Ugliest Male Celebrities


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The Top Ten

David Duchovny
David should not be on this list. He's always been nice looking, tall, and thin. He shouldn't even be on this list.
Who ever voted for David and a dumb troll! David is not ugly and all these other guys are way more ugly! And you troll are dumb as hell!
Who is he? Really I don't know. It sounds like I am not missing much.

2Michael Jackson
He is actually the hottest celebrity of all time. During 1981 and 1997 he was so so good looking. And this is coming from a straight boy. I'm only 12 but I looked online at his pics and he was perfect during those years
He is probably about 99.99% plastic. He shouldn't have been called the pop king. He should be the barbie king. Idiot. They say "Can you believe Michael Jackson did it? " Can you believe Michael did ANYTHING?! I didn't think so! He's called a psycho-pedo for a reason!
If he was still alive people wouldn't like him that much. I miss him a lot. But still. Sad that people only noticed him until now.
[Newest]He was an ugly untalented freak. I'm glad he's dead. By the way anyone who believes he's the father of those kids is an idiot.

3Jay Z
His nostrils look like two side-by-side train tunnel entrances. Bats could live in those massive holes!
He really is ugly. It was good to know he does not hit women though - re: elevator incident with sister-in-law. Even picked up her purse for her. Ugly physically, but he went up in my estimation by his behavior in the elevator.
Looks like a bat... Only person on earth uglier than him is busta rhymes. Beyonce must be blind to have married him
[Newest]I wouldn't waste one penny to make this untalented man richer.

4Flava Flav
He looks like a burnt raisin on crack.


He look like a ugly deer smoking crack with some gold teeth.
He gave my sis nightmares! I mean look at him!
[Newest]Flava flav is really ugly he proves that love is blind.

5Howard Stern
Poster child for birth control. How do these ugly mutts get into entertainment? I guess they have to have ugly people acting or they think they can act and we have to put up with them. Well, I don't put up with them as I have the good old remote control and boy, do I control it. Once I see ugly, big ego celebs on, I change the channel. I do not even subscribe to cable T.V. as I won't waste my money on celebs period. The don't care about the rest of the world. They live in their own little worlds and that makes me less interested in them. I pay attention to people in need and not the people (celebs) who WANT. GREEDY bastards they all are and ugly. I don't pay to watch ugly.
Howard Stern is the poster child for douchebag. He has a superiority complex from hell, a complete lack of respect for women, and that alone makes him an ugly person. But that face, damn.
Anyone can be beautiful if their heart is in the right place. Howard Stern is not a beaut to look at. Given he is the perfect example a man who has no regard for women, or respect for others, his ugliness is to the bone.


[Newest]I stepped in things that look better than him

6Carrot Top
He looks like a female clown with no make-up but had the nerve to get a tan
Dude! He looks like Stephen King's IT clown! Yuck!
I have freckles but not that many. Yuck!

7Marilyn Manson
Manson formed Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids in Florida in 1989 (the name was shortened to Marilyn Manson in 1992). In the summer of 1993, the band drew the attention of Trent Reznor. Reznor produced their 1994 debut album, Portrait of an American Family and released it on his Nothing label. Why did he not make top spot?


With a long chin and that weird make-up, he's a psycho haha.


Is he really that pale
No... I think that he uses make-up. Marilyn is actually handsome without all the make-up.


8Lyle Lovett
He could make more money as a mold for Halloween masks!

sound I've never heard : I'm gonna buy a LL album...
I'd rather die than ever meet him in person eww
Lyle and Big Lips (Julia Roberts) were only married so good old Big Lips could get media attention. These celebs go to any extreme to get attention. I know this is about Lyle, but I have to say this. Julie Roberts has a body double. Her body is ugly. Her arms and legs are so long and skinny that they actually use another person for her body. They only use her head. That is a fact. So Lyle and Big Lips really did deserve each other. I actually feel sorry for Lyle as Big Lips used him to get only what she wanted was to boost her career. Many say Julia is a bitch and thinks she is to good for all.
Sorry Lyle. Actually Lyle you are far better looking than your former spouse (Big Lips). Julie is butt ugly and has to have other people stand in for her physical appearance. Now that is the true sign of a fake. Get rid of those Big Lips, Julia. They are ugly. About as ugly as your lips. Must run in the family those big lips. Her bro has big lips also. Mommy and daddy give them both Botox to their lips as soon as they were out of mommy's womb, laugh out loud.

He has a large gap between his teeth, fish lips, small beady eyes, and a long horse face.

10Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber should definitely be #1! He is SO overrated! By, the way he's not even a male. He's the Ugliest Female on Earth! I don't give a damn how he looks right now, but the more later the years go, the more overrated he is!
The problem with him being here is that we are counting down the ugliest male celebrities.
Nobody wants to see little pop princess, Justin on the red carpet, even his dance farts out glitter! PS, nobody cares about your girly songs!
[Newest]She is so ugly she must be number 1

The Contenders

11Gucci Mane

12Rowan Atkinson

13Jay Leno

14Chris Rock
I know looks don't matter in comedy but you have to work out sometime


Looks like eddie murphy after an adrenaline shot

15Chaz Bono
She belongs on the male list the same way michael jackson and clay aiken belong on the female list.

16Pete Doherty
Ok I voted for him just so I could comment.
Pete Doherty is not ugly in any way, shape or form. God he is gorgeous, I don't know what the hell you all were thinking. And Johnny Depp? Orlando Bloom? Bloody gorgeous as well. You are messed up human beings
He's so ugly man get your hair done or something
I was about to add Rowan Atkinson but then I saw this men and I was like! Ew this men is a lot uglier! If I ever see him in a movie I will be covering my eyes till the end or laughing for the rest of the movie.O. O

17Gary Busey
Ugly so ugly just gross ewe hands down#1
GB used to be cute. He needs to clean up his appearance and that would help greatly.

18Sylvester Stallone
He really destroyed his looks by doing his own stunts. His face looks like it sagging where it's going to fall apart. I got rather tired of all the Rocky movies. The last one's became old very quick. Sly is a nobody now.
Can't believe he's not on the list yet

19Steven Spielberg
Demi? He was never married to Demi and he's not divorced, dumbass. But I do agree he's not attractive.
All the money this man has one would think he would get a face lift. Demi must have took all his money after the divorce. Poor guy can't get a face job.

20Johnny Depp
He looks like a weirdo. And why is he kissing jimmy kimmel. Whats that all about? All his movies suck except one ed wood. He looked good in drag in that film and in before night falls. I think he should always be in drag. He looks better that way.
Johnny should not be in the ugly poll. On the other hand, he is not even close to being in the top 100 most handsome men in the World.
I will literally throw up if I ever see him in real life this is too much for humanity to handle
[Newest]He's not ugly, but he's no looker either.


21Lil Wayne
The ugliest person I ever knew. I can't eat after seeing him.
To quote comedian Nick Guerra, "You know he looks like a burnt leprechaun, right? "


Tatoos covering all his body and his teeth are yellow and brown! Yeah, that's real handsom ladies!


22Bill Maher


horrible attitude also makes him even uglier


23Andy Dick
I never understood his celebrity. he is an ass DRUNK with no real talent and HE NEVER WAS funny. what an embarrassment.

24Nicolas Cage
Just awful looking. Thin, balding hair, horrible grimace of a smile... Just all around ugly.
You can tell any women would marry him because of his money. It certainly isn't for his looks.
Just look at that ugly grimace


25Steve Buscemi
Buscemi has become famous for his character roles, including Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs, Garland Greene in Con Air, Rockhound in Armageddon, Donny in The Big Lebowski and Carl Showalter in Fargo. Although usually a supporting actor, he has had critical success as a lead actor, particularly in his role as Seymour in Ghost World


26Pee Wee Herman
. Is he even alive anymore? How did he ever become a celeb? How can he even be labeled as human? Why? Why? Why?
Laugh out loud he make kids cry


Affirmative, he is still alive today as of 2015. His real name is Paul Reubens. He played an alien on Flight of the Navigator.


27Spencer Pratt

28Elton John
I voted for this so I could post an angry cmment, Elton John is not ugly, damn it

29Brad Pitt
Nah, not as good looking as he used to be. He is looking pretty gruff now days. If he cleaned himself up and shaved he would look some what better. But he is getting up there in age and not so charming looking as he once was.
This man is truly awful. He always looks like he's had lemons for every meal. Just very unattractive.
Do what. Brad is fine as hell

30Harry Styles
He looks like a girl. He should have sex change surgery.
He should be number one. Along with the other idiots in Wrong Direction. He is ugly and talentless.
He looks like the grinch.

31Orlando Bloom

32David Schwimmer

33Matthew McConaughey
He didn't deserve the oscar, he sucks and he's ugly. He's also a weirdo. Remeber all those stories we used to here about him a few years ago. Now all of a sudden he wins an oscar just because he lost a lot of weight for a role. Big deal. Tom hanks lost a lot of weight for a role once. But he's a great actor and he deserved the oscar. He even won again the following year. Mcconaughey will never win again. His career will fade eventually,
Terrible actor. I don't know how he ever made it. I hope he doesn't win the oscar.
He's good looking okay? And suck it to the person who hoped he didn't win the oscar


34John C. Reilly
I don't like his frizzy hair and bulbous nose.

35Ed Sheeran
I can't look at him he is so ugly
Should be number one on this list
He should be number one on this list, he is very, very ugly to look at.

36Drew Carey
Don't like him anymore. Hosts 'The Price is Right' which is a rip off scam. You don't get prizes unless you have money to pay the taxes. Bit scam of a show. Poor souls have sell their winnings to pay the taxes. Wouldn't waste my time and Dew Carey promotes this junk?
I used to like him when he was fat. I don't like him anymore. I hope he gets fat again. If he does get fat again the I will like him again.

37John Travolta
Why are bad actors always egotistical and ugly?
Mr. Scientology himself. He was cute when he was doing 'Welcome back, Kotter'. But now he is not so good looking anymore. I think he is getting old, crabby, and ugly now. Yes, he does now have an ego. When he was young he wasn't so cocky, but now he is older and cocky.

38Malcolm McDowell

39John Heder

40Leonardo DiCaprio
Got a head like a pumpkin, a beak for a nose, and a little girl mouth. Couldn't pay me enough to kiss him.
He is so not ugly. He is very handsome!
He looks like left over garbage. He is gotten very homely. He was cute when young, but now looks butt ugly. Some male celebs still keep up their appearances, but not DeCaprio. Let's take Matt Damon for example. He has gotten older, but he still keeps himself looking nice. DeCaprio needs to clean himself up and maybe he will look better. At least a little better. Yuck
[Newest]One of the ugliest besides Big Time Rush.

41Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al is hot. He has always been hot stuff.
He looks tacky now but in my opinion I thought he looked good in the old days with the glasses, short curly hair, and mustache.
I love him, but dang... He is terrifying.


42Tom Cruise
His ego makes him look ugly. He can't hold on to a marriage if his life depended on it. He's been married about 4 times now. Throw him out as he is used up sludge. I never cared for him. He thinks he is God's gift to everyone. If he chilled out and treated people with respect then he would look better. Oh, he doesn't know what respect means. He is truly in love with himself. I had to laugh when good old Katie Holmes dumped him. You think the guy would get a clue that no woman wants an egotistical idiot. Grow up Cruise. How old are you now?
Beak nose & squeaky girl's voice, a big butt and manboobs now. I hate when men have boobs like that.

43Adam Sandler
He is ugly but talented and funny
Adam is cute and so talented.
Ugly untalented isiot who must have sold his soul to the devil to get where he is. There is no other explanation for his ubdeserved success.

44Quentin Tarantino
One of the ugliest people I have ever seen.only a mentally ill person could write that garbage he writes.he has been extremely lucky but he wont last much longer I hope.
He has a pushed in face and Jack o Lantern smile, long, weird fingers, and a five head. His hairline goes all the way back by his ears! I can't eat after seeing him.

45Christian Bale
Ugly and one of the worst actors I have ever seen. If it wasnt for heath ledger the dark knight would have sucked. By the way American hustle is one of the worst movies of all time.
How did he get on this list?
He's a pysco but very cute

46Sean Combs
Ugly untalented and egotistical.

47Nick Nolte

48Ben Affleck
His ego makes him look homely. He has always thought he is hot stuff. Mind you I say ' he thought' or thinks. Really, I don't think he is all that great looking even if he got off his ego trip.

49Adrian Brody
A nose beyond comprehension.

50Gary Sinise
I think Gary is cute.

51Penn Jillette

52Taylor Lautner

53Bret Michaels

54Russell Crowe
He has boobs now and a bobble head.

55Willem Dafoe

56Owen Wilson
No talent and look at that nose
Owen is cute. I think his nose was broken. So don't knock his nose. Should we tease you if your nose was broke?

57Arsenio Hall
This guy should be #1 on the list. Oh so ugly. So ugly I have to change the channel and he acts like a small child. He has no talent what so ever. They need to get him off the air and soon. I can't watch his show as he makes me sick.
Completely untalented and look at those teeth.

58Ron Howard
Was cute as Opie. He is not the greatest looking, but he is smart and what I like best about him is he keeps his personal life out of the spot light. His personal life is important to him and feels no one need know about his personal life. Every celeb should feel that way about their family life. There are celebs that want their personal life splattered all over media just to get attention. I find that sickening and stupid. Ron Howard does not boast about his career and shove it in others faces like most celebs do. I learned he doesn't have a big head about himself and works hard. Some celebs don't know what work is... Hard work. Maybe his dad was a celeb, but Ron has worked hard also. Dad didn't do it all for him. Other celebs have gotten into the business by family members and still sit and do nothing and expect mommy and daddy to do it for them. Maybe Ron deserved to be in the business. It's not all about family. It has a lot to do with a person's abilities and dedication.
His father was an actor.that explains how he got into the we have to suffer through his garbage movies.all nepotism does is put untalented people in show bussiness.when is it going to end?
He only made it because his father was an actor who got him into the bussiness. Nepotism strikes again.

59Martin Short
Ugly untalented and one of the biggest showoffs I have ever seen.

60Tobey Maguire
Mirror mirror on the wall who is the ugliest of them all for sure it is the beast Tobey Maguire

61Will Smith
Bad actor and ugly.
Untalented and very egotisitical and nothing to look at either.

62Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy worked hard to get to where he is. It wasn't all Sharon being his manager. I don't like his kids as mommy gives them everything. Kelly is a spoiled rotten fat ugly brat. Ozzy doesn't agree with some of Sharon's child rearing. Sharon I lost respect for when she tried to cheat on Ozzy in front of the entire world. Sharon has never grown up. I sometimes think she was his manager only for monetary gain as she blows the money and pushes Ozzy to make more music so she has more money to blow. I wonder how much Ozzy has forked out in Botox and other plasticizing on Sharon. She will get older and sag soon. She will again be a fat blob as time goes on from all the plastic she put in herself.
You jerks! Ozzy has worked hard to get were he is he has and me and my family still go to see him perform!
Ugly and has no talent whatsoever.he can't even speak properly.i can't understand one word he says his wife and kids are a bunch weirdos just like him.and by the way that band he was in back in the 70s just made a lot of noise.

63Jonah Hill
Far ugly untalented jerk. How did he get an oscar nomination. He sucks. Well at least he didn't win. I'm sure he will never be nominated again. I can't even look at him. He disgusts me

64Kiefer Sutherland
Ugly terrible actor. The only reason he became successful is because of who his father is.although he looks like his father who is also not good looking at least his father is a good actor.

65George Clooney
George Clooney is a big mouth political idiot. These celebs brag about their political affiliations and don't realize that it hurts their careers. George Clooney is one of them along with Alec Butthead Baldwin. Why isn't he on this list. He is a ugly jackass.
Terrible actor.he only made it because of his aunt Rosemary.nepotism strikes again.

66Vin Diesel
Disagree. He has a good body and a nice voice. Sexy. I wish he had some hair though. I love him as Riddick.
If looking like your face was sewn together out of discarded Jewish foreskins and the voice of a transexual who ran out of money for estrogen treatments is something for kids to look up to, it's final!

67Russell Brand
He has incurable diarrhea of the mouth and seems to think he is sex on legs but even an old bucket full of puke has more sex appeal than him
Unly and untalented idiot. and like travolta cruise foxx and others I think he should come out of the closet,

68Mark Wahlberg
Ugly and untalented. He only made it because of his older brother donnie.nepotism strikes again.
Terrible actor.younger brother of actor donnie wahlberg.nepotism strikes again.

69Dylan McDermott
Ugly and untalented.his stepmother wrote the vagina monologus.nepotism strikes again.that explains his success.
Terrible actor. If it waent for his stepmom giving him parts in her plays he would still be working in his fathers bar.

70Vince Vaughn
I hate vince vaughn he's ugly conceited and a terrible actor
Not good looking and a lousy actor.

71Charlie Sheen
He would be better if he got off the booze and drugs. I heard he had to go into rehab again. How many times as he been in rehab now? Like father, like son. He is a lot better than Ashton Kutcher though. Ashton Kutcher is ugly and needs to be out of acting period. I don't think he has ever grown up. Why isn't he on this list?
Ugly untalented son of martin sheen. Nepotism strikes again as usual.

72pauly shore
He grew up in beverly hills. His rather was a comedian and his mother foundered the comedy store. That explains it. Nepotism strikes again.

73Zac Efron

74Shemar Moore

75The Notorious B.I.G.

76Matt Damon
Good looking and talented... Period.

77Robert Pattinson
He is so ugly! Why every single girl likes him? I don't get it.
Gorgeous. Nice big butt and British accent. Nice.

78Justin Long

79Dean Cain

80Stephen Baldwin

81Tommy Lee Jones


83Ricky Schroder

84Daniel Craig
Looks like Ernie the Keebler elf!

85Kelsey Grammer
I heard he's a crossdresser.
I have been told by many he is a arrogant jerk and I believe it. Can't find and hang on to a decent woman. Drink plenty. Has a home here in Colorado. I should go raid the place, laugh out loud. Heard he is also Bisexual although won't admit it. Wonder why. Is he prejudice? If so then that is bad because David Hyde Pierce is gay and they on 'Fraser' together.

Anyway, Grammer has always been ugly. The older he gets the uglier he gets.

86Waka Flocka Flame

87Iggy Pop

88Philip Seymour Hoffman

89Luis Guzman

90Vincent Schiavelli

91Chrisopher Walken
I think he is good looking due to his talent. I think he is an excellent actor. I also think he knows what happened to Natalie Wood. I think he knows Wagner killed her. To bad he Walken won't reveal that to everyone. 'Wagner the Wife Killer'.
Talent doesn't make you good looking, you're either ugly or you aren't. You give men breaks for talent and slaughter women regardless of talent.

92Clint Howard
Looks nothing like ron. he looks like the misformed relative kept in the cold, damp cellar.
A truly odd looking fella.

93Marty Feldman

94David Spade
Nothing cute or funny about this shrimp.
He is sooo cute, talented, and funny. He took Chris Farley's death very hard. He hung on though and is doing well.

95Ben Stiller
Ben is cute, talented, and funny. The entire Stiller family is funny and talented. Yes, they are a family that stick together unlike some families now days.
Ugly and untalented. The only reason he became successful is because of who his parents are.

96Ethan Hawke
Lousy actor.he looks like an ugly nerd.its beyond me how some people become successful in show bussiness.i wonder who his connection was.
His teeth are terrifying.

97Jerry Seinfeld
Mr. Ego and a jerk. Makes him uglier than he already is. He would be nothing if it hadn't been for Larry David. A pure loser.
Ugly and one of the unfunniest comedians I ever saw.

98Jake Gyllenhaal

99Eddie Murphy
He made his pile of money and probably now relaxing. He is a good actor and comedian. Not the greatest looking, but his talent makes him okay looking.
Ugly untalented vulgar. He hasnt done any movies lately. Maybe he's spending too much time with tranny hookers.
This is about looks, not talent. It's weird how people commenting here keep saying "his talent makes him cute". Silly. Eddie used to be cute in the 1980's. He's not anymore. He used to have a pretty good body but now his head is way too big and bony.

100Ricky Gervais
Ugly untalented jerl. how the hell did he ever make it in show bussiness? He must have had connections.

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