Top Ten Deadliest Big Cats


July 29, 2015 - Across America, Europe, Asia and Africa, all over the world the top ten deadliest of the amazing family. The big cats! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Bengal Tiger
I love Bengal tigers. They're my favorite. I know a lot about them. I even wrote a 20 paged report about them. Yeah I know right. It took me like 3 months.
They have got to be one of the most deadliest cats in the world. They way more than any other big cat. The reason why I put these beutifal animals behind the lion is because they are more shy and tere are less of them.


Three... Two... One... Fight in ten seconds the fight is over. Result? Tigerownslion
[Newest]I love the tiger because it is like the underdog of big cats. Everyone is always talking about lions and cheetahs so much, they don't take the time to appreciate its majesty and respect its deadliness
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Lion are one of the toughest cats. They are the only feline that actually trains for battle. The tiger spend most of its time away from confrontation. However though the lion may be smaller then the tiger it is more aggressive and has more exp. With fighting. Possible could even be smarter then the tiger because of how they are the only one to live in a society. The lion is a lot more dangerous then a tiger. Unless your drunk then the tiger would overkill you. The can't stand the smell of alcohol and will jump over wall to kill you
Lions are majestic and more social and use teamwork, whereas tigers hide from danger, but are good in fights. Even though lions are smaller, they are respectable, though you won't see a lion littreally tearing a guy's face off, but not so uncommon with tigers and jaguars.
It is the most deadliest animal in the world, a big killing machine and has a tremendous charging speed of 80km/hr. Huge claws and long teeth can tear any into pieces in 5 to 10 seconds. Even if tiger is larger in size but lion tear it also.
[Newest]Lions are supper cool
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3Siberian Tiger
I see all fans and normal society people voting and putting in their opinion in the comments it makes me laugh on how ignorant and how they don't know the simple truth with solid information firstly Not only is the tiger especially the Siberian tiger the largest big cat but also the strongest their strength is way more than a lion second people say they avoid fights well that's because tigers are solitary animals so if they get injured in the fight even if they win the fight they would struggle for survival and can't hunt while social lions have others to help and since male lions the reason why most people like lions they protect the territory not hunt which is why they take on any animal it's there duty and if they are injured the females hunt and take care of them. Now Tigers are more aggressive in their natural state and comparing the strength of 7 African lions to 1 Bengal tiger Bengal not Siberian lets compare. Now it there has been a case of 7 lions 5 females 2 males killing a full grown cape buffalo they were biting and killing the buffalo struggling for survival then calls for his herd to help they charge and the lions escape now they could have killed the buffalo but it took so long for 7 of them to try and kill that buffalo while here it has been reported that a male Bengal tiger has killed a full grown male guar which is way bigger than its cousin cape buffalo and he did it alone see the strength difference now imagine a Siberian tiger man don't even ask. Now tigers are also good swimmers and climbers while lions lack both and have thin skin. In many cases in real not YouTube videos it is told that tigers have killed lions so many times and lions attack with one paw swipe while tigers stand on hind legs and attack with both paws like a boxer. Tigers and lions both have 3 inch claws but lions have 3 inch canines while tigers have 4 inch canines. Now lions are lazy the male ones it is reported that lions sleep up to 20 hours a day! Now I see people say I love this animal you should vote for it man 12 year old kids like the animal but don't say invalid information to up your animals status. Now your lions are called king of the jungle because they are in charge of a pride and are seen in more conflicts with other animals then any other big cat cause others are solitary and avoid fights for survival. Still tigers have been reported to kill all creatures from wolves, leopards, crocodiles, bears etc. Now a lot of people are saying this animal is fast and all now speed is an advantage for hunting otherwise majority of the creatures can attack fast. Tigers and Jaguars or leopards one of the two I forgot have the biggest bite force out of all the big cats. This is a shocker but a report has been shown in a channel that a female tiger was protecting her cub and then a guy on a elephant recording comes to investigate the tiger actually surprise attacked and jumped on top of the elephant from the ground and did its damage it was extremely aggressive. So overall the tiger including Siberian and Bengal is the most dangerous and most deadly big cats ever.
Ok one we should group tigers under one group so we don't argue. The siberian tiger is the biggest big cat in the world. It would send a lion running for its mama with its tail between its legs
A Siberian Tiger is obviously the most dangerous big cat and probably the most dangerous animal as well. They have even been proven to kill brown bears in Russia and they could kill any other big cat.
[Newest]Siberian tigers are strongest so let them be first

If you see the sentence that starts out with "I 100% love jaguars! ", you should vote for it. The jaguar is the most feared predator in South America. It could crack a skull of dear and wild boar, and can do the same to us. EEK! Their temper is very nasty. They're better than leopards because they're bigger, stronger, heavier and deadlier than leopards (even lions and tigers, and all the other cats on this list). Here are some reasons why the jaguar is the deadliest cat in the world: 1) He has a very scary temper. 2) He would attack people who want to take their skin. 3) He could fight animals that are twice its size. 4) He got his name from the Indian word "jaguara" which means "beast that kills in a single bound".
I 100% love jaguars! They're my favorite. But they can can be very tough and really territorial! They were not long ago, but they are these days. They will kill you when guarding their cubs, or when kept in zoos. They're so aggressive and fierce, they can fight and kill spectacle bears, camins, cougars, and snakes. They can do the same to us, yikes! They kill their prey or enemies by cracking the skull! EWW! If that doesn't work, it bites the throat and scraches the body so hard, it makes the blood come out! NASTY! Jaguars are deadly because they're a little bit endangered, so, stay away from this deadly nightmare, OR DIE!
The jaguar is very strong and fast. Faster than tigers, lions and leapords, but not the fastest in the world.


[Newest]I 100%love jaguar the stealthily ass whopping predator

A mixture of both top deadliest cats only makes a more improved cat that is much more stealthy and has a much larger size. The sheer weight of a lion, the stealth of a tiger, both cats have a powerful bound that can snap the neck of unfortunate prey in an instant. With both the fangs of a lion and the claws of tiger and the itelligence of both, this truly is a top predator.
Biggest cat in the world and if in wild could kill any cat in one bound
Liger should get 4th because its a mixture between a female tiger and a male lion
[Newest]A mixture of a male lion and a female tiger creates the ultimate big cat.

The black panther is the most dominant and deadly big cat out of any. They are very intelligent and are virtually invisible at night when they hunt, this is due to their dark black fur. They are the best climbers and can ambush prey from the trees. They have very powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth as well as nails. They are fast, aggressive, and very agile. They can adapt to any climate in the world such as jungles, swamps, rainforests, mountains, deserts, and more. They are nicknamed ghosts of the forests. They are primarily solitary animals and are very protective when it comes to their territory. Panthers fear nothing and are rarely preyed on by other species and that is only due to an invasion of their privacy or territory. From these facts I conclude that the panther is the dominant big cat, the only other cat that can take its place is the Bengal tiger.
I know a Tropical Livestock Expert/Game Keeper with 40 yrs experience in Africa and Asia. So I'll lean towards the Leopard. As he said their cunning made them unpredictable compared to the other big cats. They attack anything, study there surroundings and prey in a manner that suggest they employ a level of intelligence greater than the other big cats. He also said out of all the cats he studied they were the ones that give him the 'Willies' when they were out counting them. This was because they are 'far too sneaky'. I love them as pound for pound they are the strongest and most resourceful cat but due to their ‘Sneakiness’ they are the least studied.
Leopards. Definitely. I admire all of the following qualities in anyone or anything (Stealth, intelligence, cleverness, strength, flexibility, speed, agility, adaptation, resoursfullness, boldness, and especially bravery. ) All of the above rightly possessed by Leopards. They really should be recognized for their abilities more, amazingly athletic and smart, and they should definitely be higher ranked. I'm one of the smallest kids at my school, and I know that size isn't everything, and probably that if a Leopard was for sure more deadly than a Tiger, then it might not be recognized for it just because it's smaller. People say that what's on the outside doesn't matter, it's what's on the inside that doesn't count. Leopards are a ginormous bundle of awesomeness in a medium-sized, stunning package. In my opinion, Leopards are the most impressive of all the wild cats. I think Leopards are total bosses that could and should rule the wild. Why Lions the Kings of the Jungle?
[Newest]Almost as fast as a cheetah
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7Snow Leopard
Another type of leapord on the list, not quite as dangerouse as the criticly endangered amur leapord but are deadly. These are uite endangered.


I think the snow leopard is the most feice
Snow Leopards are bosses
[Newest]Snow leopards are awesome!

8Puma (Cougar, Mountain Lion)
I love puma's and panthers because of there force and they should be the best
They are awesome cats that can kill so easily and they should be number one
One of the fastest big cats.


[Newest]Poop they poop a lot that's what I think ha ha!

9Amur Leopard
If you do live in Asia don't worry too much because these are the third (almoast second) most endangered animals in the world. With only just over ten left you woulds be lucky to find one. That is a lot more endangered than the tiger, there are still about two and a half thousand of them left.


I think they are the most dangerous cats on the planet even though they are endangered they still have the same right to earn a top place. I read online and even saw a picture that a Amur leopard had killed 15 birds, 5 wild cats and 2 humans trying to make it a third.
Amur leopard is stronger then a cheetah. Also read the book big ben the junkyard cat just go to W. Junkyardcat. to read a graet book thank you
[Newest]They are actually the FIRST most endangered! When did you write that comment it is not right.

Deadliest cat to ever live, with 9-inch claws, was equal to the utahraptor, a very deadly dinosaur.
It made the thylacosmilus extinct
The reason why smilodon is 10th and not 1st is because smilodon is an extinct big cat and we are mainly focusing on modern day big cats and also it wouldn't be fair or realistic its obvious that smilodon would win.
You guys are idiots, smilodon is very large and can kill a animal in one blow
[Newest]Smilodon of course! Their like really muscled-up Saber-tooth tigers.

The Contenders

The fastest land mammel. Canreach 60 mph in 3 seconds (as fast as some cars on the motorway)


They are the fastest cat. They are really beautiful animal.
Cheetahs are beautiful lovely creatures.
My friend and I are both very fast therefore cheetah is our shared nickname.
[Newest]I like you very much

12Cave Lion
Cave lion is the dangerous bye playing ac

13Sumatran Tiger
The 3rd biggest tiger
2 bengal tiger
1 siberian tiger they are very powerful and strong cats
My favourite animal is tiger

Could easly kill a bird or a frog or a rabbit or a rat or a mouse with only a few bounds


16Clouded Leopard
I think all of these are dangerous well when this guy posted the comment it was quit obvious
Could kill you using there sharp claws in a matter of seconds they are one of the largest cats of asia they kill you when thretend or using defense on cubs


18American Lion
Larger and smarter than any other cat
Low quality of cat

19Saber-toothed cat

Not much larger than a domestic cat, but can jump 3m high from standing and can take down antelope. Add their stunning appearance with their amazing ears, they have to be the best cat ever!
Are the best leapers

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