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1 Like a Prayer

I love the song with all my heart! It's really amazing! Madonna is my favorite singer ever.

You know, I was born in the '90s and I used to dislike '80s music mostly, but one of the singers who really changed my mind is Madonna. The songs that helped me are Like a Prayer and Like a Virgin. Like a Prayer is her best song.

Madonna at her best. No second thoughts on this one. Like a Prayer sounds like a wonder to me. Long live the queen. That's my prayer.

Yes! Yes! Despite its controversy, it is probably the most spiritual of her songs and the most empowering.

2 Vogue

The Vogue song, I think, is the most beautiful of all. Madonna is my idol, and I love all that she sings. I have been listening to her songs since I was 10 years old.

I think that she is doing a great job, and I think she likes making music. I love her. Go, Madonna.

Only a star such as Madonna could perform such a bold and iconic song, both in lyrics and rhythm. The coolest, true dancefloor burner!

Superb crossover track. Didn't like Madonna's songs until this era. From this moment on, she changed fashion and attitudes towards music and equality!

3 Like a Virgin

I first heard this song when I was 12 (1984), and have been a fan of Madonna since I was 10 (1982) when the Everybody song came on the radio. I wasn't too sure about that song, but when I heard Like a Virgin, I thought, "this singer is going to kick ass."

When you released Like a Virgin, there was no going back. You were headed to become the most successful female artist in the world. You have ruled the world for 30 years, and you did it all because of this single! Love you, Madonna!

To be honest, this is a great song and should be ranked higher. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but this song is better than Like a Prayer.

4 Frozen

Yeah, I voted before for Justify My Love, but I don't really think that is her best. For real, her best is definitely Frozen. It is lyrically brilliant, and her voice is simply gorgeous on this track, thanks to her training from Evita.

Listening to it right now, it is perfection. Now, my order goes:

1. Frozen
2. Hung Up
3. Like a Prayer
4. 4 Minutes
5. Justify My Love

Everything is perfect and simple at the same time! The song was also so big here in Syria in the late '90s, and many people fell for the astounding voice of Madonna.

Ray of Light in general is her best album lyrically and vocally, in my opinion. A pop classic. Quality electronic music.

5 La Isla Bonita

It has a great melody and nice lyrics. Unlike most 'controversial' songs of Madonna, this one is tolerable, but it is also so much more.

It's nice and sad, but also a great party song when heard on the beach.

This is one of the rare songs that will refresh your senses and bring you peace. The beautiful lyrics will leave anyone spellbound. Undoubtedly, it's the best song ever!

I can't express the feelings this song has made me feel. I definitely fell in love with her with this song, and then there was Like a Prayer, Vogue, Frozen, etc. - tons of songs that made me fly.

6 Into the Groove

I've been dancing to this song since high school, and every time it gets me into the groove!

It's the most addictive song of Madonna with a hypnotic bassline and an incredibly catchy melody.

The most "Madonna" song of all, and arguably the best pop song of the 1980s!

7 Borderline

This is by far my favorite Madonna song. Such true lyrics, I love it.

This song will introduce you to Madonna. This song is just perfect.

The song that introduced me to the Queen of Pop and still one of her best of all time.

8 Hung Up

This is Madonna's best single and is by far the greatest dance pop single ever. I love this song. By far the best of the best.

This is a fantastic song for any party-goer and has one of the best video clips too.

There is only one word to describe Hung Up: amazing. It is a great hit from 2005. I love it.

I am a massive fan of Madonna. She is great, and I was glad she released this tune! I listen to it daily. Madonna is the best.

The song that brought Madonna back to the forefront. The way she skillfully samples ABBA's Gimme, Gimme, Gimme in this song is proof of her genius.

I am so hung up on Madonna.

9 Papa Don't Preach

Poignant yet robust. Rebellious yet vulnerable. Kudos to Madonna for highlighting the plight of pregnant teens in a judgmental society. True Blue is one of my favorite Madonna albums.

May God give more power to her.

One of her best songs from True Blue, a one-of-a-kind classic song. I was born in '99, and just last year I heard Madonna for the very first time, and I am in love with her.

I wish so much that I could have lived in the '80s. It was such a great decade for Madonna.

My love for Madonna started with this song. Brilliant voice, great melody, fantastic musical combination with orchestra.

Not to mention Madonna's wonderful performance.

10 Material Girl

Fun, catchy, and ironic. It rightfully deserves a higher position.

It reflects the materialistic society we live in where money runs the world. Don't let the lyrics fool you. Madonna is not actually encouraging materialism in this song. Instead, she is mocking girls who run after men with money.

Iconic. Legendary. This song, along with Like a Virgin, put Madonna on the map. Even today, it is considered an anthem, especially among female rights organizations.

Keep going, Madonna!

The best song of Madonna. If you like 4 Minutes by Madonna, this is a hundred times better. She sounds so young in this song too.

I highly recommend it. All fans of Madonna should have this song in their playlist.

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11 Live to Tell

The way the song evolves and opens up, similar to Stairway to Heaven, is almost hypnotizing. It's very thought-provoking.

The way that the song strips away all of the layers towards the end and brings it back with the "if I ran away" section really adds to the depth of the song. I'm struggling to do this song justice. It's hard to put into words.

Best song of hers. Wasn't a big Madonna fan, but I'd put this song next to any Phil Collins hit from the same era.

This song is a perfect '80s song, when everything was so good and original.

12 Express Yourself

I am surprised to see this song falling outside of the Top 10. I do think it is one of her greatest. Very meaningful and powerful while still being extremely fun.

No matter the version or mix of this song, it always holds up and is a great anthem to encompass her career.

It's shocking not to see this song in the Top 5. Madonna recently said in an interview that if she could pick one song to represent her entire career, it would be this one.

It still holds up today.

"You don't need diamond rings or 18-karat gold. Fancy cars that go very fast, you know they never last, no-no."

Very noble sentiment from the original Material Girl.

13 Holiday

This deserves to be way higher. It has got to be her best song ever. I first heard this when I was five (2008) and it has stayed with me ever since.

I like other songs, but this makes me feel so fine and happy. "The Blond Ambition Tour" can prove it.

14 4 Minutes

I love this song. Madonna sings wonderfully and so does Justin! Its lyrics are awesome, the music is awesome, and it's truly one of Madonna's best ones!

I came across that list after I watched Glee's episode dedicated to Madonna. 4 Minutes would probably be my favorite song from her just because I love the drive, the style, the vocals, and the energy that the song conveys!

Rocking, isn't it? It's one of the best Madonna songs. I love it. Justin Timberlake added soul to it.

15 Ray of Light

How Papa Don't Preach ranked above this, I'll never understand. This song was incredibly innovative for pop music at the time and it still sounds amazing today!

It's also arguably the best vocal performance of her career!

This is Madonna at her best, and it won so many awards. How is it not in the top ten?

Wow, number 22? This is news to me. In any other list, Ray of Light is always in the top 15 or higher.

Like, come on, this has to be, and is, Madonna's best song ever! And please, Papa Don't Preach in the top ten instead of Ray of Light? For shame, people, for shame.

16 Crazy for You

The best love song I have heard to date. Madonna is the best.

How is this 18th? This was her first great ballad!

One of the best pop ballads of the '80s.

17 Open Your Heart

Should be right behind La Isla Bonita since I consider it to be True Blue's second-best song, and True Blue has many cool songs.

Might not be top ten material, but it's a very underrated, great song. One of my personal favorites.

I adore this robust number from True Blue. Everybody just open your hearts to Madonna.

18 Music

This is a top 3 song right here, along with 4 Minutes and either Hung Up or Celebration. Those should be in the top 3.

One of the only three Madonna songs I actually like (the other two being 4 Minutes and Frozen).

19 Cherish

Out of every Madonna song ever made (and I've heard them all), the lyrics always stay stuck in my head.

20 Take a Bow

Most of all, I love Madonna's fantastic performance of this song. The way she changed her voice was impressive.

This is definitely one of her most powerful tracks.

One of my favorite Madonna ballads. It felt so good when it featured on Friends. Deserves to be in the top ten.

Everyone, take a bow before the queen of pop.

I love this song, and it was played on my favorite episode of the TV show Friends.

21 Lucky Star
22 You'll See

Though this song was a big hit, it seems to often get forgotten. One of her greatest ballads. Emotional and poignant.

One of the greatest vocal performances from Madge. Seriously, she sounds amazingly beautiful here.

Absolutely her best! It is timeless.

23 This Used to Be My Playground

This is a sad song. When I listen, I also reflect on the past.

Very sad and nostalgic song. In my top 10!

24 Beautiful Stranger

Well, this has always been one of my favorites. It's at number 51 as I write this - should be in the top twenty. Anyone else love it?

In the UK, this was the most played radio song in 1999. Great track between the Ray of Light and Music albums too.

I love this song. It's the only song by Madonna I listen to!

25 Hollywood
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