Best Songs by Wiz Khalifa


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The Top Ten

Black and Yellow
great song from the man himself, big hit on MTV!
bse song by wiz... the tune suits him
Great Song Love this song very much! And also love its G-Mix By Snoop Dogg, Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J, and R&B singer T-Pain
[Newest]Good song but definitely not his best

2No Sleep
Best summer song. Its just the song that you play when a weight has been lifted off of you and you want to just chill. Its just a unique song that pumps you up yet makes you feel chill.
One of best carefree songs I ever heard
Seems so relaxing surely one of the best by wiz khalifa

No sleep only party tonight
this is a good song but never mind if it is on the 2 place wiz khalifa is still the artist so shout out to everybody who support wiz khalifa yep no sleep Niggus
[Newest]This is his best!

3Work Hard, Play Hard
Great song motivational must be on top ten
Real good Song love The Song just what Life should be like really cool Beat like always just don't get why flightschool is so underrated :/
Its a great song taylor gang or die man what great beat a fantastic chorus and a fantastic song
[Newest]It should be the best rap song

4Young, Wild and Free
THE Best of wiz khalifa till date(it was released)
Bruno mars just blows up the chorus

"So what we get drunk?
So what we smoke weed?
We're just having fun
We don't care who sees
So what we go out?
That's how its supposed to be
Living young and wild and free"


This should be number one song its my favorite one of all music because I like to live young wild and free
For Real... How isn't this song on the top ten.. It explains everyday life of a kid
[Newest]It is so catchy

5This Plane
best flow. sounds so chill without him even trying to. i mean he still spits, but its got that chill flow.
Huge Wiz fan, and this song has to be my favorite. It never gets old. Taylor gang or die!
Taylor gang or die I love this this song favorite song from wiz right now baby tgod all the way
[Newest]You're voice is so amazing

Cool songs man great lyrics.. Wiz just ripped this song..
This is one of the best songs, should be top 3, the hook is a little energising to me, I really like that kind of music. Wiz Khalifa is probably the best rapper to me I know, there isn't really a song I don't like.

Taylor Gang Or Die!
The melody of this song is out of this world and the words are very meaningfull, therefore definitely Wizes best song.
[Newest]Should be higher up

7We Own It
Not enough people know about this epic song. People you need to hear this song.
Amazing song, gets you pumped up, one of wiz's best! RIDE OR DIE
Come on this is the fast six super hit soundtrack.. Bring it up the charts.!
[Newest]This is the best

8Roll Up
Roll up is far better than Black and Yellow... One of the best song ever composed in the history of musiq
Whatever mood I'm in this song can always help me lighten my mood up... Totally out of the world
This song is really out of this world
[Newest]My all time favourite. I roll up, shawty I roll up

9The Thrill
The meaning of thus song and beat always puts a smile on my face. I can never skip this song and this is no doubt wizes best song
Underrated song! Why doesn't this have more votes!? Empire of the sun was awesome in this song. Wake up drunk go to sleep messed up!
Love this song! Gets me in the mood every time! Great Beat, and wiz spits raw lyrics!
[Newest]This song is different than his usual mood of the songs, buts its upbeat and a feel good kind of song, for sure one of his best songs very underrated

10When I'm Gone
Eminem's When I'm Gone is better
Sweet beat other then the begining... No offense to Wiz. The rest of the song is bad ass!
Second best after young wild and free, catchy and really gives meaning to the saying you only live once,
[Newest]Possibly his best song. way better then 9

The Contenders

11Let It Go
Good, meaningful song and Akon, it's good to hear you again.
This should be th best song wiz evermade

12On My Level
Wiz's flow on this is undeniable. Listen to the ending of his second verse:

"Of course I keep some bad women with me in the back
Sippin’ rosé with some hash twistin’
All about a dollar, my team in the cash gettin’
Straight out the 'Burgh, where we drink and we smash n*****
So when I say I’m balling, that don’t mean that I’m playing mayne
All my diamonds talking’, you can see what they saying’ mayne"

The delivery is there. The beat is too good.
I am really surprised there's not more votes for this song. By far my favorite, its one of his more chill beats, but its a great song.
Best song on Earth
[Newest]I'm on my level

13Say Yeah
This music is so amazing and have a good beat. I love this music. I listen this music when I have free time.
This music is the batter music that was composed by wiz Khalifa.
This song is his first hit but still one of the best
Recently I've been absolutely in love with this song. Go Wiz!

14We Dem Boyz
Love this song one of the best
1 of the best songs by Khalifa "we dem boyz"!
One of the best why is it this far down
[Newest]This song should be higher up there

15Boarding Pass
Love Wiz and this song is awesome!

16Reefer Party
Best song out of all
The laugh at the beginning of this song is so intense, gets me into it.
Y'all and even seen this much weed before!


18Studio Lovin'
Up in my stuido - tight hook.

19Taylor Gang
The feeling of being a Taylor is awesome!
Really people should that Wiz is the best!

20Hopes and Dreams
Chill song every once in a while

21Mind of a Stoner
This is by MGK, not Wiz
One of his best songs! Love it
Its mgk but wiz makes the hook it's a fantastic song

22Wake Up
What's wrong with you people? This song deserves to be in top ten!
It's a nice song very catchy.. Wake up, wake up, I don't wanna wake up!
Best song you can really bump this in your car with friends, bomb weed what this song hard
This should be in top 5 there is for sure something wrong with this list

23Never Ever
This is Wiz at his best. Real meaning and real lyrics but still upbeat and fun to listen to.
The best song of wiz khalifa after black and yellow
Best song ever by wiz khalifa... Wiz rocks

24The Race
SO chill, if you just want to relax and listen to Taylor gang
Such a smooth beat, can't believe it wasn't a radio hit
Wiz being chill like the feeling you get when you're drunk and wanna sleep deep, and your ears ring this smooth sound. TGOD!
[Newest]This song should be more of a hit, so smooth.

25U.O.E.N.O (Remix)

26Damn It Feels Good to Be a Taylor
This is one of the best kick back songs wiz has. Very chill song!
Chillest song, made just for the fans

It combines everything Wiz Khalifa music is made of. You want the Old Wiz? You got it. You want the New Wiz? You got it. This song is when Wiz made his statement as to who he is as an artist. If you don't like this song, you shouldn't listen to Wiz.
This is a fantastic song.

What is this song doing at 25!
should be in TOP 10!
awesome song
Should be in top 3

29Still Blazin
One of the best, classic unique flow
Best smoking song, just lay back and roast
This is the real deal! A classic
[Newest]Best song to smoke to

I absolutely love this son! It represents overcoming struggles to succeed!
The beat makes this one of wiz khalifas most intriguing songs
This song should be at least in top 10..


32Hero (freestyle)
Never gets old! Too bad its quite underrated.

33Ink My Whole Body
If people actually listened to this song it would be so much higher on the list. It's unknown, thought, so people don't know that they haven't heard Wiz's best song ever
This was the original wiz nobody payed attention too
You're a true wiz fan if you're still bumpin this in 2014

34The Plan
Best song with medicated
You've gotta be kidding me! This song needs to be in the top 10.
Wha is my favourite song ever doing in here? NUMBER 1 WITH NO DOUBTS
[Newest]This song should not be out of the top ten!

35All In My Blood (Pittsburgh Sound)
Every song above minus Heor/Won't land should not even be on the list.
Wiz has been trash since black and yellow and rolling papers
Old wiz is underrated

36Smokin' On
You might get smoke but you ain't smokin what we smokin oon
Lets get medicated! TGOD!

37Nothin On Ya
Dope song! Listen to it!

38Bout Me
This song is that low common people

39Never Been
Seriously is the best, people just like his mainstream stuff even though it's not even nearly as good in quality as his mixtapes, wiz khalifa's best songs came before Rolling papers which was actually his worst album in my opinion
No doubt about it. The best songe he's made. It should at least be in the top 5. What other rapper can rap over a Chrono Trigger sample? Not many.
BEST SONG! Hands Down! You can just fee the beat and it makes you want to move and dance.
[Newest]This song will never get old.

40In the Cut
Top 5 come on people..

This song was with the best rapper of all time "50 Cent"

42Fly Solo
Top 10 song for sure... Love smoking with this 👌

This song needs to be higher up..
Yea, yea, yea, yea
This song is amazing it should be higher
[Newest]Oh god why is this so low?

44Sky High

45Real Estate
Real estate for me is one of the best songs of wiz Khalifa
This should be top 5 for sure, Wiz went in
Really? Nobody likes Real Estate?

Best song to listen while high
Best song on Blacc Hollywood hands down

47Won't Land

Just one of the most chilled songs I've ever heard. Honestly a real good song, and I don't know why its overlooked. One of my favorites. Reminds me of When I'm gone.
Really Heart felt. I loved the tune and the passion
Second only to When I'm Gone

49So High
Why is this not at least in top ten... ? Seriously confused. It's definitely my favorite song by wiz
Like seriously, this song should be at least in Top 5. Dope song
My favorite song by the man himself... period
[Newest]So good to smoke to

50Teach You to Fly

51Till I'm Gone

People who don't have this in there top 3 don't know wiz
I'm surprised this isn't even on the list, Wiz killed this song
I don't even like Wiz Khalifa or rap/hip-hop, but this song is tight.

This song is just amazing! And its also a lil bit sad when wiz was talking in the beginning about how he was poor and they never let him into the club, womens never cared about him and all... and then the big change on his life when he became rich... a star if you know what I mean thumbs up :D!

54The Statement
I can't believe it wasn't even mentioned

55See You Again
This is by far the most incredible stuff I have ever heard. If you once start listening you can't afford to stop listening to this song
This should be in the top 10 for sure. It's amazing! I mean, it blew my mind of how good this song is.
It makes me think of all the kids who have died in my city in car wrecks. Very emotional song.
[Newest]The chorus is simply breathtaking and the lyrics are great.

Whoa this song is awesome its in my top 10
Best wiz song before he sold out...
So when the times get hard and the nights your all alone, oh, Ill be the one you call, no tellin where we might go,

57It's Nothin'

5840 Bars
What did he sample for this?

59I'm Good
Wow, my favorite wiz khalifa song isn't even top 30... I love the lyrics and beat, its just amazing. Top 5 should be:
1. I'm Good
2. Work Hard, Play Hard
3. The Thrill
4. When I'm Gone
5. God **** Love It (also should be way higher)

60Up In It
1of the best songs by wiz khalifa should have been in the top 10 at least
This song deserves to be #1. It's the BEST cut song. Wiz did his thing! HANDS DOWN.


62In Da Cut
Classic wiz that isn't really known! More people should look into his older music instead of the mainstream nonsense.

63Name On a Cloud
This is one of the best Wiz Khalifa songs


65Phone Numbers
If this song was mainstream, it would be a lot higher... listen to it!

Perfect flow, amazing sound, gotta be at least remembered
83? Damn. Please. Just. Give this a listen
Greatest song by Wiz! Listen to it

67Dirty Work

68No Lie

69Red Carpet

Perfect burn ride song. Should be in top ten


72I'm Gonna Ride

73G'd Up
Best old song by him

74Young Khalifa (Burn After Rollin')
One of the best songs he has put out

75Get Your S***
I relate to this song so much.

76Smokin Good
Hell ya a real stoner will love this

77My Favorite Song

78Cabin Fever

79Fly N***as Do Fly Things

80Top Floor
I can listen to it in whenever mood I'm in.

81This Weed Iz Mine

82Till I Die
Common guys best song
More weeds roll me down
Ausm song...

83Extra Extra Credit
This beat is absolutely nasty. I loved Wiz back in the day, still do, just not as much. 412 all day!

84I'm a Star

85B.A.R (Burn After Rollin')


87The Bluff


89Racks On Racks

90Bed Rest Freestyle

91Got Me Some More
I don't know why this ain't on the list man
This song goes hard

92Hit tha Flo

93Oh No
Old school not on list



96Gang Bang

97I'm On It

98The Code

This song is just all around amazing
Love the beat and hook!

Feyenoord Till I Die

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