Best Radio Stations Ever

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KROQ-FM - Los Angeles
Isn't this the Station where Stone & Digital Dave got their start doing overnights?
back in the day yeah it was good but the bands today I really don't want to hear them because all suck


We can only wish here in Buffalo

2107.3 The Eagle - Tampa, FL

397 Country - Lakeland, FL

4Q105 - Tampa, FL

5US 103.5 - Tampa, FL

699.5 WQYK - Tampa, FL

7K92.3 - Orlando, FL

8Y100 - Miami
Cause they got Elvis Duran and the YMorning Zoo
Wow number 2 is at 9% and 1 is at 31%.

9WXRT-FM - Chicago
To be completely honest I wanted to vote for the q101 radio station, but since this radio station is from Chicago this will at least be carrying on it's vote in some sort of spiritual way. So, WXRT deserves to be number one. if that makes any sense
wxrt for 34 years I have seen the rolling stones 3 back up band. I lived 29 miles from the cavern club liverpool you know the band that played there I have heard some music and I still love wxrt chicago
WXRT has consistently played a wide variety of rock music. They give exposure to new bands that may not get any air play on the typical top 40 format oriented stations. You never know what you may hear and that keeps it interesting.
[Newest]Radio Chicago - Cool music all the time.

10105.9 Sunny FM - Orlando, FL

The Contenders

11WNEW-FM - New York
The ultimate late 60s, early 70s rock station. Will live in our hearts and souls for all eternity.
Best mix of music ever, don't have rock stations any more with such a variety.
We play aguessing game from the oldies played

12Radio 1 - United Kingdom
Actual best where els provides the best music and the best humour? My #1
Just the best this should be number one the others do not match or even come close to radio 1 defiantly and simply the best radio show in the world!
Come on, does any other Radio have the family-like group of presenters that make the radio and music humorous? Also, name another radio station with the smexiness of Zane Lowe or Dan and Phil? I think not!

1398.7 The Gater - West Palm Beach, FL

14WABX-FM - Detroit
They were the gold standard of the free-form FM era. There will never be another like it.
How bout w4 too

15Wave 92.7 - Vero Beach, FL

16KMET-FM - Los Angeles
In the most competitive radio market they were able to resist corprate greed and give a group of iconoclastic artists a chance to demonstrate that radio is only as good as the DJs who spin the records.

17100.7 The New River - North Carolina
Wonderful! No repeats! Variety!
Love it its awesome 🙆😚🏩

18WMMS-FM - Cleveland
Lived in Cleveland until 1992. During the 80s and 90s they played great stuff. Great radio station and great on air talent back then. Kid Leo has one of the best voices ever on the radio. The Pretenders and some other bands come to mind as having the first airplay on this station. It is not the same station today. Much more corporate sounding.
Jeff ^^ Flash, Matt the Cat, Kid Leo (The Undisputed, Undefeated Greatest Radio Announcer of All-Time), Denny Sanders, T.R. and The BLF Bash 6A-6A. It never stopped at The Buzzard. Nobody is even close.

19Ukhozi FM - South Africa
I love ukhozi fm is th number one radio station! They have good team, they can deliver! They really care from about human life to Environment! UKhozi cares, I like their slogan of its not just a slogan but they do physically practice it!
No. 1 in Africa, they on point and can interact with their listeners. Continue being no. 1 Ukhozi fm
Best radio station in the world.
[Newest]Ukhozi FM is the best station worldwide

20KMPX-FM - San Francisco

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