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1 Pentatonix

Holy! No votes for Pentatonix?! This makes me so sad:, (

Amazingly progressive group. Hope they stay together and keep expanding the genre - Billyv

I love Pentatonix! They are so very talented! Their rendition of 'Mary Did You Know' is at the top of my favorite list!


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2 Straight No Chaser

What a blast! Very entertaining! This group is exceptional!

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3 Home Free Home Free Home Free is an American a cappella group of five vocalists, Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust, and Adam Chance.

Love them, Got hooked when I heard Ring of Fire. Enough said.

Agree. Ring of Fire was something special. Lot of talent and creativity here - Billyv

If you haven't heard this group, please do they are amazing.

I listen to their Pandora channel all the time. They definitely have top a capella music there -- lovin' it!

Incredible, live! Crazy harmonies, crazy 5+octave deepest
super-bass, best a cappella beatboxer (constant touring
leaves little time-as all the solo bboxers have, yet his back-
up beats & 'drum solo' are insane)!

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4 The King's Singers

These guys are literally the best in the world! They are way better than any of these other groups.

5 Rockapella

They are a very cuute band!
Whether its Full House or Carmen Sandiego or Sesame Street. They look cute!

6 The Swingle Singers
7 Take 6
8 On The Rocks

Been in love with their style since I heard "i 2 i" which is a remake of the song made famous on "extremely goofy movie" from my childhood

9 The Sil’hooettes

University of Virginia group of all girls. one of the best All girls Groups in the nation

10 The Real Group V 1 Comment

The Newcomers

? VoicePlay V 1 Comment

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11 Urban Method
12 Vocal Rush V 1 Comment
13 Ten
14 Penn Masala
15 The Dartmouth Aires
16 Acousticats
17 Four Shadow
18 Naturally 7

They're just the best

19 Belle Soleil
20 The Philharmonics
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1. Pentatonix
2. On The Rocks
3. Straight No Chaser
1. Pentatonix
2. Straight No Chaser
3. Home Free
1. Rockapella
2. Take 6
3. Straight No Chaser



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