Best Pearl Jam Songs


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The Top Ten

"Now I hold the broken glass, of what was everything"... Amazing. So deep, and emotional, and REAL. Makes me feel alive every time I hear it. I wish they had more songs like this.
Black is by far the most emotionally powerful song I have heard. It touches your soul and your emotions flows with the beats and vocals. This song becomes the integral part of my feelings, like it is being played within my head, my head moves uncontrollably with the beats and eyes remains closed. Truly magical!
the most beautiful lyrics ever written: I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a sun in somebody else's sky, but why Why, why can't it be, can't it be mine
truly heartbraking!
[Newest]Greatest Pearl Jam song and one of the greatest songs ever written. In my top five all time. Truly unbelievable song and could hear it anytime and any day.
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I like it the best. Jeremy is second. Look up alive on SNL and you will see the most amazing video ever.


Eddie vedder words are speaking to my soul, I become shiver when I hear this song.
best pearl jam song ..should be at the no. 1 position ...
[Newest]The chorus of this song is just too catchy and amazing to pass up.

Not as good as black, but deserves this number two spot

This song never grows old for me. I first heard this when I was a child from my brothers. I envy their music generation. I just wish for the kids today to appreciate it too..
this is one of the greatest songs ever written


I think this is their second best song all time behind Even Flow. The only reason is vote for Jeremy is because I thought it might go higher. Still though, even if people might disagree with the order, the top 4 song here are Pearl Jam's best song. These song are all on one album, is just unbelievable.
This is a side note but I am proud to share my birthday with Eddy Vedder. December 23 is awesome.
[Newest]This should be so much higher (than 4).

4Even Flow
has everything a song needs: nice vocal part, guitar, bass, nice drum beat... GOD! EVEN FLOW!
This is the true Grunge Song From Pearl Jam How on earth is this not no one

Plus if any song was going to be ahead of this one then why is it Black? Last Kiss is the only song that could be better than Even Flow.
great riff and amazing vocal from Eddie


[Newest]Best grunge song from pearl jam and epic guitar solo

5Better Man
this song is really good - it is about abusive relationships


This song means the world to me. Can't express it really. Listening to it right now with tears in my eyes.
Favorite song by pearl jam then comes last kiss and yellow ledbetter
[Newest]I just love when Eddie lets the crowd sing.

Classic Pearl Jam in everyway. Its hard to make a list of the ten best anything, but I'm glad to see that many of their best songs are represented on this list.

Incredible vocals, great guitar part, really goes to show how amazing Pearl Jam was. Inspiration from this song is tremendous.
Fantastic tune, one of my favorite entrances of any song (the drumming in the beginning). Always sill be my favorite.
[Newest]Great song, one of my favorites. Great vocals, great guitar. Just hard to put into words.

7Yellow Ledbetter
The whole song is just fun. Can't believe how mainstream this list is too thank god black is #1 or I'd wanna hunt the author down.
The Guitar in this one rules.

Pure perfection. Sounds like eddies drunk whenever he sings this, haha
[Newest]Such a classy song

Ooh... Such a good song, really its fantastic I think the best from vitalogy and one of the best from pearl jam, the intro, the verse and chorus are fantastic, great works in the guitar and the lyrics are awesome... Corduroy its full of energy, the first time I heard it I thought it would be special and it this, excellent song long live pearl jam!
:-O! Can't believe that this song is SO bloody low in the list.. When it's so loaded with meaningful lyrics and originality! This 1 deserves being in the top 5
Shocking position for a song that should easily make the top 5
[Newest]Really? 10? ItĀ's the very best one!

The best songs by Pearl Jam are the songs done well live, and "Rearviewmirror" translates well on stage. It's brimming with energy and progresses to an awesome climax. Works well live, even more so than "Given to Fly".
I can't relate to any song as much as I can this one, as iv'e lived through the pain of childhood abuse. This beautifully captures exactly how I feel and the build up in this song, is the best out of any song - ever! Towards the end it sounds like it's going to explode. Pearl Jam's #1 in my opinion.
So much emotion and energy on this song. Starts out with an amazingly catchy riff, then builds to a climax with Eddie Vedder's vocals on this song being one of his best ever.


10Last Kiss
sweet blue love song :) this is dope
A truly bittersweet memory that shows PJ can be as intelligent as anything out there and touches the soul unlike much of the new crap being force-fed to us. Last Kiss is as real as it gets.
You can just hear the pain... The lyrics are sweet and innocent and the whole band just plays this masterpiece perfectly
[Newest]It's a great song but not top ten.

The Contenders

This song stands above the rest of Pearl Jam's work. The goosebumps experienced listening to this song are unreal.
An astonishing, beautiful album closer to Ten. Despite all the brilliance elsewhere on the album, and all the much-more-famous songs, this the pinnacle. A heartbreaking exploration of Eddie's feelings for his dead father, and one of the most beautiful pieces of music in rock history.
Tears, smiles, anger, oh... And the joy, simply one of the greatest songs ever - it has every emotion... Amplified!
[Newest]Goosebumps! Along with given to fly

12State of Love and Trust
Listen to the MTV Unplugged version of this, and then argue that this isn't the best Pearl Jam song. Vedder's vocals are top class, and the instrumental is extremely underrated
Best grunge song ever...
The UNPLUGGED Mtv version fills you with joy

I am very much enjoying this song when;
1. I need time alone
2. I feel like a chill out.
3. I feel like listening to an awesome song.

The instrumentals of this song are amazing. Pearl Jam for me is a perfect mix of protrusive messages and imminent shivers down your spine. This song is just the epitome of just that.


"A truant finds home and a wish to hold on to
But saw the trapdoor in the sun, immortality, " Some of the most amazing lyrics ever.
Amazingly deep with super haunting guitar solo. Pure genius for sure

14Elderly Woman Behind the Counter In a Small Town
Very deep voice by the greatest singer of all time-Eddie vedder. He really brings power to a very dull song. A masterpiece.
My absolutely favorite Pearl Jam. It makes you reflect on life and reliaze how far or not you have come.
Lyrics are absolutley amazing, should be top 10 at least.

It is an amazing song. Beautiful bass and guitar lines, the drummer plays very strong, Eddy is a real Front man
This song deserves a higher ranking. an amazing start to a great album, filled with emotion
"ONCE! Upon a time..."
This song is so powerful in the chorus! It should be in the top 10!


16Just Breathe
How is this not in the top ten?
This song always makes me think of the movie "Into the wild" because of its similarity to the song "Guaranteed"
23? Oh come on people... Its a good song and definitely deserves to be in the top ten..
Why is this song so low? It's one of their best songs! Even Willie Nelson made a cover of it. The lyrics are amazing, this, Jeremy and Black are my favourite PJ songs!
[Newest]On of their best songs of all time no doubt

17Given to Fly
The energy in this song is contagious. Just one of the those songs that makes you want to move. I could listen to this song, and this song only forever.
Its such an inspiring song that lifts you every time you hear it. The ways Vedder builds slowly up to the chorus then lets it all go... Gets to me every time.

Amazing song!
Whenever I crave an emotional escape I listen to this song. Its powerful and beautiful.
[Newest]Can't believe not in the top ten, powerful song. Yield is an amazing album.

18Why Go
How is this song so low on the list? Most remember the more commercial songs from this album, but this song is among their best.
Top 10 must be.
I hear Jeff Ammette's Girlfriend every second I listen to this song! I dono why this song is number 38!?! It must have been in top 10...

Every time I hear this song, It reminds me of KURT COBAIN... He was eddie's friend. The two legendary musicians of Grunge music... It's really an amazing song... Smooth, melodious and full of pureness.. The lyrics is also outstanding... In one word AWESOME!
Sheer magic! It makes you realize that in a world where the news is dominated by war and violence, you shouldn't get numb and look the other way. Besides getting the message across it's a wonderful atmospheric song.

Pearl Jam never should have rejected this song from Binaural. Even though it didn't really fit the style of the album, this song does not deserve to be a B-side.


This is hands down the best Pearl Jam song


What is this song doing down here?

Really shows why pearl jam are pioneers of the seattle grunge scene. Lyrically and every other aspect of the song is beautifully rendered. Classic.

"I will walk with my hands... Bound"
I really appreciate the "screw off" attitude of this song. Sure, it's about death, but there's nothing more insanely badass than telling god off and walking into death knowing that you may not have an afterlife.
In my opinio garden is the best pearl jam song ever, because its a great song and shows why eddy vedders voice is so great, you are right in saying it is the most underrated song by pearl jam and oceans and elderly women behind the counter in a small town should be way higher
[Newest]Garden is a horribly underrated song. It's a perfect sad ballad, with an amazing solo and outro.


Completely rocking and under appreciated song on an incredible album.
Needs to be higher in the list. So much energy in this song! The best part is the end
Why isn't this song in the top ten? What? They play it at almost every concert its so epic!
[Newest]How did this amazing song go under the radar?

Deserves to be in the top 10 at least.
Great song, Vedder proves again why he's one of the better singers.
I am surprised this song is not listed in top tens! Deserves its place right up there.
I can listen to this song never gets old for me.
[Newest]The number one. Such a beautiful song

Will forever be my favorite song."for every tool they lend us
A loss of independence
I pledge my grievance to the flag
Cause you don't give blood then take it back again"

Incredible live. Ridiculous energy. Not as epic as Alive but so energetic and great to head bang and just generally go wild to! Potentially my favourite Pearl Jam track! Needs to be in the top 10!
Top ten worthy. Great song. Possibly the best live PJ song, besides Alive and Evenflow.

So happy. I definitely thought this was going to be lower. This, in my opinion, is the best song off of Vs. It has energy, good wah-wah effects. And Eddie is so energetic in this great 90's grunge song from the best band in the world.
One of the most energetic songs from pearl jam. Eddie's vocals are excelent here, it feels like he transmits the teenage spirit, the spirit of the youth. Makes you wanna jump, mosh and scream out loud!
Drop the leash, we are young!


The best version is on their greatest hits albums and it is truly awesome. The most underrated pearl jam track.
Ten is a great album, but it never gets credit for fantastic bonus tracks like Breath.

Most underrated Pearl Jam song!

Absolute monster of an opening song. The drums are about as savage as they get. I can't believe this song is so low on the list. Perfect opening track for Vs.
Beast of an opening song. Gets the heart racing. Brings back memories of when I first listened to Vs.
All of their songs are good. One cannot simply choose one.

Favorite new song. So much emotion and soul.
This so called "Power Ballad" isn't very Pearl Jam but it is mellow and mature. I absolutely love this song! Just have a sook at the lyrics people. This deserves to be in the top 10.
Are you kidding? No. 25? This song deserves to be in the top 10 at least. a thing of pure beauty and unbelievable emotion and passion. Just blows you away each time.
[Newest]How could this song even be included on this list? It's the worst excuse for a Pearl Jam song ever. This song is garbage, period. It's just noise written to keep the band alive.

32Do the Evolution
Deserves to be in the top 10 for sure
This song was the one which made me a fan of PJ, still love it an the video rocks! I'd like Pearl Jam to make more songs as revelious as this one!
Like an evolutionary biologist, I love this song!
[Newest]Seriously, folks? #24? Did you really mean #2 or #4? That's the only explanation I can surmise.

33Off He Goes
Am I the only one who notices that Justin Bieber's Somebody to Love is based on (whether it was intentional or not) the tune after the second chorus of this song?


Great melody and nostalgic mood creator of a song...
Talk about underrated, this is a beautiful song

34Brain of J.
Awesome riff full of energy! This song deserves a higher position! It gives me chills just playing it
How is this song not #1? The chorus is amazing! I listened to this song almost 20 times the first day I heard it.


35Inside Job
This is such a perfect song, that only gets better as it goes on.


Love love love this song. Their mtv unplugged performance is sublime
Just love his voice at beginning of the song!
Very overrated song from Ten.


Best bass line in history. I would like Eddie to be more aggressive on this one


Should be higher on the list, definitely.
Best song ever. The lyrics is perfect and overall, well wow!

38Not for You
Favorite song of the moment... Tomorrow it'll be Parting Ways ;)

"All that's sacred comes from youth! "
Not the best, not the worst. still good.

Incredible tune... Best track on Lightening Bolt. I think this song is as good as any of the material in their earlier days if not better. Very powerful lyric and drumming is spectacular. As always the emotion by Vedder is unparalleled. Surprised the music hasn't been adopted by Bill Maher's show.

40The Fixer
great song! it should be at the top 5 minimum! my favorite pearl jam song! great lyrics and the guitar sounds just awesome!
Love this song. Reminds me a lot of the old times!
Looks like an australian music I like a lot!
This is by far the best pearl jam song ever. It has one of the best guitar solos of all time and really great lyrics. It should be in top ten
[Newest]Great guitars, amazing lyrics overall a terrific song. A top 10 for sure

41Love Boat Captain
So powerful in a gentle subtle way, just like a woman

42World Wide Suicide
CanĀ't believe it's so down! Very powerful great song..!

There can be no more passionate song

44Glorified G
The most underrated Pearl Jam song, this song has everything:
Awesome lyrics
Awesome Riff
Awesome Vocals


45Unthought Known
The Lyrics, The Rising Sensation Rhythm, The drum beat, And Eddie Vedder's voice in this song. For me this is definitely Top 1.
Feel the sky blanket you, with gems and rhinestones, see the path cut by the moon for you to walk on.
Those lyrics in itself explain why this is my #4 favorite pearl jam song and should be way higher.


Such an inspiring song!

46Present Tense
This really needs to be higher. It's a beautiful track that only true fans know, and if you don't know it, listen right away.


This is too important of a song. True PJ fans know that its coupling of Mike's expert guitar work and Ed's seemingly peerless lyricism/vocals make this share of greatness arguably their best song of all time.
This song is so beautiful and amazing! Hugely underrated and should be higher. This song has a lot of meannig that only Pearl Jam can convey in such artistry wy.

Best lead ever! I can't believe this isn't in the top 10 much less the top 20. This also makes it the most underrated Pearl Jam song of all time.
Come on: "She had to turn around" and then mcreedy goes in and absolutely dominates.
Please vote this up where it belongs. This is a top 20 for all fans... Likely top 10.
Dissident is here?! At 39? This one is my personal favorite. I was expecting it in at least the top 15.


49Of the Girl
My favorite PJ song, I love the feel of this song. Mike's guitar is fantastic.

50I Am Mine
Beautiful Song, one of the best lyrics.. Deserves to be in top 5
How is this not top 20 at least? What is wrong with people!?
Best song. Or the unrated, of you guess

51Hail, Hail
WHAT? How can this song not be higher ranked? Just because its from one of their lesser known albums doesn't mean it's not their BEST SONG. Maybe people just haven't heard it? To think its lower ranked than crap like Blood... That's just sad. Grow up, people
Hail, Hail is an upbeat, catchy song that shouldn't be forgotten.
Great lyrics, deserves more recognition.

52Life Wasted
Why the hell is it so low! Listen to the words. Jesus!


54Long Road
Best song Eddie has ever written. The drumming of Jack Irons brilliant. The slow build up to the lyric "and the wing keeps roaring, and the sky keeps turning grey. And the sun is setting, the sun will rise another day." And then Eddie's desperate cry from his soul. Heartbreaking.

Can't believe this song is in bottom of list. Come on people this song deserves to be in top 5. Lets vote for this song.

56Green Disease
Iļ»æ love the lyrics of this song!

A good grunge example. Catchy riffs, good solo, 'I miss you alreddie-hee-hea' part makes you sing.

58In Hiding
My new addiction from Pearl Jam. So underrated. More people should listen to some of the songs from lesser albums. Even though yield's voted #4 on the albums list, I feel like no one knows about the gems from this album.


Come on guys the best song from their best album. This is the song that my brain plays when there is no music in the room
Yeah, totally underrated. Needs to be much higher than #56!


60Nothing As It Seems
Dark and beautifully recorded... A hidden classic
Definitely my favorite PJ song! This deservers to be on the top 3 at least!
This song is awesome. so much underrated!
Should be at top 10...

61Crazy Mary
This song is just so emotional..

62I Got ID
Some of the deepest lyrics out of any of their songs. You can feel the pain in Eddie's voice. Its "Id" NOT "ID". "Id" is the Freudian term that describes the part of the brain that controls our subconscious desires.
This song is definitely worthy of at least top 20. Its one of my favorites.
Best Pearl Jam song best lyrics best vocals by far best drum track

63Other Side
Black is my favorite but I feel like no one knows this gem. Eddie once again proves his beauty in this song and Ament once again proves his ability to write a song

64Amongst the Waves
Amazing song, my personal favorite.
I thought it would be in Top 10 O. O

65Come Back
Ranking with "Release" in terms of cathartic beauty of emotion, this song evokes some spiritual force. How can this masterpiece not be in the top ten? Knowing that it's rated so lowly makes me tear up almost as much as the song itself.
It is definitely underrated. I imagine this song as black after 10 years - it has evolved with the band. They are not so "agressive" as they used to be when younger. True wisdom comes with years, and this song is just that.
I don't want to judge where this song should put into the chart list, what I can say according to melody and music, it's just touched my soul, just a tribute for addicted lovers.

66Satan's Bed

67Man of the Hour
Such a beautiful song. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned yet.
Very underrated song. A sad song that moves me every time. Goodbye for now.
Should be much higher up the list

68Marker In the Sand
Beutiful song. It deserves a better position!


69Light Years
Has anyone listened this song? One of the best.
Best song here
Best pearl jam song ever... Is everyone who voted stupid

70Dead Man

The lyrics in this song are alone worthy of a top ten place, let alone the music I think this is when pearl jam were at there best the whole sound of the album is so unique - he won the lottery by being born - ed at his best and dave abruzzees also


73Love, Reign O'er Me
This one is from the who...

74Mind Your Manners
An absolutely awesome, fast pace punk song, such a good comeback for the band!
How come this is so low in the ranking.. :O
This Top 10 needs an actualization

75Spin the Black Circle
How can it be so down its so funny and good guitart riffs

Great song from pearl jam again.great vocal, great music7

77Can't Keep


79Lightning Bolt

80Save You

The Beat of this song is just incredible!

82Force of Nature
Best song I ever heard in my life

Deep is perhaps the most unknown Ten track, but it is empowering and Eddie Vedder shows some serious range in Deep.
How is this #72? This song is classic!
I can see Eddie flailing around stage every time it listen to it.
Even though it's a lesser track from Ten, it's on My Top 50 Songs of All Time.


84Baba O'Riley
The Who composed it jerks.

85Strangest Tribe

Amazing and underrated, one of the best!

87Hold On
So criminally underrated. This is my 5th favorite PJ song, and no one else seems to recognize it. It's the best song on Lost Dogs, much better than Yellow Ledbetter. Listen to this song and it will blow your mind, guaranteed!


Tim Cappello's favourite Pearl Jam track is the word on the street

88Low Light
Seriously, a classic pearl jam song. It what makes pearl jam great.
One of their most beautiful songs.

89You Are
Huh, no top ten, I love this one

90Sonic Reducer
This isn't a PJ song

91Parting Ways
Certainly a heart touching song, best song after they evolved
'there's a fear they will soon be parting away'

92Soldier of Love
Love this song, "oh baby lay down your arms. "

93Tremor Christ
Most underrated PJ track by far

94Big Wave

95Last Exit
Such an underrated song. So much energy was put into this complete masterpiece. It just shakes the earth with it's speed

96Who You Are
Lyrically extravagant. One of their best efforts.
How is this so low? It should be in the top 20.


98Breath and a Scream

99Future Days
This song is so beautiful! I keep listening to it over and over again...

Wow, this is a great song that should make the top 100 at least.


What a song. This 'Alone' 'Fatal' Strangest Tide' should be a lot higher... Lost Dogs is a phenomenal album

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