Top 10 Best R.E.M. Songs

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1 Losing My Religion

Winner of MTV's Euro Song of 1991. The video is incredible as well. It's all about being under scrutiny with a task at hand, with a person there watching, and then no one. The religious symbolism is integrated perfectly as well. I have never seen a music video made as well.

This is my favorite song of all time. I don't care if it is the best R.E.M. song. I know that it is, and I also know that it will always be the best thing that has ever musically happened to me.

This song introduced me to rock music. Before I heard it, I only listened to what they played on the radio. And it's still one of the best songs I've ever heard.

2 Everybody Hurts

It's just a good song, and it's true... The Best of R.E.M. Sometimes, it's just a reminder that everyone, at some point in time, is in the same position as you. The human factor. A beautiful song, both the music and the lyrics.

I love this song. It is simply one of the best songs out there from any band, not just R.E.M. It reminds you that life is hard for everyone, and sometimes we need to remember that.

This song is timeless, universal, and has impacted so many lives. A song that can do that has to be #1, even if it wasn't the most successful commercially. It's deeper than just money and music.

3 It's the End of the World as We Know It

My friends and I like this song because it's in Chicken Little (unpopular opinion). We were singing this in school when the fire alarm went off!

Even if you don't know all the lyrics, you should still love it. But you'll love it more if you know all the lyrics.

Amazing song, first brought my eyes to R.E.M. It should be higher, but I am glad if any song is beating it, it's Losing My Religion.

4 Man on the Moon

I'm glad "The One I Love" is near the top. It's great. But "Man on the Moon" is by far my favorite. It was hearing this and "It's the End of the World as We Know It" on the radio that got me into the band.

Now, I own their Greatest Hits record from the IRS years, which has some fantastic lesser-known songs. If you haven't already heard it, give "So. Central Rain" a listen. It has that same fire as "The One I Love" and the same delicate swagger as "Losing My Religion."

What can I say? I love those "yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah." I love that "Hey baby." I love the chorus that many bands would have killed for. I love the guitar solos. I love the quiet part. And I love the repetition of the chorus at the end. EVERYTHING about this song is completely mind-blowing.

5 The One I Love

I love this song. I first listened to it on a record player in my basement with my mom. When my brother went into basic training for the Army, he wrote me a letter about how it was his favorite song to sing. This song is so special to me.

Incredible vocals mixed with a cutting-edge, deep guitar riff and an awesome drum beat.

I remember this popular song. Indeed, it should go higher on the list.

6 Shiny Happy People

It's such a fun song and always puts you in a good mood. Never understood why fans hate it so much.

One of the saddest songs by R.E.M. Lots of people don't seem to get the message.

It should be higher regarding the melody and the sarcastic lyrics.

7 Orange Crush

Orange Crush is the best R.E.M. song, or at least one of my favorites. It came out at the time of the first Gulf War and made me think of my husband at the time, who was overseas. Now it reminds me of my son, who is in the Army and has been to Iraq.

I figured that someone would have made this list by now. Anyway, this is my favorite on the list for now, at least until it gets fleshed out.

Infectious beat, fabulous harmonies, critical commentary on the morality of American foreign policy... superb!

8 Radio Free Europe

How on earth can this song be in this position? Even Rolling Stone magazine has put this song on their greatest songs list. The greatest R.E.M. songs are as follows:

1. Losing My Religion
2. Radio Free Europe
3. It's the End of the World
4. Everybody Hurts
5. Man on the Moon

Anything from Murmur deserves the utmost respect, but Laughing, Sitting Still, We Walk, Pilgrimage, and Perfect Circle are better!

College bar, 1985, cute girl to dance with. Really? A better song than this? I think not.

9 Nightswimming

This wonderful, unique song brings back my childhood - carelessness, innocence, this feeling of security, warmth, lightheartedness, secrets, and unconditional trust. This song offers the unique chance to bring back this time, its impressions, and all the memories when needing them. Just love it!

I already knew the top five or so on this list before I really became an R.E.M. fan, but man, this song is what made me a fan. Nightswimming always puts a few tears in my eyes.

The vocals that Stipe brings to this song are incredible. Such a joy to listen to time and time again.

10 Drive

I lived in Athens, GA, from '89-'99. It was common to see members of the band, especially Stipe, out and about downtown or in a bar. I also used to eat at Weaver D's Soul Food, where the owner's catchphrase was "Automatic for the People." Good times.

I adore this song, with its superb guitar riff and edgy lyrics from Stipe. A very memorable opener to Automatic for the People.

I found this song here last night and started listening to it. It is now my favorite R.E.M. song.

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11 Fall on Me

Encapsulates R.E.M.'s musical style and political activity.

Great song. It's better than Losing My Religion.

Great romantic R.E.M. from their heyday.

12 Stand

This one should be in the top ten. It's really catchy with unique lyrics and almost has a message.

This should really be in the top ten. Pure brilliance!

Super catchy song. I'm shocked it isn't in the top 5.

13 South Central Rain
14 What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Great track based on a unique, bizarre, jarring, and hilarious popular culture event. The music is catchy rock and contains a fun message about the media.

One of the few times R.E.M. changed pace enough to just plain rock. A slight departure from their usual mood and tempo, but one of their best.

Why isn't this in the top ten? Why is Everybody Hurts in the top ten? Oh my god, people.

15 Superman

A classic of alternative cool. Dramatic and textured in tone, mood, and ambiance. A yearning between youth and adulthood and all of the gray abysses in between.

Underrated song. It should be in the top 10.

16 The Great Beyond

This song is so incredible. The lyrics, the message. The overall incredibility is one of the things that keeps me going in life!

This is my favorite song ever. Very imaginative and incredible. How can you push an elephant up the stairs? So amazing!

Beautiful lyrics and song! Just listen.

17 Find the River

Joint with Man on the Moon, this song gets my vote for being largely unknown outside of R.E.M.'s own fanbase. What a gorgeous song with such fantastic imagery.

I can listen to this over and over forever. The words, the music, the voice. There's something haunting about it! Love it.

Somewhat overlooked, but it really is such a nice song. Of course, R.E.M. is amazing, so they have lots of nice songs. But this one is really special.

18 Driver 8

Very catchy riff, just a flat-out awesome song. This should be in the top 5 at least.

So, so good. The various guitar sections are all such a joy to listen to and play! The lyrics capture that old-time American feel.

I agree that this should be in the top 5 at least. It's one of their best.

19 Imitation of Life

I want the greatest song, the greatest song since bread was sliced, to at least be in the top ten. This was the absolute last song by R.E.M. that got any radio play whatsoever and happens to be one of the best.

Not their best song, but highly underrated and deserves to be in the top 5 at least!

You have to admit that Losing My Religion is the only true number 1, though.

This has been my favorite song of all time since its release. Sure, I was a teenager then, but it still painfully applies to adulthood.

20 Let Me In

The backstory to this is sadder than the song itself. The day before Kurt Cobain died, he was supposed to be picked up to go to Atlanta for a recording session with Stipe. As the story goes, Michael Stipe sent a limo to pick him up. The driver waited for him, knocked on the door, and no one answered. Hence the title Let Me In.

21 Try Not to Breathe

I'm amazed at how many great songs are on this list. I voted for this one because I think it's too good for 57th place. It's a beautiful song that hits me in the feels. Probably my favorite song from Automatic.

Probably the best song on Automatic. It makes me feel like I'm floating on air.

Yeah, this is my favorite R.E.M. song. Haunting lyrics, "I need you to remember..."

22 Country Feedback

One of the best R.E.M. songs, my favorite one, associating great music with incredible lyrics, simply fantastic.

I love the guitar solo on the version from R.E.M.'s Road Movie soundtrack.

Not just R.E.M.'s best, but one of the best songs ever written.

23 Turn You Inside-Out

The guitar, the vocals, the drums - everything is amazing.

24 The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite

I remember this one from my teenage years. Never really understood what it meant, but loved it just the same.

I am shocked this song is so low! I was expecting it to be in the top twenty!

One of the most joyful songs I've ever heard!

25 Me in Honey

There are plenty of great tracks to vote for, but I feel like this one should be higher. It's just simply great to listen to.

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