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1 Death

Why death? Are you not afraid of problems? Everyday you wake up and got to do your job like always. You worry that you might encounter a worst problem in life that would make you suffer a lot like, not eating food everyday, not having a descent house, not having a job to gain money, and being thirsty everyday. If your dead, what would you worry?

One of the worlds biggest mystery, even with trillions of people witnessing it. What is it like after death? Darkness? Spending the rest of your life as a ghost? Maybe being reborn in a different world? You can only find out when you die. But you won't be able to tell anyone what it is after death.

When you are young, death is obviously a scary thing. You have a life ahead of you. You don't want to die, you don't want to go into nothingness, because you don't know what it will bring. But when you are old, death can be a relief, an endless stress-less sleep. The older you get, the less afraid of death you are.

I'm not scared of death, I am excited to see what my next life brings, but I'm scared of what will bring me death. Having to wait for 2-4 minutes before drowning, choking, etc. Having to feel a searing pain while being smashed against the ground, stabbed by a knife... Wow, I really do have fears!

2 The Dark

Being afraid of the dark is pretty meaningless, as you are just viewing things from your everyday life from a different perspective, but I understand why this is a common and enormous phobia. Just like being afraid of death, the real thing that these people fear is the unknown. What will happen to me when I die? What is that dark shape in the doorway I can't see? Does space go on forever? These are some of life's unanswered questions. That is why people fear them, as there is no explanation for them, and it is so hard to understand. Being afraid of the dark is a bit weird though, and while I have been afraid of death at times in my life I have never experienced this because while it may seem like the shape in the doorway is something you don't understand, there is actually a logical explanation to it. Remember that.

People are afraid of the dark for the same reason they are afraid of death, we don't know very much about what lies in/after it. When you don't know what to expect, you lose your sense of control. Two reasons I am never going to look outside my window at night : 5% scared of the dark 95% scared I'll see a face looking back at me. When you lose your sense of control, there is no obvious threat, so you mind creates one. Your mind naturally comes up with the worst possible scenario to avoid putting you in danger.

The dark is scary because most people are afraid of what is lurking around and what can happen like a creepy guy tries to kill you, you bump your head or any body part, you get bitten by creepy bugs that can give you viruses, or etc. so not many people are afraid of the dark itself it is what lurks around so always bring a flash light or a device that can illuminate the path so you know what is happenning and where you are going

I used to have to sleep with the lights on till, I finally got over that and turned the lights off, but I'm still afraid. I'm afraid the lights will be off, I'll be asleep and a robber will come through my window. I'm pathetic. I'm also scared of death though.

3 Being Sexually Assaulted

I for one, have this as my biggest fear, simply because it has already happened to me, I am a 16 year old girl, and at the age of 15 I was molested by a 42 year old man that happened to be my dad's so called "best friend" nobody should have to go through this, at all, no kids, teenagers, adults, nobody.

Death, darkness, being embarrassed... These will probably happen at one point anyway. Most of these are things are a fear of the unknown.
People who have been sexually assaulted are more afraid of it happening than those who haven't. The physical, emotional and spiritual damage WILL last the rest of your life even if you come to terms with it not to mention STIs, unwanted pregnancy, etc

My neighbor tried to molest me when I was five. They're only 2 years older than me. Also, anytime I see anyone who remotely looks like them I have a panic attack. Nobody deserves this. My second fear after this happening again is being stalked / looking out my window one night to see someone looking back.

The world is full of sick and evil people. Adults try to sexually assault children, especially tween and teenage girls. No one ever deserves to be sexually abused and assaulted, ever.

4 Not Going to Heaven

The afterlife might not be as scary as most people think. In my opinion, people are not sentenced to heaven or hell. I think people just end up in either heaven or hell based on how close they are to God, how sorry they are for their sins, and whether they accept God's love. If they let sin overpower them so much that it tears them away from God, then they may end up in hell. If they accept the fact that they are sinners and try hard to move closer to God and away from sin, then they may end up in heaven. Besides, I think hell is more of a state people go into as a result of rejecting God than an actual place. If God is a merciful, loving father-figure who never stops forgiving humanity for its sins, why would he willfully send someone to hell?

Do you know how many nights I've stayed up crying in bed because I'm thinking about not going to Heaven? I don't want to spend forever burning or dying over and over or being face to face with the Devil. I know I shouldn't be, that I should be focused on God and Heaven, but I'm not. I'm thinking of all my sins and being pulled down to Hell, while my family and friends forget about me in Heaven.

One day, you died with every single one of your enemies, friends, and family. All of your enemies went straight up to heaven, and you try to as well, but not before Satan grabs a hold of you. As you are begging for help, all of your friends and family, have suddenly turned against you. They each remembered every bad thing you did to them. One of them says, "We're not helping you escape you frick, and you deserve to go to hell, for what you did to us, sneezing on me that one time on accident, and forgetting to give me a present for Christmas." They all leave you behind, as all your friends, family, and enemies spend their fun time in heaven, while you suffer torment for eternity. As being dragged down, while they walk up, you yell "TRAITORS! HOW COULD YOU! (Dolphin Chirp) YOU! NNOOO! ". You have lost, as everyone else has made it to heaven, while you're here all alone, because you did one bad thing.

I've actually heard a few stories of people who had a near-death moment and "almost went to Hell." The weird thing is, all the descriptions seem different. One guy described it as the old-fashioned Fire-is-everywhere type Hell, but then another person described it as, "A Land of Forever Loneliness;" I's just an endless stretch of flat land, and the should trapped there endlessly wander...and they can't communicate in any way. there...multiple Hells or something?

5 The Unknown

I will admit I am fascinated by the unknown. I have so many questions that I wish were answered, like: Are there really aliens at Area 51? What is beyond the outer space we already know? What is the government hiding from us, and why? What really happens after you die? What was that weird creature in that vlog I saw? I've always been intrigued by this kind of stuff. But after thinking about it for a while, it starts to make me wonder if there is a reason why we don't know. Let's say if the government was really hiding something from us, why would they be? What would happen if we knew? Something bad? But that's just one version of it, really. This fear can vary from hearing a noise when your home alone and thinking "What the hell was that?!" to "Where do we go when we die?" This fear never really scared me, but I can definitely see how it can be scary to some people.

Even if you are biologically dead and you feel nothingness, the nothingness itself still a feeling and that makes you feel alive. What really makes people dead is when they are forgotten or their existence is erased, yet the most scariest thing is the unknown of what will happen and what will it cause. Like, thinking about how will you die is scarier than how death feels like. The unknown also will squirm inside our head with 'What if?', which are uncountable possibilities...

Everyone has a fear of the unknown, there are things that are figments of the imagination. Only if you go closer and are trapped in the middle of the unknown. Does true terror strike like none before or after. Its pretty game over if you go to the wrong unknown.
Never test the unknown that is meant to do one harm only foolish people have learned this one time and time and time again! Examples of the unknown are forbidden places, personal relationships, sudden fortune or misfortune, otherly world experiences and similiar fates!

This should be in the top ten. Mostly people are only scared of the dark because what might come out is unknown. It's simply a terrifying thing, as you have no control or power over what happens. Therefore, people tend to be scared of things like the dark or their future because it is all unknown.

6 Loved Ones Dying

If death didn't exist, hitler and like, a million other serial killers would still be alive. There is one question that no one can ever decide from... would you rather know WHEN you died, or HOW you died?

That is so sad! My mom's sister and mom had a baby die once, and one of my great grandpas died from cancer. Plus, someone I sort of knew who was mental at my school died from stroke. Why must death exist?

This is way more hard hitting and scared than you think. A loved one dying has an incredible impact on your life. If you really loved your loved one, this leaves never healing wounds

I feel bad and sad for everyone who had someone who they loved died. I know this may seem strange, BUt when my cat Oscar died, I cried heaps and heaps.

7 Being Embarrassed

Ah yes, this reminds me of an interesting story. there are many days in my life, and there are few that are more memorable than this. so I was at a rather large hotel, but the T.V. 's had only one channel. So I was watching a film about some rugby players being stranded in Antarctica after there plane crashed, and so I thought to my self "hey, rugby players are awfull at survival! They're all just a bunch of cowards! " unfortunately, I realised this was not a thought, but a shout, and not only that, but my door was open. I was also afraid by the fact that the loud music from downstairs had Stopped, and that they were celebrating there most recent win in, you guest it, rugby. so since I was terrified by the shouting from them, trying to find out who said it, I hid under my bed and I was under there for so long I fell asleep. I never stayed at a premier inn again, and probably never will.

I would rather get socked in the eye rather than be embarrassed. People laugh at me a lot, but then I throw a punch, they start whining, I get in trouble, but then I get respect from other people because I stand up to the bully. But then I slip in a mud puddle or something stupid, and I feel bad. Worse then I ever feel getting punched in the gut. I remember being embarrassed after it happened, and that's the worse part of all. that's why I fear being embarrassed.

It depends on the situation. For example, I can shamelessly tell in public "There are 3 people who are sitting on the road - Me, A garbage cleaner and a beggar. Who would you Slap in the face and dump in the trash? Ans. Me".

Come on. Death? First? Nono, being embarrassed in front of a large group is much worse than death, believe me. You actually have to deal with it and live with it after (ironic, isn't it? )

8 Being Hurt by Someone You Love

I'm scared of loving, at all. I feel like when someone says he loves me, it's just a joke. Or if it is real, someday sometime, he's gonna get bored of me and leave. It's so scary investing feelings and growing so attached to that person that you may even forget yourself when you leave. Ick! scary!

She didn't hurt me on purpose (and I did get a little weird in my senior year), but damn. Disregard and disdain are as lethal as knives.

That's pretty sad. I have zero interest in dating, and this is one of the reasons why. I mean, your crush hating you sounds really bad.

Especially if she starts dating someone else and you haven't told her yet. It's also hurtful if you still have feelings for her.

9 Failing

Although death may be the end of our lives and that most of us don't want that to happen already, we all know that it will happen in the future. We all dislike failure. We feel annoyed and frightened when you didn't achieve your goal. Whether the failure was losing your team and feeling hated, working hard/ spending money for nothing, or losing a partner/failing him or her, we fear it more than death. We know we can stop it or not make it happen (unlike death), but we feel so horrible in making that mistake that changed your life/ or won't ever forget for all your life. This is the #1 fear human has.

If you fail in school, you feel terrible (Unless you're my brother, who doesn't care about a thing other then the next Minecraft battle). You redo the grade, get separated from your friends, treated like a baby, yelled at by your parents, shunned by your family.

I don't know about anyone but no scary movie can compare to what my dad will do if I fail... It's like digging my own grave.

The only reason why I'm scared of failing in my exams are because of my parents...

10 Pain

I can handle physical pain. What I'm really scared about is emotional pain. It's happened to me. I've had to cry for hours at end, all alone. Believe me, no one wants this to happen to them. It feels like death. All you want is death when it happens. It is death.
It's been really hard for me. Imagine people teasing you just because you like different things. Imagine that all you want is to be treated equally and for someone to love you, but you get hate instead. This is part of my everyday life. I blame my gym teacher. I'm just that bad at sports, okay? Leave me alone! You're embarrassing me.
Sorry, that last part was unnecessary. But it's just because I'm bullied for being bad at sports.

Honestly emotional pain effects me more than physical pain, but I kinda fear physical pain. I am scared of breaking a bone or spraining an ankle. It just seems so painful! But I do love to play sports, I just hope I don't break anything

Both physical and emotional hurt. I mean for one: Getting a serious injury and ending up in the ER is bad, and getting your feelings seriously hurt is also bad. I still think emotional is worse.

This is why I hate physical activity and rather to exercise on Beat Saber.

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11 Getting a Debilitating Injury

I was born with multiple eye conditions so I am partly blind. I can't have any surgery to fix it. I won't ever be able to drive, and my mom won't even support me in trying to train myself to read signs. I've been shoved down many staircases and bleachers. Went through depression. So I'm extremely scared of getting further disabled. Also, mom says she wants to look into signs of insomnia for me. Almost died in a car crash. Witnessed my step-dad (at the time) beat my mom with a hammer in front of my younger siblings. Been to 5 different schools in my life. And was threatened to be sent to Juvie by my mom. Sorry, none of you probably care anyway.

This is absolutely frightening, for example, a debilitating injury could change your life for the worse forever, exclude you from doing anything you like, this is something that nobody wants.

I would be scared to get permanently disabled because if I'm disabled I will get made fun of a lot. Also, depending on what the disability is and stuff, I might not be able to get a job.

I hate the fact that almost everyone in my college has hate against disabled people. I'm not handi-cap, but I sometimes feel how terrible it could be to have such a disability.

12 Disease

Especially when it's something like cancer or AIDS, you just feel that you are going to die. That's why you shouldn't use these diseases as an insult. Yeah, I might sound slightly sensitive here, but you gotta be aware of using diseases as an insult. In fact, just don't

Google "george carlin fear of germs" and watch the whole video, so true.

Some diseases like AIDS and Ebola are nearly unescapable.

Worst thing happening to anyone.

13 Clowns

The word Coulrophobia means a persistent and irrational fear of clowns. It possibly originates from Greek Kolon meaning stilt or stilt-walkers which are often used by clowns. The word clown might have even originated from Cloyne, Clod or Colonus- a rustic country bumpkin, farmer, yokel or someone who lacks common sense. they are the most scarest thing in the world I can't even look at them or I will passout

I absolutely hate clowns, but I'm not afraid of them. They literally wear weird clothes, face paint, and wigs. Plus they frighten people. Whoever invented clowns must not like kids.

Clowns have paint on their faces you have no idea who the crap they are. And like their red cheeks are the scariest. Ronald McDonald scared the crap out of me when I was younger...

Clowns at rodeos and circuses are not bad, but the ones that stalk you with a knife and peak through your window is scary.

14 Poverty

What so scary about not being rich? I think poverty is more scary. If you can afford a roof above your head (rented or paid for), food, and drink without being rich, consider that as a blessing.

It's always a heart-warming moment whenever you see someone donate their money to someone who is homeless.

15 Spiders

Since it's pretty much summer, I already had my first encounter with a spider this summer. I was walking into my room with a bowl of Cheetos, and since its summer and I was on edge, I was constantly looking out for spiders. So before I even got into the room, I did a little check. I saw one on the ceiling, and my first instinct was to THROW THE CHEETOS AT THE SPIDER. So I threw the Cheetos out of the bowl and they went to hit the spider. I then immediately closed the door, and waited a couple hours looking around every five minutes in the living room until someone came home. Thankfully, someone did (I am living with other people) and I got them to kill it for me.
Then they asked why the Cheetos where all over the place.

Spiders are the scariest things ever! Last year (In fourth grade) I went on a field trip with my P.A.C. (Program for academic challenge) friends, and we were going on a nature walk. We were picking things off the trail, and putting them in little containers so we could look at them through microscopes. So, my friend Emma (Who like isn't afraid of anything) picks up this spider, and wants me to hold the container open so she could put it in. I thought she might just leave it because I was obviously like 'no way! ' but she didn't. She found someone else, and got the spider in the container. Then, when we got back from our 'nature walk' we got microscopes. Emma put the spider under the microscope, and for some reason, I was brave enough to look at it. IT TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT. There were huge eyes, so many legs, and it was hairy! The spider even blinked! It was the scariest thing I've ever seen. (Sorry my story was kind of long)

I had a dream last night. Scary as hell. I mean, the spiders' asses were the size of an ashtray or like, a plate! I was scared to death. But, nonetheless, I woke up and saw online that this meant I am a dominant female figure, or motherly. Something like that. But, I still get scared if I see a giant spider in my room...

I have been scared of spiders for as long as I can remember! It got to a breaking point when my cousin tricked me that there were such things as invisible spiders which can kill you. I spent the night sleeping with my grandparents. I was only seven at the time. Now I cry at the sight of spiders. (But I now know better than to believe that there are invisible spiders.)

16 Angry Parents

I'm super scared of my parents grounding me!

You don't want to see my mom get mad...

Every kid's nightmare isn't it?

17 Asteroid Hitting the Earth

In 2029, an asteroid the size of a tennis ball will hit earth. It will hit Australia and killing a 17 year old. Hopefully It isn't me.

I'm scared when it's really going to happen. We just never know if it will really ever happpen somewhere in the future.

18 Being Left

I still have dreams of being left or lost... not sure why but during my travels I tend to be careful not to loose travelling companion

Your parents forgetting you exist, not knowing where you are, frightened, forgotten, lost.

I can't be alone

19 Insects

Cockroaches terrify me so much. I saw one flying around and I fainted. When I woke up it was on my stomach. I don't honestly know what happened but a kind of bloodlust came over me and I squeezed it while its bug juices squirted all over me then I woke up in t he hospital because I had fainted. cockroaches can do a lot to me!

Kids call me retarded for not brushing off house spiders. Actually sliders rarely bite Pepe unless they feel threatened. Nobody can call me stupid for not killing an animal who's just trying to get by. I am a weird kid because I love anything that freaks people out.

I went to someone's house for a birthday party and it was FULL of roaches. Plus the house was old and disgusting. It's like the family didn't even give a crap about cleaning.

I'm really afraid of these things. Even worse, when people are talking about them! That causes my ANXIETY. So yea, creepy crawlers just bug me.

20 Puberty

Pimples. I don't have any. (YAY) but my friend has a lot and said she got them when she was twelve. So far her past has predicted my life- size, period. so I'm super scared of what comes next.

Let me grab some newspaper for the restroom. What the flip? Where the fudge this blood come from?

I can't wait for my periods! I took a quiz and if it's right, My periods will be coming in about 5 months!

Acne, sucks. I got my period last period, it sucks.
Hey let's look at the good side, bigger bust, more guys.
K sorry.

21 Earthquakes

The big one that will destroy California has to come yet. It's just a matter of time.

These literally wipe out animals, people, and towns.

These destroy everything

We have seen in 2005

22 War

This should be first... Currently Death is first place but isn't War what causes so many deaths in this current world? I believe it must be the most hurtful, most unfair and scariest way to die and live.

War is one of the scariest and most awful things ever. People die in brutally ways.

You would have to be hiding under a bunker or a cupboard for a few hours too.

I heard North Korea is threatening Guam with missiles. World war 3 is nigh!

23 Other People

Humans are the scariest thing on Earth. Pretty much anyone could kill you in a hundred ways at any given moment because they feel like it. Humans are capable of a lot of horrible things.

Its terrifying I wont even watch a trailer for one! I made that one mistake of watching a trailer for one...I had lots of nightmares...

I have lost all faith in humanity...

That's why now I fear them...
Humans...why do you have to be so cruel now days?
Last time there was no racism, feminists, LGBTs, memes, Gore horror movies
And horrifying 5-year olds which ruin every single game we love...

I don't like people. I would rather read than interact with another human.

24 Snakes Snakes are elongated, limbless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Like all other squamates, snakes are ectothermic, amniote vertebrates covered in overlapping scales. Many species of snakes have skulls with several more joints than their lizard ancestors, enabling them to swallow prey much larger than their heads (cranial kinesis). To accommodate their narrow bodies, snakes' paired organs (such as kidneys) appear one in front of the other instead of side by side, and most have only one functional lung. Some species retain a pelvic girdle with a pair of vestigial claws on either side of the cloaca. Lizards have evolved elongate bodies without limbs or with greatly reduced limbs more.

I actually got a chance to observe a snake when I was little because I found in it my house, but I was a coward back then, and I made my family kill that little guy. I don't think I'm gonna get another chance...

There kinda cool in my opinion, but I understand how people could be scared of them. Kinda like spiders, some people think there cool, some people would like to rip their heads off.

Some are poisonous and cause a painful death... Avoiding them is just natural instinct!

They look cool, but wait until you see one in real life very close to you. Like a king cobra.

25 Being Physically Tortured

Now this is scary. This can traumatize your life forever. Just thinking about it scares me. How isn't this higher? If you have a fear of the dark, you must know this is scarier. Ugh, don't even wanna think how much this hurts, physically and mentally

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