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All Nightmare Long

All Nightmare Long
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I've listened to Metallica since I was born, and never have I heard a song that stayed as on tempo as this masterpiece. Metallica did the most amazing job by shredding up the strings while not drowning out the percussion, and allowing Trujillo to pluck till his fingers bleed. It retains perfect treble accompanied by foot stomping bass.
What do you mean "#19"? The solo is amazing, the opening is dark, mysterious, and foreboding, and the main riff kicks butt. This is probably the best song on "Death Magnetic" (this or "Cyanide"). I don't know about you, but this is the probably the first song I'll learn by Metallica.
It Is Metallica'S Third Best Song. 'Cause Master of Puppets & One Are Awesome, But All Nightmare Long Way Better Than Other Top 10 Songs. Lyrics Are Too Good. If You Really Have Sense Of Rock & Metal Songs You Must Have To Vote It. It Is Definitely Top Third Song.
Oh man! This song must be on the top why isn't so.This song has great vocal great guitar solo by Kirk Hammett Great Drumming, Great Bass.This is the favourite song in my list how can this be possible it must be on Top 5...Metallica's Nightmare Long ROCKS! 1
I think most of people here don't even know Metallica... please just listen to this song... it will take your breath away with 8 min of jamming
This epic song shows that Metallica in death magnetic can do thrash music as their old times. The riff blow my mind everytime I listen to it and the solo is very frenetic. The chorus is catchy as hell!
If you don't headbang with this song something's wrong with you. The best from Death Magnetic it even could be on their classic stuff... Brilliant work. This shows they still have their touch intact.
Just want to Push this awesome song up the list! THis is one of the most thrashing songs till date, at a point Lars just goes Ballistic with Double bass! Love this song!
This song is just amazing, great intro, amazing riffs and lyrics, takes you back to the first few Metallica albums.
If you haven't heard this song you haven't heard one of the best songs in the world! It is amazing and I couldn't stop listening to it when I first heard it!
This is one of the most catchy Metallica songs out their and has some awesome music to go along with it, definitely in my top ten Metallica songs
This is a piece of pure beauty! I've loved Metallica all my life and this is definitely in my top 5 up there with Ride the Lightning and Seek & Destroy!
Death magnetic is a great album. This isn't considered to be new Metallica. This is a thrash album
Perfect... Melodic and thrashy at the same time
The Most aggressive Metallica song evver! This song contains the band's heaviest and most complicated guitar riffs. Ooh, and not to mention the guitar solo.
Deserves to be higher. At least in the top 5. Everything about the song is amazing
Why this song is not in the top ten is beyond me. Genius song. Killer RIffs.
Yes I agree this song is breathtaking. After Kryptos's Mask of Anubis, only this song is so perfectly composed, the guitar and base and the drums yeah are reslly awesome and the come-back at the end is so fab..
Love this song
This song defines what we called heavy music. this song must be in top 10
This makes me want to go fast! It rocks me so hard. Top five easily.
Only "new" song metallica have made which is totally awesome
Deserves to be in the top 10! The amazing riff can't be ignored!
All nigthmare long! There�'s nothing more to say! This song is full of power from the start to the end... This is metal this is Metallica
This was the first Metallica song I ever heard!
This should replace the day that never comes

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