Best Songs of 2014


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The Top Ten

Guilty All the Same - Linkin Park
I by far love this song as well as all other Linkin Park songs! It starts off really slow and it's pretty suspenseful, but it is definitely worth the wait. Besides, who doesn't love the work that Linkin Park does, not only in their words, but in their other musical talents as well. Great song, it by far overtakes the others in my opinion. That may or may not be just because I love Linkin Park and Paramore, and other bands of such, but in my honest opinion considering I listen to everything and have heard all of the other songs on this list except for one, it's better than the others and deserves to be put at #1 to me.
It's only the matter of time when will this song take #1 spot.
That song by that "Uzbekistan" (he's Iranian actually) was released in 2013 though...
This song deserves to be in the First!
The new single of Linkin Park is awesome, simply amazing!
I like so much this song!


[Newest]It have to be no. 1

2All of Me - John Legend
It's so beautifuull :)
I've never heard such a beautiful song in many years... his voice, the piano, the video... these combinations makes this the most beautiful song EVER!
It should top this list, you all will agree with me after hearing this song!


Very Special to me it Helped me to remember I am HIS earthly Bride, to meet the goals HE has planned for me! It has helped me develope a much closer relationship with my Saviour! Thank You John and may God continue to richly bless you as you SING PRAISES TO HIS HOLY NAME! Numbers 6:24-26 I sing each Sunday at the end of service. I would LOVE to Hear a song from that one from you... Have fun with it LISTENING...
I love "All of Me" I cried just hearing it. It's beautiful lyrics about loving someone so much... After 2013, I thought I was done with Pop music. When I heard this song in my friend's car. I fell in love. I turn the radio on every day hoping to listen to this song. Thank you John, I love this song, and now I love you.
[Newest]I adore this song.

3La Vie En Rose - Jumaane Smith
One of the world's premier young vocalists, Jackie Evancho, in combination with the musicality of veteran Jumaane Smith, make this great old standard sound fresh.
Loved it! Maybe a whole new genre for Jackie? She has the lower, warm, rich tones that could embrace more than just Classical Crossover. Diana Krall the second?

Jackie is a phenom in so many different ways. I hope she enjoys school, but gives a few concerts a year and keeps recording. Can't wait for her PBS special.

Truly one of a kind. Can't get enough.
An amazing performance by both the 21st Century's finest new singing voice, and one of the truly great trumpeters in the music world.
[Newest]Jumaane and Jackie breath new life into this traditional post-war French number, even better in some ways than Edith Piaf's melancholy original.

4Chandelier - Sia
How could no one notice this song! This made not be a pop genre song, but Sia's voice is so powerful and unique. Her voice could also been recognize in many #1 hits like Titanium.
By the way, the music video is also unique and great!


This song will forever be one of my favorite songs ever written. It's... A masterpiece. Sia is an incredible artist with one of the best voices I have ever heard, and a genius with song writing. It's the first time in a while where I felt like somebody was making something meaningful and from the heart. The fact that Sia wrote a song about her life with such a controversial message about addiction to alcohol, depression, and suicide blows me away. Her vocals on this song are top notch and just SOAR. They are soothing and powerful, while having this echoing, spine tingling feel. It's amazing how this song has a dark and sad undertone, but still has a factor that's uplifting, and speaks to people (Like me). The lyrics pull you in and I never get tired of hearing them. Everything lyric is either meaningful, uplifting, or is just extremely interesting to hear. Unlike a lot of songs from this year (*Cough Turn Down For What, Talk Dirty to me and #Selfie Cough*) That would be absolutely nothing without the beat, this songs beat is fun to listen too, but doesn't distract from the actual song, and I could listen to it with no problems without the background music, because Sia's songwriting skills and singing is that good. Also, there s one key thing about this song that I haven't mentioned yet, that help make it so wonderful: The music video. Yes, it deserves all the praise it gets. No, it is not, "creepy dancing." The dance was beautifully choreographed to tell a story. Every movement in the music video had a purpose and it was wonderful. And let me say this: I am not a fan of Maddie Ziegler. I don't dislike her, but I will never be a fan of her. That being said, I think she danced astoundingly in the video. She played a character and nailed it. Overall I think this song was a masterpiece, both lyrically, vocally and artistically. This song and Sia deserve more love.
Perfect! Meaningful lyrics, that brings us a story of someone suffering from depression, but nobody sees it, once she hides herself by being a party girl. Alcohol and parties make her feel loved by her "friends" but when the night is over, she's alone and ashamed... rhythm, voice, melody... This song has everything!
[Newest]My favourite song. I have Heard this more than 1000 times

5Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
So so so so so so so so annoying blah blah blah shake it off blah blah blah shake it off
Ever since I heard this song, I felt so bad. I hated Taylor Swift so much, and then she released this, which I have to say, is probably the best song in 2014. I just thought Taylor Swift would never make a good song, and would always make breakup songs, but this... Is the masterpiece of 2014.
When I heard this song this makes me feel like I'm free to discover the world... This just means a lot to me because I have so many haters and fake friend I never really knew if I am alive today but then taylor changed my life not because of her awesome beauty but her talents and just like the song said "so the players gotta play, play, play and the haters gotta hate, hate, hate shake it off, shate it off",... And I'm proud to say that I am a SWIFTIE
[Newest]My Friends Sing It

6Pompeii - Bastille
Pompeii.. Well where do I start. Amazing vocals, so talented, instrumental is great, good looking :) ( because he is! ) and great song. Many times I sing this and now I see it is 9th what... No it can't be it needs at least to be 6th! Pop music is going down hill. Complaints about ex's, twerking, sexual abuse.. It can go on but this no this is amazing. Nothing of that list but everything good. Vote please and listen. Subscribe, like, favourite and share
I can't believe how good this song is. It is amazing, and it should really be higher. WHY IS HAPPY NUMBER 3 ON THIS LIST ANYWAYS?
This song makes you feel so relaxed and happy. Everyday when you listen to Pompeii you'll always feel like everyday is the best day of your life!
[Newest]This was from 2013

7Say Something - A Great Big World
This is amazing... I'm blown away and you will agree with me if you listen to it. Sure covers are good, but the original is damn good! Love it :3 <3 Truly remarkable and SHOULD not be down in 7th it is 1st to me and always will be. It makes me cry and I love it so much. The video.. Well it tears my heart apart. When the grandad lets go of his wife's hand.. This isn't about what modern 'pop' songs because they are just people complaining about their ex's! This is about love.. Of not letting go of your love and spirit. Many people WILL agree. My grandad had cancer when this was out... I loved him so much. The doctors gave him something which would either work or kill him.. And as I I write this I'm crying, but he survived and many do not! This song deserves 1st and it only go 4 percent what has happened to people's sense in music! WATCH, LIKE, FAVOURITE and SUBSCRIBE. This song has a meaning- a meaning so powerful it helps everyone over depression and it is DAMN good. Out of 100 I RATE IT 100 PERCENT!
Love it best song ever
[Newest]Great emotional song I love it

8Dark Horse - Katy Perry
This song is a mess, even for someone as artificial and talentless as Katy Perry. Watch Todd in the Shadows review on it so you can see how terrible it actually is.
You could forgive the chorus but the RAP? God that was one of the worst verses I've ever heard.


Great song why has can't remember to forget you got 53 percent of the votes it is not the best of 2014
As a Katy Perry fan, I must confess that her most successful fits are not her best songs... But this one is very nice, even though, but does not compare to "Choose Your Battles" or "Double Rainbow", the best songs of Prism album by far...
[Newest]This song is a famous in the world but has many other song famous song but the song dark horse top 10 and have a awarded, for me this it the best with me, not only this song with me and the best all song of Katy Perry and she is famous in the world and me

9Problem - Ariana Grande
I'm sorry, but this song sucks. Your's truly was a better album than My everything. Sorry ):
That's true. I only liked "Why Try" from My Everything, when I liked most of the songs on Yours Truly.
This chick is overrated.


She's still underrated. She's probably capable of having fame for 2 or more decades and replacing mariah carey once she retires
Why this song in 11! You know what's music?! Maybe you think it's better than "brother" song of Morten Harket? Or better than "Drunk Tonight" of Emilie De Forest? Or better than newest Pink Floyd Albums songs? Or better than "Into A Fantasy" of Alexander Rybak? Or better than Newest Lucy Hale Albums songs? Or better than Newest Birdy Albums songs? R you sure really?
[Newest]Am... My sister and I definitely like this song but when we are trying to sing it, we cannot sing the high pitch part

10Rather Be - Clean Bandit
Great song with great lyrics and sound. The mix of piano and violin add a different yet loveable sound to this song. A lot better than most of the tired out hoo-hah that's coming out every week.

Also, the commenter who thinks this disrespects women for wanting men is stupid because in the music video, the main singer is a lesbian.
It's a brilliant song and my mom had it for her wedding song that's why I love it well done clean bandit!
His mom could be remarrying someone, he has no reason to lie on this website
Um, excuse me but what is Rather Be doing here? It's way better than Happy, like SERIOUSLY.
I thought you meant that it shouldn't be here at first, and I was like, oh no you didn't!
[Newest]Brilliant - with an even more amazing video!

The Contenders

11Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson
Dang son, whenever I hear this its like my heart is pumping like it wants to be in this music video and meet the singer because this guy has done a great job MTV HITS 4th time reaching 1st in BEST SONGS he deserved this and now he deserves 1st come on people I even made a vote comment if you like and REALLY THINK THIS SHOULD BE 1st say this #FUNK4LYFE. thanks hope you liked it.3.


This deserves to be 279 numbers higher than it is right now! This song is the song of 2014 no doubt
How is Problem, Shake It Off, and Dark Horse in the top 10 and this isn't? How pathetic!
[Newest]Best song no matter what the people say

12Blank Space - Taylor Swift
Taylor, this is your way, beautiful and very nice, I love you, continue songs please
She must be if she ain't got no man her boo is not thirsty for her but her best friend he thirsty for
Can't believe it is not in the top ten! Those who haven't heard it, please give it a try.
[Newest]I love the way Taylor sang this

13Negarane Mani - Morteza Pashaei
The best morteza pashaii for every thing
This song is amazing... It shows the feeling of the singer"MORTEZA PASHAEI "about God... you should listen to it... Everything about this sing is good... Good lyrics.. Good mix... AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS "THE SPECIAL VOICE OF MORTEZA PASHAEI "
It's not about god. Once morteza said that he sang it to her mother
He is so lovely and humble
[Newest]He is so lovely

14Can't Remember to Forget You - Shakira
I have never heard the song but the cover is horrible
It is the best song on earth you should no that by now make it number one (and shakira is the best singer to)
I really love this song!
[Newest]Sounds like 2006! Love it!

15Animals - Maroon 5
This, I think needs to be much higher it's better than the crap that IS on there like Shake It Off or Problem


The video may be bad but the song is very good with absolutely great vocals and lyrics. Adam Levine has a great voice and Maroon 5 got the beat! I have played this song at least 500 times since it was released and is still not old


I'm in love with Adam Levine

16Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
This song Is just plain stupid. personally I hate it with a passion, sorry if you like it but I can't stand it!
A normal singer plus an overrated woman plus the worlds worst female rapper equals a very annoying overrated song
This is by Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande. It just says Ariana Grande! Oh well, still a good song, even if Ariana is the only one getting credit here.
[Newest]I Just Masturbate With Ariana :))))))))

17Stay With Me - Sam Smith
Why does everyone love"Fancy" anyways? This song is kind of underrated. I mean it has outstanding vocals and heartfelt emotion. This should be higher up.


Love this song so much! Has so much meaning and heartfelt lyrics<3 this artist has talent. !
I love Sam Smith. His voice is so real!
[Newest]It is an alright song. I mean I didn't really like the song at first glance and it is alright but not my fave

18Rap God - Eminem
This song is sick! Who else can rap like that?
God! He rapped so fast that I was like. Awesome!
Supersonic! Whats it doing at no. 87?
[Newest]I bet No One Can Rap Like That

19Fancy - Iggy Azalea
Worst song I've ever heard besides every other song that she made.


I hate this song but I can't stop listening to it please kill me, it's to catchy
You HAVE gotta be kidding me Right?...


I don't like this song but I wouldn't say that it's the worst song I've ever heard. I mean, take a chill pill. It's not completely intolerable or annoying. I just don't feel like hearing a song that's overplayed. And besides, why is everyone buzzing about Iggy? They act like they never heard of a female rapper before! Hello? Stop making Nicki Minaj feel bad!


It's Nikki Minaj, and she doesn't feel bad, look at her one of the most known and overrated people on Earth right now.


[Newest]Can someone fire Iggy

20Rude - Magic!
This song is great. This song is about a boy who goes to ask for a girl's hand in marriage whom he love, but her father refuses and that's why he says that why you gotta be so rude... FYI this song also has a daughters version as well as fathers version with different lyrics (a reply from their side)... you should really listen to it...
This song is one of the worst of the year! It's so stupid! What the heck is wrong with you people?!
I lOVE this music... Every time I listen, I cry... It's full of emotions... We all love you MORTEZA PASHAEI and your songs too... Forever
[Newest]My vote for Best of 2014. A lot of people hate on this, but it's just a damn masterpiece.

21Classic - MKTO
I love this song so much! It's adorable and catchy! Plus the fact the radio hasn't played it religiously like the annoying songs above!
When ever this is on the radio I sing it so loud and dance in my seat
It's catchy but if you pay attention to the lyrics they're saying how the girl is like other people and that she's classic and not original.
[Newest]A playful song. just love it!

22A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay
Coldplay is just so amazing. I agree their older work is better but still, Coldplay is just infinitely remarkable. I could say I love them a billion times and it wouldn't be enough.
Amazing, amazing, amazing... if I say thousand Amazing too, that would not prove to be enough to define how great this song is..


Underrated song. All these other songs need to step aside and show this song where first place is.
[Newest]The sure best song of all 2014

23Break Free - Ariana Grande
Honestly, this is not her best song, but the music video and the song itself are very original and creative. It may be a bit overrated, but ariana does a nice job hitting all the high notes.
Ariana has lost her originality with this song. As a result, I would listen to Yours Truly again than her next upcoming album.


This song is a bit annoying to me but she's great
[Newest]"Stripping in space" the newest trend thank you AG.

24Go Time - Jackie Evancho
Most versatile and beautiful voice of this generation!
A fun piece! Jackie sings anything well.
A real ear worm!

25Ain't It Fun - Paramore
Ain't it fun sing this song all day long
This song and Guilty All the Same are the best of this year, anaconda is the most overrated thing in 2014 with frozen
Its true you can't depend on your parents its your turn to live in the real world
[Newest]Great song, but wasn't this in 2013?

26Black Widow - Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea is completely fake in every way.
I don't like her! Ugh! I just love this song because of Rita Ora😻
This is an amazing song...

27Not a Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake is awesome and he is a great musician!
I honestly dislike this song, but what's my opinion against millions of others?
Better than any other song in this list...
[Newest]Don't act like it's a bad thing to fall in love with me

28With or Without You - Jackie Evancho
Woah woah woah... someone covered a U2 song? Why haven't I heard this before?
Covered perfectly with an orchestra behind her... Awakening Album

29Maps - Maroon 5
This amazing song should have been somewhere on the top... !
I'm going crazy about this song. This should be on number 1
Awesome song 🎶 by Maroon 5

30Centuries - Fall Out Boy
AMAZING SONG! I don't get why people say it isn't good. "I can't stop till the whole world konows my name". People keep saying that Fall Out Boy has changed, and I hate when they say that, because obviously they changed, everybody has to change. In my opinion, Fall Out Boy has always been AMAZING!
This song was released in late 2014 by a band who recently came back from their hiatus and has only begun to grow again, and it's come so far and made #1 on the charts. that's so amazing. I think fall out boy, after their break has a lot of potential now and maybe this is the start of a whole new adventure for fall out boy and their fans.
I'm not a big fan of Fall Out Boy, but this song is, in my opinion, their best one yet. I hope they continue to write songs such as this!
[Newest]The second best in 2014 after Maroon 5 : Animals. This song is very inspiring as it inspires a person to make "history"!

31Final Masquerade - Linkin Park
YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SONG! It should be number 1, it's a lot better than one direction.
Really sounds like a happy song with a sinking feeling. Matter of time to reach the top
Sure this song gonna be in top 5 soon
[Newest]There songs always lives up to the expectations. Again A good song from Linkin Park.

32Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo
The best song that I've ever heard from him! I love the rapping part with 2 chainz it's so god and I'm addicted to this song.. It played over a 200 times in just a week and that's a lot for me
Talk dirty to me! Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh talk dirty!
Jason Derulo sucks. Every one of his songs this year are terrible. Why do we need him? He, like Chris Brown, needs to go. Those that like him are complete idiots.
Hey hey hey! Hold it! HOLD IT! My friends aren't idiots! People aren't idiots because they like something!
[Newest]Jason is not very talented, not to be rude.

33You and I - One Direction
I sound dumb but was that cheryl cole
This song has best vocals from everyone and especially zayn's high notes are breath-taking! Love this song
There should be more One Direction on this list! At least Steal My Girl or Night Changes!
[Newest]Totally mad of 1direction...

34Team - Lorde
This song is amazing. Lorde is an incredible singer, I adore her.
This song will never get played out..
I actually respect lorde, she's different voice wise. N this song is great
[Newest]She is the best this song is the best ever

35Until It's Gone - Linkin Park
Amazing song! The lyrics are awesome!
This song is great go see Transformers:Age of Extinction to hear that song.
Very underrated song, should be higher!
[Newest]It should be in top 10. Great lyrics with great music.

36Yeki Hast - Morteza Pashaei
I love you morteza pashaei for ever!
His voice very very good
I love this track
[Newest]I love you forever morteza

37Made to Dream - Jackie Evancho
Very beautiful, very personal song from Jackie - with meaning for all of us.


Written for Jackie. On Jackie's awakening album. Will influence your thinking.

38The Man - Aloe Blacc
This song is so underrated but this is a great song
Can't even explain how much I love this song. How about, "LOVE IT!"


I love aloe blacc
[Newest]He's the man he's the man he's the man

39Empire - Shakira
Shakira is gorgeous and this song is brilliant! Finally we see/hear a powerful ballad from her. The video is amazing too


This song is so underrated. this is a great song. and why is this N.28 and problem by Ariana Grande N.7 on the list? This song is pure trash and overrated. Those two songs should switch places now
This a magnificent song
[Newest]It's a great song I love it

40Ten Feet Tall - Afrojack
I love this song it's the best song I ever herd
Just LOVE the song!
Why isn't this #1? This song is brilliant!
[Newest]It's a very good sing

41The Rains of Castamere - Jackie Evancho
Haunting... Can't get it out of my head.


Deep and dark, but so beautiful!
Hear it on Yahoo Music or YouTube. The higher quality download will be available on iTunes and June 10th.
[Newest]Great performance by the enchanting songstress.

42Bailando - Enrique Iglesias
Great song revealing the real Spanish nature of Enrique Iglesias. This song makes me wanna dance and sing every time I hear it!


It sounds like you are on a tropical island. It's awesome!


It's amazing it should be in the top ten I'm also from Spain so it's great.
[Newest]It's the best song

43Drunk In Love - Beyonce
Should be in the toptens... it is a billboard hit! The song is just fabulous.
This song is just unorganized lazy makes no sense off beat off key off everything annoying weird and unlistenable
I love that song it helps when I am sad

44Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande & The Weeknd
I hated Ariana Grande and all of her music until I heard this. The song is definitely one of the best of 2014 and I now like her as a result. It should definitely be higher than Problem.

45Open Fields Of Grace - Jackie Evancho
Written for Jacqueline Marie Evancho

46Painkiller - Three Days Grace
Great comeback from great band.

47G.U.Y. - Lady Gaga
I'm in charge like a G.U.Y.
This song may have been unsuccessful but damn, is it awesome!
I'll lay down face up this time

48Boom Clap - Charlie XCX
You spelt Charli XCX's name wrong it would be spelt Charlie but for some reason she spells it Charli
This song is the best last year. There isn't any swear words, totally appropriate 4 everyone and it has a good beat. My frenzy and I love this song. by the way it is Charli
There is more than one way to spell Charli

49Say Something - Jackie Evancho
Phenomenal duet with Cheyenne Jackson, taken from Jackie's THIRD T.V. concert special.
See the video recorded outdoors at the beautiful Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. It's on Jackie's VEVO YouTube channel.

50Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
One of the best songs of the year
This song should be put higher than it is now. 57?
Ed sheeran the best. 😉
[Newest]Ed sheeran is my life!

51Rebellion - Linkin Park
I can't believe that all about that bass is higher than this... This is a masterpiece
As a long time Linkin Park fan, this is one of the greatest songs they've ever made. I would call this the best song of 2014.
Oh come on It should be in top 10. The music is sick the lyrics are good. This song deserves better place.

52Same Girl - Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is a new judge on American Idol for Season 13!
Same Girl reminds me of her old good music from 1999-2003. She was very cool back then.J. lo should make more songs like this


This song is amazing. Queen
[Newest]I love jennifer lopez

53Headlights - Eminem
When I heard this song on the radio, I was touched. I thought it was about somebody dying because it's kind of sad, but my mom told me his mom had a disease and he wrote that song to thank her for looking after him. Touching, touching. Sad, yet happy because nobody died. 😅


Its great.. You know why? Because is Eminem.. Eminem who sing a song about what is good about his mother.. And Eminem who Apologies to his Mother.. that's why this song is great!
My favourite song from my favourite artist! He sang this song as a tribute to his mother. I sincerely suggest you to listen this song.

54I'm Not the Only One - Sam Smith
Beautiful! It needs to be put higher, put it higher!
All of his songs sound the same!


Sam Smith is god

55Best Day of My Life - American Authors
Evan though I'm a boy this song is awesome
... Why is your gender relevant to liking a song by an indie-pop group? How old are you?
Best song ever I love it so much!
One of three best indie rock song I've heard. The music Is so cool

56Fever - The Black Keys
Good song, Not their best. It's better than most of the crap on this list

57The Devil In I - Slipknot
Hmm lets see One Direction, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and IGGY AZALEA ahead of this Disasterpiece?! (pun intended) This song is one of the first songs Slipknot ever released in 6 years! They rose from the pit of a hiatus and we're still grieving for Paul and Joey left. So they came back to make one heck of an album dedicated to Paul and Joey.
This song is so good!
I can't believe this song isn't in the top 100 which is filled with crap which has been drowned in autotune. Apart from Linkin Park obviously because they are amazing!
That moment you find a song hardly anyone listens to these days! People really need to consider listening to something that's actually good. Not like Eminem or beyonce or whatever the hell people listen to nowadays. Maggot for life m/

58A Line In the Sand - Linkin Park
This number placement (49) is an embarrassment... This should be in the top ten
Awesome song... Can't blv its at 46... Come on it deserves to be in top 10

59Take Me There - Jackie Evancho

60She Looks So Perfect - 5 Seconds of Summer
If I don't care about the lyrics, it would an amazing song
They are so amazing because they are great singers and are an amazing band! This should be #1!
This song should be number one. % seconds of summer is amazing. There the best band ever!
[Newest]This is ridiculous they should be #1

61Don't - Ed Sheeran
About Ellie Goulding supposedly, a great beat and this should of been higher in top 10
Ed Sheeran is just the best.

620 to 100 (The Catch Up) - Drake
I like the Stephen curry shouout cause Stephen is my boo and will always be

63Magic - Coldplay
I absolutely love this song I love your taste and I absolutely love the song Lost in the Dream- War On Drugs
I love that song, such as the other ones from "Ghost Stories" album. However, this song has something special in it, it's really MAGIC!


Come on this is the best song it should be in top 5 position
[Newest]I like Coldplay a lot. And I like Magic a lot. But it's a pure rip-off of Muse's Madness. Lol

64Latch - Disclosure
Just love this song, Its got awesome rhythm and the vocals are just great.
This deserves to be in the top ten everyone knows this song, it was on every vine on earth.
Are you nuts or what? I think this has to be on the top. just listen to it once
[Newest]Great song, but this song is from 2012

65Blue Moon - Beck

66Take Me To Church - Hozier
This song is difficult to understand to those who don't understand loving someone so much that they'd lay down their lives for them, or those who would give up everything for someone else. As someone who does understand, though, I find this song to be moving. I hope it raises from 82, which is where it is as I type this.
This song is 1000 times more intelligent than all the rest of the talentless crap that has come out in this millennium combined. It is one of the best protest songs ever written, and the music video is amazing.
How could this be at 268? This is such an awesome song
[Newest]Surely lyrics of the year. Props to you, Mr Hozier! Very intelligent

67Show Me - Kid Ink

68Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo
I liked the remix one.
This is so catchy


69Detroit vs Everybody - Eminem
Eminem forever

70Fire and Fury - Skillet
I'm a massive skillet fan, I'm not sure why it's so low in the charts... ? What's the matter with everyone

71Nabze Ehsas - Morteza Pashaei
His voice, his personality and his talent in music is a head and shoulders above the others
I love your song morteza


This song is very good! ♥♥♥♥
[Newest]The best singer ever, no one can be like him.

72Turn Down for What - DJ Snake & Lil Jon
Awesome song but WEIRD music video!
Extremely catchy and good for Call of Duty! This should be #1!


Do you know how much I love dancing to this song? Love it!


[Newest]I love this song crazy but good

73Let It Go - The Last Sleepless City
This is just a stupid rock version of the original. Very weird. :(
This horrible song I hate the lyrics and I hate
Every thing about it

74Money On My Mind - Sam Smith
I got money on my mind I LOVE it sad no one else has commented I bet they will :]
It's so underrated and his best song


75Pretty Hurts - Beyonce'
This song is amazing and meaningful. Usually nowadays, she makes songs about drinking and surfboards. The types of songs you could dance and groove to. But this song is one you could sing at a talent show and win. This song is soulful and I love it.


I love this song and it has such a good meaning should be way higher than 61


For me one of her best songs. Actually I don't know why I don't like her music, but this song must be higer 96th place.


76Lazaretto - Jack White
High Ball Stepper is better but I really couldn't be bothered to scroll through all the crap on this list. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard follow closely with Angus and Julia Stone, Glass Animals, Schoolboy Q, San Cisco, #1 Dads, Jungle, Benjamin Booker and Chet Faker
This should be in like top 10 it is awesome

77Legacy - Eminem
I can relate to this song so much.
All I can say that I adore this song
Eminem rocks! Haters suck!


78Neverland - Demotional

79I Am Machine - Three Days Grace

80New Flame - Chris Brown

81Red Lights - Tiesto
Tiesto has lost his touch with this song. You've made a king of trance sound like One Direction. Should not be on this list. But there are worse songs that were released this year, that's granted.


We could just run them 'red lights'. Give it a listen. You'll love it. Trust me! Tiësto! This should be at Top 3!
This song is underrated and addictive!

82Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz
It's my favorite song till now thumbs up to this song
272? How? This song is great!
This song makes me feel that summer just started. TURN UP!
[Newest]It's my least favorite song I have no clue why it's here


83Back to the Shack - Weezer
I understand not in the top ten BUT NOT EVEN ON THE LIST? COME ON, THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER! This list IS A JOKE


84Come With Me Now - Kongos

85Day of the Dead - Hollywood Undead

86Roozhaye Sakht - Morteza Pashaei
I love you morteza
Your voice is soothing my hero
This song is the best... I love you... I love you... Please come back
[Newest]The best singer ever, no one can be like him.

87Think of Me - Jackie Evancho
From the upcoming album "Awakening", her new record label SONY Masterworks released a sneak preview of this as the single, and it is fantastic.
The story of this unethical action has been noted and documented.
It will become a part of internet history.
A Troll hacked into this poll and "froze" the song in this spot, then artificially placed their own favorites higher up.
Why are they so obsessed with doing this, and why are they so threatened?
Also, why does TTT and the owner of this list allow it?

88Your Love - Jackie Evancho
This should be on top!

89Counting Stars - OneRepublic
As much as this song was on the radio, I figured it would be higher.
WE'll be counting stars, man
@ #93? Wait n watch till it makes to top 10 and you don't need to wait to be @ #1...

90Na Na - Trey Songz
First Hip Hop song of 2014 and it's number 1 of 2014 so far in my opinion.
This song is great for the club!

91You're Mine (Eternal) - Mariah Carey
1. She hates nick cannon I love him so I hate her music

92The Heart Wants What It Wants - Selena Gomez
Every note of this song is computer-generated or auto-tuned, there is not a single "real" sound in it.
This is a beautiful song.


The tune to this song is amazing!

93Royals - Lorde
Decent song, the Al Yankovic parody was better.

94Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan
I adore Troye Sivan and his entire album speaks to me
This song is amazing, I can't believe it's so far down the list!

95Happy - Pharrell Williams
Love this song and uptown funk the rest bad bad bad
Presents the uncanny phenomenon of having a few minutes feel like at least four hours.
Minions make this a hit. BECAUSE I'M =-)

96Girls Chase Boys - Ingrid Michaelson
It's catchy and fun... I like it.
I love this song...

97Jealous - Nick Jonas
He jealous of the relationship between jb and sg aka Justin Bieber and selena Gomez but him and his boo got to be in love forever

98La La La (Brasil 2014) - Shakira
Love this song as much as soccer
That's great it should be in the top ten.

99Love Runs Out - OneRepublic
What why is this way behind this is great. My top 10 list of songs of 2014 and late 2013 1) Sky Full of Stars-Coldplay 2) This song 3) Counting Stars-OneRepublic 4) Love Me Again-John Newman 5) Rude-MAGIC! 6) Pompeii-Bastille 7) All of Me-John Legend 8) Stay With Me-Sam Smith 9) Summer-Calvin Harris 10) Best Day of My Life-American Authors.

100Instant Crush - Daft Punk
It's Daft Punk and Julian. It's from 2013, but whatever, it immediately gets my vote.
I love this song. It's full of life. It should be way higher in the list.
An amazing song. I love that synth.


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