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1 I Don't Want to Be

This song has stolen my heart for the last 10 to 15 years and it will never die inside me.

My brother used to play this a lot when he was younger, back in the golden days of music before rap destroyed relationships of mine.

Every time I hear Gavin's voice, I think of my dad because he sounds just like Gavin.

This song sparked his career. He wanted to do his own thing and singing was it that's why he wrote the song, like this actually means something to him, it's not just some song

This song is absolutely amazing! I mainly know it because of one tree hill but Gavin is such an amazing artist and this is a great song

This songs touches my heart and it makes me cry.
I heard this song while surfing channels on star world on OTH and this song should be number 1.
All praises to OTH

2 Not Over You

I absolutely love this song! Listening to it right now! Gavin has such a way with words that I can't really relate to. I can only listen to his golden voice over and over again!

I think it is an awesome song. But the video gets a little to close on the girl a few times.

Another favorite of mine.

Thank you Gavin for leading me to like your work and songs.

I'm at the Billy Joel concert in Syracuse right now, and just found out Gavin is opening for him! Awesome

3 Chariot

This seriously needs to be higher! This is my favourite Gavin Degraw song!

Seriously the best Gavin DeGraw song! I love this song so much!

What?! Tenth? That doesn't make sense. Wake up people.

My brothers favorite song by Gavin.

4 We Belong Together
5 In Love with a Girl

I love this song sooo much, being an African-American female I get the weirdest looks while singing along in public. When ever or where ever.

My favorite it's so sweet and catchy.
Although he doesn't seem to have any good reasons for loving her in the song laugh out loud

This was the first Gavin DeGraw song I heard (way back in 2008) and I was instantly hooked. This is my #1 pick.

Type of song for me whenever I am happy.

6 Soldier

My 2nd favorite song by Gavin and likely will forever be, nothing beats I Don't Want to Be in my opinion.

By the way this song became my obsession for a short time due to the Super Bowl(don't say this is weird :) ).

It even inspired me to stay strong in school because these are words from a stressed and washed up 11th grader.

Plain and simple, just a beautifully produced song with a powerful meaning!

Great song. First song I heard by him and I got
Instantly hooked.

Just brought the album and I'm listening to it now!

7 Follow Through

Song meant for me

8 Sweeter

Edgy, bold and truthful. Straightforward and the tune is impeccable. A song that MUST be heard! Simply Amazing.

Awesome song! Hear it on xm radio in your vehicle and in spite of driving your torso is grooving!

Love this fast version!

I love this one a lot.

9 Radiation

A perfect song for the great audience, and there's few people that can capture the audience like Gavin! Love this one!

10 Best I Ever Had

I absolutely love this song. It really needs to be up higher on the list!

Love this song so much!

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11 Belief

I absolutely love this song. It is so good that he realty should have released this as a single.

12 Cheated on Me
13 She Holds a Key
14 Make a Move

This is new so many people might not know sbout it. Its s good song, not one of the finest but good.

15 Meaning
16 Who's Gonna Save Us
17 Fire

Wonder how this song is in top 24...I believe it should be at least in the top 10..

Definitely should be higher in my opinion! Great song!

The reason why this song is so low is because this song is relatively new

18 Run Every Time
19 You Know Where I'm At
20 We Both Know

Perfect song. I agree. It's a theme to Safe Heaven movie. I remember my life in that movie and that song makes me strong.

Perfect song! Gavin excellence and her voice makes it amazing

21 Sets the City on Fire
22 She Sets the City on Fire

This girl makes a guy's heart of fire into the town to be in love
and connection to get married. This is a song for it.

23 Something Worth Saving
24 Where You Are

Greatest song of all time!

25 Brother
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