Top 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs

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The Top Ten

Putting T-Rex in 1st place is ridiculous. T-Rex had tiny arms, so the only way they were able to catch prey was with their teeth. Scientist have thought that T-Rex was a scavenger because of that.

Spinosarus was the biggest of all the meat eating dinosaurs and it was also the deadliest. And the second biggest one, Carcharodontosaurus is missing from this list.
Spinosaurus is the biggest of all carnivorous dinosaur. It weighed about 3 buses. Spinosaurus is a fish eater sometimes eat meat.
It was bigger than all of the other dinosaurs on this list. The only reason why Utahraptors could bet it is because they hunt in packs. And Megalodons were fish not dinosaurs!
[Newest]Agree T-rex have tiny arms but Spinosaurus have arms large enough for slashing or scratching prey and its mouth is big not the big big but the long big
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I think T-Rex hast to be the best. Its probably bin the best known dinosaur out of the whole world.
Dude about 82% of his diet had armor, horns and could run way faster then him not including sauropods.
the most strongest dinosaur in the universe, The King Of Tyrant Lizards: "Tyrannosaurus Rex". What a materpiece it was in his time... If we compare with Spinosaurus, that dino is nothing in front of T-Rex but when we talk about Giganotosaurus there is a 50:50 or can be stronger or the same. But others don't come in the league...
Strongest dino jaws, muscular, pretty smart, and deadly as hell
[Newest]Spinosaurus may have been longer but Tyrannosaurus had a bite force of 57,000 Newtons, was smarter, possibly heavier and used modern predator features. If Spinosaurus was deadlier than why is Tyrannosaurus known as the "King of Dinosaurs? "
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Giganotosaurus is a giant carnivore in south america. This killer weighs 7 tonnes and lengths about 48 feet
It's larger than a T-rex, fiercer than a Spinosaurus, and ate sauropods, unlike the others mentioned which ate small prey.
It is a 43 feet beast and 13tons in weight. It can take down a full grown argentinosour. I think it is the real king of all dinosaor
[Newest]Definitely Giganotosaurus. This thing is bigger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex and more built for killing than a Spinosaurus. This thing is the ultimate predator!

Very lethal. This dinosaur is actually more comparable to the raptors in Jurassic Park. This is a killing machine.
You just can't be unafraid of those claws.
This guy is ' nuts! He weighs almost a ton, he's 18 feet long, he's got 15 inch sickle claws on each foot, he's like a huge velociraptor, he's UTAHRAPTOR!
[Newest]VEry lethal and great jumpers
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Had a slightly darker look compare to the T-Rex and other bigger carnivores. It also had smaller arms such as the T-Rex, although having bigger arms gave it the ability to move better and have slightly better balance. It existed in the mid-end Cretaceous period.
Interesting reptile. Similar in fact longer than the Tyrannosaurus. Was commonly found in the North Africa and South American region.
It's the best and strongest dino ever and was commonly found in the North American and South American region...

Megalodon should be number 1 because his bite is 18 tonnes, his size is 50 ft, he hunts killer giant whales and has very keen senses
You guys are wrong spinosaurus can beat this guy because its diet consists of fish right.
Megalodon... makes me sick... Seriously though, people need to look up their information, anyone who says Megalodon is over 55 feet in length need to read a book and not watch a fake documentary made for Shark Week. Sure, it had the strongest bite force of any predator (not counting planktivores), but that's really what most people know about it. A reasonable length for it is 35-50 feet, any larger and it'd have one of the smallest teeth to body ratios of any shark (think baby teeth on an adult). By no means would it be above Predator X. or Mosasaurus, those are ancient predators who reshaped their respective ecosystems due to their fierceness. Also, Megalodon isn't a dinosaur, I guess some people might consider a dinosaur 'something prehistoric, ' but I don't consider one celled bacteria dinosaurs.
[Newest]#1 in my opinion, but Megalodon and Spinosaurus are in a way, equal

Massive and smart enough to fight in packs.
It took down prey twice the size of tyrannosaurus rex
I think the allosaurus is dangerous from the speed of one and it's jaws and when they fight they roar louder then they do when there standing
Smarter and faster plus more stealthy then t rex.
[Newest]He was large and pretty fast. He was the terror of the Jurassic! They also hunted in packs to bring down so roods! He should be in the top 5

A dinosaur with a pair of huge sickle claws on each foot
Everybody knows these things can open doors and when coupled with the fact that they are all Jehovah's witnesses it can get pretty scary. When I was out in the jungle I caught one staring at me... I could tell she was thinking and working things out... So I ran into my hut and the next thing I know, the door handle moves and the door swings open! The raptor just stood there and said "Have you found Jesus"? I haven't stopped screaming since.
A six foot long monster
[Newest]Why are you so inaccurate in the Jurassic park and world movie your small not 6 foot

This Dino was 40 feet long, weighs 3 tons, hunted in packs and had powerful legs and tail
It was bigger than T REX

Its a big walking, breathing prehistoric tank!
Have you guys seen how powerful this guy is withe his clubed tail he can wack a t rex's leg and the t rex would be left in mercy of other dinosaurs.
Ankylosaurus should mean armoured lizard as its back and tail are full of deadly armoured plates. At the end of its tail was a thick tail club. A big predatory dinosaur like T-Rex would haye been lucky to of survived if it gets clubbed.
[Newest]This dinosaur had a armored body

The Contenders

This guy is an Asian t rex and can beat ceratosaurus and daspletosaurus.
Tarbosaurus is the second biggest member of the tyrannosaur family which includes tyrannosaurus rex.
There teeth are razor sharp and can cut through 2 meters of skin
[Newest]Lol awesome movie better than T. Rex

Liopleurodon is the biggest carnivorous animal ever to lived on the earth. It weighed 6 times bigger than T. Rex and lengths about 95 feet long. Each of its flippers were 10 feet long. It have teeth longer than a sword.
Why is this Dino not in the top ten it is so dangerous
This mosasaur can even defeat the megalodon

This is the critter passed off as a Velociraptor in Jurasic Park, 150 lbs fast and inteligent and hunting packs. And that sickle front tow nail. Velociraptors were only about 6 ft long and weighed less than 70 lbs.
Two words, JURASSIC and PARK
This creature is stealthy fast stealthy and intelligent which makes it a formidable predator.They hunt in packs usually in numbers to 1-5.It has razor sharp claws which the use for hunting. Its sharp claws dig into the skin like blades and can almost claw inwards 180 degrees.
[Newest]These guys were wicked awesome! I'd hate to meet one of them in a dark alley!

One of the biggest and strongest carnivores in the world has to be in the top ten it is also the same size as the mighty tyrannosaurus rex so guys look out for this dinosaur because it is extreme
Its even bigger and deadlier than Allosaurus
I think it should be #4

Come on it can kill a t-rex with the spikes and scales

even two allosaurs can't kill a stegosaur but a herd of stegasaurs even 5 allousaurs can't beat
No one beats this Dino! It could individually kill packs of anything including tyrannosaurus!
Stegosaurus is my faverete herbivore dinosaur put him in 2nd

It Is The Second Largest Carnivore In North America It Weighs 5.5 Tons And Is 39 Feet Long!

Smart. But sometimes I wonder why most dinosaurs weren't very smart.
This thing could beat up everything else on the list in a snap! It should be first!


[Newest]Smart. Toe Claw. Fast. Enough said.

A close cousin to the trex. Hunted in packs. Is part of the 'Tyrannosaur' family. Need I say more?
The t-Rex is onle 20 feet bigger and the Albertosaurus hunts in pacts and 4 of those vs a t-Rex or any other dinosaur a albertosaurus will win
Because that's my name

This is an extremely dangerous dinosaur. It should be on top of the list. A Torvosaurus could kill a Allosaurus. It probably could take down gigantic dinosaurs like Dimerosaurus. (A Portuguese sauropod) It would have killed other predators like Allosaurus or Ornitholestes.
It should be in the top 10 in 2nd in my opinion
Sharp horn that charge at predators. It a plant-eater

It is 26 feet long and 200 pounds. It a successful hunter and more dangerous than t rex. Don't say anything until you know about it. I hope you will go with me. That's all.

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