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1 Vectors

Vectors, along with Euphemia, is a song that really deserved to be a single, but for some reason, never quite made it. It is pumped full of incredible guitar riffs and maintains a lively atmosphere for all five minutes. The instrumental at the end of the track is equally as good.

2 Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill

This song is arguably the best track on All the lights in the sky. It is powerfully driven from start to finish and supplemented by perfectly mastered electronic effects.

3 Euphemia

What really stands out about Euphemia is the synthesized accompaniment that features throughout various points of the track. Despite having a dull chorus, this song sounds amazing. It is powerfully driven, well balanced, and gripping all the way through.

4 All the Lights In the Sky

Definitely the softest song Area 11 have made yet, but in ways, it really suits them. Though originally it was part of Bosozoku Symphonic, the band later decided to break it down into its own track. They have recently given it its own Music Video too.

5 Shi No Barado

Shi No Barado is about as close as Area 11 have come to a love song. It is very pretty, balancing distorted guitars well with soft piano is not an easy task, yet Area 11 have mastered it very well. Although some of the lyrics may seem a little cheesy, overall it is generally quite good.

6 Knightmare / Frame

Knightmare/Frame is one of the darker songs on All the Lights In The Sky, yet it arguably features one of the best choruses on the album. Like the majority of the album's songs, it is driven powerfully and well mastered.

7 Go!! Fighting Action Power

Although it is disappointingly short and has a pretty unimaginative name, Go! Fighting Action Power is possibly the most lively and definitely the most fun song Area 11 have released yet. It is light-hearted but still manages to captivate the listener.

8 Dream & Reality

This song is a much lighter song than an awful lot of the tracks on All The Lights In The Sky, yet its powerful, alive chorus is what really makes it worthy of its place on this list.

9 Homunculus

A single released by Area 11 on May 1st, 2014, the song shows off a new sound not previously given by Area 11. Very guitar heavy and reminiscent of Sparkles* previous band, Ghost Cassette, fans were treated to a deep new track which many claim to be their new favorite.

10 Override [a]
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11 In the Blind

Amazing riffs, great lyrics, definitely my favorite Area 11 songs.

12 Cassandra, Pt. 2

It may not be Area 11's best song, but it is still worthy of a place on this list, even despite its poor vocals, the music sounds decent enough.

13 Tokyo House Party

Lyrically, this song isn't spectacular, but it is still lively, powerful, and most importantly: fun.

14 The Legendary Sannin

A powerful ballad featuring a catchy piano intro and one of the most memorable choruses to date for the band. Despite its not being included on All the Lights in the Sky, it was one of the three original songs featured on Blackline alongside Euphemia and Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill. Definitely worth a look, especially the remake included as a B-side to the Shi No Barado single and track 2 on disc 4 of All The Lights In The Sky「Complete」.

It's a song with impressive drums and vocals based on a less admired anime.

15 System; Start

Technically not a song, but an intro to the best debut song on All The Lights In The Sky. It features a sort of storyline.

16 The Contract
17 All Your Friends
18 Versus
19 Curtain Fall
20 Override [C]
21 Panacea and the Prelogue
22 The Strays
23 Øculist
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