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When it comes to The Beatles, John Lennon and Paul McCartney often steal the limelight. But one should not forget the immense talent of the "Quiet Beatle" George Harrison. From his early compositions like "Don't Bother Me" to his later solo work, Harrison's music always had a distinct flavor that set him apart from his bandmates. He brought Eastern influences into the band's music and explored spiritual themes in his solo work.

Harrison's contributions to The Beatles were far from insignificant. He wrote some of the band's most beloved hits, including "Something," which Frank Sinatra called "the greatest love song of the past 50 years." Harrison was also the mastermind behind some of the band's most experimental tracks, like "Within You Without You" and "Blue Jay Way." After the band's breakup, Harrison continued to make music that resonated with audiences around the world.
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1 My Sweet Lord

Obvious number 1. Beautiful, yet so simple song.

Sweet melody, beautiful words are what I can say about this song

2 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

A song that captures the best sounds of the Beatles, with an added Eric Clapton taking it to that extra level!

3 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

Beautiful and very sophisticated slide guitar playing by George. The song contains one of the outstanding bottleneck slide guitar solos of the entire rock era.

Arguably one of the most peaceful songs I've ever heard!

4 Got My Mind Set on You

Best George Harrison song ever. This should be number 1.

5 Something
6 What is Life?

Absolutely perfect wall of sound song should have been a number one. Just makes me feel great every time I hear it. Don't let me wait too long is almost as uplifting and underrated.

Can easily be in second place. Amazing song. One of those songs that make you feel happy.

7 All Those Years Ago

Beautiful song and beautiful tribute to a friend.

8 Blow Away
9 Rising Sun

Paramahansa Yogananda (writer of George's favorite book "Autobiography of A Yogi" once said, "what God wants for us is to create the best possible finale for our lives". I think God succeeded in George Harrison's case. Terrible tribulations beset him in his final years and still he shone brighter than ever, as is most evident in the "Brainwashed" album (the last he ever made), especially this song. "Rising Sun" evokes a vast feeling of expansion and freedom. It's as if George is seeing glimpses of the afterlife and the wonders awaiting him there after a well-lived life. Profound and inspirational. Jai Mr. George...

10 All Things Must Pass

WHAT?!?!? Number 14? This song is better than any other on this list and most of the songs by the Beatles themselves!

Great song, far more melodic than some of George's other pieces

The Contenders
11 Here Comes the Sun

I listen to this nearly every morning. Beautifully simple on the face of it it always brings a ray of sunshine to my soul!

12 Stuck Inside a Cloud

Perhaps George Harrison's most serene song. Really reflects the peaceful nature of the man and the hard-earned peace he enjoyed especially in his later life when he was able to withdraw more and more into an interiorized, fulfilled family life in the midst his Friar Park gardens. Truly he is at home, as this song evinces...

13 Pisces Fish

Lyrically, this is amongst George's finest songwriting moments. Philosophical, spiritual as well as personal, and is infused with that unique wit that only a Goerge Harrison can pull off. Underrated gem.

Best stanza: "Some times my life it seems like fiction/ Some of the days it's really quite serene/ I'm living proof of all life's contradictions/ One half's going where the other half's just been".

This song is Mr. George looking back upon his life. He seems both happy and amused at what he sees. He's never forgotten to put on a lens of humour that lends lightness and color to his otherwise austere ponderings and philosophizing.

14 Crackerbox Palace

Georgie at his playful best. Could easily be on Sgt. Peppers...

15 Any Road

Bouncy, infectious, with a unique lilt to it, a little danceable. Pithy lyrics, and George never ran out of memorable slide guitar licks that you can always hum 'cos they're just so catchy you can't get 'em out of your head.

This song is really awesome. I love the ukulele

16 Don't Let Me Wait Too Long

One of Mr. George's catchiest pop songs. Should have been a big hit! The melody is very good and the progression is classic George with surprising choice of chords. Really nice tune that could have been a smash had it been promoted more...

I can easily imagine this as a Beatles song. Could've been in the White Album or Past Masters -- would've fit there like it was meant to be there. Very good and strong song. Serious hit material...

Why this wasn't a big hit or became a mainstay in his setlist is simply baffling. A great pop tune in every way.

17 I Live for You

Such meaningful and profound, deeply devotional lyrics. Doesn't get any better than this. Surely, it's songs like this -- the most unpopular and overlooked ones -- how they keep up to the calibre of the most recognized ones -- that truly prove George Harrison's greatness as a songwriter. The lyrics say it all...

"All alone in this world am I
Not a care for this world have I
Only you keep my eyes open wide
Yes, it's true
I live for you
Not a thing in this world do I own
Only sadness from all that is grown
In this darkness, I wait for the day
Yes, it's true
I live for you".

18 Here Comes the Moon

A perfect beauty of a song. This is the Yang to "Here Comes the Sun's" Yin! Soothing, calming vibes that washes over you with waves of relaxation to your whole being, like the calm waves of the sea at night. Lovely, lovely tune. Should be higher!

The coda to this song is so good! I love how the song, soothing and refreshing in itself, ends with that almost choral section. So tranquil, my ideal song for chilling in the evening under the light of the moon...

Fantastic guitar work here. Beatiful, shimmering notes. Perfect sequel to Here Comes the Sun.

19 Your Love is Forever

An astonishing statement of affection, this is one of George's best ever love songs. Very soulful. It stirs the hearts and sends ripples of peaceful, serene, perfectly happy and contented kind of love. The guitar work here is among Mr. Harrison's most beautiful and moving. One of his best guitar moments. That's interesting because the song actually started out as an instrumental...

It's a shame this song isn't as popular and recognized as it should be. Achingly beautiful, this treads the same ground as "Something", with that wistful, dreamy, hazy, sweet nostalgic feeling. For me it's just as beautiful as that song...

20 Taxman
21 Wah-Wah

The best, most upbeat and driving song!

22 Old Brown Shoe
23 Be Here Now

One of George's lightest songs. It's like you're drifting into the clouds when you're listening to this song, immersed in radiant whiteness of cotton clouds and carried by a hammock of winds. Beautiful, forgotten wonder...

This song here really takes you up there, in some foggy mountain peak. George sounds like he's about to drift into sleep anytime...but in a good way. It's so relaxing and peaceful!

This song tranquilizes me. A peace piece...

24 Isn't It a Pity

Besides the lyrics just the composition and wall of sound. I never get tired of this beautiful song.

Hauntingly Beautiful, by far his most underrated, arguably his best.

It's crazy this song is #17. Definitely the best George Harrison song in my opinion

25 Run of the Mill

Lyrics on this song give us some insight as to how George felt during tensions in the last years of the Beatles together as a band. George got some moral out of the rather sad story and turned it into a beautiful song...

I've seen a video where George himself said this is one of his moat cherished songs. I'm with him. This one is short but sweet. Brief, like an aphorism, with a good melody, and sumptuous production from Phil Spector...

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