Greatest Black Sabbath Songs

July 30, 2015 - Which Sabbath song do you think is the greatest? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Paranoid is the best song
The guitar riff is so good although it's not to complicated
And ozzy's voice and the text is also very good
An I love the solo
Its the best solo I've ever heard
what the hell... PARANOID... must be first the best hard rock song with ACDC back in black

not only the best of black sabbath, easily makes it into any list of the best 10 songs of rock and roll of all times
amazing all the way, unparalelled speed!
[Newest]Best black sabbath song ever

2War Pigs
I love this song so much I'm even listening to it right now! Sadly nobody at my middle school even knows who Sabbath is but whatever. This song is one of my favorite sabbath songs next to sabbra caddabra and fairies wear boots.
Iron man is NOT the best Sabbath song ever? I think people vote for it because it is the only song that is played on the radio. For people to be able to vote, they should first listen to at least 3 or 4 albums not just what is played on the radio on one of those awful 70's/80's remix crap stations.
They were originally going to call the album War Pigs, but someone decided they needed a radio-oriented song so they created Paranoid. But War Pigs is obviously their best song, and Paranoid their best album, bar none.


[Newest]Best true heavy metal song of all time in my opinion

3Iron Man
A real Metal Song or should I say "Iron". This is the immortal Black Sabbath Song
Third greatest metal song ever, following Master of Puppets and Hallowed Be Thy name!


THIS IS THE BEST SABBATH SONG! I love Paranoid, alright but seriously I think IRON MAN should be the no. 1 followed by War Pigs! I'm saying this bacause I heard this song somewhere and THAT was the day I started listening to TRUE MUSIC!


[Newest]This is definitely the best song of Black Sabbath, beats Paranoid. This is real metal that gives you an ear orgasm, best song ever period.

4Black Sabbath
Never mind "Best Black Sabbath"... This is THE bar by which ALL heavy metal can be measured. It is the definition of heavy metal. This song should be put in a time capsule, labelled "Heavy Metal" to explain to our alien overlords in 2642 what this ancient human music called "Heavy Metal" was. If I traveled back in time, on a mission to bring Heavy Metal to ancient China, I would bring this song, because even though they wouldn't understand English, the purity of this song would awaken the Beast, and cause irreparable damage to their economy for centuries.

Paranoid is over-rated. Sorry. It's true.
NIB got great intro but the intro of Black Sabbath with the tritone is one of the greatest I have ever heard!
Plus the lyrics are amazing and Ozzy's voice does the rest.
THE greatest song of Black Sabbath period.
Its the best song the black sabbath made.. ozzy's vocals and the tempo of the song are the things what makes this song best of all.. why the hell ain't this in the first place? I don't get it! I think the people who voted don't know anything about black sabbath or Metal! And I mean Metal with a capital 'M'...
[Newest]This song is like a horror movie in a song

Great bass intro great main riff great lyrics still a better love story than twilight
this song is damn awesome and far better than the songs here listed above it. sung in a very different way this song gives me goose bumps
The only band in the world that can make 'heavy metal love songs' for Lucifer. This song is like no other.
[Newest]Such riff very intro, wow

6Heaven And Hell
Ronnie James Dio is an amazing singer and Tony Iommi's solo is epic! A great song!
Just can't get this song out of my head. "
this one beats them all in all ways!
the one song you just can't ignore
Greatest album and one of the best black Sabbath song. Can't help loving Dio's lyrics... One of the most underrated song has to be number 1
[Newest]The baddest song ever!

7Children Of The Grave
A great song to be heard live and loud.
Love this song! It was on the album that is purely responsible for giving birth to doom and this song sticks out the most along with Into the Void. Plus it has a pounding bass + drum line with epic vocals and guitars and a catchy tune
Easily my favorite from Sabbath, tied with War Pigs. Paranoid is decent, but by no means their best. CotG is heavy, well written with good lyrics and riffs, a good solo, and a long and creepy outro. Overall, its one of Sabbath's definitive tracks.
[Newest]"Revolution in their minds the children start to march" this should be the anthem of every kid in the world

8Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Ozzy vocals are so amazing in this song that it's scary!
I think this is their greatest tune. It's just so powerful. The riff is unreal.

I think this is their greatest tune. The riff is unbelievable, and the lyrics are pretty much something most of us can relate to.
This is the most original of the lot (Iron Man borrowed from Schizoid Man; Paranoid from Communication Breakdown; NIB from Sunshine of Your Love; Black Sabbath from Dazed & Confused). The song alternates between heavy and light like no other... Plus Geezer and Ward came up with their best lyrics on this album.
[Newest]Geezer's fuzz bass plus Tony's superb guitar and Bill's perfect drums fills - Sabbath Bloody Perfect Sabbath!

9Sweet Leaf
#9? OK, sure it doesn't beat War Pigs, Iron Man, or Paranoid. But, besides those three this is their best song by Black Sabbath in my opinion.

My view on the song's meaning:

A bag of weed, a bag of weed, oh everything is better with a bag of weed
You don't need meth and you don't need speed because everything is better with a bag of weed!
I'm not one to advocate marijuana, but this song is so beautifully trippy and the riffs are awesome! I love it!
This song deserves better
[Newest]Epic one! Deserves better!

10Symptom Of The Universe
The radio songs Paranoid, Iron Man are my least favorite. Try "Juniors Eyes", "Into the Void", "Symptoms of the Universe", "Dirty Woman", "Megalomania", "NIB", "Planet Caravan" etc... There's so much! But they are not radio songs thank God! The Lyrics are fantastic, not to mention the sound!

PS. Don't forget the Dio years "Heaven and Hell", "Voodoo" etc.. This band is something special! But I also do have a soft spot for Zepp!
Listen to the opening riff... WOWEEEEHHHH!


the creation of thrash metal!!!!!


[Newest]Did you even listen to this song?

The Contenders

11Into the Void
GIve me a break. This is the song that invented Doom Metal. And, Doom metal is really just a big copy of this song. Any body who voted for just about any other Black Sabbath song really should just stop what they are doing and listen to this one before making their decision.
Into the Void should totally be first. The Bass and The simple riff that makes it so awesome!
Paranoid my ass this song is sabbath's greatest work period end of story
[Newest]The bass of this song is simply amazing. This one and Children of the Grave kick ass, Master of Reality is the best Sabbath's album in my opinion.

This song introduced me to the world of Black Sabbath! Still love it. Should AT LEAST be in the top 10. Also, Volume 4 was initially going to be called Snowblind, so you can be pretty sure this song is awesome!
Better than Sweet Leaf in my opinion and I think Supernaut should be higher up too.
Why? Why? Why? WHHYY?
Is this in the top 13
Is Jason love this song? Friday the 13th?
Met too man yo craze?!

13Electric Funeral
Their best song by far.


This song pretty much inspired most of doom metal. The only song I can think of that had a bigger influence was their self titled song. The main riff I. This song is just... Amazing.
This song should be number 2.
[Newest]Godly #3 after sweet leaf and war pigs

This is tied with War Pigs for me, but Tony's guitar tone in this one is just absolutely perfect. Seriously the epitome of guitar right here. Add in a nice grooving pace, epic bass work, flawless drumming, Ozzy's vocals, and Tony's master riff-writing, and it doesn't get much better.
This song alone needs to be in the top three. Who ever rated this song so low must not have been born in this era. Sorry guys to me your wrong in rating this song so low. Black Sabbath changed the music and I am lucky to be around it
This song is amazing. The lyrics and story/message behind it are phenomenal. Tony has reached his best guitar work with this little masterpiece.
[Newest]All four pistons firing on this one... Not speed metal, not doom metal just metal personified, ergo it should be #1

15Fairies Wear Boots
Okay, this is most definitely at the top of the Sabbath songs. I mean, it's got the catchy guitar riff intro, the epic lyrics (fairies wear boots! ), and of course the solo. Face it, it's awesome.
"because smoking and tripping is all that you do" paranoid is the best black Sabbath album and this is an overlooked song
It's a great song. Just the mere thought that fairies even wear boots is the common misconception and that is what changes your views on the song-the lyrics. Anyone who has smoked and tripped will agree laugh out loud
[Newest]This should be in the top 5 for sure! It's just as relevant today as it was in the 70's!

16God Is Dead?
One word: awesome. What better song to celebrate Sabbath and Ozzy's reunion than one which symbolizes Sabbath's heart itself?
Love this song, huge masterpiece, may not be the best but it deserves to be in the first 10, Ozzy's voice is still awesome, Tony's riffs are still epic, love this song, and all the other songs of the album 13, just great songs like Loner, End Of The Beginning, Live Forever, just great songs, I heard the complete album without skiping any song, very complete, but I loved the most God Is Dead? And Loner
Black Sabbath really surprised me with their new songs: they were just as good as the early ones, especially this one. It's all even though I'm not a huge Sabbath fan, still I'm waiting for the next album and hoping it will be just as great as this one. God Is Dead is the highlight of 13, it's awesome.
[Newest]This is the worst song ever because its title bullies the name of the lord. I hate it!

17Sabbra Cadabra
Song is fast, Ozzies voice is outstanding, and the instrumental part at minute 2:00 with the keyboard support of Rick Wakeman gives the song a progressive note which in total increases the value of Black Sabbath a bit.
Come on, this song and Changes have to make it to the top 10s. They're simply sabbath classics.


This song is amazing, and not to mention another rock legend, metallica, covered it, but still not as good as the original
[Newest]Best rock riff ever, period.

18The Wizard
This needs to be on the list. The iconic part of the song isn't any guitars, drums, bass, or vocals. It's the harmonica. Instantly memorable and one of their best tunes.


Wow, this song is top 10 for sure. The amazing guitar riff breathes for a moment only to allow drums to kick your ass.
The riff and the tune in initial part is very different... Just love it... Can easily be in top 15
[Newest]My favorite ever rock song

19Planet Caravan
Great song covered by pantera. A Moody, spooky and mellow sound with some excellent guitar playing.
One of the only songs I can listen to for hours and hours on end. Pantera cover is possibly even better than Sabbaths too (in my opinion of course)
My favourite Black Sabbath song, I listen to it on repeat when I'm trying to get to sleep. Pantera cover is amazing as well.
[Newest]Best song ever and again loads of memories for me in the eighties and early nineties.

20The Writ
This one and 'looking for today'. Changes is up there too. I prefer paranoid over iron man for the radio-friendly songs, it seems to have more genuine energy.
Come on have you even listen to this song, It cranks. At least the first half!

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