Top Ten Best Scottish Bands


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Biffy Clyro
Superior musicianship and thoughtful lyrics really do make Biffy Clyro stand out as one of Scotland's greatest bands.
Franz Ferdinand have nothing on Biffy Clyro.
Amazing live, put on such a good show! Always have an amazing atmosphere when playing and when you meet the guys, they're always so nice! So friendly to their fans, best Scottish band around!
one of the great scottish bands around right now. we scots really do make the most creative music in the world.. look out for kassidy, coming good the merlin
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2Franz Ferdinand
Not just my favourite Scottish band, but my favourite band of all time. They have released 3 albums all of which were masterpieces, and the 4th is set to follow suit. These guys don't just play rock music they saved it, deserving of the title of "The Archdukes of Rock"
My All time Favorite band from the UK.
I've first heard them from my brother and haven't hated a single song from them yet.
I recommend this band to all who like alternative and Rock.
Franz Ferdinand completely changed my life. Every single song on every single album is just spectacular. I highly recommend this band to any Rock lovers!
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3Belle and Sebastian
THE most underrated band ever. No competition. So many great songs. Stuart Murdoch is a genius, there's no other way about it. Simply incredibly. And bloody good live.
How Belle ^^ Sebastian are as unknown as they are is beyond me. Quite easily the most underrated band of our time. One day, people are going to look back and see how genuis this band actually was. Stuart Murdoch is one of the greatest singer singwriters off all-time. Period..
Agreed; severely underrated. and the more music I listen to the more I become convinced of this. stuart murdoch is the one of the two great writers of the English language, the other being Virginia woolf.
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4Simple Minds
Talented, musical, powerful, melodic, atmospheric & charismatic. Taught U2 all they know about captivating stadium fans as well as reaching indivduals. From their early raw sound to their current material, they have never failed to deliver. Have a re-listen to Live in the City of Light... By FAR the best Scottish band. Period. (Although there have been many other fantastic bands from our wee nation).
Loved their early stuff but also 'the stadium years' which were criminally underrated.
The regenerated genius of a classic band. Check out their last album 'Graffiti Soul'.
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5Big Country
Simple Minds Should Be Number 1 And Big Country Should Be Number 2 And Both Should Be Miles a Head So Nobody Can Catch them the rest of the bands are rubbish apart from the proclaimers
Amazing energy, fantastic gigs, and now they are reforming with Mike Peters from The Alarm!
Very underrated, one of the best of the 80's, had fantastic guitar sound, great loud in the car. Very happy that Biffy is number 1.
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6The Jesus and Mary Chain
One of the few bands if not the only in this list that created a new sound.
JMC is absolutely the best Scottish band ever!! I love most of the rest on the list but JMC is the only one that help define who I am.
It's a rare trick to uphold the sacred tenets of rock & roll while simultaneously tearing them down. The mary Chain rock!

7The View
They have already bagged much of the ingenuity of great pop rock bands and I predict The View will create a few new moves

8Paolo Nutini and the Vipers
The best voice to come out of Scotland! I love Paolo Nutini, I could sit and listen to him forever. His lyrics are amazing and he always sings with a touch of pain in his voice. Top guy.
So in love with this man and his voice! Bought EVERY album!
Paolo Nutini amazing guy & his lyrics are serious! Amazzing xx

9The Fratellis
Great music! I love The fratellis. It's a pity they split with such a short and promising career
"The Fratellis was my first introduction to scottish bands, and so far, the best"
Seen them live, they're awesome!
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They have only been around for 45+ years, 22 studio albums... Scottish Rock Pioneers!... Should be Number 1 for sure!
Very under rated band. My opinion one of the best bans ever.
We gonna razamanaz all night!

The Contenders

11The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Listen to Delilah.
Awesome band

12The Exploited

Cannot imagine my teen years without Exploited records!

I am spanish and I can't believe that nobody added the Skids (even if it was just association because Big Country is there)


One of the top bands for their time
The best scottish band ever.oh the best band ever. Iam english.

Incredible band, definitely my favorite. Each song is unique and triggers different emotions, and so damn creative. Doesn't hurt that Fran Healy has a voice of an angel alongside dear Saint Andrew!
Only recently started listening to Travis, but they are an absolutely amazing band. Now my favourite artist! Their songs are just magical.
Why the hell are travis at #10? Only Scottish band to have a record which is within 25 of the best selling UK albums of all time! No offense to the View but have they even sold 1 million records in total? While the Man Who has well and truly passed 6 million.
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15The Proclaimers
"I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more! " These guys are just so awesome. Definitely one of the best Scottish bands! I love their accent and just how awesome they make the simple lyrics sound.
Love this band. I am American and adore their Scottish accent. The music and lyrics are always great.
clearly and easily the most talented to come from Scotland, if not the entire world.
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Is this a joke that Runrig was not included in the list. Runrig is Scotland and they have been around for 40 Years.
How can Runrig be so far down the list? Hogmanay isn't complete without Loch Lomond, such a wonderful song.
Agree with others. Runrig should be much further up the list

17Sparrow and the Workshop

18Primal Scream

They have done nearly every music genre and released so many top quality albums. Not 'mani' bands can say that. They have so many different sounds. screamadelica is one of the greatest albums around and will be remembered for years.

19Arab Strap
Deserve to be in the Top 10 for "The First Big Weekend" alone.

No contest! One of the best bands to come out of the post punk era, lost count of the amount of times I saw 'em -should have been bigger, I ended up doing the artwork for Rob Kings (aka Lip Machine) Solo single "Lip Machine" but...
They have the best rhythm section, with great grooves! the lyrics are awesome, the guitar has a unique sound and so does the singer! what isn't there to like?
Utterly underrated band should have been recognised for the genuis they were!
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21Deacon Blue
Clearly should be in at least the top 3 if not number 1, been around for over 25 years and sell out tour after tour. As good as some of the bands listed in the top 10 here are, most of them have sold but a fraction of the tickets Deacon Blue have. To put the likes of Belle and Sebastion above them is pure snobbery.
Not only because of their sales but due to the quality of their music and lyrics and the powerful live acts, deacon Blue should be (at least) in TOP 5 of scottish bands.
For me, the best live band... Ever. Deacon Blue have managed to remain my favourite band since I first came across them in '89! And they're still going strong.
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22Citizen Cain

23Twin Atlantic
Young, new and fresh, they've added a lot to the music industry nowadays and are current, they'll go far- they're even better live than on there studio albums!
Great band, crazy live

24Frightened Rabbit
Best live band I've seen from Scotland for a few years.
Gman Shoreditch radio
Super solid indie rock. Brilliant use of three guitarists, heart on sleeve lyrics... And great accents of course.

25Cocteau Twins


27Snow Patrol
I simply love them!

Very strong and true lyrics and then the sound is almost unique, their first album is best.

Their music caused my mate to collapse through the sheer volume and sensual assault. Mogwai are the only band which make me smile when I see them live.
A band that can create a wide range of emotions
Beautiful and angry all at the same time

30The Trashcan Sinatras
Cleverer than clever lyrics, guitar parts better than belle sweetest melodies SHOULD BE IN TOP TEN!
Ridiculously clever lyrics and infectious melodies. They are masters of the art of songwriting.
Brilliant lyrics, always wonderful with a tune.

31The Corries
Best folk group ever.
I like their songs.


33Django Django
Been a huge fan of Django Django for a while. Just saw them play at the Unknown Festival in Croatia. One of the best live acts I have ever seen.

Wow, I had to add it to the list. I was at least expecting them to be on it haha. They're pretty awesome, hopefully people check them out even though they broke up

35Love and Money
Can't believe that such a great band could be overlooked? James Grant. Über talented. 'Strange Kind of Love' is an album that sounds fabulous no matter how many times it's played.

36Baby Chaos
Released two fantastic albums in the mid 1990s, namely "Safe Sex, Designer Drugs and the Death of Rock 'n' Roll" and "Love Your Self Abuse".

"Spread It All Around" is a classic album

38The Average White Band

39Josef K

40The Blue Nile
These are essentiel and unique. No one comes close to the heartfelt vocals of Paul Buchanan. Pop perfection.

41Hue & Cry
The brothers Kane from Glasgow. Still going strong after almost 30 years in the business. Scotland's most funky dudes.

42Strawberry Switchblade
One of my favourite girl band in the early 80's

43Admiral Fallow
A cracking band - squealing pigs has to be one of the most foot stomping tunes around!

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