Wherever I May Roam


This is the combination of great lyrics with great music. "Wherever I may roam" probably is the most universal lyrics Metallica ever produced, even people living 1000 years ago could connect with the message behind it. No matter what we think every one of us struggles for independence. These great lyrics (truly a masterpiece) come wrapped on a very stimulating and exiting music.

"The outro to Wherever I may roam exemplifies Kirk Hammett as a virtuoso rather than the teen icon he is presumed to be. This and the solo in Creeping Death are the paragons in his illustrious career. People who think Master or One is better simply lack taste! "

Definitely in 1 to 3 of metallica, for those fans who have not listened this song-please sit and seriously listen this songs. This is what metallica is. Song will take you in different world. James' Vocal is outstanding, listen to its riff man, kirk did it best. Lyrics is good too. - hitesh.ahir.77964

Get this song HIGHER! The gong and twanging guitar sound at the beginning make it so cool. It makes me really imagine the snake on the cover of the black album this comes from.

This song is a mix of Metallica's style. Nice intro, heavy parts and fast parts and James different vocal technics. I like to listen this song when I'm driving!

My FAVORITE Metallica song! What is so bad about this song, or so good about the others, that Wherever I May Roam should be down here at 20th?

An amazing intro and killer rift makes this song one that should be heard by everyone even likes rock, let alone metallica

I'm not sure if it's the best but it should definitely be in the top 5. - CinemaZebra

this is the first metal song I ever heard and is definitely the best

All Metallica songs rock, I can just identify with this one, so its definitely on my top 5.

2-7 not more not less. Great lyrics and Riffs, do not get why is it 18th : /

The top 5 are spot on but there is no way in hell that this should be 17th. 6-10 for sure - Rotorhead

People, what's wrong with you? This song should be in top five...

Really underated Metallica song.
Should be higher - rocker1796

Definitely at 5 or 6. Go home and listen again and then rate. The heaviest tune ever - hitesh.ahir.77964

People should listen to this Bieber will crap his pants if he listens to this

How is this so low? Easily top five, forget top ten. Instead it is in twentieth.

Great solo, great lyrics should definitely be higher in the list

Its instrumental matches so well th song this has to be in the top 10

Why is this song this low? This is easily one of their best songs

May be the best Metallica song I ever heard. Should be in top ten

Amazing solo and lyrics. Must hear and it should be in the top 10.

Great lick and nice vocals, exactly what you want from a song

It is super heavy and one of their best, deserves more than 20th.

This song shouldn't be here. One of Metallica's best songs.