Top 10 Paul Walker Movies


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2 Fast 2 Furious
Awesome Movie, Really g8t job done, From bottom of my heart really good work done, especially paul and Tyerese ! Both of them are god drivers in movie! Love you!
Love both actors tyrese Gibson and Paul walker for the good movie
One of paul walker movies ever... Love you paul.. I'll miss you...
[Newest]The best movie in history

2Fast Five
This is the best movie in my life because of paul walker.
The best movie ever. How on earth can you beat this movie. My favourite movie. For some reason it wasnt on vin diesels list
Fast five is my favorite movie

3Into the Blue
Beautiful movie!
Watched twice while in Kuwait.

4Fast & Furious 6
WHY PAUL WALKER, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY? Why did you go away? WHY? WHY? WHY? Now, who's gonna give the world movies like FAST & FURIOUS 6,2 FAST 2 FURIOUS, FAST 5, EIGHT BELOW, TAKERS etc.
Was eagerly waiting for your movie..."only god can judge me"... Still remember those lyrics... You are really an Awesome man... RIP
We Missing you Paul. Always in our heart.
[Newest]Paul u Always in my heart.

It's so good. definitely recommend watching it if you love action movies
Best looking men ever!

6Fast & Furious
I love this series! Love Vin, Michelle, Paul and Jordana!
Sad to see that he passed away todag but this is definitely the best movie to me he started in
I love you paul forever.

7Eight Below
One of my prefered movies, I love dogs
Loved this movie. Loved all Paul Walkers movies. He's sadly missed.
One of best movies based on real story

8The Fast and the Furious

9Running Scared
Amazing movie, never lost my attention once, my eyes were glued... the ending was also amazing which was great
This film is one of his best work... A classic... He had my attention from beginning to the end.
One of my favorite movies
[Newest]I felt like watching awesome...

10Joy Ride

The Contenders

11Death & Life of Bobby Z

12The Lazarus Project


14Flags of Our Fathers

15Meet the Deedles

16Varsity Blues

17Vehicle 19

18The Skulls


20Life Makes Sense If You're Famous

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