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The very best tunes from 35+ years of Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and the gang.
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1 Dream On Dream On Cover Art

This song is amazing. The guitar riffs are awesome, the instruments sound really beautiful and the lyrics make me feel like I am in a Daydreamy mood. One of the best hard rock songs period.

I've heard many different versions of "Dream On, " But nothing tops the original version. I love Aerosmith so much. I wish I was also born in this Era... Because songs had actually ment something. Nowadays Nicki Minaj hits the charts when really is should be the real stars such as Steven Tyler or Slash Rose. Though I am only 15 and don't have the natural right to say this, Aerosmith will live on.

Undeniably one of the greatest songs ever written. There is really no possible explanation for anyone that dislikes this song, except possibly tone deafness. The fact that Steven Tyler can belt off a massive scream at the end and still finish with a strong "Sing with me... " is amazing. Rock on Aerosmith!

The lyrics for this song are too true to be denied...
Quote: "Half my life's book's written pages, live and learn from fools and from sages. You know it's true, all the things, come back to U. Sing with me, Sing for the year, Sing for the laughter, Sing for the tear, Sing with me just for today, Maybe tomorrow the good lord'll take you away"

2 Walk This Way Walk This Way Cover Art

One of the most recognizable guitar riffs in rock... I've listened to Aerosmith for years and I'd have to say Walk this Way or Dream On is the best of the old stuff and Cryin' is the best of the new. You almost have to separate both time frames.

Why don't people vote for "walk this way? "This is the best rock song anyone has ever made! In my opinion, no band can play this song as good as AEROSMITH! Also nobody can top this song.

The aerosmith version is WAY better than the rap Run-DMC version, all Run-DMC do is copy songs that other artists have made. Anyway this song is amazing when sung by aerosmith

CLASSIC! A pure and wonderfully coordinated rap&rock song!
Run DMC and Aersosmith sound like they were made for each other! Pure beauty! And don't even get me started on that catchy riff! Wow!

3 Sweet Emotion Sweet Emotion Cover Art

The band's first Top 40 appearance includes one of the best uses of a talk box ever recorded (guitarist Perry is the manipulated voice you hear at the beginning of the song). But more than that, it includes one of classic rock's most memorable guitar riffs, fired off after an extended intro that builds to the point of bursting. Aerosmith would have bigger hits, but 'Sweet Emotion' is where it all started.

I think Aerosmith's top 3 best songs will always be Dream On, Walk This Way, and Sweet Emotion. My favourite is this one, Sweet Emotion has a timeless bass riff, great guitar work, and great vocal harmonies. And although Steven Tyler isn't singing that high up in this one, I still like his deep groovy vocals. That guitar riff Perry does in between verses is one of my favourite guitar licks of all time.

When I saw the music video YouTube. It looked like it was from the 90s. But the song's from the 70s. So that's why it was in Dazed and confused.

Amazing guitar. I just can't get enough of it. I like this song because it shows just how good Rock can be. My father and I used to listen to this song a lot when I was younger, mainly because it was his favourite song. It makes me nostalgic and it just makes me want to dance. My favorite Aerosmith song.

4 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing I Don't Want to Miss a Thing Cover Art

This is the greatest song for many reasons to me. My little girl, who could not speak, heard me playing this song as we rode to various doctor appointments and therapies. One day, I was playing a CD and she started making the sound of breathing--I was alarmed at first and then it hit me--she wanted me to play this song. No other would do-she would shake her little head, "NO". It was one of the first great communication that we had. I will always treasure this. Now she is in heaven, but she is always in my heart and each time I hear this song it is a bittersweet memory.

The most emotionally thrilling song for me... It gives the sense of importance that everyone should be awaken that they must not waste time to show their love and care to those close to their heart... Tyler gave life and sends out the meaning in a truthful manner by means of his unique style of singing with very potent emotional X Factor...

I think this is the best song any band has ever made! This song makes you think deep into the heart, makes you think you should always love your soul mate in good times because you never know when something bad is going to come your way. This song is so wonderful and successful. Way to go Aerosmith!

My favorite song love the words to this song. Has a lot of feeling and heart shows his soft side. Always brings tears to my eyes. Aerosmith is the best band ever I have been to see them 13 times and have all there albums and tapes over the years. I grew up with them, can't amazing my life without them. They have always been a part of it

5 Janie's Got a Gun Janie's Got a Gun Cover Art

This is the best Aerosmith song, it has the most meaning to it. Steven's voice is absolutely amazing in this! The beat in the background and so on is so catchy. Much love for Aerosmith!

This is my favorite Aerosmith Song, So much passion and intensity! Aerosmith Rocks! This song comes from an era of Aerosmith when they were on fire.

Oh God, what a great song. Sorry Get a Grip fans, this was a real masterpiece. Pump was a really good album, because of Janie!

My favorite! What a classic.. Can't stop listening it. One of the greatest songs of the 80's! Was a huge hit in 1989!

6 Dude (Looks Like a Lady) Dude (Looks Like a Lady) Cover Art

Just as the title suggests, this Permanent Vacation single is about a man who is mistaken for a woman because of the way he looks. Aside from its intriguing lyrics, "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" also features plenty of hooks and the use of sax, trombone and so much more. By peaking at number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, the song also gave Aerosmith their first top forty hit in almost a decade and inspired the film "Mrs. Doubtfire."

Just listen to Joe Perry shred his guitar! It goes perfectly with Steven's stressed vocals. Plus, the lyrics have a pretty funny story behind them! One of the best songs to use to pump yourself up, along with come on Feel the Noize (Quiet Riot) and Hammer to Fall (Queen). One of the best jams to come from the Bad Boys of Boston.

Over the years, Aerosmith has become my very favorite rock group. Aerosmith is as great as they come. Dude (Looks Like a Lady) is my very favorite rock song of all time and has been for years. I come to life every time I hear this song. The vocal and instrumental of this song is fantastically great!

Makes you wanna sing & dance from the moment Steve sings 'Dude... So funny & even the verse melody is really catchy. Classic rock n roll song done perfectly. From the brilliant album 'permanent vacation'. Take a listen to the song 'Magic touch' from that album. Blows me away man.

7 Love in an Elevator Love in an Elevator Cover Art

This needs to be in the top 5! It's the greatest song ever invented! Keep voting till this hits the top! Cause it belongs no lower!

What this song is easily in the top ten it's so up beat and crazy its hard to not love this song come on people vote for this song.

I only voting for this because they played apart of it on my favorite roller coaster, X2, "GOING DOOWN! ", otherwise I would vote for walk this way.

This song should totally be number 1! Its amazing just listen to it and you'll get what I'm talking about

8 Cryin' Cryin' Cover Art

This is one of my most favorite songs ever I will listen to it at any given point in the day this song is amazing and everything is spot on about it. It was between this one and I don't want to miss a thing, but this song is a classic and the story holds true for a lot of people. You're awesome Aerosmith!

This song is unbelievably underrated. I didn't even know about this song until years after I discovered these guys. It has so much more emotion than all their other songs and Steven Tyler really brings out a new level of emotion in this song.

Best song ever. So much passion. We need more bands like aerosmith today. Most of the new rock bands today are not nearly as good as aerosmith. I love how he screams the cryin part.

Amazing song, and according to me, the best Aerosmith song along with "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)". Love the deep lyrics, Steven Tyler's voice and the brass section (I think it gets more powerful thanks to the brass, but then, I am a huge bluesrock nerd ;) ) I basically love the whole song!

9 Angel Angel Cover Art

Brilliant, emotional, touching and very deep song from musical legends Aerosmith. This wonderful track should be in Top 5

This is by far one of the best Aerosmith songs! It should be in the first positions. "Walk This Way" is good but not as touching and smooth as "Angel"!

Wow Angel is way too low Angel is an Amazing Song By one of the best Bands ever!

This is a Ballad of Emotion and it's fun to Sing along too!

I absolutely love this song..I love the emotional and tearful lyrics and tyler's voice in this song is simply outstanding.

10 Livin' on the Edge Livin' on the Edge Cover Art

Best song ever, as I get older this song seems to mean more to me than any of their other songs! All his songs are fabulous but this one just has an edge over the rest. There IS something wrong with the world today but I think we are starting to learn what that is.

I've always felt that music was an art form and as all art it needed some meaning behind it otherwise it's just noise, this song has a meaning behind it. It also sound great and should be in the top ten songs of all time.

Love almost every song that Aerosmith ever did. They are truely amazing rock n rollers for the past 4 decades! Rock on Steven and Joe! You're the best band ever and I have been listening to you guys since you began!

If chicken little tells you that the sky is falling even if it wasn't would you still come crawling laugh out loud love this song so much!

The Contenders
11 Back in the Saddle Back in the Saddle Cover Art

How the HELL is THIS #20?!
Come on, all the vocals are AMAZING, Joe on a six string bass, and definitely the end, steven "RIDIN' HIGH! " that part had got to be one of, if not the best scream by Steven.
Although many of the songs here are great, this shouldn't be 20. Probably #3 or 4 behind dream on, draw the line, and maybe sight for sore eyes.
I don't want to miss a thing should be at 5, it's a beautiful ballad.

With its growly Joe Perry-penned riff, Steven Tyler's yodeling and some equestrian audio effects, the heavy "Back in the Saddle" is a great example of the band's combined musical talents. It's also got some fine production work by Jack Douglas and an anthemic nature, both of which surely helped "Back in the Saddle" reach the Billboard Hot 100's top forty.

How is all their cheesy 90 music top out these iconic songs, like no more no more, lord of the thighs, same old song, seasons of wither, mama kin, chip away the stone, draw the line...hell hangman jury was their best last song! I'll do my part lol.

I just can't see how anyone can put this song at number 20. It should be number 1 no debate after back in the saddle it should be walk this way, dream on, I don't wanna miss a thing then dude look like a lady!

12 Crazy Crazy Cover Art

This and Angel are my two favorite Aerosmith songs and two of my favorite songs of all time. This song is so simple and so perfect. The riffs will have you in love and the lyrics are so relatable, if you've ever had someone you love and drives you Crazy, this song summarizes that feeling perfectly. Think I'm going Crazy just listening to this song, one of the best songs of ALL TIME.

People for your sake you should listen to it... if u don't listen then you are going to miss the best thing in your life... I am just telling you it... you will never get bored... never ever no matters how many times you listen it... after listening this song just once change your mind totally... and I am promising you that you will never stop listen to this best piece of tune ever created... best song ever... if u really love rocks...

The song is a classic of the 90's, the video, one of the sexiest and best videos of the 90's too; the combination of that heavy drum with a middle time guitar and bass with a field sensation sound, is perfect with Tyler's voice.

Really, this is in my opinion the best aerosmith song ever. I wonder why no one else voted for this... Some of the best guitar solos by aerosmith, and a superb voice solo by Tyler!

13 Rag Doll Rag Doll Cover Art

The last single from Aerosmith's ninth record is a four-and-a-half minute number that blends elements of hard rock, glam metal and funk metal. But that's not all: thanks to Joey Kramer's memorable drum beat, Perry's slide guitar and some horns, "Rag Doll" peaked within the Billboard Hot 100's top twenty.

This is my absolute favorit one. Love the groove and the catchy rhythm in it.. It's a quite simple song and I like that, its easy to understand get on your mind! The guitar riff is great and Steves voices just amazing to, as always. I think this songs a real masterpiece and it really deserves a higher rank!

Love it! I mean, I love all that Aerosmith has to offer, but when this song comes up on my ipod, I can't help but turn the volume up, get a little swag walk going, and "singing" along in my head!

The rhythm is so upbeat and so catchy. You can just get up and start dancing to this and it'll come so naturally. It's an amazing song. I'm surprised it's seriously NOT on the Top Ten!

14 What It Takes What It Takes Cover Art

It's hard to say what Aerosmith's best song is since they have so many good songs. This is one of my favorites, along with Don't Wanna miss a thing, cryin, and livin on the edge. No More no More should also be way higher up that song is so underrated.

Makes me want to cry every time I listen to it, ourstanding lyrics, holy crpa with that solo is icing on the pie, the mountain dew of songs, the chords of a angel, with a interesting it at the end of the studio version.

Make me think just tell me what it takes to let you go!, nice lyric very good emotional love song,

This song is just plain amazing, all the change-ups to rhythm and pace, plus excellent lyrics!

15 Mama Kin Mama Kin Cover Art

As the first single off Aerosmith's self-titled debut, this track helped introduce the band's hard rock and blues rock sound. Though it didn't make it to the American pop charts, "Mama Kin" has endured thanks to its mix of guitar riffs, solid backbeat and use of saxophone. And even though it was recorded in the early'70s, it remains a constant inclusion in the band's live sets.

I have always been blown away by the energy captured in this great song by one of the greatest Rock bands ever!

All I think about when I listen to this song is just bobblescosh. Such a great interracial mix of hobbletinkers th. Someday I wish that I could be an awesome mustynobleminkeater like ol' Stevie Tyler.

Mama Kin is top 5 material. No more babbling, I'll just emphasize how wrongly placed it is in this list.

16 Same Old Song & Dance Same Old Song & Dance Cover Art

I like it because I can play it on guitar easier than everything else. I love everything from Aerosmith, but this is what led me to get my wings. So... I guess that's it...

This is one of my favorites. It jut keeps m in a good mood and its got a nice sound to it. I like it a whole lot.

Vote this song higher up the list please great guitar bass drumming and singing

Not a very well known song, but one of Aerosmith's finest. Fun song on Guitar Hero I.

17 Jaded Jaded Cover Art

Just one of my favorites from Steven Tyler. The lyric is poetry and music itself is beyond perfection. I guess I don't have to say that I'm big Aerosmith fan. It's hard to believe that you can touch so many with your music and never know how much you mean to them!

It is Aerosmith in their last great hit! It is more up to date with the time (the year 2000) as it is more alternative Rock than their previous material, yet Aerosmith cranked out a great song with this! Should be in the top 10 too!

This track should've come in number 1 - best song ever! It gives me the chills - wow! Great performance by tyler/awesome vocals/outstanding lyrics/fantastic instruments! Epic!

Everybody should listen Jaded at least once before vote on "dream on"... this song rocks! it should be better placed in this rank! although "I don't wanna miss a thing" is a classic, and it still the best aerosmith song ever! Jaded is nÂș2...

18 Toys In The Attic Toys In The Attic Cover Art

An unappreciated classic.
Not as focused on meaningful lyrics as much as cool guitar and bass playing.

Classic song from a classic album. Definitely belongs in the top 10.

Needs to be higher

Toys Toys Toys In The Attic

19 Last Child Last Child Cover Art

I am an avid fan of Aerosmith and have all of their albums but this song hit me like a ton of bricks when I heard it. They were at their creative peak on this song which makes Last Child an amazing song. The guitar riffs are as hard rocking as it gets, the lyrics make no sense but they are always stuck in my head. Last Child has to be at least in the top 5!

I actually find this song to be boring. It sounded like this song wasn't made in a studio and Steven Tyler sang this in a bar. Just an opinion. I will probably get a lot of hate for this.

Rocks rocks! This song has an awesome beat to it, it's just a great tune. Can't believe it's this far down.

Totally under-rated song. This is real Aerosmith - not the pop-tart stuff of their later years!

20 Kings and Queens Kings and Queens Cover Art

Definitely deserves to be in the top 10. Absolutely cracking song! I think perhaps it's not in the top 10 as it's so old so maybe a lot of people just haven't listened to this song. Just have a listen and you'll see.

Everyone knows this song! Anyone who is an Aerosmith fan at least. It's on their Best Of album. This is definitely a top ten classic!

Why ain't this song number one, or at least number 2 behind dream on... such an amazing song from the one and only aerosmith!

It's impossible to explain the sound of this song, it comes from nowhere

21 Draw the Line Draw the Line Cover Art

Coolest song Aerosmith ever rocked! Steven Tyler's screams is what sets him apart from other rock singers. This song is a prime example of that ability. It's got my vote for what should be #1 on the list.

I'm honestly surprised this song didn't rate higher. Everything from the guitar intro to the lyrics is just classic 70s rock. I wouldn't rate it number one, but it deserves higher than #19.

This is the distillation of their greatness, and the insane screaming of Steven reaches the level of an apotheosis of Rock music. Crazy and unique, it's the Demon of Screamin.

Awesome vocals by Steven Tyler. The guitar and the bass are great too. The best of Aerosmith.

22 The Other Side The Other Side Cover Art

Best aerosmith song ever! I love don't wanna miss a thing and walk this way and cryin' but this song tops all of them. How is it sitting back here and not in the top ten? It truly rocks

Awesome song! Please please please listen to it!

Love it, It's my favorite aerosmith's song ever

Amazing song. Heard it at work. Fell in love

23 Pink Pink Cover Art

It's just brilliant. The starting organ then tyler's amazing vocals... It really deserves to be in top 5 list, certainly.

A brilliantly written song - it's in songs where Aerosmith has fun that they're the best!

Allusions to sex in what appears to be a straight ahead song about "my favorite-or-ite col-or". Stimulating as hell.

Very catchy and sexy song. This song always makes me sing along and it is just so much fun.

24 Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees) Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees) Cover Art

Awesome song, nice guitar and drums
With good Tempo, Nicely sung by Taylor!

25 Fly Away from Here Fly Away from Here Cover Art

I absolutley love this song so much it makes me bawl like a baby every time I listen to it now do I think this is actually the best aerosmith song? No. That's impossible to choose one, but is this one of my personal favorites? HELL YES. I love you steven, joe, joey, tom, and brad!

Beautiful song, great lyrics... Yet again, from Aerosmith. Number 21 seems too low in my humble opinion.

Amazing song, amazing lyrics!... I love it so much!

This one should be definitely in the top ten

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