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1Michael Jackson

He is actually the hottest celebrity of all time. During 1981 and 1997 he was so so good looking. And this is coming from a straight boy. I'm only 12 but I looked online at his pics and he was perfect during those years

If he was still alive people wouldn't like him that much. I miss him a lot. But still. Sad that people only noticed him until now.

I don't know why everyone think he is ugly he is so hot

He betrayed us blacks by turning white. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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2Jay Z

His nostrils look like two side-by-side train tunnel entrances. Bats could live in those massive holes!

He really is ugly. It was good to know he does not hit women though - re: elevator incident with sister-in-law. Even picked up her purse for her. Ugly physically, but he went up in my estimation by his behavior in the elevator.

Looks like a bat... Only person on earth uglier than him is busta rhymes. Beyonce must be blind to have married him

This dude looks like a black potato whit big ass lips and watery eyes.

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3David Duchovny

David should not be on this list. He's always been nice looking, tall, and thin. He shouldn't even be on this list.

Who ever voted for David and a dumb troll! David is not ugly and all these other guys are way more ugly! And you troll are dumb as hell!

Who is he? Really I don't know. It sounds like I am not missing much.

Can't stand him and stupid x-files! - luvtoread

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4Flava Flav

He looks like a burnt raisin on crack.
- frostwiire

He look like a ugly deer smoking crack with some gold teeth.

He gave my sis nightmares! I mean look at him!

Ugly as all hell. So ugly the devil don't want him

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5Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber should definitely be #1! He is SO overrated! By, the way he's not even a male. He's the Ugliest Female on Earth! I don't give a damn how he looks right now, but the more later the years go, the more overrated he is!

I don't like his songs but he definitely is not ugly. Oh wait, does he still wear that pathetic little beard? Okay, that awful thing might have made him look ugly. But in general, he's not a bad-looking guy.

The problem with him being here is that we are counting down the ugliest male celebrities.

NO Justin Bieber is not supposed to be in this list

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6Howard Stern

Poster child for birth control. How do these ugly mutts get into entertainment? I guess they have to have ugly people acting or they think they can act and we have to put up with them. Well, I don't put up with them as I have the good old remote control and boy, do I control it. Once I see ugly, big ego celebs on, I change the channel. I do not even subscribe to cable T.V. as I won't waste my money on celebs period. The don't care about the rest of the world. They live in their own little worlds and that makes me less interested in them. I pay attention to people in need and not the people (celebs) who WANT. GREEDY bastards they all are and ugly. I don't pay to watch ugly.

Howard Stern is the poster child for douchebag. He has a superiority complex from hell, a complete lack of respect for women, and that alone makes him an ugly person. But that face, damn.

Anyone can be beautiful if their heart is in the right place. Howard Stern is not a beaut to look at. Given he is the perfect example a man who has no regard for women, or respect for others, his ugliness is to the bone. - angelblu

I stepped in things that look better than him

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7Brad Pitt

Nah, not as good looking as he used to be. He is looking pretty gruff now days. If he cleaned himself up and shaved he would look some what better. But he is getting up there in age and not so charming looking as he once was.

This man is truly awful. He always looks like he's had lemons for every meal. Just very unattractive.

Do what. Brad is fine as hell


He has a large gap between his teeth, fish lips, small beady eyes, and a long horse face.

9Gucci Mane

Gucci should be number 1 for sure the ugly fat slob

10Lyle Lovett

He could make more money as a mold for Halloween masks!

sound I've never heard : I'm gonna buy a LL album...

I'd rather die than ever meet him in person eww

Lyle and Big Lips (Julia Roberts) were only married so good old Big Lips could get media attention. These celebs go to any extreme to get attention. I know this is about Lyle, but I have to say this. Julie Roberts has a body double. Her body is ugly. Her arms and legs are so long and skinny that they actually use another person for her body. They only use her head. That is a fact. So Lyle and Big Lips really did deserve each other. I actually feel sorry for Lyle as Big Lips used him to get only what she wanted was to boost her career. Many say Julia is a bitch and thinks she is to good for all.
Sorry Lyle. Actually Lyle you are far better looking than your former spouse (Big Lips). Julie is butt ugly and has to have other people stand in for her physical appearance. Now that is the true sign of a fake. Get rid of those Big Lips, Julia. They are ugly. About as ugly as your lips. Must run in the family those big lips. Her bro has big lips also. Mommy and daddy give them both Botox to their lips as soon as they were out of mommy's womb, laugh out loud.

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11Carrot Top

He looks like a female clown with no make-up but had the nerve to get a tan

I have freckles but not that many. Yuck!

Dude! He looks like Stephen King's IT clown! Yuck!

May the good Lord help this man...

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12Marilyn Manson

Manson formed Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids in Florida in 1989 (the name was shortened to Marilyn Manson in 1992). In the summer of 1993, the band drew the attention of Trent Reznor. Reznor produced their 1994 debut album, Portrait of an American Family and released it on his Nothing label. Why did he not make top spot? - gotdota

Excuse me, why isn't he in the top 3? Who would find Marilyn Manson attractive or handsome?

With a long chin and that weird make-up, he's a psycho haha. - sdravenson

Is he really that pale

No... I think that he uses make-up. Marilyn is actually handsome without all the make-up. - AriannaLove

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13Rowan Atkinson

His "comedy" isn't even funny, it just makes him look like an illiterate social climber. He looks like a scared rabbit that gave birth to an armadillo with Donald Trump's thighs. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

14Zac Efron
15Wayne Rooney

Can't stand him and that face of his.

16Jay Leno
17Shia LaBeouf

He used to look better - Sparkjolt

Ugly and untalented jerk.

18Chaz Bono

She belongs on the male list the same way michael jackson and clay aiken belong on the female list.

I AM SURE that Cher is embarrassed and repulsed by her fat, hairy, manly daughter.

19Pete Doherty

Ok I voted for him just so I could comment.
Pete Doherty is not ugly in any way, shape or form. God he is gorgeous, I don't know what the hell you all were thinking. And Johnny Depp? Orlando Bloom? Bloody gorgeous as well. You are messed up human beings

He's so ugly man get your hair done or something

He really needs to brush his teeth

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20Chris Rock

I know looks don't matter in comedy but you have to work out sometime - Thump

Looks like eddie murphy after an adrenaline shot

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