with GMail, and customer service is poor. They hope to fix the problems in the future but they have no idea when. I just wasted $20.

I have had this service for years and need to find something more reliable. I have clients who don't receive my emails and who send me emails that I do not receive (even in spam). It has always had a buggy log in that I simply accepted with a free service. I can no longer tolerate the unreliability from this service. Like others, I have this on my business cards, websites, and social media. Updating is a pain but will be worth it. is the worst I have ever used. I get a lot of mail that asks 'do you get these emails? ' Because when someone emails me, it bounces back to them. Sometimes I still get it but sometimes I don't. I'm researching for a more dependable email service now.

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7 Fastweb
8 AolMail

Never had a problem with it, seems smooth

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Havin' trouble with some plain FREE email services? Privacy issue? Your personal data insecure? Try this one. Just need one word how to describe GMX, "AWESOME! " or "FABULOUS! "

All of a sudden I could not send emails on gmx. It stated my password did not match on my two accounts. So, I took the time to reset new passwords. It accepted them and guess what.. Another note passwords don't match. I wrote company and they send like to reset password. No other assistance. I'm going back to msn, ugh.

Its good but if I talk about privacy and security is not up to the mark, 2 step verification must be there.

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11 Fastmail

It locks your account without warning, lost drafts/email, spam control don't work, paid support don't respond until you ask for help in their discussion board. Never ending glitch problem.

"Fast, reliable email for businesses, families and professionals."
Really? Just Inaccurate Advertising and they have been around since 1999.

Feature galore, simple to use, great tech support, spam protection options range from simple through user definable to incredibly sophisticated - your choice, I've never ever lost a draft or email ever, support is free.

Best there is. Been using it for over a year. Love it. A paid service but very inexpensive options available. Good support.

I've had Fastmail for 3 years. The comment that they lock you're account without warning is B.S
The reason his account was locked, was because he didn't Pay. Fastmail gives you multiple warnings almost to many in my opinion that you're account is due for renewel. They even allow you access for two weeks after. You are just not allowed to send email. Customer service is ok can take up to three days. I was trying to setup IMAP on my phone. They did get back to me just wasn't immediately. The things I like about it good Spam protection. The fact you can use Dummy accounts so when you sign up for a website to respond to a maroon, then the Spam goes elsewhere.Also the Note feature is nice. I use it to keep my accounts and passwords since I tend to forget Info about my 50 billion accounts. NO ads is nice. I pay 10.00 a year 250 mb is more then enough for me. I think its totally worth it. Sometimes there are coupon codes that save you a couple dollars also.

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12 Zoho Mail

Website looks good, mailbox looks good, loads of tools. Unfortunately, after 3 days, it locked all my saved emails, can't access. Not sure if I even get new messages at all. As good as it lasted. A shame...

Searching within mail boxes is a hit or miss operation, partial screen for open emails is a pain.More for business I think. In my limited experience, I can't see how this is rated so highly in 10 ten lists

13 Lavabit

It be awesome if there was no ads and people canot get your credit card imformation. example; ebay sends credit card or billing information to your email site. people hack it and use your info to get into your bank account.

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14 Thexyz

Thexyz is an ad-free business quality email service that offers only a paid version. It is government and medical services compliant due to the extensive archiving technology it employs on their servers.

Thexyz is fantastic. Best of all I enjoy having the confidence that my correspondence with people is not only reliable but PRIVATE - which is much more than can be said for some of the bigger email providers.

Best email service out there. Anyone who is serious about their email should be willing to pay $20 a year.

Good fisma compliant service that rivals the microsoft/google offering with advanced features.

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Zoho mail is a really good email, you can send the emails really quickly and the person to get it can receive it well. It has a really good font and you can send videos around it, you may actually even get to have it on your own cellphones!


Tons of options to choose from and the support is very responsive. The name is a bonus.

Typing in the URL leads to nothing useful.

18 Tiscali
20 Yandex

Hey it's a wonderful website.. ! Clean and fast :D

Ad free, colourfull themes, spam free, 10GB storage, and more and more option greater than Gmail. It also hasbrowser, chat messenger etc.. Its a newer one

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