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Its a great channel it shows boys movies and also girls its the best movie/television channel I know that HBO rocks and this is the best channel ever I know and ii like this channel a lot because it is the best for years HBO is a brilliant channel ever created on television. Not only does it provide tons of gold and new flicks, most of them are good, and some great intermissions with a good overall look of upcoming flicks, but also provides some great shows- I'm looking at you Game of Thrones-with low commercial issues and a cool name. Must own channel.
HBO. The most brilliant channel ever created on television. Not only does it provide tons of old and new flicks, most of them are good, and some great intermissions with a good overall look of upcoming flicks, but also provides some great shows-I'm looking at you Game of Thrones-with low commercial issues and a cool name. Must own channel.
I Don't like to give things more support if they already have heaps, but HBO is the best channel by far... Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, The Sopranos, The Wire and Curb Your Enthusiasm!
[Newest]Honestly Speaking, I enjoy my Sunday with at least a blockbuster movie premiere with my family, seating on a couch with Delicious Meals, Please maintain the status of showing award winning Hollywood movies.

2Cartoon Network
It is the best channel for kids, but it can still be enjoyed by older viewers. Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Adventure Time, Teen Titans, Dexter's Laboratory, Regular Show, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Codename: Kids Next Door, Chowder, Total Drama, Samurai Jack, Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Cow and Chicken, Camp Lazlo, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, and so much more.
Half of these shows aren't even on anymore! You should rethink what you said!
Cartoon network, you loved it's older shows and newer ones. Sure it went a bit downhill in 2009 with CN real, but it's regained itself. I'd much rather watch this station than some other crummy ones that have to do with making video diaries, two underage builders making stupid inventions and never getting busted, an alien living on earth, or about a disturbed kid and a talking snake that have a disgusting sense of humor. Cartoon network rocks!
It has gone a little downhill lately, but it's slowly going back up with Chowder and Flapjack. It definitely hasn't gone downhill like Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. The best network these days anyways.


[Newest]Regular Show is life

ABS CBN dominates every filipino's family and heart. The actors are seasoned with skills, attitude and humility. They remained to be the standard and the rest only follows. The management knows how to play their cards well by providing only superb and exceptional talents that showcase the real Filipino values and talents to the world. They are also not afraid to expose fresh talents and give breaks to those who waits. They are the leader to beat in news casting especially in giving the people live telecast from regional group to international high definition coverage living their mission IN THE SERVICE OF THE FILIPINO WORLDWIDE. You already know what to watch in every cinema just by their actors' names they don't need nametags. The movies produced by them are super mega blockbuster. The albums and concerts of their artists are sold-out just by the first selling day. What makes them far and unreachable even by inch by their imitator which is GMA7 is their humility by letting the people speak who is the real number 1 not by self-proclaim but thru the ability of the viewers to buy tickets in concerts/ movies and twitter trending acts not just by flooding to trend nationwide but by the devotion of every avid viewer worldwide!
ABS-CBN is the no. 1 channel not just here in the Philippines because ABS-CBN is serving more people world wide, not to mention their different world class award and even national awards in different giving bodies, but the quality of their service around the world. their precious and shining talents are very convincing when it comes to acting, singing and dancing and so on. unlike other network which is gma that made its highly anticipated record worldwide as the no. 1 worst T.V. network.
Their advocacy of bringing entertainment, values and oneness to the Filipino people all over the world through their slogan "In the service of the Filipino people" is undeniably fulfilled..
[Newest]Greatest network in the world. Period.
More comments about ABS-CBN

The best comedy and animated series which include The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, Raising Hope and the sitcom I Hate My Teenage Daughter. FOX also has Napoleon Dynamite (animated series) coming and The Flintstones remake in 2013. FOX also has The X Factor USA.


What the H*, it started all the animations and awesome shows, like Family Guy, Glee, and Simpsons,
Awesome channel! It has comedies, realitys, dramas and more. This channels has tons of good programs.


[Newest]I Like but I think it deserves 15th place

5Discovery Channel
This channel is the most educational, entertaining and amazing channel I've ever watched. The producers of this show pay tons.. And I mean Tons of money to make the shows that we love happen. Mythbusters is my favorite show ever and throughout the years I have learned from discovery channel perhaps more than school.
Now I know a lot of interesting facts and info that very small portion of people know. It's something to be proud of


I like this too much, because it is useful one for all
[Newest]Best channel in my eyes!

6Comedy Central
South Park and Tosh. 0 FTW


tosh.o daily show colbert report south park ugly americans enough said tosh.o!




[Newest]Funniest and most genius

The most watched sports channel in America. It has sports like Hockey, English Premier League Soccer, NFL Football and more.


How could it not be number #1 it has pro-sports
Best sports channel from my young age

Cinemax used to be a real good channel in the 80's and even the 90's with a good choice of movies, but now it seems that all they have is the same boring stuff all the time. But what keeps us subscribing is NO LOGOS thank you HBO

What used to be the best channel ever turned into a heaping pile of crap, they took away all the classics, got rid of the splat logo, got rid of the slime and got rid of the game shows, SpongeBob was good until 2004, it went downhill and became mean spirited, The Fairly OddParents was good until 2009, as Poof was born, the creators retired and new ones got hired and put the show to overdriven repetitive brattiness, All of the early sitcoms from the 90's to 2013 got cancelled and were replaced with bad ones that teach people nothing but crap and have no plot or comedy, The only good shows we have nowadays, and they're new, are, Every Witch Way, 100 Things To Do Before High School (A Pilot was made and new episodes should come soon this year) and Harvey Beaks (Much less butt jokes than Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners), Other than those shows, Nick is really ready to die.


I love Nickelodeon. It has everything for everyone- George Lopez, Friends, and That 70's Show for adults on Nick at Nite, iCarly, Drake and Josh, and Victorious for teens, SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents and Invader Zim for the kiddies, and Dora, Max and Ruby, and Team Umizoomi for babies and toddlers on Nick Jr.


Nickelodeon is going downhill, from 2002 and ahead, with Nick Studio 10, which always interrupted our shows every 7.5 minutes and dropped the channel's ratings by 30% making Disney Channel better, and Disney Channel gone downhill too after Wizards of Waverly Place, now they're desolate channels, but then on January 1, 2014, Every Witch Way came on, and that's an awesome show and considered the last show on Nick that is good.
I love nickelodeon but it was much better around the 90's. There's a lot of crappy shows on there now but it's still great for kids.
The only good shows on nowadays for kids are Every Witch Way, the upcoming series 100 Things To Do Before High School and Harvey Beaks.


[Newest]I like it so much

This channel is easily the best. It runs/ran the three best shows I've ever seen (my opinion): NCIS (statistically, the best show), The Big Bang Theory (statistically, the best comedy), and How I Met Your Mother (in my opinion, the most underrated show, finale got 13.4 million viewers (highest rating for the show); the other two shows get roughly 4 million more every week)
Comedy, Drama and More. This includes The Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement, 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men and CSI and NCIS.


I like it I like it my best thing about abc is.nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick on cbs
[Newest]Its has the NFL on CBS

The Contenders

The walking dead, breaking bad, and much more great shows. Many great shows on this channel
The best shows and actors I have ever seen a T.V. station have. It has an edgy touch to each show that makes it unique.
Breaking Bad. Mad Men. The Walking Dead. The best shows on air.
[Newest]Wait AMC not in the top 10, What!? Breaking bad? Walking Dead?

Its more fun in the philippines
The Borgias and Dexter, the best T.V. shows!
[Newest]It's the best noon time show ever.

13National Geographic Channel
No one but one national geographic
It teaches people about life. this channel is very trustworthy!
No argument here, no argument.
I think you should start an argument because this channel is being hated by many people. plus its educational so if you have kids show them what this is!
[Newest]Hbo on top? I don't think so

14BBC One
DOCTOR WHO! SHERLOCK! And all those crime series! British drama is just so.. so.. amazing! And of course the documentaries, among the best in the world.
Quiz shows (Pointless), factual entertainment (Countryfile), Reality (The Apprentice) the odd talent show (The Voice) and the greatest news team.


The annual Children in Need and Comic relief telethons get prime time BBC One scheduling.
[Newest]Um, the fact they have doctor who and top gear surely allows the to be placed higher.

15Animal Planet
I love you Animal Planet!! You have good shows like Dogs 101, Pet Star, Untamed and Uncut, and the best of all...... IT'S ME OR THE DOG!!!


Animal Planet should be number 1! Not Comedy Central it's crap. To me they never had good shows. Animal Planet Rocks! Comedy Central sucks!


First of all a lot of people will have different opinions on comedy central. second of all I personally like animal planet its good for people to watch!
I love this channel personally because I love nature and animals! It has educational shows and many entertaining things!

ABC family, definitely. They have absolutely the best shows. The secret life of the American teenager, make it or break it, and best of all... PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!
How is ABC at number 18?! That's the channel that gave us The Flintstones, The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, Three's Company, Full House, Home Improvement, Boy Meets World, and George Lopez. ABC is number 1!
Um I see how its not number one, but come on 39!? PRETTY LITTLE LIARS?! It's like the best show on tv! You are all crazy


[Newest]Why is this channel not even in the top ten? It should be at number one! I wouldn't be able to be alive without this show, so amazing!

This American channel has great drama, news programs and a few comedies.


Unlike abc and fox, this T.V. station allows viewer to watch latest episodes without having to verify. Also unlike abc, does not ask to allow cookie. A large selection of good shows.

18Disney Channel
Suite life on deck is the best so get you butts up start voting for Disney Channel if you don't I will find you lets to number one I will kick anyone s butt who will not vote for it except teenagers I can see why teenagers don't like it because they are in to different stuff like mtv and that mess so just start voting kids if I am going to find you and get you just vote apply and just for Disney Channel I will really be upset about who will not vote for it its just like voting for president you have two candidates vote for one and reminds me vote obama please!


This channel have shows like Phineas and ferb Good Luck Charlie and Jessieso enjoy your long or short life but I really don't care about your life not to offend you but watch phineas and ferb all pretty soon maybe all over 200 episodes will change your life and there's gonna be a new episode called phineas and ferb mission marvel its awesome and all of those episode make a reference of a lot of comedies talk shows songs movies books cartoons people famous lines and characters like spiderman for like the 5th time
Disney Channel? Really? Who put this here? Disney Channel used to be good, but now it's complete crap!
Nickelodeon has gotten worse, it has only one good show while Disney Channel has three good shows, also, Nickelodeon's ratings dropped by 30% and is no longer the #1 entertainment kids' channel, now Disney Channel is.


Boomerang is the channel for all ages because I shows all the shows that the adults watched growing up. And kids get to see what the shows were like back in the day. It features Scooby Doo, Huckleberry Finn, The Flinstones, Tom and Jerry, and more!
Boomerang used to be a good channel until they cancelled all of the Hannah Barbera classics, and even worse, They rebranded it and even gave the logo a crappy look, it's not the Boomerang logo anymore, it's a box of crap.


Bommerang was a good channel back in the day

I like top funniest and impractical jokers
Best channel ever! Peace from Tunisia

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