Best Songs of 2014


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La Vie En Rose - Jumaane Smith
One of the world's premier young vocalists, Jackie Evancho, in combination with the musicality of veteran Jumaane Smith, make this great old standard sound fresh.
Loved it! Maybe a whole new genre for Jackie? She has the lower, warm, rich tones that could embrace more than just Classical Crossover. Diana Krall the second?

Jackie is a phenom in so many different ways. I hope she enjoys school, but gives a few concerts a year and keeps recording. Can't wait for her PBS special.

Truly one of a kind. Can't get enough.
An amazing performance by both the 21st Century's finest new singing voice, and one of the truly great trumpeters in the music world.
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This song is so upbeat and HAPPY but it was a close call between say something
This song is so upbeat by Pharrel Williams it is incredible amazing everything you want in a song I'm in love💖ðŸ˜"😍😍😍
I love pharrel Williams and his songs for despicable me 1and 2ðŸ˜"😃😜💖
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3Can't Remember to Forget You - Shakira
I have never heard the song but the cover is horrible
Awesome I love rihanna and shakira
Best song so far, really catchy


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4Say Something - A Great Big World
Love it best song ever
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5Dark Horse - Katy Perry
Great song why has can't remember to forget you got 53 percent of the votes it is not the best of 2014
I love this song go Katy Perry!
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6Pompeii - Bastille
I can't believe how good this song is. It is amazing, and it should really be higher. WHY IS HAPPY NUMBER 3 ON THIS LIST ANYWAYS?
Come on guys, This isn't fair to this song lying down at number 9. I think its best after dark horse...
17? Come on seriously. Dark Horse is the only other song I like on this list.
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7All of Me - John Legend
It's so beautifuull :)
I've never heard such a beautiful song in many years... his voice, the piano, the video... this combination makes this the most beautiful song EVER!
It should top this list, you all will agree with me after hearing this song


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8Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo
The best song that I've ever heard from him! I love the rapping part with 2 chainz it's so god and I'm addicted to this song.. It played over a 200 times in just a week and that's a lot for me
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9Classic - MKTO
When ever this is on the radio I sing it so loud and dance in my seat
I love this song so much! It's adorable and catchy! Plus the fact the radio hasn't played it religiously like the annoying songs above!
This song rocks hard
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10Rather Be - Clean Bandit
I can't believe this song is on here! 8D It's not even in the top 400 on iTunes in USA but it's #1 in UK...
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The Contenders

11Drunk In Love - Beyonce
Should be in the toptens... it is a billboard hit! The song is just fabulous.
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12Guilty All the Same - Linkin Park
It's only the matter of time when will this song take #1 spot.
Amazing song... Top ten for sure...
This song deserves to be in the First!
The new single of Linkin Park is awesome, simply amazing!
I like so much this song!


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13La la La - Naughty Boy & Sam Smith Listen to sample

14Money On My Mind - Sam Smith Listen to sample

15The Monster - Eminem Listen to sample

16Best Day of My Life - American Authors Listen to sample

17Red Lights - Tiesto Listen to sample

18I Got U - Duke Dumont & Jax Jones Listen to sample

19Same Girl - Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is a new judge on American Idol for Season 13!
Same Girl reminds me of her old good music from 1999-2003. She was very cool back then.J. lo should make more songs like this


20I'm a Freak - Enrique Iglesias Listen to sample

21The Man - Aloe Blacc

22Wizard - Martin Garrix Listen to sample

23Empire - Shakira
Shakira is gorgeous and this song is brilliant! Finally we see/hear a powerful ballad from her. The video is amazing too


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24High Hopes - Bruce Springsteen
Love this song! But you guys have to listen to the song Love is War by American Young
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25How I Feel - Flo Rida Listen to sample

26And We Run - Within Temptation

27Hunter of Invisible Game - Bruce Springsteen Listen to sample

28Instant Crush - Daft Punk
I love this song. It's full of life. It should be way higher in the list.
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29Addicted to You - Avicii
I love this song. Avicii is my favorite
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30Wild Wild Love - Pitbull Ft G.R.L
Great song gotta listen to it
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31#SELFIE - The Chainsmokers Listen to sample

32G.U.Y - Lady Gaga Listen to sample

33360 - Impossible

34Na Na - Trey Songz
First Hip Hop song of 2014 and it's number 1 of 2014 so far in my opinion.
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35Crying for No Reason - Katy B Listen to sample

36Nasty - Pixie Lott

37Throw It Down - Dominique Young Unique

38Welcome to the Jungle - Neon Jungle

39The Saw Is the Law - Whitechapel Listen to sample

40Headlights - Eminem Listen to sample

41F**k Content ID - Dan Bull
Dan Bull is the video gaming Eminem.

42Love Me Again - John Newman Listen to sample

43Adore You - Miley Cyrus Listen to sample

44Into the Blue - Kylie Minogue Listen to sample

45TKO - Justin Timberlake Listen to sample

46Braveheart - Neon Jungle Listen to sample

47Air Balloon - Lily Allen

48Fancy - Iggy Azalea

49I Luh Ya Papi - Jennifer Lopez Listen to sample

50Ten Feet Tall - Afrojack

51Adrenalina - Wisin Feat. Ricky Martin & Jennifer Lopez Listen to sample

52Stay With Me - Sam Smith Listen to sample

53Hideaway - Kiesza

54Show Me - Kid Ink Listen to sample

55Rap God - Eminem Listen to sample

56Team - Lorde Listen to sample

57Legacy - Eminem Listen to sample

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