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Michael David Rosenberg known by his stage name Passenger, British folk-rock singer-songwriter
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1 Let Her Go

I came across this one when the world seemed to change in my eyes for the first time. The composition and the rhythm shook me hard at that time. No doubt it deserves to be on top. Couldn't abstain from voting as there used to be a time when listening to this song multiple times was one of my daily tasks.

Rarely do we come across such a voice, which belies all the instruments and their sounds, strips you to your soul and starts talking to it.

You connect with his voice and the pain pours out like fire in your ears.

It is a rare voice, once in a life time treat to hear it...

So soulful, so so soulful... God bless u Rosenberg and may your songs fill my ears all my life.

2 Holes

Many Passenger songs make me feel like I gain more life experience just by listening to them. This is one of them. Talks about heartbreak in life very beautifully.

The most beautiful and meaningful. So touching should be on top.

Phenomenal work on the guitar by Mike in this one!

3 The Wrong Direction

Passenger songs are my best of all song and it makes me redemption feeling as I am having the same felling that he sang in the let her go song and other are to beautiful.

A catchy tune and some amazing lyrics! One of his best songs!

4 Things That Stop You Dreaming
5 Life's for the Living

This song has the lyrics any band might dream of creating... One of the absolute best lyrics and smooth classy tune, very good for soft late night music...

Nice song with a beautiful meaning. I thought it was so nice I had to share it with my teenage daughter.

This made me fall in love with passenger music. It blew my mind. Helped me with my career choice. It put me in another place

6 All the Little Lights

Touching lyrics and beautiful melody, complimented by Passenger's unique vocal style.

This song should be higher up the list. Such a beautiful song with lovely lyrics.

I think this song should be up on this list, its simply beautiful.
Should be in the top 4.

7 Staring at the Stars

We put three sugars in our tea, sit and watch daytime T.V. and laugh at mums who don't know who the father is, and all our girlfriends are long gone, we watch too much internet porn, who needs love when you've got silicone and strap-ons?


The acoustic version is beautiful, but the original I think is even sadder with the contrast between the music and the lyrics. Listen to both of them, such a good lyrics!

It sounds kind of silly but then you listen to the acoustic version and you want to cRY it's so beautiful. "who needs love when you've got silicone and strap-ons? "

8 Shape of Love
9 What You're Thinking
10 Circles
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11 27

This song can simply make anyone happy .

12 Keep On Walking

Come on guys! It should be in top 5..

13 Feather On the Clyde
14 Fairytales & Firesides

This song is so beautiful! It is sad and hopeful in the same moment. "We long for fairytales and firesides" summarized everything I have ever longed for in one sentence.

15 Heart's On Fire

Just listened to it. It's really nice.

Just amazing. Reminds me of her.

By far this is his best song could listen to it on repeat all day long

16 Riding to New York

Wow, Mike has made some pretty emotional songs over the years but none top this, got me right in the feels from the first verse and is THE highlight of Whispers. The songs tells the story of an old man who is slowly dieing from smoking and is going to ride across the US to see his family one last time in New York. Definitely listen to this, while it isn't as catchy or relatable as songs like Staring at the Stars, Holes and Whispers it is one of his best. Great job as always Mike!

Such a sad song, especially since it's true!

17 Patient Love

Patient Love. Should second after let her go. It's a master. Unbearably nice.

I've got a pinch of tobacco in my pocket, I'm not going to smoke, I'm not going to smoke it

18 Caravan

Full of emotions, good lyrics and inspirational beats; should be high up on list, one of my personal faves!

19 Scare Away the Dark

One of the greatest lyrics ever written. So inspiring.
This guy is probably the greatest artist of this generation. But he is so underrated, people haven't realized his excellence. This makes me sad. People are stupid sometimes.
While, his songs are never.

I live the idea of "if we all light up, we can scare away the dark" - beautiful A poet to be sure.

Such a beautiful song. What I like more about this song than any other is that its such a feel good song

20 Golden Leaves

This song guts me. I can hardly made it through this song without shedding a tear or two.

21 Wicked Man's Rest
22 Whispers

One of his best works. It gives me so much peace that I just can't explain. No other song had made me feel the way it does.

Absolutely amazing song. Cannot wait for his new album. Builds up slowly and the finish is beautiful

Are there other songs like this?

23 Home

How is this song not rated higher? This is one of his most beautiful songs, the lyrics are amazing and deep

24 Walk In the Rain

Something about this song is just purely magical.

Touches the deepest recesses of your heart...

25 The Last Unicorn
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