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Which is the best album by the alternative rock band Weezer?
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1 Pinkerton

The Blue Album was perfect. It was hook-heavy power pop with twisted harmonies and pure, though sometimes cheesy, lyrics. Although you couldn't help but feel that Weezer, particularly Rivers, was holding back something. That something was raw, untainted emotion.

As a somewhat nerdy, white, straight man, this album really speaks to me. But really, this album is for anyone, not just Rivers' demographic. Rivers had a depressing year previous to this album, which really comes through in everything on the album. The distorted guitars twist in a wail of pain. Cuomo's voice is so confessional and beautiful, and yet still abrasive in the best possible way.

Though the Blue Album is fantastic, it feels so distinctly nineties (not that that's a bad thing), but Pinkerton is timeless. The lyrics resonate with me today, even if they're heavy on nineties references. If Blue was a ten, this was an eleven, or a twelve. Best album of the nineties.

2 Weezer (Blue Album)

I love Pinkerton, but the thing for me to really enjoy it is when I'm in a melancholy mood. Blue Album is the kind of album you can listen to whenever, and you'll catch yourself singing along while chilling on the couch on a Sunday morning. My Name is Jonas, Undone, and Say It Ain't So are probably my favorite songs on this album. For anyone who wants to get into Weezer, listen to Blue first!

This album is quite perfect with its raw sound and perfect songs including my favorites "Say It Ain't So," "Buddy Holly," "Undone," and "Holiday." It definitely deserves number one, and "Rolling Stone Magazine" agrees as this album made the top 500 albums of all time list.

3 Maladroit

After the oversimplicity of the Green Album, Weezer's creativity was questioned. To me personally, when I hear songs like Dope Nose, Keep Fishin', blended with songs like Death and Destruction as well as Burndt Jamb (sorry if I misspelled it), I truly believe that Weezer aren't just a rock band playing pop chords, but that they are artists.

This album is, alongside Pinkerton, Weezer's heaviest album (and it very well may beat Pinkerton, in my opinion). Basically, this album is an alternative metal pop-influenced riff fest. With songs like "Keep Fishin'," what is there not to love about Maladroit?

4 Weezer (Green Album)

Not only is this better quality than Pinkerton, but it also has heavier songs and non-radio-friendly songs like Hash Pipe. Pinkerton is the most overrated Weezer album here. It has like two or three good songs.

Really good album. The only reason why it isn't my favorite is probably because it is way too short! Still great. My favorites are Hash Pipe and Knock Down Drag Out.

5 Everything Will Be Alright In the End

I actually like this album better than Blue.

Don't hate me. Let me explain.

Blue has two standout hits: Say It Ain't So and Buddy Holly. Then it has eight other tracks that are, while not always memorable, those tunes that are gonna get stuck in your head.

On Everything Will Be Alright in the End, EVERY SINGLE TRACK has gotten stuck in my head. It has Back to the Shack, Ain't Got Nobody, The Vinci, Cleopatra, and The British are Coming, (as well as the fantastic ending to the Futurescope trilogy), and the rest are all memorable tunes.

This album should be on top, followed by Blue and Green.

6 Weezer (White Album)

Just as, if not better than, 2014's Everything Will Be Alright in the End. It truly showcases Weezer's post-Pinkerton talent: writing catchy, pop-rock songs that go well on most occasions. Tack on Island in the Sun somewhere, and you have the best beach-goers album so far.

Well, in all honesty, this album had me in tears. Not emotionally, but just because of how much Weezer has returned in this album. EWBAITE was the resurrection to say, but this album is a true return. It was fantastic. Should definitely be in the top five.

This album builds upon what they did with Everything Will Be Alright in the End, but with more creativity. In a funny way, it reminds me a bit of Pinkerton (with less angst, of course).

7 Weezer (Red Album)

Honestly, the album grabs my attention with Troublemaker and Pork and Beans, but then loses me on tracks like Everybody Get Dangerous. Don't get me started on The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. I get what they were trying to do, but what they came out with was nothing amazing.

However, this album is definitely worth buying with tracks like Cold Dark World, Thought I Knew, and (by far the best Weezer slow song) The Angel and the One. The band explores territory unmatched by any previous and future albums as Bell, Shriner, and Wilson all take their turns in (fantastic) compositions as lead singers.

Sorry, Weezer (Blue Album) is by far the best song-wise, but Weezer (Red Album) is the best display of Weezer's talent and creativity as artists.

8 Hurley

Hurley is a good album. Lots of catchy tunes, but Weezer is still lacking some of the quality lyrics of Pinkerton and The Blue Album.


Best Songs:
Memories, Ruling Me, Trainwrecks.

Worst Songs:
Where's My Sex.

Why is this number four? It's the best album ever! Please listen to the song Ruling Me and then you will know why it's the best album.

Good album, but... that cover... *shudder*

9 Make Believe

The most underrated =W= album by far. Pinkerton is my actual #1, but this is close behind at #2. The music, the lyrics, everything is perfect in this album. I really don't get why this album is disliked so much. "Damage in Your Heart" is easily just as powerful as any other =W= song out there. Seriously, aside from "Beverly Hills," this album is a masterpiece.

Every song is epic. Beautifully played guitars and delicate harmonies: a pleasure for your ears.

10 Songs From the Black Hole

It's like another Pinkerton! Great tunes, Blast Off! and Longtime Sunshine are some of Weezer's best. Space rock opera is a great concept, and this album is better than everything they've put out since Pinkerton combined! They should release it... It should be third.

My favorite album. In my opinion, it's better than Pinkerton.

It's such a great story and such a deserving album that never was.

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11 Death to False Metal

This is not so much a studio album as it is a collection of unreleased material, but it's pretty good stuff and way better than anything Weezer put out post-Make Believe.

12 Ok Human

This is definitely one of their top five best albums. It's such a great return to form quality-wise. It's different from their other albums due to the orchestra sound, but the classic Weezer bittersweet songwriting is there in such a satisfying way.

13 Raditude

Raditude is by no means a "terrible" album, but it couldn't be more different from Weezer's earlier stuff, which may have put loyal fans off liking this album. It is probably in its right place at number eleven though.


Best Songs:
"If You're Wondering If I Want You To I Want You To," "Girl Got Hot," "In the Mall."

Worst Songs:
"Can't Stop Partying" (what were they thinking).

I like nearly every song on this album. I always listen to this album all the way through (I deleted like one song though). (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To is my favorite song!

14 Pacific Daydream

Come on, guys! It isn't that bad. Look, if Weezer was to keep doing their 90s power pop/emo thing, we would all get tired of it. And Weezer was well aware of that, so they modernized their sound. This makes them more accessible to the new generation. But I wish people would stop complaining about how new Weezer isn't very good! Different doesn't mean bad!

A more modern pop sound, which annoys older fans, but their new fans will enjoy it.

15 Van Weezer
16 Weezer (Black Album)
17 The Kitchen Tapes
18 Weezer (Teal Album)
19 SZNZ: Autumn
20 SZNZ: Winter
21 SZNZ: Summer
22 SZNZ: Spring
23 Summer Songs 2000

Pop-punk Weezer! Guaranteed to explode out of your speakers. Rocks more than any other pop-punk album.

24 Six Hits

Has 6 of their best songs. That's it. Pretty cool.

25 ... Happy Record Store Day
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