Top 10 Video on Demand Platform Providers

A comprehensive video streaming platform will boast both live streaming services and act as a platform to host recorded live or on-demand video. The most effective and convenient platforms will be all-inclusive, allowing you to broadcast, host, embed, monetize, and analyze video content, while granting you total control over your content.
The Top Ten
1 Vplayed

Vplayed is a media streaming solution that enables video content owners, publishers, broadcasters, operators, online educators, and audio streamers to simplify the complication of streaming and monetizing content across platforms.

Vplayed helps to build your own video-on-demand platform with all possible functionalities to monetize and maximize your content revenue through various business monetization methods.

Vplayed is a globally acclaimed video-on-demand solution that has partnered with multiple global brands to create successfully performing web and mobile apps/websites.

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2 Brightcove

Brightcove solutions improve the user experience by offering customized features, including video branding and streaming to mobile devices. The company is active in acquiring organizations that can enhance its market presence and revenue. It recently acquired Zencoder, a cloud transcoding company, to help the organization improve its platform for SaaS offerings.

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3 Kaltura

Kaltura offers online video solutions for entertainment companies, businesses, educational enterprises, and service providers. Its solution can be deployed on-premises as well as through private and public clouds. These solutions can be accessed through PCs, Android-enabled smartphones and tablets, STBs, and connected devices.

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4 Uscreen

Uscreen has been awesome, honestly. I'd been looking for over a year for a place to sell my guided meditation videos online, but everything was either way too expensive, way too limiting, or way too sketchy.

I'm so glad I decided to go with Uscreen. It's the best business decision I've ever made. And the folks are great - super helpful when you need them.

Uscreen is an amazing platform that takes the hard work out of creating real income from your content. It's super easy to set up and use their system to generate income. As creators, generating income is an important part of sustainability. I feel like these people are really here to help me.

5 Muvi

Great platform. I am a current customer. It is the most comprehensive platform in the world by far!

Great platform so far for me. It is recognized for its great products all over the world.

Really, Muvi is the most powerful VOD platform. It is a feature-rich product. I really recommend this.

6 VDart Prism
7 DaCast

DaCast offers the first self-service, all-in-one streaming platform. It enables video and audio content owners to easily start broadcasting high-quality video over the web. With a completely integrated solution and pay-as-you-go pricing, DaCast provides a unique system that is more profitable for broadcasters than other internet-based streaming services.

8 Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay is a video-on-demand solution that helps broadcasters, on-demand video portals, enterprises, etc., to upload, convert, store, and playback video content over the Internet across various channels. This ready-made video broadcasting and management solution provides an uncompromising video experience on both web and mobile.

9 Wowza
10 webnexs

One of the best video streaming platforms. Fully customized video players according to my needs and different sets of monetization models are available. Quick and responsive customer support, as my queries are answered within a few hours.

We are happy with the video streaming quality and video experience.

Webnexs is the best video-on-demand platform company in India. Webnexs offers a set of benefits for entrepreneurs looking to make money from their video content. Clients range from motivational speakers to swim instructors to fitness coaches.

The Contenders
11 Innorelay

Innorelay is a one-stop solution for all your video and audio streaming needs. Based on your business scenario or industry nature, Innorelay helps to create personalized software to host your videos. Be it movies, live sports streaming, web series, or spiritual sessions, Innorelay has a perfect VOD/OTT/live streaming solution.

Stop worrying about your video's compatibility and performance across devices and screens, as Innorelay's adaptable and scalable architecture takes care of it.

12 Mangomolo

Mangomolo has an edge that no other OVP has. It provides any publisher with the full OTT infrastructure, from the OVP backend part to the front-end applications, website, etc. The platform is very advanced in terms of automation and artificial intelligence, which makes the entire content ingestion process much easier.

I honestly think this is one provider to keep a close eye on!

Mangomolo has been our provider for the past few years, and they rock! Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to build a serious business out of streaming! - James

13 Oodles Technologies

Oodles Technologies sets the benchmark in the IT ecosystem by creating dynamic and user-friendly online video content platforms. We assist you in organizing and managing online video content efficiently with our advanced video solutions.

Our in-depth expertise and proven methodologies in online video content management systems enable you to deliver rich and engaging offerings at scale. Our forte helps you to #bethenext.

14 CDN77 is a customer focused Content Delivery Network provider that is flexible and has transparent no-commitment pricing. With 30+ points of presence around the world, provides quick, consistent and authorized delivery of your content to all devices with the latest technologies like HTTP/2... read more

CDN77 has been our video delivery partner for some time now. We can count on their flexibility and willingness to customize their platform for our specific needs. Their customer support is just top-notch, with high technical knowledge and short response times being just a few of the reasons.

15 Flicknexs

Flicknexs is a SaaS-based video streaming platform provider that seamlessly launches a video streaming platform for video creators. It provides 100+ features such as analytics and video monetization options such as AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD.

16 Kaemo

Best turnkey solution to set up a video streaming platform, live or on demand. It also allows you to deploy native mobile applications and TV applications (Amazon, Android TV, Roku).

One of the best white-label tools for launching a streaming platform for audio or video.

18 Setplex

Setplex is an OTT/IPTV solutions provider that helps content owners build or upgrade to a state-of-the-art OTT/IPTV solution. This solution is future-proof and delivers a superior user experience across all major platforms.

19 GUDSHO GUDSHO is an all-inclusive Online video platform designed exclusively for Enterprises, Businesses, video creators or independent storytellers to create, launch and monetize a video business in quick steps... read more
20 VdoCipher
21 Octal IT Solution Octal IT Solution is an IT service provider specializing in web and mobile application development. Founded in 2007, the company offers custom software solutions, e-commerce development, and enterprise solutions. Based in India with a global presence, Octal IT Solution focuses on creating scalable and... read more

Octal IT Solution offers fully featured and managed video streaming mobile app development solutions, backed by a robust database strategy.

22 Netflix Netflix is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California.
23 Vimeo On Demand
24 Oxagile
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