Top Ten Best Snack Chips

Out of all of the chips you have ever eaten, which chip is your favorite?
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1 Doritos Nacho Cheese

WHO hates Doritos? Let's face it- they have everything you'd dream of. First, they've got three flavors: cool ranch, spicy sweet chili, and nacho cheese. Hey, this calls for a joke: What do you call cheese that's not yours? A: Nacho cheese! Get it? Not-your cheese? Also, they have only 210 sodium, and everything. I can TOTALLY understand why this got first place!

Doritos Nacho Cheese is the most delicious chips, I ever eaten!
Doritos Nacho Cheese had a great taste and it does really tastes after cheese!
I hope that's Doritos Nacho Cheese never go out of the shop!
Why didn't Doritos Nacho Cheese standing on number 1?!
In Holland is nog everywhere the Flamin Hot Cheetos for sale?!

I ❤ doritos. I always have them in my lunch. Especially nacho/tangy cheese. These need to be everywhere in the world like chetoos are a disgusting thing

What Doritos should be number one these are my favorite chips they go great for watching sports or just eating. I love these chips. When I want to buy a bag of chips these are the chips that come to my mind. I mean I love these Doritos and who wouldn't. These are great

2 Pringles Original

Pringles should be number 1. I mean Doritos are way more overrated chip bags (and it was one of the main elements in MLG, along with Mountain Dew and stuff). This chip snack was very satisfying but I love the original one and the sour and cream. Also Doritos should be at least no. 3 because Flamin' Hot Cheetos are much more addicting than I thought (though I never tasted it but I need to try one).

All the other chips, you're paying for a bag of air. Pringles has an alternative design which makes it more practical than other Chips. Not to mention, the huge variety, and the unique design which is a hyperbolic paraboloid, not something other companies thought about.

Pringles are way better than nacho cheese doritos in my opinion. Every time I eat nacho cheese doritos, I almost throw up. Pringles are the best chips in the world, no matter what flavor, they always taste amazing and have always been my favorite!

Pringles are the best crisps/chips ever! The classic flavour is a bit dull, but the paprika flavour is the best! Also, the hot and spicy flavour is great as well. They're a bit pricy but it's ok because they're so delicious.

3 SunChips Harvest Cheddar

They're TASTY, and they are the healthiest option out of the ones listed in my opinion.

All sun chips are great. They are all on this list for a reason.

In love with those chips. My favorite snack!

The best. I absolutely love these!

4 Takis Original

Takis are spicy yet sweet they taste like a rainbow just fell on you and only the red went in your mouth. I never used to like spicy stuff because the smell was either to strong or it didn't taste good, But then my sister wanted me to try them and they tasted delicious. I would have thought that life meaning would have been Takis.

Takis are the best chips. Once I went a diet for football season. Then I went to 7/11 and saw the takis down the aisle. I was like I can't buy them dude. Then I started to hover over there and I picked up the ripply bag went to the counter of 7/11 bought them then hovered home sat down watched college football (Oregon at Washington State Cougars) And enjoyed myself with the great memory of the best chip out there, Takis

Takis changed my life. The taste of it's lemon lime sour spicy sexy seductive fascination had me turned on. I want to gorge myself in its mouthwatering sexy body that is sometimes broken, and crush its sexy bones with my rough attitude. Takis, you complete me. Fuego.

Takis are he best chips at first it was original Pringles and Kay's originals. But once you taste takis it's not just the taste, the tortilla is nicely baked or whatever they did to it, it is ridiculous how good it is. Try 'em they're at quick trip Walmart and other known gas stations.

5 Takis Fuego

Literally the best. I don't understand those who think it is spicy! The lime and chilli peppers make your mouth have a party. They taste so good! (As we speak, I am eating some). Sometimes I wonder if everything tastes bland, but these are bursting with flavor! Just don't rub your eyes with takis dust. It hurts!

Whoever hasn't tasted these they are a robot. They are so tasty I can't explain it>

The best Mexican chips

The best chips ever

6 Ruffles Original

I think ruffles have just the right amount of salt so I love to have them to quench my sugar craving with a mild salt level and drink a minimum of water. I love Ruffles! They're great.

I love these chips, but their commercials are so cheesy. They only use hot women and they make them a little vulgar. I wish women can a get a little representative for once.

Good All-around chip that you can eat any time! They do not get your hands all icky either; great with French onion dip!

These are great! Even though they only have a few different flavors, they are still very delicious. they are also just simply perfect for an after school snack, or just to have a sandwhich woth. my favorite has to be the ruffles in cheaddar cheese though

7 Funyuns

These are the best chips ever! Nothing even compares in my opinion. All other chips have been well imitated, but funyuns is the only chip out there that is this unique. Knock-off companies have attempted to imitate these heavenly mastered Greatness in a bag and have all failed. This is better than "the cat's meow, this is the freak'n catnip!

Funyuns are my favorite! I am doing a science project on them right now about the ingredients in them and we have to calculate how much of something is in the whole bag, given the per serving. Otherwise, they are Delicious, The Best!

Seriously, though! If you ate soup before reading this you'll want chips. That's how yummy they are! In fact, I don't think there were any artificial flavors included in their ingredients list last time I read it

The flavor that a bag of funyuns carries is so tasty that you'll want more. It should definitely be that top chip because no other chip carries the same flavor.

8 Doritos Cool Ranch

Most likely my favorite. Besides sour cream and onion. Talkis are disgusting and supposedly made from card board. Plus there is a lot of stuff in them that you can't pronounce so that could mean fake food, extra preservatives and more. yuk!

I like things simple but flavorful, that''s hard to do but I love these because they do just that.

Goes great with nacho cheese Doritos strange but true!

Pairs so well with a sandwich... Can't beat it.

9 Lay's Barbecue

They are crisp and light on taste buds, including with great flavor umpact. They are also perfect on any occasion.

Sooo good, I have no idea how these people create this addicting flavor. Once you have a piece, you can't stop.

I get angry at the store when I can't find them. Tasty chip by itself no salsa!

When I was little, I used to eat these at EVERY family barbecue.

10 Lay's Classic Potato Chips

These are bomb! They are flavorful, salty and just the way I like it, and don't get powder all over your hands unlike Doritos or Cheetos.

Hmmm I'm eating them right know there so delicious... butt I still love everything above this as well... ok ok I love them way better than lays but there still really good chips

Taste: 7/10
Smell: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Overall: 7.7/10

Why? Because it's taste a like normal potato chip with no flavor.

They are one of the best chip brands out there. There only person I think is better is Ruffles Pringles and Doritios have nothing on them

The Contenders
11 Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream

Binge eating a bag while I type!

Most underrated chip with mega cheese flavor and perfect crunch

12 Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon

So good you will be I love after the first bite!

Hot chips are my life

13 Doritos Spicy Nacho

Spicy nacho Doritos are like a triangle shaped imitation of heaven!

Best Doritos flavor hands down. Spicy street taco is a close second.

I like nacho cheese but why eat them when you have spicy nacho.

I will never eat a plain Nacho Cheese Dorito again if I can have a Spicy Nacho Dorito instead.

14 SunChips Garden Salsa

So good that you will want to eat these every day. They have a mildly spicy flavor. They are delicious.

These things are amazing!

My personal go to!

15 Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili

These chips are the worlds best this is suppose to be number one and and a good reason why is that they don't give you stank ass breath. Bold flavor and are seasoned perfectly.

They are so good! My favorite chip EVER! I just can't get enough of the flavor... I am so unique! Who doesn't like this one?

Better than any on this list, they are great of you put cheese on them
And stick in it the microwave.

Just thinking about eating them makes me hungry. Best Doritos flavor in my opinion.

16 Doritos Incognita
17 Ruffles Baked Cheddar & Sour Cream
18 SunChips Original

I'm sorry, but I'm going on a mini-rant here.

Sun Chips are the most tasteless chips I've ever tasted. Even though I've only tasted the original, I bet their flavored ones won't even taste flavored. The one time I had them, I had to spit them out in the bushes when my friend wasn't looking (he gave one to me). Yuck!

I'm sorry but these chips taste great. Most commercial food is over powering with addictive additives for flavor. Try going vegan for a month and you'll see the difference.

I've eaten both cool ranch and nacho cheese for months and got bored of the flavors. Now I've been eating French onion and garden salsa and they're the best.

Anything healthy people run from, and I must say a lot of people voting on this list aren't healthy in the first place but I'm glad I'm in the 1% who actually says sunchips are amazing. come on smh more votes for sunchips

19 Lay's Salt & Vinegar

This kind is amazing and so addicting! I can't get enough! I am actually eating them right now... Guilty as charged.

This should be number 1. Nothing better then viniger with salt and potato chips.

My favorite type of chip. Go salt and vinegar!

They taste like heaven in your mouth!

20 Fritos Original Corn Chips

Chili cheese flavor is the best! Probably not very good for you, I admit, but decidedly very tasty!

As long as you don't eat too many in one sitting, you'll be in love with them.

The crunchiness of the fritos are the best! Flavors are amazing! Better be number 1

Glorious. Ten times better than doritos anyway.

21 Lays Baked Sour Cream & Onion
22 Lay's Sour Cream & Onion

So good. I could eat a whole bag. Good with dip and without.

One of the best

23 Tostitos Original

I think they lose a few points for being great only with salsa to go along with them, but once you've got that covered, Tostitos explode with flavor. The most sophisticated and healthy snack available in my opinion.
But the decisive factor is the fact that you can put them in the oven on an aluminum sheet with salsa and cheddar cheese, pull it out and find happiness.

24 Lay's Limon

They should be in the top 100 and not the 111 my opinion.

25 Lay's Oven Baked Original

My dog would win 2 Emmy's and an Oscar for a bowl of this.

Literally the best chip ever. I could eat a whole bag.

The best ever!

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