Top 10 Best Pakistani Singers


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The Top Ten

Atif Aslam
Atif not coming from a musical background and without acquiring musical training is ruling many hearts. His voice is sharp and touching.
He is the king of POP and filmy songs.
Atif is the best singer ever in this world
[Newest]Atif is a best singer in world

2Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is still one World's most respected and Revered singers.. No one surpass the glory and and fame he received and continues to receive years after his death... Interesting to see that all other names of this list actually consider NFAK their Godfather & Maybe God..
He is the Best there ever was. No one has surpassed him and looks like no one ever will surpass him. He is the man who could make the flowers bloom with his voice ( this was a study that was done. )
Old is GOLD. And he is REAL gold. He is looked upon as a "God" in the music industry.
He should be in the list of The Top ten Singers of the World. He has won the hearts of people not only from Pakistan but whole world even Michael Jackson was also the big fan of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
[Newest]I think he was best in the world

3Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Sufi, Pop, Rock, Classic, Duets, whatever the song type is.. He is king in all the aspects and Pride of Pakistan
Great singer! Pride of pakistan
Best vocals ever. Rahat Sahab is way ahead of others. Atif has a different voice but Rahat Sahab has the best melody.
[Newest]You have a lot of talent and your face matches to my brother. I love your singing

4Ali Zafar
Ali is the best singer that I have listen
He was good singer
Zafar is Best. Mesmerising voice with a romantic touch
[Newest]I like you zafar bhai

He is the best male singer in pakistan
His his voice and sound of his music is really good. The video he portrays the song is excellent. He is cool, talented
And really interesting to look and listen to.
He has a very rich voice its just magical
[Newest]Falak you are one and only one who touch my soul

6Farhan Saeed (Jal the band)
His voice soothes listener's soul -_-
You are very very beautiful and famous singer in the world I love you so much bye bye from malaika
He is the cute and the best singer you rock
[Newest]Farhan Saeed alone is enough for us!

7Bilal Saeed
He is reaLLy very awesome love his lyrics as well the music beat awesome...
Bilal Saeed has heat touching voice... He is amazing artist... I like also Amrinder Gill... 2 number song song is also very beautiful song...
This is the best singer.2 number song is good
[Newest]I love bilal saeed

8Shafqat Amanat Ali
Mr. Amanat Ali has depth, style, projection, perfect rhythm, poise and ability to stay in tune. In my opinion he is simply outstanding. He belongs in the same class as Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, Talat Mahmood. Good luck in your career.
I love shafqat so much he is the best ever! He is such an inspiration to me and all my friends! He is my idol! When I grow up I wish I could be like him! Yo
He is certainly one of the best if not the best Pakistani singer of all time. Beautiful voice and perfect technique.
[Newest]He should be second

9Hadiqa kiyani
Hadiqa kiyani is the best female singer of pakistan
She is a legend! No female singer in Pakistan comes even close to her title as the Queen.
She has the best voice amongst all pakistani singers... God bless her
[Newest]I love her, she is the best

10Nabeel Shaukat Ali
He is very best singer I love his voice """' and god bless him """
He is an awesome singer I love his voice
Best Singer and He Have Golden Voice!
[Newest]I love his voice

The Contenders

11Abida Parveen
Abida is quen of music in world
Singre of Sindh, Pakistan and World is really she. When she sing she lost in singing.
He is the world best singer
[Newest]She is best singer

12Noor Jahan
You r the best singer in the world even Lata Mangeshkar said that she has magic in her voice and I really really really love your songs
Why are you after Atif
She is the Most prominent Singer in the sub continent. Why she is ranked so low? Great Singer

13Sajjad Ali
This is the only one singer who has a great voice!
This guy is just fantastic! I really don't know why he isn't on the top. His song "Har zlum" has superb music and lyrics. Other songs such as "soni lagti" is a perfect party must in almost all of the subcontinent since it has ever come on air.
Sajjad ali is the best singer
[Newest]He should be on top

14Imran khan
He will be sing in india Love you imran khan
A heart pounding song from him satisfaya.
I am big fan imran sir
[Newest]I like him so much

15Mehdi Hassan
He had heart touching voice and I really love his voice
Love you voice quality Sir

16Nazia Hassan
I think that Nazia hassan is the one of most popular women singer in Pakistan ' I listen her songs every time.
She is the first and iconic pop singer of sub-continent
I think that she is the only womem singer in Pakistan whose voice touches the heart of people...

17Mustafa Zahid
The Best Singer ever!... Mustafa is the most talented singer of pakistan
He is good and he also sung a song for ashique 2 bhula dena
Few more years and Mustafa Zahid at the number one place. The best voice Bollywood has ever imported.
[Newest]Best voice of extremely talented Pakistani music. Love from Bangladesh.

18Qurtulain Baloch
Love the she lifts the song..
Amazinglg talented
Future pakistani music industry and also all over the world..
She will be remembered amongst the. Legends one day.
Give her an ordinary song she will make extra ordinary. Simply amazing! Love from India.
Shes awesome... A voice worth a catch she has got... Heart touching songs by her... Love her hghly insprational...

19Sara Raza Khan
Sara raza have a naturl Talent allah bless her
She is my favourite
She is good looking and future in coming for Pakistan
[Newest]Nice and talented singer

20Ali Azmat
He is amazing and amusing.I am his Biggest fan
I do not consider Ali Azmat as a singer. He is without any melody. He can make noise not music.
Pakistan's rock star ali azmat
[Newest]Why is he ranked so low? His voice is just amazing guys!

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