Greatest Minds In History


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Nikola Tesla
He is the only one greatest man I've ever heard about. His great invention that made the world much smaller... Although his papers couldn't be processed for practice.. Still he is great for all
The present is there's. The future for I really worked is mine.

So glad he is recognized for his genius
It hard to compare tesla to Einstein or Hawking. Tesla with what he had to work with attained an understanding of electricity that was so far ahead of his peers that even today we don't fully get it. A lot of what he said still seems like madness but every few years it turns out another thing he said was right. He is most likely one of the best alien glitch candidates on the basis of how else could you explain this guy.
He was too unknown for his time, and people should use his genius more to draw his full potencial
[Newest]Undeniably the greatest scientific mind that has ever graced the surface of the earth. Too bad his scientific explorations were during the Edison era

2Albert Einstein
The photoelectric electric effect, relativity and the special theory of relativity, any one of his theories would have booked his name in the hall of fame of physics.
A German-Swiss Nobel laureate, the father of modern physics he received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics, the author of the special theory of relativity


Discovered the unlimited source of energy, and to his theory of the speed of light. We don't age if we run faster than the speed of light.
[Newest]Greatest mind, #1 and the best human.

3Leonardo da Vinci
I feel the Vinci had a mind with more practical applications for every day life. A mind more easily understood by the average man. Some of the others, think so broadly I am sure bits and pieces of all their theories will be disproved as we learn more and more about the universe. The Vinci's thoughts could be more easily adapted to & adopted but any generation.
Leonardo the Vinci as an artist, inventor and engineer among other things was truly and extraordinary mind. I don't think we will ever see a man that creatively intelligent and bright in this world. He is the creator and founder of so many useful products and theories, most of which he hasn't been credited for. I feel his history has been repressed and people forget about his true contributions to our modern day society and just label him as a painter without knowing that he was so much more.
He is he most curious person I know of, there is very little he did not look into. He worked with things like optics, geometry, painting, anatomy, engineering, mechanisms, and more. You can only be as smart as your curiosity allows you to.
[Newest]Tell me. who invented machine? Who invited the first flying object. He invented all of that. without machine I think our work will be slow. And the future, past and present will be the same. But I will considered him second greatest mind of all cause god (Jesus) is the most intelligent person in the whole universe

Greatest genius...
Dear solving an equation is simple
But giving a new number 0
Damn this man rocks!
One of the greatest minded person ever in life of universe.
According to me no one is as great as the great aryabhata

5Swami Vivekanand
Energized the youths of India... Most active person on earth at his times..
He combined the best of all major faiths via. ,Vedantic thoughts, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc and worked for real advancement of humanism.

6Isaac Newton
How in the world is newton ranked behind davinci, vivekanand, aryabhata, einstein and tesla? No doubt these five are among the greatest minds of human history, but newton invented the reflection telescope, discovered pretty much all of the fundamental properties of light, invented the calculus without any formal mathematics training, gave us the generalized binomial theorem in mathematics, laid down the fundamental 3 laws of motion governing physical bodies in the universe, and he invented the scientific method. this list is by no means comprehensive either, but the vast array and breadth of the scientific contributions attributed newton is beyond what I have time to list right now. to sum up, though, newton was profoundly instrumental in bringing humanity out of the dark ages, and if were not for his work in physics and mathematics, the industrial revolution, the rise of free enterprise with the division and specialization of labor in the mechanical process of industrial and post industrial production methods, and even the invention of computers and the internet would just flat out not exist.

Tesla did amazing things with electricity and discovered ac current. the vinci was a gifted artist, philosopher, and somewhat of the quintessential enlightenment thinker in his time. aryabhata was like the father of a very long line of important Indian mathematicians, and he wrote several influential papers on astronomy and mathematics in his time, even inventing entirely new numeric systems that we still use to this day. vivekanand was not the same sort of great mind of history as these other gentlemen, but he was and remains nevertheless influential and important in human history and modern times, but the beliefs he lived and his somewhat revolutionary philosophical views did not impact humanity the way newton has. it's not even the same level or playing field. finally, einstein was like a prophet of science, and he was always a maverick, which is why he has risen to the level of rockstardem in many modern peoples' conceptions. and to be sure, einstein's general relativity contradicts to a large extent newton's universal gravition, and einstein's work was given credence by the discovery of the binary pulsar during the latter half of the 20th century, but einsteins entire thought process was only possible within the framework of newtonian physics, and ultimately einstein just gave the world further insight into the nature of the fundamental force of gravity in the universe. of course, newton gave the world gravity.
Newton discovered a major part of Optics (mainly that white light is made out of rainbow colors... How does that work for the artist work? ). He discovered the Laws of Motion. He discovered Universal Gravitation. And then one day one of his friends comes up to him and ask "Why are the orbits of the planets elliptic and not circular? ", "I don't know... I'll come back to you in a few months" Newton said. A couple of months later Newton comes back to his friend "You see the elliptic orbits are sections of a cone cut in slices", "And how did you come up with that? " his friend asked. Newton answered "Oh I had to create Differential and Integral Calculus to do it". And then he turned 26! LMAO
Isaac Newton definitely should be number 1. Before Newton science virtually didn't exist. His intelligence seems to have been super human. Which is probably more than you can say about any of the other geniuses listed here.

Second or third, Archimedes or Einstein.
[Newest]It is written SIR Isaac Newton!

Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer, he is regarded as one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity


Archimedes is the best in my opinion. Even for his time, such inventions and mathematics reshaped the world of knowledge. Better than any other mind. imagine before christ and you found much before any other great mind which is why this man should be praised.
This list is certainly laughable, but if it to include those outside of the realm of science, it should certainly include military and political strategists, and philosophers. From the Ancient Greek world there's none before Aristotle.

8Sigmund Freud
We can't understand the world before understanding ourselves.
One of the greatest minds in Psychology.
NOT greatest mind.. Just a closet pedophile.
Psychology is NOT science.

9Stephen Hawking
Stephen hawking is easily the greatist human mind the earth has ever seen to date. Don't get me wrong there are many others that shaped the world we know, but he is current on the leading edge of what's really going on out there. He's proved that for example some of einestiens equations and theories don't fully apply to the grand scheme of things. Yea they work very well for what the earth has used them for for years. But Stephen has found the existence of a world (figuratively speaking) that when you apply Einsteins equations, they become erratic and fall apart. Stephens theories are so far beyond anything anybody has yet to even imagine. He will most likely be the greatist mind this earth will ever see. ( and he won't be succesed only because "some" currently "unknown" source will be the cause of the human race won't survive long enough for a successor to emerge) he probably couldn't have done it without the many others before him but he understands so much more beyond what any of them would even be able to comprehend. Example put newton, einestien, and any of them in the same room as him today. Who would lead and who would listen? Einestien would be the only one who would even be able to keep up, they would work well together but Stephen would clearly be the mentor. Do the research, Stephen is light years ahead of where any of them even dreamed of leaving off.
Stephen Hawking is the greatest mind the planet has ever been blessed with and we it's had a few.
NOT greatest mind…because he believes in big bang, and does not understand the unifying theory of pico particles
[Newest]Greatest mind next 2 Einstein.

10Charles Darwin
He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestry, and proposed the scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution


Challenged religion methodically and laid the foundations for medicine and biology. The theory of evolution by natural selection is easily one of the most fundamental principles in science and has stood the test of time despite the vitrol which is constantly flung in its way.
He had the courage to pursue truth in the face of overwhelming dogma.

The Contenders

11Galileo Galilei
Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution. His achievements include improvements to the telescope and consequent astronomical observations


The man that changed the history

13Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
Absolutely right, he is the greatest person India has. His work might have contributed a little to the world (because of Indian situations at that time), but India witnessed his greatness since independence and will.
He was truly a master in all fields from philosophy, to law, to anthropology, to social sciences, no field which he was a master & that is great feat in one lifetime.
He is one of the grat and brilliant people in the world and specially India

14John Calvin

15Karl Marx

16Robert Bunsen

17Henry Ford

18Friedrich Nietzsche

19Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins is one of the greatest voices of one of the worlds most hated group of people, atheist. He inspires us to look at things logically. He also has helped to spread ideas in biology, specifically genetics and evolution.

20Jimi Hendrix
Absolute one of thegreatest minds of all time.

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