Fastest Guitarist Ever

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Synyster Gates
I STRONGLY AGREE! Listen to afterlife it is so awesome, of course! I like the vocals too, and if you get to the solos while trying to play it... OUCH! (exept for syn) I can punch in the equal button on a calculator a bunch of times and I almost got to a thousand(but probably not as fast as him). I say afterlife is harder to play on guitar hero than through the fire and flames on expert.
He is an awesome guitarist. incredibly fast and yet you can hear all the notes he plays. that ain't easy. don't believe me? Go and listen to afterlife, second heartbeat, scream and burn it down before you say anything.
I don't think I need to comment on this to explain why he is the fastest guitarist in the history of guitars. Other than Micheal Angelo Batio, he is THE guitar god of clean speed picking. Keep it up Gates.
[Newest]He play clean, accurate, super fast and melodic. He is the fastest, check out the solos of him and other fast guitarists. This solos are much more harder and faster than other guitarists solos!

This is not a vote on who is best. This is a vote on who is fastest. Quantitative data has no place for preference. You can't change the results because you don't like them. Buckethead is the fastest guitar player. There are faster pickers, but for overall speed in all aspects, nobody matches Bucky. Some come close, but ultimately fall a little short of this title.
Buckethead is definitely one of the best world guitarists. You can see it in songs like Soothsayer, Electric Tears, Final Wars... He can put lots of emotions on each song too.
He is sure the fastest guitarist. Check jordan solo and you'll see ;)
This was a Really A Tough Decision, You have my 2 Favorite guitarists on 1 and 2nd places, But The only reason Why I voted Buckethead was, He's Different, Unique, He's Fast, listen To Big Sur Moon, He uses Bass, Listen To Scapula, Jump Man. He's Epic! For Synster Gates he Has To Do Team Work, Where Is Work Will Only Be highlighted, when He Plays A Solo. Syn is good too!
[Newest]It isn't a surprise buckethead made number 1 but I would think zakk wylde would at least make the 25

3Michael Angelo Batio
Why the hell is Synyster Gates before MAB?
This list in called "Fastest Guitarist Ever", not "Most Overrated Guitarist Ever"... the shredding majesty of Michael Angelo can't be compared to the overrated guitar playing of Synyster. A7X is not a bad band, but they are REALLY OVERRATED!


I am a huge fan of synyster gates but seriously he does not hold a candle to MAB... Batio could play faster than gates upside down or with his opposite hand. If you don't believe that then apparently you've never seen any videos of him playing. On that note I'm willing to bet he could play two guitars at the same time faster than some of the people on this list could play one!
he is the best and no one can take his place on playing lightining fast he is my favourite. and I am a guitarist too...
[Newest]Michael angelo batio could be number 1 not synyster gate

4Herman Li
WHAT! FOURTH PLACE! Herman li is the fastest guitar player ever. Nobody can mimic what he does, nobody can do his solos are you people that dumb I mean no offense but listen to Fury of the Storm and Through the Fire and Flames. This is a truly amazing man.
Not Best, Okay not the best.. But surely the fastest.. Listen to their new song Dragonforce - Fallen World.. I bet no-one can cover it 100% and don't tell me that they fast their song on studio because' I have seen them LIVE... And they erupted the stage.. Surely needs to be higher OR surely I think he is #1..


The fastest of real rock touring guitarists.
There are those guys that win the Guinness Book
Of World records for speed guitar, but they are just
Playing a bunch of simple notes over and over again (not real skill).
[Newest]Fastest Ever, enough Said...!

5Yngwie Malmsteen
Honestly, half you kids probably know NOTHING about the art of playing the guitar. I agree with Buckethead, Herman Li, & Eddie van Halen being in the top 5. But Synyster Gates? Great guitarist; not nearly the fastest. Yngwie is so fast and accurate when he plays it almost seems superhuman. Go watch 'Arpeggios From Hell' or 'Acoustic Solo' on youtube. You'll see what I mean.
yngwie is THE fastest guitarist of all time man... MAB and chris, they only want to play fast and all you know, bt yngwie he is the god.


Anyone can play fast. But can anyone keep that speed while improvising? And hell, can anyone do that in classical music? People like Synyster Gates are undoubtedly good, but they can only write fast solos, and play the same riffs again on stage. Yngwie can play fast as long as you want him to, even on acoustic guitars.
[Newest]The Best of the bests

6Eddie Van Halen
Without Eddie, would we have all of the other shredders? And what is slash doing on here, and Synyster Gates? Where is Satriani, Vai, Rhoads, KERRY KING?


the fastest ever..
there can't be anyone else


No way you should listen to eruption it's the fastest solo by far
[Newest]Most important since Hendrix... Bottom line

I know, Slash has more of melody than the speed in his music, still Slash has evolved a lot since Guns 'N Roses. For his speed samples try new "Godfather intro to Sweet Child O mine" its Blitz Krieg...
I absolutely love Slash as a guitarist, but he is definitely not done of the fastest. I agree he has got great speed, but he is not near Synyster Gates or Buckethead or Yngwie Malmsteen. He definitely deserves a very high spot on the greatest overall guitarists list.
Slash must be at second step because other's are running after guitar speed they are forgetting one thing which is called music. "yeah slash plays slowly but he plays a really cool musics which is ever played"

8Sam Totman
Everybody disses the guy because he plays behind Herman Li but he is a very fast and accurate rhythm guitar player. Saw Dragonforce live in Osaka in 2004 and he was very good in Valley of the Damned!
this guy is right along side herman li
He deserves at least below herman li


9Alexi Wildchild Lahio
His Solos Kills all.. Who can Growl & Play Guitar So Perfectly Live? One of the Best front mans Ever. No need to be Top in This List..
Who Knows how Wild his Playing Skill is Vote for Him..

My Top list Would be in Fastest Guitarist category!
Alexi Lahio (Children Of Bodom)
Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold)
John Petrucci (But the Lead Vocalist Sucks. How Bad)
Brandon Jacobs (Mutiny Within)
Nick Hipa (As I Lay Dying)
Mark Morton (Lamb Of God)
Matt Heafy (Trivium)
Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
Dave Murray (Iron Maiden)
Corey Beaulieu (Trivium)
Michelle Paget (Bullet For My Valentine)

Not The EPIC Players, But The Fastest Category.. Not in Order!
Alexi is amazing
With solos such as in
-angels don't kill
-are you dead yet
-bodom beach terror
-children of decadence
-triple corpse hammerblow
Alexi thank you for amazing music
Some death metal here and this guy knows how to thrash like hell so a mix of death metal and thrash is just awesome


[Newest]Saw him playing live some time ago... I do not know words that could describe what I felt. You have to experience it!

10Jimmy Page
Are you kidding me 9th, go watch the heartbreaker solo live

The Contenders

11John Petrucci
I Really like Dream Theater because of there tempo's and timing's. They have great musicianship. I also like synyster's playing but John has got to be before him he's just better and more technical.
I guess anyone who doesn't vote for Petrucci, absolutely never listen or watch him playing
If you really listen to Pertrucci's solos and still don't vote for him... YOU ARE DEAF...

12Steve Vai
Not as fast s dragonforce or john 5 but still plays fast when he wants to
He could be the 5th or 4th I predict


The best in guitar sound effects! Steve vai my idol:-):-):-) by:YAMSKI RAMIREZ
This is horrible! Why is he down here. I can't
Believe synster gates is number 1. I would put via
Up against synster on his worst day.

13Ilan Ashkenazi
HE IS NOT HUMAN Just listen to Master!


This freak of nature has the most perfect tech and is one of if not The fastest guitar player I've heard.
I have known Ilan for many years. His methodical and articulate playing is outstanding. He inspires the mind and music with his accomplished playing.

14Paul Gilbert
love paul gilbert extremly fast and awesome. He plays everything so perfecly

Laugh out loud, this list is a joke,. I'm not even gonna mention some of the guitarists above this message. @ Real guitarists, you know! :) laugh out loud
Who knows about guitars, knows that Gilbert is the fastest. Also Marty Friedman should be in the Top 10

15John 5
John 5 should replace slash because you just can't compare these compare slash's fastest song with Black Widow of La Porte or better yet Soul Of a Robot and you will c that slash doesn't even come close. Slash will destroy his hands trying to play Black widow! Has the internet gone mad?!
There's a huge difference when comes to Speed and Technique. While I agree Petrucci, Jimmy Page and Steve Vai are guitarists way better than John 5, none of them can beat this man when talking of speed. And please. Synyster Gates 1st place? John 5 does what that guy does while he's sleeping... Just nonsense... Listen to Soul of a Robot and Black Widow of La Porte, then you'll see what speed really means.
Super fast and great sounding solo's, he's speed is incredible, and he is super composed whilst playing as well just to top it off.
[Newest]Great player... New to a lot of people.. Fast no doubt... Can do it all

16Jimi Hendrix
There are live versions that surpass the fastest jazz guitarists I have ever heard. Two examples: L A Forum I Don't Live Today 04-26-69 toward the end of the song, and about 60 percent the way through Woodstock Instrumental Improvisation. Many other examples, and he does almost every guitar style- very well.

17John McLaughlin

18Joe Satriani
would have voted buckethead or batio, but he deserves to be higher. One of the best guitarists ever and without him, there would be no Kirk Hamett, Steve Vai or Tom Morello! He also taught Kevin Cadogan, Larry Lalonde and Charlie Hunter! And in these cases, all these students (including Kirk himself) never passed the master!


19Shawn Lane
All you need is one video of Shawn Lane and your mind will be blown. I have watched videos of many other fast guitar players, but as soon as I saw Lane, there really is no question. There has been no one else who has mastered the speed and technicality the same as him. The most impressive feature is that the solos are ridiculously clean.
Shawn Lane all the way. Many articles about his unmatched uncanny speed. This list makes me laugh. It seems like the voters are young teenagers who don't really know what they're talking about. lol!
Shawn Lane was clocked as the fastest guitar player in the world by far. Just look up the numbers, he is way faster than everyone else...

20Chris Impellitteri
Chris is definitely the fastest...I have watched every guitarist mentioned here and the clear answer is Chris Impellitteri.
The list says fastest. Without question Chris is the fastest of the choices offered. Check out Empire Of Lies. Says it all!

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