Countries that Make the Best Beer

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Highest density of breweries in the world, high quality. How can you even think of America as beernation? Most produced beer there is more like water than anything else (except the pacific coast they have some nice microbreweries) and where is the czech republic?
Hmm I'm pretty sure that Belgium has higher density of breweries, Belgium has over 1000 individual brands, that's more than Germany even though Belgium is way smaller
Denmark and Germany beer is my favourite. There also some good beer brands there!


Capital of beer...
Most alcoholic beer... Best beer
Belgium has a higher average percentage in beer than any other country, check your facts please
[Newest]Best beer every, great selection of them too

Belgium and Germany are the only 2 countries that can claim to best beer country. They both have a very long and rich tradition of making beer and are the most innovative ones. If you count the top ranked beers of those countries together, they leave the rest of the world FAR behind.
Their might be an exception for the pilses. But you can't compare that type with others.

The best beer doesn't mean the best selling beer. Heineken is a good example: sells great, but tastes like piss.
Actually, there are well over 1000 different beers in Belgium; combine this with about 20 different types of beer and a history of brewing that easily dates back to the middle ages, you've got yourself a beer capital of the world.
Excuse me? Germany and Canada are better beer brewers than Belgium? B*tch please, there is a Belgian Beer Bible on my book shelf: 1568 pages, only containing Belgian beers and their information. And that's only for the officially known beers in Belgium...
[Newest]Belgium beer = heaven on earth
More comments about Belgium

3United States
The USA has the best beer in the world. There are micro brews that even will imitate certain import styles of beer like Belgium styles and German styles, but we go beyond the "norm". There are craft breweries that go out of their way to make something interesting that no one has ever had. There are breweries that will research ancient styles and recipes of beer and will re-create that style and recipe. The U.S. has the best beer in the world and that's a fact.
With a nod to Belgium, the variety of excellent (craft) beer sets the U.S. apart from the rest of the world. You simply can't find more great breweries brewing all kinds of beer any place in the world.
Thanks to the craft brewing boom the USA is turning out some of the best beers in the world in a huge variety of styles. The Belgian styles are the only thing I have not seen perfected but when it comes to everything else you will be hard pressed to find something to match the quality of the best brews in the US.
[Newest]Variety, freshness, and dare I say, the addition of fruit is what makes the US the best. I want to bring something it is delicious. I can find that here.

Amazing variety and so many satisfying beers. Such quality and variety from the big names all the way down to the micros. Even the cheap hobo/student beer JR is pretty fantastic!
Well, honestly I feel that with a more limited variety, the brewery's focus on quality.
You just can't beat Canadian beer! Moosehead Breweries in Saint John, New Brunswick makes the best beer I've ever tasted.
[Newest]We have the best beer in the world! Oh, and happy holidays to everyone around the world!

Frankly the whiskey is better but...
Irish Pride! Super good
Guiness Extra Stout is the best beer, er, ale, actually, in the world!


Menabrea, Morena, Forst, Castello, Drive Beer, Black Royal and many microbrewerie like: Baladin, Prodel, Loverbeer!

Mythos Kicks ass. If you haven't tasted it you don't know what you're missing. Dare to DISCOVER! Take a trip to Greece and discover the beauty of its beaches, lifestyle, beers...Live a little!
They start producing really good beers in Greece and during the summer they serve it in an enjoyable way.. Frozen glass, it's amazing! Every time I visit the country I can't wait to drink a cold beer in a frozen glass. fix and alfa are my favorites.

8Czech Republic
I am from Czech Republic, and we truly do have the BEST beer. Most people do think that Germany has the 'best' beer. Hah! What a joke. It is honestly nothing compared to our Czech's beer. Most people do think that Germany has the best beer only because they never had Czech beer.
For example Pilsner Urquel, Gambrinus, Staropramen, Kozel. All these are good.
Stop believing that Germany has the best beer until you try the Czech one. It is insult for Czech Republic.
Czech Republic (Bohemia) is the best. Hops grown there are the best, the climate is ideal for

Growing outstanding hops. Pilsner beer was created there. Taste it and you will see for yourself.
Czech pils are the best beers in the world. Smooth and effervescent they can be enjoyed during any season. Add a bit of lemon aide on a warm day and you have a tasty Radler. Belgian beers are a failed attempt at imitating wine that began during the period in which wines were banned from the country. Crisp, clean, simple, elegant pils are the standard of quality.
Yes I am to from Czech Rupublic and yes no question about it, Czech is the number beer! Because we have the best quality hops. My favorite is Radegast! And nobody will ever outdo czechs in beer or out drink it!
[Newest]Czech beers is the best!

Yes Bulgarian beer is great!
Amazing beer wow its great
Zagorka, Kamenitza, Shumensko, Ariana - Bulgaria's finest

Why is Mexico ranked lower than Canada, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria? Mexico should always be ranked in the top 5 for sure. Who has heard of Italian, Greek or Bulgarian beer?
Love this countries verity, look out for Cerveza Indio it is an up and coming star that has been around for a while but is starting to go mainstream with it's amazing taste, especially for a dark beer.
Casta is very tasty

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There is more than Heineken in the Netherlands
Try the Heineken Oud Bruin (old brown) or herfst & winter bok (autumn & winter bock). The cherry beers are also quite nice, although I believe not many of the mentioned beers are being exported. You should really come to Holland and try all the different delicious beer flavors!


Yes I love bock beers!

Can't believe that Austria is only twelve on the list, the beer in Austria is second to none especially the wheat beer
Never forget Germanys little friend with really good ingredients.

England for it's vast selection of Ales. Beers that actually TASTE of something not fizzy piss that is 90% of commercial lager. Its obvious what people have really voted for on this list (just see the list of best beer brands - it's a joke). The only two countries that can hold their own against the beers of England (or Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland for that matter) are Germany and Belgium.
Are you having a laugh if English beer is so great how come you hardly ever see it anywhere outside England, and its not that you want to keep it all for yourselves
As others have said, Britain as a whole must be in the top 3 - along with Belgium and Germany. The fact that other fine ale-brewing nations aren't high on this list (France, Sweden and Norway for instance) shows that this league table reflects a lack of knowledge about beer more than anything else.
How the UK doesn't feature high on this list is unreal! Most of the great beer styles caome from Britain (IPA, pale ale, stout, porter, golden ale etc to name a few), and to this day still produce some of the best beers in the world. Not to mention that they're the only country in the world that produces real ale on mass.
[Newest]Rubbish! It's so difficult to find anything good British.

"A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer and the best cold beer is Vic"
VB - the most popular beer in the country that loves beer the most.


Australia has best climate for drinking cold beer.


Every hour in AUS is beer hour

With Japan being one of Germany's Allies, it received a lot of influence and help throughout the 20th century in creating palatable and crisp beers without sacrificing flavor. I put them above Italy on your list. Even after living in Siena and Florence I still think their beer is overrated.
Not trendy to like it but reliable and perfectly composed.


Few kinds of nice beers. Taste is better mostly from bottle beers. Most common brands Obolon, Lvivske and Chernigivske. I like all of them. Each have different bread taste

Because they are drinking a lot of beer...
Romanian are the best.
Try to drink tuborg or ursus and maybe timisoreana
You shoul try timisoreana


19New Zealand
Steinlager pure that's all I have to say
Steinlager, tui, speights, db... we should be in the top 5.

It's new to the industry, but Kingfisher (United Breweries) is trying to put India's name on the best beer lists. Search Nasik on the internet if you want to verify.
Well kingfisher is one of the best beers
Haywards 5000 beer... Best beer in India
[Newest]Just drink and try!

In my opinion Poland should be at the top, Polish beers are both tasty and strong. I can't believe Belgium is so high on the list. Stella Artois tastes like a really bad fizzy water and you can't even get drunk of it.
If you haven't tried polish beer, then you have no idea what good beer is like. HAHA
Should be much higher up the list. Even the cheapest beers are delicious

One of the best, but not the best.

In Denmark we have two major beer production companies, Tuborg and Carlsberg both of wich are great and world renowned, we should be higher on the list.
You have to tast

You won't undertand until you've tried Brengulis or Valmiermuiža!
While its market is full of some low grade beer, the top tier beers (i.E. Užavas, Valmiermuižas, T"rvetes, Mežpils, etc.) are some of the most underrated beers I've ever drank and deserve to be between the top 10 on this list.
If one should judge Latvian beer, he should do it after tasting Brenguļu beer or Iļguciema Dz"rveņu, T"rvetes, Valmiermuižas..

Here in Portugal there are many beers brands like Sagres, Super bok, and many more... There are a preference relationated with the age of the taster, for example, young people drinks more sagres because it�'s image of young society that it�'s very connected with Portugal team of Portugal and is cool drink sagres whille old people like drink suprbock...

By far... The best

Red Stripe to the World

28South Africa
Craft beer in South Africa has gotten HUGE, with incredible beers making it's way into the market
Forget castle and the whole SAB! There are brilliant craft beers such as Mitchell's!
South African beer is the best with brands like Castle Lager


[Newest]Just the best beer in the world






Greath beer some small like appenzeler and martek just super


Old beer traditions.. BEST BEER IN THE WORLD.

37North Korea
Just enjoy with Dae dong gang beer.

38South Korea


My favorite beer of all times HUARI Bolivian beer at its best

We have Singha, Chang and Leo

Brazil is the 3rd Country in Global Beer Consumption by Country. We do like and have good beers. Ok, we are no Germany, but I am sure we are at least among the Top 10 in the world.
(Source: Questionnaire surveys Kirin Institute of Food and Lifestyle conducted with brews associations in major countries; The World Beer Market: The 2012 Survey).

Birra Peja is a top quality beer... Its not the best but from 1-10 I would give it an 8... Its just sad that its hard to find it in usa
Birra Peja.
Kosovo has beers of high quality and they hit the spot!




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