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Yeah now we all know there is a Greatest Guitarists Ever List, but a lot of them are not very technical compared to some other guys. Vote for the best technical guitar player. Who“s technique is awesome? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Tomo Milicevic
Everyone who voted for this guy has clearly never sean a 30 seconds to mars tab compared to a megadeth tab or maybe they've never even heard a technically proficient guitarist because this is just beyond wrong

2Chuck Schuldiner
He is the God of Technicality along with Trey, deserves to be #1.


3Mikael Akerfeldt

4Trey Azagthoth

5John Petrucci
Other than John Petrucci and Steve Vai, this is a horrible list. No way that the guitarist for 30 seconds to mars should even be here, or the guy from muse. Van Halen was good BACK THEN. I could name 10 dudes who blow these guys out of the water easy. Kirk should not be above Dime, and I don't think herman deserves to be here because he basically only plays the same major scale and taps a lot.

This is just a bad list.
I've never heard of tomo milicevic, so I won't say anything about him, but petrucci not only plays fast, he uses the right techniques at the right time. His well placed arpeggios and screaming pinch harmonics add that extra bit to his songs. He also does all this while changing time signatures every couple bars
Who the hell is Tomo Milicevic compared to him? He is just very popular and no matter what the question is his fans vote for him. That is just wrong, only because he has lots of fans doesn't mean he is the best guitarist. Try looking at John Petrucci's solo's and Tomo's solos and just admit it
[Newest]Tomo Milicevic can't even shred... John should deserve the first place

6Muhammed SuiƧmez
My gosh! This guy is THE most technical guitarist that ever stepped earth! He made one album by himself and played guitar on Necrophagist 's Epitaph... Like a boss. People should appreciate the master skills of Mr. Muhammad Suicmez.
Come on guys he's like the KING of guitar techniques. Just listen to one of his solos and you will understand.

7Paul Masvidal


9Matt Bellemy
Morello/Hammet/Bellemy certainly do not belong in this list and in my humble opinion Paul Gilbert beats them without touching his guitar.

obvious choice is obvious. Matt Bellamy's good too. Who's Tomo Millicevic with 47. 3 votes? Oh and Tom Morello should be in the top 5. TECHNICAL GUITARIST!


People who would put Matt Bellemy up there obviously have no knowledge of the guitar what so ever.
How are Tomo and Matt more technically proficient than this ultra prolific (13 albums in a single year) man?

The Contenders

11Karl Sanders

12Fredrik Thordendal
This man needed to be in the list! He deserves to be in the top ten lists! Listen to Vanished, Sane, and Soul Burn. The main reason to listen to the great technicality of Meshuggah.

13Steve Vai
Steve Vai is unreal I mean he shouldn't only be top of this list he should be at the top of best guitarists of all time as well I mean he quite obviously has shoul because he looks like a dork whilst playing guitar so therefore he has soul and his tremolo bar work is unreal and so is his speed I just tried to play the intro of speeding (one of his songs that he recorded but choose not to release that early on forgot what that type of song is called) and I literally found it impossible clearly someone with no musical talent and listens to chart music has been voting on this list
People often pick guitarist from their favorites bands and while they might be a good guitarist, technically they often are not even close to Steve Vai and I am certainly not a Vai fan. I have my own favorites but this is about being technical wether you the music like it or not. Steve Vai is in control of his instrument but what he actually does might not always be clear to everybody, his amazing skills go by unnoticed.
Technique is about control of one's instrument; this is about playing precisely as well as quickly. And in songs like 'Tender Surrender' and 'Call it Sleep' Vai's ability to control every tiny noise of his instrument is mind-blowing. And this is still technique, rather than musicianship or artistry or whatever.

14Ron Jarzombek
He is the most unbelievably awesome guitarist ever. He has written an album with 45 songs, which can be played from any song and still sound great, and sounds like one 45 minute song if played from the start. He has written an album of songs synchronised to scenes from movies. And, he writes everything in twelve tone, a really complicated system of playing instruments. Listen to 'Cretaceous Chasm' by Blotted Science and you will know what I mean...
This dude must be the most incredibly, unbelievably, inhumanly technical guitarist ever. He synchronises his guitar with scenes from movies and cartoons (see 'A Wild Hare by Spastic Ink- synchronised to Bambi, or 'Cereal Mouse' by the same band) He writes loads of stuff in 12 tone, which is one of the most difficult ways of writing, and he does this thing where he assigns notes to letters of the alphabet and spells out words, like his name for example. The songs still sound amazing after all this!
This guy is so talented I swear he isn't even human...

15Kirk Hammett

16Eddie Van Halen
All right, whomever thinks that Eddie isn't the most technically proficient guitarist ever is an Ass. Rolling stone even ranked him no.2 after Hendrix saying and I quote "Eddie is the most technically proficient Guitarist that ever lived, but hendrix had much, much more soul!. "

His technical innovations are unrivaled;
He revolutionized tapping, used a power drill at the beginning of the song "Poundcake", and used the tuning dials on the guitar not only to adjust but used them in the Instrumental "Cathedral" to sound like a synthesizer. He also had his guitars made of chainsaw parts, and other weird shit not normally used giving him that unique sound that no matter if you can pick like him, or play as fat as him. You will never duplicate his playing. EVER!.
Eddie Van Halen is the best technical guitarist of all time. He can do things that only a few others can do. Steve Vai is right up there with him, but Eddie gets the crown by a nose.
Greatest guitarist of all time. Most influential.

17Joe Satriani
This is a music theory encyclopedia...He's forgotten more chords and scales than the rest of this list put together - that said... I don't think his feel can match several of these guys but the list is for TECHNICAL players
How can Satriani not be in the top ten? another crappy list


most technical for me. He does so many different techniques in just one song


18Dimebag Darrell
I agree... The ability that he had to use harmonics make a guitar squeal was amazing.
Just cover some of his song and you will understand!

19Tom Morello
Not technically a virtuoso, but his lack of playing scales at extremely fast speeds is replaced by using his instrument in a way no other guitarist has. He used every noise producing facet of his instrument in a ways that weren't just unique but fit in perfectly with his compositions. His riffs are also unsurpassed by anyone except perhaps Nuno Bettercourt. Listened to Tomo Milicevic and Matt Bellemy who are in the top three. They shouldn't even be listed in the top million. I know guys who sit in their bedroom with higher guitar virtuosity and talent than those two players. The rest on the list can be subjectively argued as amazing guitarists. Kirk Hammetts solos were pretty hacky though. Amazing riffage though. This lists voting should be directed at musicians only, otherwise it's just a popularity contest of what band you like best..

20Herman Li

21Synyster Gates

22Yngwie Malmsteen
Ygnwie Malmsteen is easily as technical as the majority of the people on this list and is only really NEAR equaled by the likes Of John petrucci, Ron Jarzombek, Joe satriani, Chris boderick (although chris is much lower on this list) and Fredrik Thordendal (depending on which song. )

The only guitarist on this list who actually plays more complex pieces of music (and only for brief moments.. usually less than 1 minute at A time. ) is MUHAMMAD SUICMEZ.

How Ygnwie Malmsteen is behind SYNYSTER GATES is completely beyond me.

I'm not saying he should top the list either... nor is he my favourite guitarst (that would be someone like Christian Meunzer, Jari maenpaa or something along these lines. ) but he most certainly deserves to be above at least 99% of the players on this list.

I'm also shocked that kirk and dimebag even got A mention on this list, sure you could argue they make great music but neither of them play anything as complex as your average MODERN metal band (half of the metalcore and deathcore bands these days even play wildly more complex material. )

Really JASON BECKER didn't get A mention on this list? Nor JEFF LOOMIS.


How is this guy not at the top!?!
Yngwie was the pioneer of modern technical guitar playing and the neo-classical movement. He influenced many amazing players and remains one of the greatest guitarists ever.
1. Skwisgaar Skwigelf
2. Yngwie
3. Petrucci
4. Vai
5. Paul Gilbert
6. Satch
7. Buckethead
8. Friedman
9. Dimebag
10. Chuck Schuldiner

23Matt Harvey

24Zakk Wylde

25Dave Mustaine
Well I've seen guys that are just as technical as mustaine but no one more technical (ever heard a song called rattlehead? Or maybe this day we fight? ) but in addition to this he also does vocals which I've never seen the other ultra technical guitarists do so I'll pick mustaine. Also I feel it's worth mentioning that I haven't seen anyone surpass him in any level of guitar playing ability (not just technical ability) but there are tons of guys who are as good as him in most or al areas but they don't do vocals. Although I'll admit that I'm biased because megadeth us my favourite band and I don't play guitar so I might be mistaken. But I'm stil going with mustaine.

26Guthrie Govan
Guthrie at 18 and '30 seconds from Mars' guitarist at number 1. This is quite possibly the most hilarious list I have EVER seen. Anyone who honestly believes this list needs a serious psychological intervention.

27Tosin Abasi
The only reason this guy isn't number one is that he isn't particularly well know. Google 'Animals As Leaders' and listen to a song or two. He is one of the most, insanely, ridiculously technical guitarists ever, along with Jeff Loomis and Ron Jarzombek.

28Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

29George Lynch
Master of octaves (especially the gothic octave), classical chromatics, and legato techniques. Marty Friedman #2.

30Nuno Bettencourt
He isn't the best technically, maybe on rhythms and soloing he is really good too, so yes he is really cool

31Ritchie Blackmore

32Shawn Lane
People. This man was the fastest shredder who ever lived at speeds of up to 19 notes per second while doing extremely wide stretches. Satriani, Petrucci, Vai, Paul Gilbert, Michael Angelo Batio, and Guthrie Govan all agree that he was a terrifying and unstoppable guitar player. Look up "how to develop an outside sound" on YouTube and it will show his insane speed.
No one had the TOTAL package like this guy. He had top end speed, pin point accuracy, perfect tone, insane melodic lines and not to mention his unbelievable ability to pick every note while doing insane stretches at high speeds. Just listen to the solo at the end of Get you back.
This make me take a herb up now...

33Chris Broderick
Kirk hammett is not good technical guitarist a great technical guitarist is Broderick he's not my favorite but in technical view he almost beat anyone Petrucci is another great technical guitarist My favorite guitarist is Mustaine I don't vote for him so stop putting Hammett and Synyster Emo
Chris broderick must be at top 5, just hear
This is about the best technical guitarist not best guitarist, you guys must see chrisĀ' shred or his mozart cover then you can vote and stop voting for dave mustain or kilk hammelt

34Paul Gilbert
I admit I can't believe that Paul wasn't part of the best list until now. He's amongst the best out there, both in technique and song-writing
#26 Paul? You goota be kidding'.. well any this is by in terms fan voting..

35Marty Friedman
Believe me tommo milicevic can't play the solo from tornado of souls, hangar 18. And another god guitarist who deserves to be in top 10 is Jimmy page Led zeppelin. His solo in stairway to heaven is regarded as the best solo and the hardest to play along with eddie van halen's solo in eruption.

36Michael Romeo

37Jason Becker
Best and most technical guitarist ever

38Steve, Righ?

39Arjen Anthony Lucassen

40Alvin Lee

41Alexi Laiho

42Joe Stump

43Andy Timmons

44Doug Aldrich
He's awesome he has played with Dio and now with Whitesnake and he is Awesome!

45Al Di Meola
The greatest right hand

46Steve Lukather

47John Frusciante

48Rory Gallagher

49Richie Sambora


51Marc Seal
Amazing guitar player. His CD's are great and he is awesome in concert!
Great guitar player. Love his show, The Ultimate Guitar Show on Cox T.V.!

52Brad Paisley

53Keith Urban

54Andy James
This guy is a machine.

55Jason Dsouza
Kickass guitarist.. Shredder. N good melodies

56Angel Vivaldi
Because he is another solo shredder who is highly skilled at playing guitar.

57Paco de Lucia
Plays the most technical style of music the best of anyone

58John McLaughlin

59Christopher Parkening

60George Gaytan
This guy is incredible, best unknown guitarist ever

61Jeff Loomis

62Jimi Hendrix
He might not be the most technical but he was still technical

63Joe Bonamassa

64Angus Young

65Django Reinhardt

66Michael Angelo Batio
Technically he's already been voted the fastest guitarist.

67Jeff Beck
Being a technical guitarist has to do with precision, finesse, playing by ear and actually having control over your instrument and not just running scales or arpeggios over chord changes but playing something that you hear in your head and applying it to the instrument. There is no best guitarist it is all subjective but some guitarist are just more technically skill than others. That doesn't mean you can you can't have preference to who you'd rather listen to. That's why there's democracy so we can have things like this and have freedom to have a opinion.

68Rodrigo Sanchez

69Andres Segovia

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