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1 Breathless

Awesome song. I just love it. It defines the craze and passion for his love. Everyone wants a true and dedicated love in their life.

The music is so peaceful and compassionate, which makes you want to listen to it again and again. I dedicate this song to my love.

It's the best love song to dedicate to your girlfriend. She will love it for sure.

Really awesome song. Shayne Ward's voice is amazing. The lyrics are also awesome. Just love it.

Good song, love it. But No Promises should also be included in this list. Awesome song with awesome lyrics. Really fell in love with that song!

2 No Promises

It's one of the awesome love songs I've ever heard in my life. Just loved it.

And of course, the video is awesome. The girl in it is just beautiful.

Touched, touched, touching!
Amazing song!
Shayne Ward: love your voice, voice quality, and lyrics!
Big fan of this song!

Overwhelming, awesome tune, can't get it out of my head. Inspires a lot of story writing on my part.

3 Melt the Snow

Lovely song that makes you listen to it again and again. Although the lyrics are negative about snow, it brings back winter memories.

It should be at the top below Breathless.

Music: awesome.
Lyrics: so touching.
Singer: no need to say a word about him.

In simple words, "a masterpiece by Shayne Ward."

I will pick "No Promises," then "No U Hang Up," and then "Breathless." Enjoy the melody of these songs.

This song forced me to look for more songs sung by Shayne Ward. His voice is amazing.

What a lovely song it is. It should be at the top.

4 Until You

I love the meaning of the song, especially the chorus. I also enjoy his sweet voice that can attract listeners, including me.

It's a very sweet song. I always listen to it.

Just love this song. Really very romantic.

5 No U Hang Up

This song really deserves to be at the top of the list.

It is totally awesome. I'm getting mad about this song.

No Promises is the best song, man. It's one of the best songs I've ever heard.

Song like no other. This song is one of the few I could listen to on repeat. Shayne Ward definitely has the X-factor.

6 I Cry

Great song. This should be the first on the list. It makes you look deep inside your heart.

7 If That's OK with You

Such a cheerful song to light up the day. I haven't stopped listening to it since I downloaded it.

Awesome beats and nice video. It should be at the top position. Really nice song, and Shayne Ward is looking cool.

This is truly a wonderful song. It refreshes me whenever I listen to it.

8 Obsession

Love the song. It is the best song I have ever heard. I'm gonna love this song forever. Shayne is the best singer, no doubt. I love him and just want to say he is the best.

The lyrics get 100 out of 100, and he gets 200 out of 100. It will be at the top of the chart, I am sure.

One of the best songs I've ever had in my playlist. Just can't stop listening to it. I'm obsessed.

9 Stand by Your Side

I love you Shayne, always my best singer. Not only this song but all your songs keep me standing by your side too.

Forever love ya.

Love this song. The melody and lyrics are beautiful. You're the best, Shayne Ward.

10 Damaged

What an awesome song, I love it. At number 3, I think No Promises, Breathless, and this song should be the top 3.

I love this song. It should be at number 2, just right after Breathless.

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11 You're Not Alone

Love this song so much. Can't believe it's not in the top 5. Very touching lyrics.

12 Stand by Me

I was looking for new music, and he showed up, so I listened to his songs. Now I can't stop.

Stand by Me, I really love this song.

What the hell is this song doing at no. 22? It should be somewhere at 3 or 4.

After No Promises and Breathless, this song deserves the third position for now at least.

Believe me, this must be in the top 10.

13 Beautiful In White

This is the best love song I have ever heard in my life. Awesome music, touching meaning, and a cool singer. I love this song. I made it the opening theme song for my wedding video.

You guys should hear this song and then vote for it.

If you are in love, please listen to this song once!

Actually, it was sung by Shane Filan.

14 Waiting In the Wings

It's such an evocative song about the anguish of loving someone just out of reach. Fabulous voice!

Don't know why no one has voted for this.

One of the best songs ever. Love you.

15 Some Tears Never Dry
16 Save Me

Short but stunning! So beautiful, so enchanting. Please listen to it.

17 A Better Man
18 That's My Goal
19 Something Worth Living For
20 Close to Close
21 U Got Me So
22 Crash
23 Back at One
24 Someone to Love

Can't believe this song is in the 12th position. Come on, everyone, vote this up!

Best song! And also the best song for a wedding. "So as long as I live, I'll love you."

25 Love Being In Love
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