Top 10 Best TV Shows


My top ten ALL time favorite television shows! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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The Simpsons
In my generation, this was the Beatles of television.
The old simpsons were the best ever. Don't judge it by the new episodes. Watch all of seasons 5-10 and you will agree.
It's actually true, the best shows should be the ones that are suitable for all audiences, have a lot of good comedy and have a good plot and good lessons all at the same time, The Simpsons is good and has a good plot and good comedy, but it's not for all ages, which takes it off the cake.
I absolutly love it but I have to agree the older ones were better. I especially like the treehouse horror halloween specials that they do
[Newest]I like it but adventure time is awesome
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2Breaking Bad
No.13. Are you kidding me. It deserves the top spot and way ahead of all these other shows (except Friends). It is the best show on television apart from The Wire. Please vote for this to get to the top.
Wow, that piece of garbage by the name of "Family Guy" is higher than this?

This show really knows how to write characters and a twisty plot. This show... Geez if I described in detail why it's so great, I'd write a bloody novel! Oh PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch this. Family Guy was never good to begin with. Seth MacFarlane just references stuff and expects you to laugh because somehow, if you reference something, it's automatically funny. Har har har. Gilligan on the other hand is an intelligent individual who incorporates moral themes and realistic character traits into his show. Also, Breaking Bad is UNPREDICTABLE. If you like The Walking Dead, The X-Files, or ANY crime drama, this show is for you. Even if you don't - this show might make crime dramas your obsession. PLEASE do yourself a favor and give it a watch. And if you still like the racist, sexist, unoriginal Simpsons rip-off that is Family Guy better, please get cultured.
Breaking Bad has everything you could possibly want in a show plus more. Every second of this masterpiece is absolutely brilliant. There's not a single bad performance by anyone. Breaking Bad has the greatest assemblage of characters I've ever seen, everyone is incredibly fascinating. Walter White is one of the finest and most complex characters ever created. The soundtrack must be mentioned as well, as Dave Porters score is mesmerizing and the great songs throughout the series are perfectly placed. I'm definitely going to watch it all over again. Breaking Bad is my religion!


It's WAY too violent even for 20 year olds, even adults at that age will not sleep after a single episode, and it's too scary meaning it can scar them for life, and people need to stop thinking of violent shows, drugs, porn and smoking as the best things in the world, that stuff is just too stupid.
[Newest]Breaking Bad is life. Best of all shows.
It's just, why do people like violent inappropriate shows too much, they have a bad effect on your life, and they are too disturbing and will make you mentally ill.
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Friends totally rocks! It's been years since it ended, but it's magic is still captures your heart!
Friends is like the best T.V. show ever no one can compete with friends...
Have seen each and every episode of friends like 5 times...

The greatest sitcom of all time, has surpassed Seinfeld in everything. Possibly the greatest T.V. Show of all time. Its impact on culture is immense, it really broke the mold in what sitcoms were.
Hey dude that keeps replying to peoples comments. Shut up just because you think the shows are inappropriate doesn't mean their bad and they are not stupid shows. Go take your retarded opinions and shove them up your butt hole.
[Newest]It's the best for ever.
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4The X-Files
X-Files rocked! The only reason I would come home to watch TV was this show. The biggest let down when it ended. Loved the movie and still waiting for another one.


The BEST SHOW EVER AND ALWAYS WILL BE. No other show will have the actors that X-Files did, the writers (I mean come on what other show has taken risks and written such out there/off-the-wall stuff that Chris Carter has/did), the story lines, etc... You could go on and on about this show. It's the greatest of all time. And will forever be my love and favorite (when it comes to T.V. shows).
It is the best show I have ever seen you just can't miss it I hope my comment will help you realize how great this show is I have no words to explain it is so good
[Newest]Love the x-files but don't watch the last season its just not worth it.

5Family Guy
Family guy is funny if mostly because of the random humor. I think the reason many people don't appreciate it is for this reason, and some people prefer more structured humor and storylines (e.G. south park) but family guy just kicks.
Its the funniest, most hilarious comedy show I have ever watched I love Family Guy. My favourite character is Stewie The show has been getting better each season and deserves to be number 1 on this list
Can't beat family guy. Best comedy EVER. I don't care if you think anything else is better this is the best damn show that has ever lived!
[Newest]Might be racist and disgusting at times but it is hilarious!
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6The Walking Dead
What makes "The Walking Dead, " so unique is the fact that it isn't some cliche show where you can guess exactly what happens. You'll watch your favorite characters die, and weaker characters fail repeatedly. Of course there are zombies walking around looking for flesh, but that's simply a chore each of the characters must face now. "The Walking Dead, " exposes humanities imperfections in such a way that makes you feel for the characters so much more.
AMC created a master piece. The episodes totally hook you and once you watch it there is no going back. Second Season Oct.11 can't wait for it to come.


It's not always hooking, it's scary and disturbing, it isn't as bad as Supernatural, but it can still disturb you and possibly scar you for life, but it deserves to be here since it's so iconic.
The walking dead is an amazing show, it has great characters with lot of depth and does well at keeping you watching the show with suspense, thrills, and anticipation of what happens next. Truly a great show
[Newest]How is Family Guy higher this show is awesome should be at least number 3
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7Game of Thrones
GOT is the best show ever... How come it is placed so low on the list :(
My top 5 T.V. shows would be:
1. Game of Thrones
2. How I met Your Mother
3. Breaking Bad
4. Friends
5. The Wire


A magnificent and spellbinding show that is always intriguing. The atmosphere and tension it manages to create throughout each episode is superb. Fascinating characters, epic music, gorgeous cinematography, stunning action. great story and character developments... yeah, basically everything about Game of Thrones is excellent. Once all seasons are out I'm gonna watch it all over again, 'cause its that amazing and I love this show so much. Along with Breaking Bad, this is at the top of the best shows to come out in a long time. Masterpiece!
I was looking for something to watch and seen Game of thrones was ranked 59th. Not sure if this site is even worth looking at anymore...
[Newest]Best show ever... At odds with walking dead... Both awesome
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Best show EVER! Great Story lines, amazing acting, superb character chemistry. The show had me hooked from the first episode.
No, no supernatural is the best show ever.
Comedy, botherly love good, evil come on.
The Awesomest Show Ever!
The Story Line is Epic and it got me wrapped like hell
[Newest]If they ended this T.V. show after season five, it would definitely be the best of all time.
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No other show can hold a candle to Seinfeld


Jerry seinfeld is the best comedian ever and made the best show ever.


Everyone knows George and Kramer are the best characters in T.V. History! And how did Friends get more votes than this?
[Newest]Haven't seen but thanks its funny.

10The Big Bang Theory
This show is hilarious. Enough said. The only reason that more people don't like the show is because they aren't smart enough to understand the jokes.
really funny especially sheldon and raj


What's the big bang theory doing at number 13? I don't understand how people have such poor judgement. This show deserves top marks. Maybe, after another ice-age, an intelligent species will evolve which will have enough brains to get the jokes in the show...
[Newest]One of the best shows I've ever seen. Its easy to get into it, and ever since I've started watching I haven't been able to stop

The Contenders

11SpongeBob SquarePants
Wait, this should be in the top 5. What is Queer as Folk? This should possibly be the top T.V. show. He is a fun yellow sponge with a pink starfish best friend.


SpongeBob is the stupidest show I've ever seen. I fall asleep each time I watch for over 3 minutes
My number 1 cartoon show. I've seen every episode from season 1-8
The new episodes are nowhere near as good as the old ones since the movie, Nickelodeon is running out of ideas.
Haha how could you now love him? His is a fun yellow sponge with a stupid pink starfish friend! D I love him! And he should be in the top ten or twenty
[Newest]It's funny and awesome

I absolutley LOVE LOST! It's so exciting and it always keeps you at the edge of your seat! This should be like at least number 5 on the list. It's a classic and all genres are on the show, they have it all, action, drama, adventure, romance, comedy, humor, mystery, and sometimes a bit of horror but not the real haunting horror, just mild. It's perfect for family veiwing or with your friends or even just alone. My favorites are Jack and Kate. I hate Sawyer, stupid hobo- monkey! Watch it, it's honestly mind squeezing, it makes you think hard to find a theory. It's also truly for smart people too! All lost fans are smart, that's why they understand it and love it! You will to!
Lost was absolutely the best! It should be number one. It just kept you guessing at every turn and you really had to think about what you were watching at times or you would get LOST
[Newest]Ending is confusing doh
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13How I Met Your Mother
That's one of the best T.V. show I had ever seen. Barney Stinson is my favourite character
The best T.V. show ever! Never seen such a good show that can make you laugh out loud!
The best group dynamic ever and hilarious beats friends hands down
[Newest]Great mix of drama, romance, and comedy! My 3 favorite genres!

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14South Park
It's all about the scripts. Just like The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. The animation is sub par and who cares? These guys can stay on top of current events and paste one of these episodes together in 2 weeks if they need to do so. The one theme that seems to resonate with this team of writers is the cult of personality. Those writers love to be mean to celebs. They stay fresh because their ideas come from current events.


It's not about the kids, it's about the audience overall. Who cares if it's inappropriate for kids, why do you care so much? It's supposed to be for mature audiences only.


There is no way that friends and family guy top this south park is a masterpiece!


Shows that are for both adults and kids at the same time are the best, South Park is only for the end side, adults, no lower or all of the above, not worth watching or safe.
One of the few shows that remains relevant through the years
[Newest]South Park really isn't that funny. I have tried watching it a couple times before and I got tired of it real fast. It's more stupid than funny.
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15Doctor Who
Doctor Who is so big, you couldn't fit the universe inside! This ensures that Doctor Who remains one of the greatest television shows of all time and it still grows to this day! Who of most British Actors hasn't been in Doctor Who over its wonderful 50 years! Every episode is a new adventure, and yet everything somehow links together in the end! If you don't believe me, watch all 800 episodes, read all 2,000 novels, listen to all 1,500 audio stories, examine all 10,000 comic stories and most of all, be a part of the biggest television fan base on the planet! You may change your mind...
Season 3,4,5,6 are the best out of all. I Recomend Fathers Day, The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, Tooth and Claw, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, The Shakespere Code, The Lazurs Experiment, Human Nature, Family of Blood, BLINK is best!, Utopia, The Unicorn and the Wasp, Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead, Midnight, Turn Left, Stolen Earth, Journeys End, Eleventh Hour, Time of the Angels, Flesh and Stone, Vincent the Day, THe PAndorica Opens, The Big Bang, Imposible Astronut, Day of the Moon, Doctors Wife, Night Terrors, Closing time, The Girl Who Waited, and The God Complex.
The longest running science fiction show of all time, a show that constantly reinvents itself, a show where the main character has been played fantastically by 11 brilliant actors, a show with some of the best sci fi plots ever written, a show that still feels new and fresh today even though it's been around for almost half a century! Why on earth is this not in the top 10?!


[Newest]It's The psychology that makes the show great especially in the new series


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It will surely teach you between the good and the bad. Awesome T.V. series. Changed the way I thought about life. It should be on number 1.
32? This should be number 1 and no way is american idol better than dexter. That is really stupid
Hey this one should be on top because the way they mix action drama horror every thing its just great I love this show Michael c. Hall did great justice with his role
[Newest]Brian moser.. Why did you die :(

17Prison Break
This show is so addicting and gripping. Has me on the edge of my seat every episode. And Wentworth Miller is an absolute heartthrob
So awesome! Extremely gripping... At the end of every episode, you just have to find out what happens in the next. Once I watched this show from 10 in the night to 6 in the morning..
You can stop watching if you start one episode, really addicting and gripping, awesome, I watched all the 4 seasons in 3 weeks!
[Newest]I really enjoyed prison break its been one of the great serial I ever seen. Just go for it you are not going to stop watching...
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18The Office (US)
It's just the best show ever. Best characters, best jokes, best lines, best plots. It's simply just that everything about it is awesome and fantastic. It's clearly the best and I don't know how it only has 1% of the votes here. Watch it people! It's amazing! Most people underestimate it because you have to be a true fan to really fully enjoy it, because you have to know the backstories, but if one were to pick it up late on the bandwagon, then watch every episode from season 1 to 9, they'd love it. Unless you don't like the humor entirely, it's just the best T.V. show ever.
The Office is the only show I've watched all nine seasons twice. I've laughed, I've cried, and I miss it. Each character is so unique and perfected. The actors couldn't have been picked better. I even loved the show after Steve left. If you haven't watched it beginning to end, get a Netflix account right now, start the show, and don't stop until you've reached the end.
This is my favorite sitcom... I have watched every single episode more than once and it makes me laugh every time... The characters are really great and the mix between sane and crazy is just perfect. And who doesn't love Jim's pranks on Dwight?... God I love all of it.
[Newest]Best show ever. Makes you laugh and cry

19Sherlock (U.K.)
This is a true modern epic. Terrific storyline, superb performances and repackaging of the quintessential detective that easily outclasses the big budget Hollywood franchise. Deserves to be much much higher
This serie is so GOOD! It's absolutely amazing - the humor, action, plot and the actor WHO play's Sherlock is brilliant! 10/10
This show, along with "Doctor Who", is the greatest television series of all time. Although only two seasons have aired the episodes in each of them are spectacular. Season 2's finale "The Reichembark Fall" is easily one of, if not the best, single piece of television ever made.
[Newest]This Masterpiece is no doubt should be within top 3. You should definitely watch this

20Queer as Folk
The dynamic reality of each character stands out above all the other shows listed. An ensemble such as this never got the uber commercial success of the other shows on this list as well. It got attention because it shined a light on a lifestyle that not everyone (sadly) is uncomfortable with and stripped the idea of "gay" out of "gay community" and showed that a gay community is like any other kind. There's heartache, love, compassion, divorce, death, and every other human aspect we experience.

And no character can touch Brian Kinney. He's an a-hole with a heart of gold lying deep in his Greek sculpted body.

When the world wanted to sugarcoat the gay realm and make it all about fashion and quick hook ups, QAF took that idea and explored upon the depths of it. Yes, there were many nights spent getting and giving BJ's at Babylon, but for true fans, all the sex was just a natural part of the show and it was the storylines that kept us coming back.

Living with HIV, adoption, climbing the corporate ladder, infidelity, bullying and so much more.

Sorry for the long post, but this show deserves its proper recognition.
Best show I have ever watched in my life! I just started watching it around this week and I seriously regret not watching it sooner. It's raw and realistic and has the best cast of actors. Brian (Gale Harold) may be a cold heartless ass on the outside but he really is the most interesting, softhearted, lovable person. He really brings that jerkish badass characteristic out but everyone still loves him because we all want to be as ruthless and careless as him. It deals with problems and progresses fast and we can all see how fast the characters change within this show.its not all about sex...its about life and love. This show deserves to be number 1 on the list! I wish there were more shows like this on T.V.!
Truly as said, one of THE best series depicting all the odds to downfalls to then merrier how the life gets... Excellent actors.. Great emotion... And seriously Gale Harold is Yum... : D
Not just an art piece for gay friendly people or eye candy for heterosexuals... But clearly a wider picture for homophobes to walk through and understand the different traits of life!
Must Watch.
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21That '70s Show
My All time favorite sitcom. This is one of the most underestimated tv shows around. Seasons 1-4 were the best. The cast made this series more than the decade did. I really loved this show. It was endearing, cutting edge, heartbreaking, crude and FUNNY all at the same time. Well rounded, ensemble cast, but in my opinion Topher Grace was the backbone of the seies.


You can tell a lot of heart and effort was put into the production of this show. It's a show you can watch at anytime, in any state of mind. I remember it being a popular show back in the mid 00's but not many people tend to recognize its greatness today.
The show definitely declined after Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace left, but to me this doesn't detract from the overall quality of the 8-season run.
The Best of the top 10 TV shows is in 10th place at the moment. 70's show is great, I have all the season sets. But it would actually tie rank 2 with Law and Order on my list behind the best show "House". And what flippin' idiots log into this site? X-files as number 1 gag gag barf barf, its best tv shows of all time, not biggest flops of all time


[Newest]I love how Red is always calling Eric "Dumbass".

He's a terrible influence, but he's awesome. I didn't even know Laurie was British until I saw an interview on the news! Great acting by all the peeps. I feel kind of bad for Wilson, because he has to basically be House's dad or brother and monitor his actions.
Sherlock Holmes (House) reworked and expanded wonderfully. A bit of irony getting a Brit to play an American. Gotta love it. The American accent is perfect.


This show is the best! It should be the first! He is so sarcastic I can't stop laughing! 'Everybody lies! '


[Newest]This show is my favorite! This show inspired me to be a nurse!

23Vampire Diaries
GOD! This show is in the 43rd place?! Doesn't make sense! Like, at all! 5 reasons The Vampire Diaries should be on the top of the list;

1. The actors and actresses are not just hot, but also talented, and funny.
Ex; Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Matt Davis, Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham,
Steven R. McQueen, Candice Accola, Zach Roerig, Sara Canning, Michael
Michael Trevino... Phew! Plus most of them are musicians!
2. They make cute and sweet couples too!
3. The most important, it gets you thrilled, curious, melts your heart
With sweet scenes, gets you grieving... I feel like it's real... When
Jenna died, it took me days to stop crying, months to think why that
4. The plot is always interesting and surprising...
5. You can't resist vampires... Even without being compelled by them, hehe.
Werewolves melt you, too!

My favourite couples of TVD:
1. Jenna Sommers Alaric Saltzman= Sommersaltz
2. Damon Salvatore Elena Gilbert= Dalena/Elemon(as in Element hehe)
3. Bonnie Bennett Jeremy Gilbert= Jerennie
4. Caroline Forbes Matt Donovan= Carovan(as in Caravan, kahkah)

Couples I don't like:
1. Stefan Salvatore Elena Gilbert= Stelena/Elefan(as in Elephant.. )
2. Alaric Saltzman Isobel Flemming= Flemman
3. Tyler Lockwood Caroline Forbes= Tywood

Sommersaltz FOREVER! And The Vampire Diaries too, of course...
It's too scary and has no comedy or peaceful scenes, it's nothing but violence, disturbing images and death, the disturbing images include vampires, it can scar you for life and have a negative impact on you or ANYONE who watches it, the best shows shouldn't be the ones that are dark, gory and overly-dramatic, the best shows should be the ones that have comedy, magic, a bit of suspense and a mix of adults and children as well as those that are geared towards all ages, This doesn't take the cake and this comment doesn't deserve a thumbs down when you read it.
Its the best show ever seen on tv...
Love you ian...
And also sexy car and cat makes this show a very tempting...
I'm shocked why its on 39th place it must be on first place...
Whatever for me its on always FIRST position...

The Vampire Diaries is WAY too scary and WAY too disturbing, WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS FIND THE DISTURBING, INTENSE SHOWS AS THE BEST? Doesn't ANYONE realize that those shows can negatively influence you and your LIFE? They give people nightmares, people die in them and the viewers will cry like babies for the REST OF THEIR LIVES, The Vampire Diaries is such a PERFECT example, If Anyone wants to watch T.V. shows, Watch the ones that have comedy, adult and kid characters, a number of action scenes and a typical level of family-friendly shows, and a bit of drama as well as some magic and a tiny bit of sci-fi elements, they should also include good lessons, While The Vampire Diaries has good lessons, everything else on it is just over the top disturbing and can, you might even get interested in a bit of some of the Doctor Who shows if you watch them, those shows have a big plot and are not too disturbing, they still have drama, but there not going to scar you for life, just watch them if you will.
[Newest]Wake up! This should be number 1
It's too scary and not like a variety of genres, this is mainly horror and drama, and it will scare you to death.

I have problems with a lot of modern television shows, they all try to be edgy, smart, unique, it's not a complete bad thing but it's easy to see and becomes ridiculous, 24 doesn't try to be any of that because it already is, how people can rate Supernatural and Vampire Diaries over this is beyond me. Maybe it's because I'm an anime fan, most things I see on T.V. , I've already seen in anime, people praise Breaking Bad and Dexter, I've already seen something similar to those shows, it's called Death Note, 24 is something special, you can't do a concept similar to that and get away with it. Game of Thrones? Seen it on Lord of the Rings. The Sopranos? Go watch the Godfather movies. Back in it's time, 24 was groundbreaking and it still is, but nowadays, people would rather watch demons and other emo or hipster stuff.
It is the best tv show I have ever seen on tv I don't think if any show can ever be better than that to me it is the most addicting because it always keeps you concentrated and the plot for saving America from the terrorist attacks is unbelievable
NOTHING SHORT OF GENIUS! Truly the best show on tele, or was. So glad it's coming back for another season. Smart move! Sutherland has such an amazing gift for making this action packed show-which is scripted and staged-look and feel so real. You love to hate some of the characters because they are so realistic, vulnerable, and relatable. Love, love, love the action sequences. Every single episode is like watching a film or riding a roller coaster. The thriller plots and larger than life action creates breath taking cliffhangers that you can barely stand but keep you watching. Like I said... BEST SHOW EVER!
[Newest]I'm gonna need a hacksaw.
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Great characters, great scripts and genuine depth in the storylines.
My favorite show of all times!
I love the characters, the plot, the scenarios, the jokes, the songs, and even the moral lessons
I love how they managed to combine both drama and comedy in this show
I was kind of disappointed by the 9th season though
To me, the real end was season 8's finale
Soo funny yet can touch your heart aswell. Its the greatest! 1


26The Sopranos
This is the best show ever to grace the T.V. Screen, the fact that things like Hannah Montana and Sweet life on deck are even higher is just insulting
This is one BAD top-ten list. It's deplorable that Friends is at number two and this is 94.


For sure the best. I mean, what is there not to love? It is all so brilliant and gets you hooked: the acting, the writing, the atention to detail... Just amazing. My favourite show, I can't believe how it is so lowon the list. Should be in the top ten
[Newest]Better than breaking bad

27Avatar: The Last Airbender
Being able to watch this series again and again and still loving it. Deserves to be higher up the list.
I guess it deserves it


This and korra are so amazing no shows have ever captured young and old viewers as they did please watch this show it is amazing
[Newest]Avatar has action comedy romance and anything else you can think of. It's a good premise the story is fantastic and so are the characters. Korra while good is nothing to The last airbender


28Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Absolutely Fantastic.
It's a perfect balance of comedy, adventure, romance and catharsys.
I started to watch this show when I was 12 and now, at 25 I started to watch it over again. I guess it's got a lot of facts that makes a common kid to feel it as something close to you mixed with all the things we allways dreamed about, fantasy, heroes and highschool. Lovely
By far the greatest show of all time. Doesn't get the credit it deserves because a lot of people haven't seen it because it wasn't on a big time network, they don't even consider watching it because of its name, and because the movie was not good at all. It's funny, exiting, scary, dramatic, and it's got a major life metaphor. If you haven't seen it, go to your video store and rent the first season, if you can get past the cheesiness of the first season you will fall in love with it during the second season.


This show was amazing. I don't know how this isn't at least in the top 5, but it should really be number 1. I have all of the seasons on DVD, and might even consider watching them again! I do believe that there could have been a better ending to the series however. Sometimes I would watch at least 5-6 episodes of Buffy in a row, just because I could not wait at all to see what would happen next.
[Newest]This may not be the most widely regarded show in the world, and many people have probably not seen this show. But why this show should be MUCH higher on the list resides in some of the other shows mentioned. Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, and probably Glee would never have happened without Buffy. Buffy showed that people would watch shows based on teens, the supernatural, and about strong female characters. So it might not be the best T.V. show out there, but any modern television show owes something to Buffy and the genre it created.

29The Wire
This is an outrage, it shows how dumb your average person is, I was SHOCKED when this wasn't in the top 10, then it just sort of got comical from there, SERIOUSLY! This is hands down the GREATEST thing ever put on film aside from things that record historical events like the moon landing
The Wire should AT LEAST be in the top 5


Its not my favourite (Battlestar Galactica Reimaged is); but it certainly is the best. There are 5 seasons, and essentially it all comes together in the end. A great great series.
[Newest]This list is a popularity contest, and I don't think people have seen The Wire, otherwise this would be a consensus top 3.

Best Show on T.V. my eyes didn't want to leave the screen. Its awesome and if you never saw it what are you wating for!
Like it a LOT.
I don't understand the people that hate pokemon.
What is there to hate?
How do they think of an episode on EVERY SINGLE Pokemon?
Really good show.


Pokemon must be the bet show ever I love this show I am mostly talking about the original series because some o the new ones aren't that good like black and white though the first through dp are very well made.
[Newest]This is complete... CRAP!

31Modern Family
Modern Family has been to date one of the best shows I have seen, not just based on its hilarious comedy, but also because of the characters and what they go trough together. Feel-good show.
Ahh, I love this show. It never fails to put a smile on my face. It's humorous, funny and entertaining. You become so in love with the characters, you feel like they're your second family. Got to love Modern Family.
Love Modern Family it is puzzled together very well with really good actors whoever created this show is a GOD!

32Saturday Night Live
How is the greatest show ever way down here!? By the way, they finally have some funny people on now. C'mon, vote for SNL.


People think differently about life because of this show.
funniest show ever should at least be in the top 30. how the hell is hannah montana higher than this!?


[Newest]This should have been number 3 I mean come on people its funny and its live

33Regular Show
I watch new episodes of it I love the regular show!
This is so funny! It's a cartoon, and was actually originally created for young adults. Very funny!
Yo regular show is awesome my complet faverite its of the hook I think its awesome watching sice it started its so cool


[Newest]Regular show is awesome 🙆

34Gravity Falls
I love Friends, but all in all, Gravity Falls is undeniably my favorite show. I love it for so many reasons, so I'll just touch on a few. First of all, it has balance. It has mystery & the supernatural like the X-Files or Twin Peaks, but it also has humor like The Simpsons or Friends. It has outstanding character development, and every character has more than one side. The series-long love story (as all T.V. shows have) is actually interesting. (Blendin's Game! ) Dipper and Mabel have an awesome sibling relationship. They care about each other a lot, but also fight sometimes. The main cast has great chemistry with each other. There are countless outside references, making it a show for kids and adults. The humor is clever and mature, not random, gross, dorky, or childish. The graphics are unique but cool. Every episode works both on its own and as part of the series. The plots are well developed, and cleverly resolved, not solved deus ex machina. The episodes are thirty minutes, which is one of the reasons everything else can happen. The show has a perfect mix of humor, mystery, emotion, development, and everything in between. Every time I think "This episode wasn't that great", and I rewatch it, it is always way better than I remembered. Somehow, the episodes get better each time you watch them. I could go on, but I think I've made my point.


The best cartoon on the disney channel by far. Gravtiy falls is full of humor and it's amazing and full of lessons. And the characters. OH MY GOD THE CHARACTERS. THEY'RE PERFECT. I LOVE MABEL. SO WHY ISN'T THIS ON THE LIST!?!?
Wow, this is like Heaven for me right now. People that like Gravity Falls AND Kim Possible? Yay! I thought I was the only one!
May be a cartoon, but this is one of the best shows I've ever watched. One word: HILARIOUS.
[Newest]This is the only show I like more then Adventure time! It's so good!

35Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Easily the best show I ever watched WHAT THE HELL IS 1. Millennium 2. Queer as folk 3. The O. C 4 THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR DOING AT 42!? This world is weird! You have to watch this show to understand how purely incredible it is. Oh, and the theme song is sick! OK, I'll leave you now- oh and Will Smith kicked off his acting career here, so if it hadn't been invented, we would probably have no MIB, I am legend, Independence day, The Pursuit Of happiness! OK, now I'll- oh, and the Carlton dance! L O L! OK, now I am going to sto- oh and the- ok, I'll shut up now. Just watch it. Please. On Viva, MTV or Nickelodeon. Actually, the ones on Nickelodeon aren't as good, so- *cane pulling me off stage by n


Nobody can say that a show that they watch is the funniest show ever unless they've watched this. Will Smith is awesome in this show and this is the highlight of his career.


who doesntb love the carolton dance
[Newest]This show should be in the top ten!

36Running Man
The best variety show ever.. Very challenging the members physically and their mind.. Almost have different mission every week very creative..
The best variety show that I've ever seen~ I watch it every week and it never disappoint me~ always fun, missions always different and creative, never know who will win in this time & And I like how staff participate in the show not only star members & and every one has their own character~ I love Haroro, Monday couple Ace/Mong Jihyo and Peaceful Gary, Kookie, Kwangvatar with his easy hyong Big Nose Seokjin and super cool MC Yoo Hyuk also Yooruce Willis also Yoomes Bond - Yoo Jaesuk
Love this funny ever-laughing show. Mastermind, betrayed, friends forever, I think I like you, brothers never die... All the possible phrases that you feel so real are in this variety show. So real till you got emotional even after the cast back to their real world. Words to praise... Runners!.. Fighting!
[Newest]Running man should seriously be ranked higher than 27. I get so excited on sunday because there is a new episode coming out. They have some amazing guests and an amazingly talented cast and ships. If this show was in english, I bet it will be in the top 5.
More comments about Running Man

37Top Gear
Of course Top Gear wouldn't be Top Gear with out a top presenter.

Some say, that he might be Old Fashioned and slightly Right Wing. And that if he came to power everyone would be driving Bugatti Veyrons. All we know is he's called Jeremy Clarkson.
If you love cars, nothings better. If you don't love cars, you still get that dry british humour that's just funny as hell.
16 seasons in and no end in sight
Nothing beats it. LOVE IT! x


[Newest]Well we already know it's the most watched show on T.V. (350 MILLION) viewers. So why shouldn't it also be the best?

38American Dad
Upgraded version of "Family guy". more intelligent (no fart jokes)
Quality plots, and quality humor. some chapters are a bit sinister, or macabre, but most are fine.


39Twilight Zone
X-file would have never existed without Twilight Zone. Original, allegoric, scary, and entertaining. Training ground for actors that went on to TV and movies. Rod Serling used Twilight Zone to illuminate our society; religious, political, sociological and always with a twist of irony..


it is unbelievable that there were 38 shows on this list and none of them was the Twilight Zone. Shame on you voters!

Its sceenplay just amazing, its hard to believe that it was made 50 years ago. Its just so unpredictable and exciting. Even today nobody can create ideas like Rob Sterling did. Some famous movies used ideas from Twilight zone like movie Steel did.
[Newest]Just think about it seriously

40Full House
I love this show. It always cheers me up when I am sad. This show is good for the whole family. I am always happy after watching this show. My favorite character is Michelle.
Seriously,75 place! Please tell me you're joking. I watch that show all the time and it's awesome, funny, cute and it should be at the top 5.


This show is just amazing. I watched it every week! I loved all the casts!
[Newest]Love it wish they make new episodes

This was the beginning of reality T.V.. How dare you people make it 38. It should be number 1. If it weren't for survivor there wouldn't be many other shows like it, (such as amazing race or big brother)
This is not only the greatest reality show, but in my opinion the greatest show so far in the 21st Century. It changed Reality T.V. forever, the first season produced one of the greatest villains in T.V. History. 38th does not give Survivor the justice it deserves.
This show has revolutionized T.V.. Every reality show is somehow based on the "vote someone off at the end of every episode" mentality that Survivor introduced.

42My Hero
This show is brilliant. One of the best comedy shows form the Uk. It's good as Blackadder, One foot in the Grave or Only Fools and Horses.


I like a couple show better, but I voted this one cause it deserves to be MUCH higher. At the very least, in the top 20.
definitely a classic that's for sure, Dr. Zoidberg and Bender are just funny as hell!
It's Geniusly written, imposibly funny, great concept art and is way better then SpongeBob, family guy, and of course the simpsons it should be 1#


[Newest]What the? How did this happen

44Two and a Half Men
One of the most awesome shows, sadly Charlie Sheen is no longer part of the crew but still looking forward to Ashton Kutcher. Still it is has to be much higher on the list.
No. 46? Are you kidding me? One of the funniest shows ever.. And it ends tomorrow at 46? I know it became mediocre after Charlie Sheen but still.. Before these shows I've never even heard of. It's a tragedy.
This is Unbelievable.. This is the best comedy show I have seen.. & this is not in Top 5. I believe I have only 1 expression for this
'Furr... '
"I Understand" You watch this show & you would be relaxed from your tension mood
[Newest]Ashton Kutcher has done it

45Saved by the Bell
i love this show i wish they would still play it


it was tragic when this came to an end


I have all 5 seasons the college years, unbeatable.


[Newest]Kelly and Zack getting married was the perfect ending!

46Arrested Development
This should be easily in the top ten, it's better than Lost or Spongebob, people on this site a ignorant morons. Seriously, watch more shows rather than just what the general public are watching
Bold, raw and brilliant humor all along the original series. Excellent scripts and incredible performances from all the cast. Thank you george sr, Tobias, Gob and lindsey for great laughs :))))))))
Wow this is wayy too low. I guess you have to be intelligent to like this show though so 95% of people aren't going to like it
[Newest]It's an underrated jem that deserves more attention.

47One Tree Hill
This is really THE BEST T.V. sHOW EVER. It's about smth real, about real life and things that can happen to everybody.
It gives you really strong emotions while you watch it, you cry, laugh, be angry or happy. It's so so so addictive, watched the whole 7 seasons in 6 weeks and now can't wait to see the 8th one. :D IT'S JUST AMAZING, AND SIMPLY THE best...!
Not a T.V. guy, much lest a relationship drama guy. But discovered this one by accident and boy was this addictive! This show most definitively has its low points since it caters to a large chunk of demographics that are not really the most intellectually sound. But still, the character developments are fantastic and the journey that the on-screen people go through, they take you in with them.
Honestly, I was introduced to this series by my girlfriend one day, and although I didn't expect to be so addicted to it, here I am, nine seasons later. Honestly, the show is a masterpiece and is perfect for teenagers, and really is a show that you can relate to.

Hot girls, magic, demons, and did I say HOT GIRLS? I have to say, that I looked at this list, and I wouldn't put the strain on my TV to even watch some of these shows!


They can't be here, this is the best witches show of all time, that didn't only make the witchcraft world seem more realistic, but also handled real life issues in a magical beautiful way.
This show had it all, and you people didn't want to vote for it? Shame on you! There was enough tight clothes on this show to make Maxim readers happy.
[Newest]I love them so much

49Malcolm In the Middle
How the poop did this show get in 300th place?!?! This is honestly my favorite show it is hilarious, and intriguingly perfect in every way I only went on this list to see where it placed, and let me just say that america is honestly retarded for puttin g it this low. Almost 100 places below Pokemon? Pokemon SUCKS! GIVE ME A BREAK!
Awesome show.although it is canceled it is still an awesome show.Reese is a idiot.

I have seen every episode at least 2 times.
This is a fantastically funny show. It's a ground breaking show for the first time in T.V. history having a mother that's mean pretty much all time. It took family situations and made it funny. This should rank a lot higher.
[Newest]One of the best anime shows ever made. Enough said.

50Grey's Anatomy
50?! This deserves so much higher! Amazing characters and they make each season's storyline super interesting. Each character's storyline makes you relate and when they die (because this show kills off everybody) you cry your heart and wonder how you will go on-because you can't imagine life without that character. And then you realize you must go on-so you can watch the next season.
Grey's Anatomy is just my all time favorite T.V. show. I can't ever imagine it ending. It's just hard to explain to how amazing this show is. Basically, you're missing a whole lot if you never watched it.
BEST SHOW EVER with very sexy men and great romance with a lot of medical stuff too making this show by far the best! (:

I love this show so much! It really needs to be higher then 36th!

It is amazing!


#28?!?! M. A. S. H. has won 14 Emmys. How many other shows in this list can say that?


Hilarious moments, Dramatic moments, Gut busting laughs, Tear jerking stories.

Okay what the hell? Arrow the greatest live action superhero television series ever and possibly on of the best T.V. series of all time is at 83? Come on what the hell! It deserves better each episode is intriguing and everyone on the show are awesome actors. This should at least be in the top 10.
Come on seriously! The greatest T.V. Show of all time is down here at 84? Come on guys watch this and you WILL NOT regret it. It is awesome.
The best shows I have ever seen I want to be like him action thrill suspense every thing what I need to see is in this show I love this and I hope this show will come on top 10 of the list
[Newest]Arrow is a lot better than The Walking Dead!

Best show possible... Decades ahead in terms of concept and all things possible in sci-fi... The love angles whether father and son or man and a woman is shown so delicately, realistically, romantically that you can't help fall in love with the characters... An awesome show where just when you think you have it all figured out; a new twist screws up all your previous notions and sends you right back to the edge of your seat! A definite must-watch!
It's the new X Files, with better plot, and detailed explanation of things that happened. It's so unlike X files where they leave you with question "what happened back there".
Excellent storyline that's as gripping as it is entertaining. So much happens in each episode but they never overdo it. A great cast that is simply underrated.. this show is simply amazing and my number 1.
[Newest]Best show ever but so underrated!

54Once Upon a Time
How can this be 141!? This show is amazing. Not only is the storyline exciting, thrilling, and simply amazing; the actors are so incredibly talented! Every single actor deserves an award for their performance.

Some people may read the storyline and think 'meh, sounds kinda boring'. But trust me it's not. It's actually quite addictive. They always keep you waiting for the next episode, and they keep you thinking which I love. And they change the story lines of fairy tales that we all grew up with, which makes it more exciting and interesting.

I'd recommend this show to anyone, and it is suitable for all ages :)

(Also, the men are really good looking - so that an extra bonus! )
Great stuff, and with the fairy tale themes it makes it really interesting. Go the Jolly Rodger
Great show. Love how they mix the old fairy tells and retell them in new ways
[Newest]Amazing I love this show so much!

Out of all no honesty, this show has got to be the most entertaining show I have ever seen. The characters are so developed and I'm not going to lie, I try to move objects with my mind when I see sylar use telekenisis

I think this is the greatest show or was the greatest show on T.V. I also think they should make a season 5
[Newest]Amazing characters, great storyline. What more could you ask for?

56Looney Tunes
Best show for all ages and its better than shows like family guy and american dad etc. Because in those shows all they do is curse and screw around with drugs enough said.
Good clean cartoons unlike the junk they have today
SpongeBob SUCKS! South Park SUCKS! Family Guy SUCKS!
Even Looney Tunes in its uncensored format it is still very clean in fact it was so clean that there was very little reason to censor it. Way better than South Park.


It's very clean compared to almost anything we're watching today.

57Ed, Edd n Eddy
"Hilarious. I don't see why it isn't listed. "
Some NOOB had to go off and cancel it! Best show EVER
Best show ever on Cartoon Network! Ed, Edd n Eddy forever!

It is the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT blend of everything, action, COMEDY, and maybe even a little drama.


love it love it love it! you can't stop me from loving it


NCIS is no ordninary crime investigating show. With a perfect mix of action, drama, comedy and wonderful characters (! ) NCIS makes the best show on T.V..
[Newest]I mean really 79th place? BEST SHOW EVER every character is fit in so well

59All in the Family
I wonder why this isn't on the list yet - a classic TV sitcom!
81? This was a groundbreaking program!
True sitcom, a one of a kind.

This show doesn't deserve to be here, it was horrible and boring, and the characters go out of control and there are many sex reference that children might have snuck into and parents wouldn't let their children do that.
ICarly was a bad show and not something that kids should watch, it had sexual content (boob references and one episode showed Sam's boobs for 1 second) and the characters were acting crazy and stupid like they were on crack.
This show just ended I'm so sad


Anyone who likes iCarly is mentally retarded and high, it was a very disgusting show and had a lot of inappropriate content, such as the boobs.
this is one of my faveourite tv shows now!

ICarly kills 100 brain cells every second and makes you act drunk and it's a bit pornographic, especially the boob references, and it's full of butt jokes that are rude, and Nick shouldn't do those things to kids, since Nick is for kids and families.

61Dragon Ball Z
Dbz is amazing and can't be beat. It has been aired all over the world in many different languages. The story is well thought out and it isn't all just mindless punching. There is a reason the world loves this show so give it a chance.My family watches dbz all the time whenever we can so me and my siblings are super strong for our age because those are our heroes and they also throw in a few good training tips. I bet if more people bothered to look down here this show would get a lot more votes.
This should be higher, seriously.
Best show ever it should be in the top 10 mabye even # one
[Newest]Dbz is the best!

How the hell is it so low on the list... I am not saying it's the best show there is but really deserves a top 10 spot
Should be in the top 10. One of the best shows on modern television.
Really liked this Series... Lives Up to it high ratings

It's my favorite show ever, although the first few times I watched it for a few minutes I wasn't interested, but then I gave a certain episode witch crossed my path a good watch and I was totally sold. I looked the season up, it turned out to be the first episode of the 4th season, so I downloaded the whole season and watched it. Utterly addicted as I was, I downloaded and watched the remaining seasons with great pleasure. Quality differences between the seasons with no doubt, the 5th couldn’t really live up to the expectations, but I would watch every episode again if I had to do it all over.
Californication is so good in so many ways
The plots are good the actors are amazing it's full of humour and the story never gets old
Every season it's something new
Better than before
It's of course not the best but should be appreciated far more than it is now
I've only watched the first three seasons but I won't stop until I've seen them all this show is simply fantastic. The season three finale made my cry like a little child!

OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER HOW IS IT PLACED ON N.82? The cast is great, the songs, the humor, the drama, the action, Chuck and Sarah's love story, the story of a killer turning into a caring guy (John Casey), the story of the morons at BUY MORE, this show is and always will be the best show ever I cried on so many episode for example when Chuck cries while trying to get Sarah to remember her erased memories, or the death of chuck's father or the death of bryce, awesome and ellie's wedding, and a lot more. Guys I seriously recomend you to watch this show. My rank would be : 1. Chuck, 2. How I Met Your Mother, 3. Two and a Half Men, 4. Lost, 5. Heroes, 6. Walking Dead
Chuck is the only show contain comedy drama romance and action. I can't find any show like it.
The best show ever! Has everything! Absolutely worth watching, I have watched a lot of series, but this is just outstanding, I could not get the show and the emotions that came up in me for a long time.
[Newest]How is this show not no. 1

65Band of Brothers

66Sam & Cat
People gave this show good ratings because they thought it was funny, but no, it's stupid & crappy just like any other new show except Every Witch Way, don't critisize that one, that one's great.

67True Blood
The best show of all time definitely has to go to True Blood I love it. The blood, gore, sex, drama, fantasy, thriller, and romance... This show has everything!
This is an truly awesome show! It has vampires. But it's more brutal than Twilight and The vampire dairy's. Many Guy's I know haven't watched it because of the fact that, they think it's like Twilight. Sparkling vampires, who abstain from sex until marriage... But no! You are missing out. True blood is raw! It seems like it doesn't go an episode without sex. And the vampires actually feed from human, and melt in the sun.. And the biggest reason to watch the show... Alexander Skarsgård, a hot Swede! This show should at least be in the top 10, come on guys!

68My Name Is Earl
This show is the best.It brings back good memories.The characters are all awesome.Its funny and everything.
Just the best comedy show ever!
My name is earl is great because all the characters are great and their are allot parts from seirious to halarious

This is a show that's actually funny. It's not shot like a situation comedy (because it's not one). Honestly I have never really seen a situation comedy that I found funny because they rely too heavily on bad jokes. What I love about Psych is how crazy and slapstick it is. The comedy is always moving and in action instead of lame and sedentary like a sitcom. But comedy is not the only thing the show has to offer because it is about a guy (Shawn Spencer) who possesses incredible powers of observation and is perhaps the best crime solver in the history of T.V.. And of course the fake Psychic premise is part of what makes the show so grand and ridiculously comical. Just try it and I guarantee that there's something for everyone to like about this show.
This deserves a higher spot, it's so good. The Character chemistry works so well, and the writing is amazing. It id a great series, and should get more recognition than it is getting.
Um, this is the best show ever. How is this not higher on the list? It's got the quirky, funny but lovable two best friends ( Shawn and Gus), the awkward "competition" (lassiter) and the cute romantic interest (Jules) and of course the guy w/ mad skills (Shawn). Plus it makes references to other movies and has got the best script ever. It's so funny and the plot is epic. I mean a fake psychic who solves crime before the real cops. Plus it's super fun to solve the crimes at the same time as the characters and try to guess who did it.

70Adventure Time
My favourite show ever1
Possibly the best cartoon ever made.
Funny and, under the wacky surface, has some pretty deep emotional stuff.
[Newest]Marceline is too special to me

71Little House on the Prairie
My all time favorite. I didn't have a stable home life and I swear this show helped me with that in so many ways. I grew up watching and loving this series and learned so many lessons and values from it. No, it was not like the books, but a classic in it's own right. I don't think there were more pure and gentle characters than Charles Ingalls. It centered on family and love and what it means to be a human being.

All time favorite episode, "I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away". Kills me everytime for reasons I won't get into.. CLASSIC. The best tv program ever made.


Great show, they don't make them like this anymore, I have just watched a rerun of the show, and it is so nice to be able to watch a program with the whole family. Love it, and it reminds us of the importance of family
My mom (and dad! ) made me watch this, because my mom watched it when she was little, and loved it. They bought seasons of Little House on the Prairie and I'm hooked on it. I love it. I love it how it's just simple and sad and also funny. A true classic...
[Newest]I prefer the books


This is my all-time favorite show in the world have you ever wondered if it's true or not well it turns out you CAN fold a paper in half 8 times, elephants ARE scared of mice, and craziest of all, they busted bulls in a China shop they test your favorite movies and you can go online and send myths that they should test if your curious you'll LOVE this show
Kaboom! Not only fun explosions but you get to see which silly myths are true. I feel bad for buster!
Jamie and Adam are freaking awesome! I would love to have that job!
[Newest]I love watching this show!

One of the funniest shows today, Great writers, awesome casts. Troy and Abed in the morning!
The Funniest Show on T.V. today. Never Ceases to Amaze me with the storylines and the humor. Troy And Abed In The MORNING!


Maybe the show isn't consistenly great but has some of the best episodes one can hope for in a sitcom... If you want to start with a few episodes and you will be bored probably but wait a little while longer and you get episodes like Modern Warfare, pillows and blankets, chicken something, remedial chaos theory, digital estate planning and many more


[Newest]Hilarious show. Deserves to be number 1. Genius episodes and storyline. Makes me laugh every episode. It has everything. Troy and Abed in the morning!

74Pretty Little Liars
Interesting show about murder and has a lot of drama, really dramatic, always leaves you wanting more. Keeps you guessing who the "bad guy" is and it's crazy, because they never let you find out.


Pretty Little Liars Addresses problems lots of girls go through, there are so many issues that are delt with: Bullying, Sexual orientation, friendship, affairs, split up parents, shoplifting and much more. The writers have don a great job at putting all of this into a fun, mystery filled show.
[Newest]Trying to figure out who is A is, and Spencer is awesome!

I know a lot of people don't have HBO, but Entourage makes spending $15 for it worth it. That show is really smart and cool, and it's too funny.
One of the funniest and most entertaining shows of all time. It's a shame it's on HBO and less people can watch it

Man.. I LOVED this show. In this drab hollywood world of repeat after repeat of the same old formulas, in contrast was something really fresh. A Space Western!

"... Take my love, take my land, Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free, You can't take the sky from me.

Take me out to the black, Tell them I ain't comin' back
Burn the land and boil the sea, You can't take the sky from me.

Leave the men where they lay, They'll never see another day
Lost my soul, lost my dream, You can't take the sky from me.

I feel the black reaching out, I hear its song without a doubt
I still hear and I still see, That you can't take the sky from me.

Lost my love, lost my land, Lost the last place I could stand
There's no place I can be, Since I've found Serenity... "

Why did it have to get canceled?!? WHY?!? *sobs
How is this at 76? I mean some of the other shows are ok but... PRETTY LITTLE LIARS?!? SIRIOUSLY?! That show is no where NEAR this level of good. I'm not shading PLL but I mean come on.. It's firefly people? Joss whedon! Even though it got canceled after only 12 episodes it doesn't mean it's not amazing. I would advise (command) you to go log on to netflix and watch it. It has amazing effects, actors, characters, sets, and explosions. Yes it has explosions. Go watch it for the blowing up stuff.

77Phineas and Ferb
It isn't my favorite show (its 5th) but it is actually really good. I love how what ever perry and dr D do ends up destroying phineas and ferbs stuff. And how Candace can never bust them and she's dedicated her entire summer to bust them. This is a great show with lots of awesome characters but it's extremely underrated in this list as well as Futurama and the wire
This show should be number 2. It's really cool and entertaining. SpongeBob SquarePants should be number 1. Phineas and Ferb are cool characters and I would really appreciate it if you Vote for Spongebob and Phineas and Ferb because this and SpongeBob are awesome!
Brother watches it a lot and starting to get into it


78American Idol
Most addicting show out there today!!!! It's one that sucks me in every season. I am a big music lover and know it might go against everything I believe in about music, but I still love it!

Randy, Paula and Simon are the backbone to the series, the singers are just there for the show.


This show has the potential to live forever, you never run out of people that want to be singers and lets face it anyone can be a judge!


About to break the record for most years ever at number 1, and that's for a reason


79Gilmore Girls
i have to watch it everyday its so addicting i love it so much omg its so funny i cant get enough of it!

80It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
10 out of 10. I would cut of a finger for a new episode right now. I mean, just the pinky, but it would be fully worth it. In the fine print I also request spit and or hair from all cast members. Including the short round man. IT'S A GREAT SHOW!
Funny as nuts. My favourite comedy show!


This is disappointing, guys. Good Luck Charlie is above this show?
[Newest]How much cheese is TOO much cheese?

81Law and Order: SVU
What? This show is incredible. the top 5 for sure
I've seen every epsiode its amazing it should definitely be higher then 82

awesome... can't tell in words... this is the best show ever i have come across... guys please vote for it... it deserves way better position...
somebody saaaaaaaaaae meeeee oh man i just cannot get that theme song stuck out of my head! who has seen smallville who doesn't like it?


they should bring justice league to make the show more lovable
100,000,000 billions thumbs up for smallville it should be 1#. by now
[newest]why in the world is smallville number 80? deserves way better placement. best show ever

Science, suspense, crime, love, humour, eccentric personalities, logical thinking, opposites and guns. What more do you want from a show?! Its awesome! I can't understand why it hasn't won an emmy yet


hello, best show ever cant believe its not on the top, ur all crazy, jk
bones is one heck of a show it was my favorite show ever since the first day I saw it like a year ago now. AWESOME SHOW I even started reading the temperance brennan book series by kathy reichs

84Parks and Recreation
Hello? Anybody there? Parks and Recreation is down here!

Funny and entertaining! You really can't go wrong!
Good night, and Big Balls!
This show is so funny

86The Suite Life On Deck
A very very nice show


Easily the best, very good story. I always go for movies, but I want to watch a T.V. series, I'd go for Grimm definitely. My favourite T.V. show.

What!? Why is Spartacus not on this list!? Seriously, if you haven't seen this, then watch it!
Watch the story of history's greatest gladiator unfold with graphic violence and explicit sex. This is Spartacus.
Greatest Show I've ever saw, It gets better & better

89Six Feet Under
Best show ever made. Great writing, perfect acting, truly moving drama, and surprisingly funny too.
Originality and off-beat humor. Unique and quirky drama.

90American Horror Story
This deserves to be way further up in my opinion. The problem is that it's such a depressing show and people don't always want to watch that.
Can't believe AHS is so low down the list. Great show.

91Good Luck Charlie
I think because this is an amazing and very funny show. It has a very cute child called charlie and a 2 very funny brothers called Gabe and P. J and they have a over obsessed with her self mom and a exterminator dad the only person in their family who is normal is the older sister Teddy Duncan.


There is no plot on this show, it's just talking with a baby, where's the action.
This is a great show it has 3 seasons and it is amazingly funny


I like this show but this surprises me on its spot!
It's racist, they mention homosexuality, besides that, it's plot has giant holes.

Is everyone out of your minds, Naruto is by far the greatest show of all time.
Its the only show to have me emotional into it and trust me I've seen a lot of shows including the walking dead and dbz-
By far d best anime I've ever watched... ! Best story!
[Newest]Naruto is the best

93House of Cards
The mix of intensive plots and outstanding acting are the features, that make this show deserve the pole position.
Kevin Spacey, Kate Mara and Corey Stoll are perfect in there roles.

94I Love Lucy
This show is the best...still watching (reruns) and still laughing
The comedy that started all of what would become of television, the game changer that made sure that television was going to stay.
Uhmm I believe this is the greatest show EVER. it's better than all the fifty-two shows ahead of it. none of them deserve a spot HIGHER than I love lucy. all the shows today parody it in some way. this list is rigged
This is better than that other crap that comes on T.V. today.

95The O.C.
First of all, I can't understand why is the show ranked number 46? Seriously! This is the best teen tv show I've ever seen, and only god knows how many tv shows I do watch. The crew is great, the character are attractive and the storylines are fantastic. And I'm deadly serious when I say that : "You should be ashamed if you've never had the occasion to watch this show". And I even don't understand why One Tree Hill has been better ranked, it's completly ridiculous, you could not compare those two shows. The OC is the only show I know who could make you happy, joyfull and sad in the same time! You'll never get bored, I promise. And for the people who say that Marissa died with the show in the Season three Finale. I don't agree, with or without Marissa the show stays amazing on his way. The Season 4 was different, I mean, they were good storylines but the show grown up, maybe it was difficult to see the show on those ways but no... I can't understand america's audience. There was some great storyline like Ryan & Taylor's one. Some great episodes like the earthquake episode or the SERIES FINALE which was the best episode I have ever seen in my whole life! I miss the show so badly, I would do everything to see The OC back, everything. I'm still hoping. Long live to O. C. and their character!
that show is soo dramatic and good. i cant get enough of it..well even prison break..but the oc brought me to liking all this drama stuff and the characters are just awesome and times.
This show deserves much better! I'm so confused is really OC ranked 45? Let's trend it! It deserve it! The characters deserve this! It's the best show ever! COME ON!
[Newest]I love this show, and I love Seth Cohen :) I don't understand why this show got canceled after the 4th season. They shouldn't have Melissa get killed. The O.C. isn't the same without her.

96Veronica Mars
The best character K. Bell has played! She had strenght, had a mind of her own, and funny. Wish her new character were more like that.
I'm a sucker for mysteries... Christen Bell is so adorable, I really enjoyed this series

monk is the best show ever! Why did it have to end! It makes no sense! How can you not love a guy who keeps touching random poles and washing his hands a million times a day!
Miss Monk more than any show it was the best of the best nothing will ever reach its level. Also made me realize how badass the number 10 is!
Monk is so unbelievably amazing... Full of emotion, hilarious, original, smart.. I don't know how someone couldn't like this show! It's been my favorite show for ten years. Tony Shaloub is an amazing actor, my favorite because of Monk. Don't know why andy brekman canceled it and why they never made the movie that they were going to make. I stopped paying for netflix when they took this off. Seriously, go watch an episode- you'll thank me later
[Newest]Favoritism show in the whole wide world please make more

98Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds should so be higher on this list, I mean really? In this place?
Criminal minds is an amazing show. watching the season from the beginning right now. On season seven at the moment. So far I am totally hooked. Also watching season nine too while its playing. Can't wait for the next seasons!
Again, this should be farther up on this list.
Great show simple and plain... like some of the others on the list but this should at the least be somewhat higher than 47


This is the best show ever! In my opinion Criminal Minds should be number 1... But its not which is stupid. I mean why wouldn't you wanna watch Criminal Minds?! You gotta watch it! You will not regret it! I'm not lying! WATCH CRIMINAL MINDS NOW!
[Newest]Love this and all the actors

of all of the comedians that have their own show, this is the best


1001,000 Ways To Die
I like watch dumb ways that you could die

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