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1 Robbers Robbers

My favourite song, I always get so emotional listening to it. It's beautiful and I want a relationship like it. It's defiantly their best song and the video is amazing.

My favorite song since it really has a deeper meaning if you just put up yourself to the song's lyrics. This song is also sung with feelings which enhance its beauty. I can feel the pain of letting go. Well I've been longing for this kind of music and I don't care what other people say but I think that the 1975 is my jam. I'm grateful for their music.

If you are a true fan of the 1975 and don't just like them for the "hype" then you should agree that this is their best song. The chilling guitar, the rawness of his voice and the climax around the bridge makes for a truly incredible song. I don't know how Matty can still sing this with so much emotion when they wrote it almost 10 years ago.

I just recently became a fan of The 1975. This girl I know introduced me to them, and so I listened to some of their hits: "Chocolate", "The Sound", "Love Me", etc. So I thought "well ok, I think they're pretty good." Then I heard "Robbers." After that, I immediately understood what this girl meant: this a special band, and "Robbers" is a special song.

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2 Sex Sex

Wanted to vote something that should be higher like Settle Down or Heart Out or Milk, but there's no denying Sex is their best song. Huge riff, Adam goes in on this one, and I just love it. Especially live - Sex is the closer now, and it's the one everyone goes mental for. Chants of "We want Sex! We want Sex! " were chorused through the audience.

This song just has that epic feeling that no other song can recreate. It's just an amazing rock out song that needs to be played in a huge stadium to do it's justice.

Sex is one of those unique upbeat songs you CANNOT get out of your head.

I usually listen to heavier rock stuff, but the moody-afternoony feel of this got me into the band. This is also one of those songs I unabashedly set on repeat...

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3 Girls Girls

Why isn't this number 1 or 2? Chocolate or girls are the ones that need to be number 1!

Great song! Really catchy and the video is fun too, I love matt healy's voice in this song it's so interesting. very original and definitely my favourite song of theirs.

Something about this song gets me excited and makes me feel empowered!

best song

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4 Chocolate

I think this song made them popular because it's catchy and the voice of Matt really fits the song

I don't care if it's one of their most popular. It's up there for a reason, it's amazing. So catchy, well written, and that guitar lock is gorgeous.

I could never get sick of this song. You could sway to it and sing along for hours on end.

This song is their best. Somebody Else, Robbers and Sex are after.

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5 Me Me

Every time I listen to it I have to cry and because it is about guilt a lot of people (and me too) can relate to it. It's a very personal song that carries a lot of sadness. For me personally as a huge fan of The 1975 is it one of my favourite songs of them. Matty once said that it is his favourite song of the songs they have made so far too.

This isn't a song as much as it is a confession, and I think that's what makes it so incredibly moving. It's brave admitting your mistakes and your insecurities and even more difficult to make them not sound sappy or fake. This song does that so perfectly.

This song really messes me up. It's so beautifully and personally written and it's so real. There's no fancy metaphors or riffs or vocal tricks to disguise it: it is a raw and real song and it is so beautiful.

Just hearing Matty talk about this song is enough to make me emotional. The amount of people that can relate to this song on so many levels makes this song such an amazing piece of music.

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6 You You

This one is quite possibly my all time favorite by the 1975. "You" has catchy lyrics and fun beats, and is perfect for any mood. I have never been able to exactly point out why I am so in love with this song, and maybe that's why I love it so much.

Best song by far. Catchy and lyrically clever. This is a well-known song, but it doesn't always get the credit it deserves from fans.

Perfect song to listen to, while enjoying the beach!

"milk", the hidden song at the end, is the best!

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7 The Sound

It's a new song, with a new sound, but it's just so catchy and the piano compliments Matty's voice. I love the new poppy sound, but hope that their old sounds stay with them.

Probably the most joyful, catchy and best song of 2016! I love it!

Best song of 2016. In my opinion. Next to Green Day's Bang Bang. - Tristan1975R5

Best song and music video off of the new album!

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8 Somebody Else

Though I can't decide on either robbers or somebody else, this is a really good song. I play this all the time. It just calms me down. I have really bad anxiety and this just helps, a lot. Even though you can't relate to the lyrics (like me), you'd still enjoy. I don't know, its just a very beautiful song.

This song is just so moving and beautiful, it is probably my all time favorite song by them, I can listen to this song like 5 times in a row, it's just so beautiful, it does somewhat get me in my feels though

Even though the lyrics to this song make you feel something entirely different, I like to listen to this song when I'm agitated because it calms me down. To be honest, all their songs just have this numbing effect of me.

Its just such a beautiful song. when I heard it for the first time I literally just put it on repeat and cried.

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9 The City The City

The lyrics are so wrong, but so right at the same time. Beautiful song. Definitely one of the best.

The simple and very random lyrics in this song just make it right. I think this is one of the best.

I really love this song it makes me feel young

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10 Pressure Pressure

This song calms me down and makes me smile.

This is such a good and underrated song

The best Song of The 1975

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11 Fallingforyou

The lyrics to this song are moving and emotional. Makes you want to sing out loud, and also cry at the same time. A very relatable song.

This is my favourite love song ever, I think everyone can relate to it because everyone fell in love at least once.

Fallingforyou is so bittersweet, it has beautiful lyrics that make you cry. But aren't they the best songs?

This song is blood brilliant! So easy to listen and Matts voice! Love it all

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12 Settle Down Settle Down

I honestly think this should be number 1, or Robbers, or Me. Those 3 are by far their best, but I can't get Settle Down out of my head. Damn, it's so good.

After many listens to their self-titled album, "Settle Down" was one I came back to quite often, I became Addicted to this song, easily my favorite from "The 1975 (2013)"

I don't understand how this isn't in the top 3 let alone not in the top 5! This song honestly makes me feel an indescribable amount of happiness like nothing even compares to it!

Catchy, light and fun!

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13 Ugh!

It's just so awesome, don't why this is rated so lowly.

If you've ever been a drug addict, you will relate.

Listening to this work of art right now.

Such a great song!

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14 Undo Undo

The lyrics to this always get to me, "i wanna see you but you're not mine"

Absolutely love this song, it's poetic and nice to listen to

I love this song so much, the music is very relaxing and the lyrics are poetic ♥

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15 Heart Out Heart Out

Why is this only number 8? It's my favourite song from the album.

I love this song, it should be number2

I love this song. I love this melody

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16 A Change of Heart A Change of Heart

The more you listen to this song, the better it gets. It's such a different feel to the rest of the bands songs, but this song is so beautiful, witty and clever that it has quickly become my favourite off the new album. Simply a wonderful song lyrically and musically

I love how this song makes references to their other songs such as robbers and the city, it's really interesting that you can relate this song back. This song is so unique, I think it's one of their best.

Not only is this my favourite by them, but one of my favourite songs ever, incredible feel and vibe, so atmospheric, and I love the quirky, unorthodox lyrics.

And she said...i've been so worried bout u lately...

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17 She Way Out She Way Out

I don't know why everyone says this is so repetitive and 'not as good as the others on the album'. It makes me happy every time I hear it.

This should definitely be in the top ten!

This is my personal favourite. Just so catchy and fun!

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18 M.O.N.E.Y. M.O.N.E.Y. V 2 Comments
19 Menswear Menswear

Has an intro which is too long but when Matt comes in it is just amazing. Definitely needed a longer full length song as it's too good. This and Sex are the best!

So simple, yet I am so compelled to dance each time I listen to 'Menswear.'

I know this song like the back of my hand and it still isn't old, and still gives me goosebumps (like Me, Loving Someone, Paris and Pressure do).

The intro to this song is 10/10 nice and long with good suspenseful build up and then when it gets heavy Matty drops in on the mic with some 10/10 lyrics and his voice is extra creamy in this song so I would recommend its like that one line in heart out and M.O.N.E.Y but for the whole song please up-vote it is 10/10 thanks x

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20 She's American

My favourite off the new album. It has that throwback to the old sound that I miss. - Tristan1975R5

"so catchy with a fun beat"

GREAT! I looove the lyrics

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