Best Sports Movies of All Time

July 29, 2015 - These are the movies that made us want to suit up a play as soon as we came out of the theater. Some make you laugh and some make you cry, but they all make you wish that you could be Rudy Ruettiger, Crash Davis or Roy Hobbs ... at least for a little while.

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Stallone's performance is mesmerizing. The underdog plot has turned this movie into a classic and the best sports film of all time!
no contender the champion


The best... by a long distance... the character seemed so real... kudos to sylvester stallone...
[Newest]This is one of my most favorite movies ever.

2Remember the Titans
If not already, it will be a classic.


this was, without a doubt, the best overall movie ever
Some silly mistakes, but otherwise an enjoyable and meaningful movie


[Newest]Best sport movie ever and best football movie

3A League Of Their Own

Inspirational and heartwarming film with literally one of the greatest scores ever made. Rudy beats out every movie on here.
Without a doubt, the best movie I have ever seen! I have seen it 60 times. It never gets old and always makes me cry.
I personally thought this was a heart warmig family movie. It was good for the whole family. GO RUDY!

5The Sandlot
9 kids, a sandlot, and neighborhood story. Enough said.


6Talladega Nights
this movies hilarious.


Brad pitt did an excellnt job

I don't care for basketball that much, but Gene Hackman is brilliant in this movie and it always makes me pay attention to every move of the camera.


Everything about this movie is perfect. The topic is phenomenal and the cast is magnificent. It's one of those movies you just want to see over and over again.

9Raging Bull
This is substantially better than every other movie on this list. One of the greatest films of all time regardless of genre. "A League of Their Own"? "Happy Gilmore"? Are you kidding me?
Why isn't Raging Bull in the top ten. It should be number one. Robert De Niro does great in this movie and it tells the story of Jake LaMaotta very good. This is by far the best sports movie. This isn't in the top ten so there must be some morons making these lists.
The greatest movie of all time, and I don't like sports, so depressing, let so powerful, this is an amazing movie. Robert De Niro steals the show, easily Martin Scorsese's best movie


10Bull Durham
Wow. 14? You people don't know what a sports movie is.

The Contenders

This is the best ever, and its ranked so low
The best made sports movie ever.
Come on now this is one of the greatest storys ever told

12The Natural
The natural is the best


13Major League
This offbeat baseball comedy, starring Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen and Rene Russo, was a surprise 1989 hit.
Think "Wild Thing"

14The Longest Yard
adam sandler and chris rock funniest people alive and with the help of a cast that looks like it costs a billion dollars... how could it go wrong


the newest longest yard the cast is incredible


16Million Dollar Baby
In my opinion this movie should be top the list

17The Mighty Ducks

18Slap Shot
Its the only hockey comedy there is, and loled my ass off!


The Hanson brothers are so out there.

19The Express

20Coach Carter
My favourite quote of all time is that movie. Also, they did a great job of making a movie based on a true event. For me, it's Coach Carter followed by Space Jam.
Its sad that this film did not even make top 10

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