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He uses way too much autotune his lyrics are simple is he a good rapper? Yes but is he the best? No he make music for radio ear candy. No depth. unlike proverb who can actually rap

I've listened to the dude since I was 12 he's really gifted musically and lyrically he has Og musical influences so it transcends into his work.

He is lyrically good and entertaining, ain't childish to respond to every diss track against him.


I disagree with this rapper's concept of music for me he sucks

He was the outlier, the best, the paver


Nasty c is the best rapper in S.A, yes we have other dope artists in S.A but as dope as they are they know that they are nothing compared to Nasty c...NASTY C/Spank daddy has the best pen he writes with passion and makes sure that not only is the music good, but if its relatable and that's what makes him unique, he is versatile and knows what he is supposed to do on any beat he's on. NASTY C is HIM

Seriously should this even be a vote Nasty c is the best rapper in Africa and he is one of the best rappers in the world. I can assure he is better than all those 8 week mumble rappers. Nasty C has the world moving to his tune and that is one of the best tunes to move to.

4 Khuli Chana

The motswaka originator. He made his own genre of rap what more?

5 Cassper Nyovest

This is unfair to put cassper nyovest in the 5th place. He deserve more than that. He managed to drop "gusheshe" where everyone started noticing the young shining artist. Cassper nyovest then released "Doc Shebeleza" which took South Africa by a storm and raising the standards of hip hop. The rapper was scooping awards at the metro awards, he went home with 5 in the bag. The rapper went gold in 2 months, which it was history in itself and he went platinum and won 2 sama awards. Which makes him best in South Africa and running the game. #teamnyovest #leshxlakay #flexing(killingIt) #fllupthedome

6 A-Reece

A-reece he's young king in the game and his lyrics ain't really simple to understand or no one know them to fast like any other rappers lyrics, people should just notice that he's the best and he should be the one that is being puted on the top list of the most lyrical of the year.

He is a true rapper aka and cassper are trappers not rappers that's why a Reece is the young king and the best rapper cause singers like Ricky rick entertain people A Reece raps and he should be in the top two.

This is one of the best he really deserves to be on the number one spot and the recognition guys

7 Ben Sharpa

Can't believe he's gone. RIP legend

8 Hymphatic Thabs
9 iFani
10 Proverb

Fact: Proverb is the best lyricist in Africa

Simply the best. Listen to writers club. His lyricism is on another level he's on the same calibar as Eminem

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11 Pitch Black Afro
12 K.O.

K.O is probably laughing looking at this Papa Action 7 Skhanda man. This list was made by someone in a mental hospital or born and raised in Antarctica.

I'm all the way north from S.A.. Kenya.. This guy though.. No idea what you say.. your language doesn't matter I understand your hip hop.. Big K. O

Think is the best in Africa, S.A and should also be best in the U.S.A

13 Kwesta

He won most guttiest rapper in the world, johannesburg has got new wordsmith

He's been on the game, everyone relates to his raps still going on..

The Les better than Kwesta. Has the world gone crazy?

14 Hishaam

One the best lyricists in the country

15 YoungstaCPT

Hands down my favourite, followed by Shane Eagle. I'm all for the truth he speaks in his music. He doesn't hide anything away and tells it like it is. I've been listening to him since the age of 14 (now 18) and he has influenced my life, for real. Although his music is for a certain group of people, he's moulded me into the person I am, alongside my family of course. I'm glad I listen to him! He deserves to be praised more in this industry. He does a lot for the Cape and although I don't live that side, I still relate to his music as a Joburger and a young girl who's just trying to make a name for myself in the world. With his music, I motivate myself to do what I want and push myself harder, for myself and for my race, to show them that anything u put your mind and effort to is Possible, like Youngsta CPT showed me. I'm no longer afraid to really show who I am, what I'm all about, and he's really made me into a tougher young lady who's not afraid to be and do Me, and for that I thank him. And although I have not met him yet, which would be a dream come true, I know I will one day and I know that will inspire me even more! I cannot thank him enough. For a girl like me, who's soft spoken, his music allows me to think and be tougher and allows me to let my voice be heard. Absolutely any occasion, any emotion, I listen to him. Rep the Wes Kaap and stay humble. And carry on staying true to urself and your die hard fans. As a lover of the arts, a dancer and coming from a musical background, I would say I know music and know what I'm talking about, and when I say Youngsta deserves a higher rank and when I say he speaks truth, has amazing lyrics and dope beats, I mean it. #1 for Youngsta CPT!

16 Emtee

His is the best rapper he deserve the Throne

Emtee is the best not only in SA but in the all industry my number 1

He deserves to be number 1 he keeps it 100

17 L-Tido

Dude is best can;t b compared with proverb

18 Shane eagle

This guy's a blessing to rap... His songs are blessed with rich lyrics... His flow is outta this world... Deserves top 3

He is one of a few rappers who don't about money only.

The guy is the best he should be in the top five

19 Maggz

Maggz is de best must get reward

20 Okmalumkoolkat

Guys come on I mean this guy is really dope and he was able to change the why did they put him on the number 19 list?

I think the only reason Malum is ranked this low is that fans are afraid of hearing new sounds,sounds they've never heard before.He should be top of the list..I mean...

Come on guys with his lines. this guy is the best
no other rapper can do what he can do

21 Pro Kid
22 Da Les
23 Kid Tini

Delivery on point, flow godly, barz uncommon best up and coming.

24 Zakwe

Zakwe has a raw talent he should be on top 5

Zakwe should surely be on the top 5

25 Maggs

I think maggs deserves to be the top 5

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