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1 Big Brother Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol, originally broadcast in the Netherlands and subsequently syndicated internationally.

Very addicting and takes most of my summer! Brittney, Jordon, Jeff, Dan, Lane and Hayden are my favorites. Boogy is hard to even look at. The little elf needs to retire chill town and himself. Brittney had the greatest line. "Hello, Janelle?... " Jeff and Jordan showmance and Brittney's DR lines are my very favorite.

Love big brother it is amazing. Rachel is may favorite player ever. But Jeff And Jordan are by far the cutest showmance.

Too much bullying and no repercussions? Unacceptable.

2 Survivor Survivor is a reality TV show in which a group of castaways inhabit an island where they are forced to compete against each other in a series of challenges. They must survive in order to win the million dollar prize.

Gave up on Survivor after watching a season and a half. It was so fun to watch, but I try to be a good person. And this show just felt like a crime against humanity that I couldn't keep supporting. Lying and backstabbing are required in order to do well. People who seem like they could be nice in real life have no problem eliminating their best friend on the island if it's in their best interest. In the season I got halfway through, a guy got eliminated because he shook hands with the other team. The rest of his tribe couldn't stand that he was a good sport. Being nice gets you eliminated. It's just all so sickening. Like The Hunger Games for real.

3 The Osbournes

I always found it such a shameful pitiful display how that family treated one of Rock n Rolls greatest artists. Lets ignore that fact that he is one of the greatest, as a father and husband the amount of manipulation and disrespect they showed that man.. they made him appear a fool for a lot of this show... Something they all should apologize for... Entitlement babys now and that wretched with of his who was ONCE probably the most amazing manager in the Rock n Roll business... I am glad to see life has starightend out for them all as life moved on... You are and always will be SO AWESOME! Rock on sir!

4 Hell's Kitchen

That "smoke" comment? That was so spot on.. I tell my wife that every week we watch it... You are so right... I worked in kitchens in the beautiful Napa Valley as a dishwasher and part time help (nothing special trust me) and they would be LIVID if you smoked anywhere in the same building.. In fact a lot of great chefs find out you smoke? You might as well pack up... The act of smoking on this show tends to present the show like there all working at Sizzlers.. I don't know... glad you mentioned it though... Love Ramsey.. LOVE LOVE LOVE! But damn start getting away from the same rice pilaf dishes and all that.. Lets go something different.. What is that side dish he always has them cook and they always over or under cook it.. It's not pilaf or hmm what is it again.. Dang!

5 Fear Factor Fear Factor is an American stunt/dare game show that originally aired on NBC between 2001 and 2006. It was later revived by NBC in 2011, only to be cancelled again on May 13, 2012. After its second cancellation, a two-part special aired in July 2012. The show was revived a second time in 2017 to air... read more

The other shows are fun to watch, but this show is the definition of outrageous. The stuff they do on this show is crazy awesome

6 Honey Boo Boo

THis show is a very condescending half hearted approach at makiong fun of white people and Southern society... THis and Cable guy dumbass is deep reflections of how to make fun of a cewrtain culture here in the states... It should really not be on the air... it absolutely shows no good value to it and makes a certain portion of society seem dumber and weaker... They should be ashamed!

These people are the funniest family ever! They are so, I don't know, everything but they have more fun. The Mom is so great and I love her laugh. Love the way she does not care about anything but having fun with her family.

7 Flavor of Love
8 Temptation Island
9 America's Next Top Model

Absolutely the most assinine show on T.V. these days... I just for the life of me have no idea why they continue with it, do you?

10 I Love New York

Just watching that show could give you an std - and they brought her back twice!

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11 MasterChef
12 The Rock of Love
13 Next!
14 Charm School
15 Parental Controls
16 A Shot At Love
17 The Jerry Springer Show The Jerry Springer Show, also known as Jerry Springer, or just Springer, is an American syndicated tabloid talk show hosted by Jerry Springer, a former politician.
18 The World's Strictest Parents

CMT lost a viewer in me (for awhile) due to this show. When I was watching reruns of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader on this channel, ads for Worlds Strictest Parents came on. It was ok, until one of the parents went off on someone. I could not stand the confrontation in the advertisement and shut the television off, too upset to watch the rest of the show I was watching.
And I think there's a lot more to help troubled teens than 15 minutes of fame.

Fame does not cure bad behavior. Help does..

19 Hostile Environment
20 The X Factor
21 Hardcore Pawn
22 Basketball Wives
23 The Amazing Race The Amazing Race is a reality television game show in which teams of two people race around the world in competition with other teams.
24 The Mole
25 Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty was an American reality television series on A&E that portrayed the lives of the Robertson family, who became successful from their family-operated business, Duck Commander.

This show is absolutely just as insulting as Honey Boo Boo.. There's absolutely NO reason to continually insult a race of people or social network by playing into stupidity or ignorance. That as well as the downplaying of southern culture and the insistence of killing animals and pushing along old Man Robertsons agenda is wrong... he will soon move to his own network so it's all his then... I stopped watching this show after a few personal run ins with Jace's wife over a fundraising event.. Trust me if there's not money involved in it for them, they aren't so inclined to be so helpful... that family is a complete farce in other words... I think they would sell their dead grandmother if they thought they could turn a profit on her pictures from the casket plastered all over a few zippy cups.. Just saying.

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