Best Albums of All Time

The Top Ten Best Albums of All Time

1 Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

Thriller: over-rated...
Becoming: Who in gods name is sarah geronimo and why the hell is she on this list.
A-ha: 80's band that never made a good album in their life. '

I think it is obvious that Dark Side of the Moon is a timeless album, a true classic, that is far superios to any other albums on this list. Definitely should be Number 1.

A-ha's albums are great! There's no need to diss other albums to explain why you think the dark side of the moon is the best.

This album was on the charts for like 100 years straight... It's gotta be #1.

So if there was another album that was on the charts for 101 years should it be #1?

Its deep and sounds amazing nothing like it. The songwriting as has meaning and the album as a whole feels like it was written with more of a purpose then just to make people dance but instead to make them think. Its crazy money gets played on the radio when its about corporate greed

Just no. It's boring, generic, and just a bad album overall. I prefer Thriller

Although I prefer "Wish You Were Here" mainly for the beauty of Shine on you Crazy Diamond, "Dark Side of the Moon" is definitely the most influential album I have ever heard. The themes it covers; life, death, money, time, war, mental illness etc are the soundtrack to people's lives. I bought the album second hand on cassette in 1974, took it home, played it and realised that I'd heard most of it before, so widely had it been played. As a 13 year old boy, I was blown away by the lyrics which still work today. I have tried to always remember the lines "Then one day you find ten years have gone behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun". How did Roger Waters have such foresight at his young age? Strangely, I rarely listen to the whole album anymore but there are always snippets to be heard on the radio etc. Maybe I just know it too well.

2 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

Sgt. Pepper made an artistic statement in a music that was NEVER considered art before. Language, fashion, artistic awareness and MUSIC ITSELF changed dramatically after it's release! Sgt. Pepper was a McCartney concept where by The Beatles took on an alter persona... This, in McCartney's mind, would "free" them from any / all "molds" created by the band prior... Lending a unique objectivity and experimentation to their process. The result WAS and REMAINS a landmark MASTERPIECE! The FIRST true "concept" album for sure! Of course the production, performances and COMPOSITIONS were WAY BEYOND "state of the art"! Beautiful, creative, melodic, defiant, edgy and GROUND BREAKING! How The Beatles "love to turn you on"!... Funny side note: did you know that Meter Maids were NEVER called Meter Maids until "Lovely Rita"?... Did you know on "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite" recording tape was actually CUT and randomly put ...more

This album is the one that changed the face of music more than any other album. It virtually created the term "art rock" and brought rock to be respected. The innovation on this album led to practically every other album on this list. Whether it be the studio amazement on "Dark Side Of The Moon" or even the work with the orchestra on "S&M" The Beatles started it all here. If you wanna hear good work with an orchestra, then listen to "A Day In The Life. " You'll get some good playing there. Without Sgt Pepper, rock as we know it wouldn't even exist.

Sgt. Pepper's lonely Hearts Club Band was a pioneer. The music can never be duplicated due to the sound systems they created. Not even great music engineers can figure out how they created these sounds. Also, not only did it have smash hits like sgt. Pepper's, lucy in the sky with diamonds, a day in the life, but also other cracking songs. Every song on this album was just a masterpiece! And in one word, this album is just 'INCOMPARABLE'!

This album is an experience like no other. The Beatles are so incredible like that inst the word to describe the amount of genius within them. They made all the songs so catchy and have so much depth with every song feeling so diverse. Wows me every time I listen to it. Pink Floyd are awesome and I really like Dark Side, but The Beatles albums are just so damn good that no other band can come close. I do think however that Pet Sounds (Beach Boys) and Dark Side (Pink Floyd) are brilliant, but any album by The Beatles is the best.

3 Abbey Road - The Beatles

I cannot begin to describe how perfect this album is. The second half is one of the most brilliantly conceived pieces of art ever recorded, ending with Harrison's gorgeous Here Comes the Sun and (ignoring Her Majesty), finishes with one of the greatest album closers ever, The End, which manages to feel like an entire live show compressed into two minutes. It even features Ringo's only drum solo. On the first half, other iconic Beatles tunes like Come Together and Something are featured, along with perhaps the first progressive metal song ever, I Want You (She's So Heavy). Oh and then there's the only Beatles song Ringo ever fully wrote, the delightfully hummable Octopus' Garden. Whilst The Beatles touring days were long behind them at this point, this album really has a somewhat live album feel in terms of it being a musical journey across the types of genres the band were capable of, and having that excitement you get at the start of a live show and that feeling of closure at the ...more

Come Together, Here Comes the Sun and so many more classics on this album

This is my second favorite album, My first being one that I like that everyone would hate. Also that one doesn't stand the test of time like this one does. This album is truly a masterwork that only gets better with repeated listens. It has flows perfectly, and is far more versatile and emotionally balanced than Sgt. Pepper. This album is too perfect showing how awesome the Beatles truly are.

I personally think Dark Side, Sgt Pepper, Thriller and Zep IV deserve to be higher from cultural significance alone but apart from those this album is absolutely breathtaking. The songs Come Together, Something, I Want You (She's So Heavy) and Here Comes The Sun could all be ranked in the Beatles very best, the comedy/not serious tracks Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Octopus's Garden have perfect arrangements and guitar playing and the Medley is a continuous passage that competes with Dark Side in genius, ambition, scope and execution. When the 'You Never Give' theme comes back on those horns before a guitar solo in Golden Slumbers it's pure bliss. Not to mention the members are at the top of their game instrumentally with stellar guitar work on the medley, Something and Octopus's Garden in particular, great vocals especially from Paul on Golden Slumbers and Oh! Darling and Ringo even turns in his only Beatles drum solo. It's a pretty much perfect album and I would take it over Sgt ...more

4 Led Zeppelin IV (aka ZOSO) - Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin IV was, is and always will be a timeless masterpiece. It set a standard for rock music which still has never been equaled or surpassed. It had a genius marketing campaign: the album has no official pronounceable title, the band or label name was not printed on the cover, only the song listing, mysterious pictures of an old hermit and the lyrics for "Stairway to Heaven", signifying that names don't matter, only the music. The production quality is crystal clear and even Led Zeppelin themselves couldn't replicate this sound afterwards and every song is a masterpiece although the side 2 of the album is often overlooked. It's one of the best selling albums of all time and is the 3rd best-selling album in the USA. If this album doesn't rank as the best, or at least one of the top ten, I seriously question the musical taste of the people here.

Who can argue with the creator of modern music? Well only Led Zeppelin himself together with this album

ZOSO moved 4th place now, my faith in humanity is being restored. people have a great taste in music after all.

I can't listen to any individual songs on dark side of the moon and the beatles are highly overrated, but led zeppelin IV, what a beautiful album it is. From the powerful riff of "Black Dog" to the head banging fun of "Rock and Roll" to the masterpiece that is "Stairway to Heaven" to the beautifully crazy sound of "Misty Mountain Hop" to the powerfully intense sound of "When the Levy Breaks" Led Zeppelin IV offers some of the best music ever written. I can say for a fact that I could listen to Led Zeppelin IV all the way through on repeat every day for 50 years and never get tired of it. Jimmy Page puts his heart and soul into stairway, John Paul Jones shows up with one of the most powerful bass riffs ever in "When the Levy Breaks," John Bonham kicks it up to 11 in "Four Sticks" and Robert Plant has never sounded like he's had more fun than in "Rock and Roll." In no other album has a band ever pooled all of their talents so well into an album, and I can say that it all works together ...more

5 Revolver - The Beatles

1. "Taxman" - stunning opening about 95% taxes
2. "Eleanor Rigby" - orchestra awesome
3. "I'm Only Sleeping" - sleepy acoustic
4. "Love You To" - Eastern-sounding: sitars, tabla
5. "Here, There and Everywhere" - really good
6. "Yellow Submarine" - very good
7. "She Said She Said" - awesome rock guitars
8. "Good Day Sunshine" - nice piano
9. "And Your Bird Can Sing" - absolute rocker
10. "For No One" - good
11. "Doctor Robert" - interesting medicines
12. "I Want to Tell You" - nice song
13. "Got to Get You into My Life" - jazzy
14. "Tomorrow Never Knows" - make you feel stoned

Let's do this. (pops knuckles)

Taxman- A great opener, a rock song to get you pumped for the rest of the album. Rich man's complaint.

Eleanor Rigby- beautiful song with sad but not artificial lyrics, and that orchestra.

I'm Only Sleeping- A catchy song without any fluff. Has a mix of the experimental backwards guitar solos and the catchy pop chorus.

Love You To- The big papa to Within You, Without You. Instruments are interesting and "zany." (Why did I say that?)

Here, There, and Everywhere- My favorite song of all time. Goes through all three name parts, each one with a transition from the oncoming verse. Amazing love ballad. And the instruments... A need a moment

Yellow Submarine- A great follow-up song to the ballad, this fun song was clearly meant for kids, but is made in a way that can be enjoyable for adults too. The sound effects make it sound like you're on a pleasure cruise.

She Said, She Said- Kicks you right in the ...more

I consider this album far superior to sgt peppers and abbey road. Sure, they both have some amazing songs on them, but never before have I seen an album so consistant and amazingly well done. Meanwhile, sgt peppers has some pretty bad songs, (For the benefit, Fixing a Hole, Sgt Pepper Reprise) and sounds partially dated. Abbey Road has some good songs too, and has some of the most underrated songs of all time, (Golden Slumbers, anyone? ) but the length ruins it. Songs like sun king are just plain bad, and polathem pam (can't spell it lol) are ruined by how far away John's voice sounds. He had so many throw-away songs that ended up on this album. Octopus is in my opinion one of Ringo's worst songs, and Her Majesty leaves the last album on a pathetic trombone instead of on a great note. Most of the songwriting on those albums are lazy, as seen on Oh, Darling, where they couldn't think of more lyrics so they just repeated an already used line... IN A VERSE. Revolver was the last album ...more

The reprise was only there to fade out from "Good Morning Good Morning" and into "A Day in the Life"

This is one of the best albums of all time, undoubtedly.
It might have been released in 1966, yet it sounds as if it was released just a week ago! Especially the closing track Tomorrow Never Knows!
An astounding album which must've been truly awe-inspiring in its time.

6 Thriller - Michael Jackson

I've been searching for "best songs ever made" lately, and I was terribly disappointed to see that on so many lists there is no Michael Jackson! This is outrageous! One of the best pop singers in the world deserves more than that. This is the man that made a dancing and singing revolution, a man who was years ahead of his time, a man who amazed the world with his voice, performance, songs... This man was and always will be a GENIUS! He deserves to be number 1

Best song ever? You can not rival Bohemian Rhapsody by no means.

Up to this day songs from the thriller album have definitely significant influence to the artists of today. This guy basically created pop music

Not in my Top 10 but how can you argue with 33 million sold in the USA and another 33 million worldwide?

Really? The music of this self-mutilating pedophile is derivative and pales in comparison to the albums below it. I give it #200 and that's generous

7 A Night at the Opera - Queen

I seriously am in love with Freddie mercury. But when voting on these things they have so many of my favorite bands. I love... Wait for it Nirvana, Beetles, Guns N Roses, Green day, Metallica. AC DC and muse if you had trouble keeping up don't worry! Your not alone that's me too! But queen really speaks to me you know. They got me through some hard times and Honestly, I don't really feel like typing much more but if you really wanna hear about it go to top of the page where it has all the other things you can choose from. Go to most popular choose best singers of all time then go to freddie mercury number 2 OHYEAH! Then go to more comments about freddie mercury go to newest and look for the really super long one compared to all the others and that's me. Sorry I'm a really bad blabbermouth I'll go on and on and on about nothing in particular... Kinda like I am now. Okay so yeah just a recap love freddie mercury a lot kinda confused about what I like outside of queen but for me that's ...more

I'll vote for queen, not just for Freddie, that's not the point of a best album list

We all know Bohemian Rhapsody and stuff... but Queen had other good songs on this album, too! They had Seaside Rendezvous, which is catchy and You're My Best Friend, which is also catchy. Also, who the hell put 900 rock albums on here and only put one Queen album? I mean according to Spotify I am in the top 3 percent of favorite listeners of Queen, but seriously.

This album is simply the best. It is just parfectly balanced, unique, bombastic, deeply personal and technically brilliant. Fron the outset, this album speaks differently - Death on Two Legs is devastatingly poignant, sharp in tone and voice and underpinned by May's needle-pointed guitar riffs. From there the album moves between lightly jovial in Lazing and Seaside and bubblingly joyful in Best Friend to emotionally strung in the beautiful melodies of Love of My Life; from the crazy rock of Sweet Lady to the Prog rock part acapella Prophet; and at its heart, a brilliantly clever, sad and astrophysical epic in 39, which predates such movies as Interstellar by some 40 years.

And then, once all that is done, once the last chord of Good Company rings out and where most albums fail in giving a sense of finality and instead leave you with a wishful disappointment, you hear the iconic voices. Quietly, almost whispering, you hear That first line and no matter how many times you've ...more

This album is such an amazing album; absolutely none of the songs go unnoticed or are put downs. They all hold just grand meanings and beauty.

8 The Wall - Pink Floyd

You can never really treat this album as a series of songs, that you can skip through and listen to at ease. You have to start from the beginning, and then work your way through the whole thing. It tells such a shocking, sad tale, about a descent into pure madness. I've never heard anything so emotionally involved or so incredible in my life. They took music, and they turned it into a real work of art. It's timeless and ageless; and if you haven't heard it before, if ever you have a couple of hours on your hands, just pop it in, shut your eyes, and listen to its story.

The second of Pink Floyd on this list. While I do enjoy "The Dark Side of the Moon" very much, there is nothing like "The Wall", especially if you've seen the movie. There is no other album that screams a story like this one, it is over-flowed by inspiration combined with Water's exceptional writing skills and Gilmour's guitar.

Possibly one of the very few albums on this list based on actual events, The Wall dives into the isolated life of a rock star who endured a cheating wife, abusive school teachers, an overprotective mother, and his father dying in World War II. Pink winds up building a metophorical "wall" in order to keep the world around him out. Containing some of Pink Floyd's grandest songs (Another Brick in the Wall, Young Lust, Hey You, Run Like Hell, The Trial, and of course, Comfortably Numb), The Wall is an album you truly have to listen to from beginning to end in order to get the story of it all.

Their most commercially successful album yet also their most damaging to the band.

9 Ok Computer - Radiohead

Gotta love the ignorance of all these pop-culture-cozy blockheads who think that Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake are "OMGosh the greatest thing ever to grace music. " Every list on this site is just a bunch of modern-day junkies with sheltered music tastes chalking out their favorite new pop album. I'm not one to be so pessimistic, but lists like these just make me lose faith in humanity.
Now, to my point. OK Computer, even from the most objective of standpoints, is THE definitive art-rock treatise, and on any short list of the greatest albums ever made, a must-inclusion (and not at #93, please). I don't think people actually understand how revolutionary this album was to the face of music. All the sounds harvested in this album, the spacey, high-strung, compact electronics, set the tone for the future of rock. The album garnered tremendous underground success, and although it didn't go over as well with the mainstream industry, it's still the standard by which all alternative rock ...more

If you mean to insult people for only talking about pop, you found the wrong site to do that on. People here actually agree with you

Life changing, revolutionary, and unforgettable

Radiohead is an artist that sadly is a very specific taste so not as many people will listen to it like they do Dark side of the moon or, sgt. peppers, (which are very clearly 2 of the best ever written) but regardless I think this album should be up there right close to number 1. Thom's lyrics are as good, if not better than anyone elses. They were able to experiment greatly with time signatures, strange instruments, unorthodox noises from a regular instrument, etc. And they managed to make every song an absolute favorite (besides fitter happier but regardless that still has a deep message to it). I know not everyone is gonna appreciate or like the not so mainstream sound of the alt-rock at best album but I still think its work should not go unnoticed. Plus the music is so easy to resonate to on a personal level which I find trouble doing with other lyricists such as Roger waters, (I understand them and they're definitely sending a message that I understand its just not hitting me to ...more

My favourite music album of all time. All songs are musical genius. Masterpiece.

10 Nevermind - Nirvana

What's wrong with you people? Nevermind on 14th? Kurt Cobain's amazing voice coupled with Krist Novoselic & Dave Grohl... This is THE BEST ALBUM EVER MADE.. Have some respect for REAL MUSIC PEOPLE!

Nirvana changed the whole music scene with this album! People are still listening to this today, and will be forever more. This should be in the top 5 at least. NIRVANA FOREVER

Other bands and albums have influenced just as many new artists as Nirvana. People still listen to those albums too. In fact Nirvana didn't do anything that wasn't done before. Nirvana isn't the most influential band, Nevermind is not the most influential album, it wasn't the first to sell ten million copies in the states or thirty million worldwide, it didn't have as many hit singles as other albums that sold as many copies or more and it wasn't the first band to have a band member to commit suicide or leave fans behind or become iconic.

Best there was, best there is and judging by all the crap released in recent years... The best there EVER will be. Kurt single handedly changed the landscape of music.

So if you like something then it's the greatest but if don't like it then it's crap?

Kids these days be wearing a Nirvana shirt but not actually know the band but rather think that it’s just a noun with a cool font design.

The Newcomers

? Deloused at the Comatorium - The Mars Volta
? Hello Everyone. Nice to Meet You. We are Midori - Midori

The Contenders

11 Master of Puppets - Metallica

This album is the quintessential old school thrash Metallica. They're style has changed and they're still fantastic, but this is their best thrash album.

Master of puppets is an masterpiece. All of songs from master puppets are combine all Metallica great ideas. All of songs from master of puppets got great riffs, solos and most importantly bass riffs and solos by Cliff Burton. In opinion the best from master of puppets is Orion, this song is one of best instrumental in the history.

Should be above the overrated mess that's known as Nevermind.

I can't believe master of puppets is 73 on this list. Should be first n following it, ride the lightning, and justice for all, kill em all, black album, n that's just the top 5, then reign in blood, rust in peace, the years of decay, ironbound, vulgar display of power, cowboys from hell, the list goes on n on..

Metallica fanboy much? Don't get me wrong, I love Metallica, but there is no way in hell that the top 5 should just be Metallica.

12 Ride the Lightning - Metallica

From Fight Fire With Fire, a blazing fast, thrashing, neck-breaker of a song, to Fade to Black, a melancholic but heavy story of one's loss in the battle with depression, this album signifies Metallica's change from thrash metal kings to musical geniuses. Also, the late, great Cliff Burton is heavily prominent on this record, which is always a plus.

Fade to Black, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Creeping Death... this is easily the best metal album ever

I measure every album by its worst song, not the best ones. And Escape is pretty good. It tells much more of the album than the best one

1 Ride the Lightning - Metallica
2 II - Kingston Wall
3 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
4...And Justice for All - Metallica
5 Roots - Sepultura
6 Appetite for Destruction - Guns n Roses
7 World on Fire - Slash
8 Paranoid - Black Sabbath
9 Cowboys from Hell - Pantera
10 Master of Reality - Black Sabbath

There isn't a song with a more epic ending than Call of Ktulu.

And this is coming from a lover of Octavarium, 6DoIT, The Odyssey, Divine Wing of Tragedy, Echoes, Atom Heart Mother, Karn Evil 9, Tarkus, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Close to The Edge, Fly From Here, Awaken, TRSoG, Topographic Oceans, Dance of The Dead, Hallowed be Thy Name, Fear of The Dark, Glass Prison, Rime of The Ancient Mariner, Creeping Death, One, Fade to Black, Blinding Light Show/Moonchild, etc.

Also, my favorite Metallica album

13 Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys

It's pretty weird complaining about a #13 spot, but this is Pet Sounds, I just have to.
This is the most influential album of all time. As someone pointed out, none of the above would have been made hadn't it been for Pet Sounds, including Revolver (Revolver came after Pet Sounds and actually already featured songs inspired by this, Pet Sounds itself was inspired by Rubber Soul).

Pet Sounds also is the most acclaimed album of all time. Acclaimed Music is a website that collects top album and song lists and figures out which albums have been put highest, got the best ratings and have therefore been acclaimed the most, and Pet Sounds is rated #1st. Rolling Stone Magazine lists it 2nd, NME, The Times, Mojo and Uncut rate it 1st.

Pet Sounds also is the most innovative album of all time (next to its follow-up SMiLE, which was never finished though). It innovates in terms of song composition (not just, but especially the instrumentals use very complex chord progressions, ...more

Please, please explain to me how Nirvana is in front of the Beach Boys. "Pet Sounds" remains as the greatest album of all time; while other works like the Beatles' "Seargent Pepper" and Led Zeppelin IV have become somewhat cliche, Pet Sounds stands as something different. I don't like the argument that just because an album was the "foundation" for other albums that followed means that album was greater. Pet Sounds is special because, not only was it never replicated, nobody even tried to replicate it! Brian Wilson's genius will not be matched and has not been matched by anyone, and those who try soon figure out why it is an impossible task to complete.

Simply the most influential album of the most influential decade in modern music.

This album is timeless. Even while a bunch of music from the era become incredibly dated with all the flower power and peace love and acid nonsense, this album is so pure on honest and beautiful. The lyrics are so relatable, you'd have to be a damn robot to not understand where Brian and Tony Asher were coming from. The harmonies are almost too perfect. I can, and have listened to this recording in a capella so many times because it literally feels as if this was recorded in heaven by angels and every time I listen to it, it's as I an getting a little sneak peak of heaven. Otherworldly. And I haven't even mentioned the brilliant arrangements Brian and the wrecking crew. Honestly if you can make it past track 2 with your head intact, mouth closed and eyes dried, then you simply haven't been listening.

14 American Idiot - Green Day

American idiot. The 2nd best album of all time after thriller. 5 superhit singles rest 8 superb songs with different creativity, art, music and lyrics. And if you're are saying HYBRID THEORY sold 30 million copies, its wrong. The true value is 24 million but american idiot sold 14 million copies. I accept that but there was different time. At that time internet was not so popular so people just buy the album. But almost after 5 years when american idiot was released the internet was popular in all over the world, so people around the world did not need to buy a copy from a shop. AND IN ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE american idiot was ranked 22 best album of decade but in reader's choice it was at rank.1. And in both two list there was no hybrid theory or meteora of linkin park. IN KERRANG MAGAZINE american idiot was ranked 5 at best album of all time. And the songs are amazing in AI.

Great story, awesome protagonist, and no bad song on this album, and still not even top 10.

American Idiot came out at a time when people where afraid to speak out due to 9/11. Green Day didn't care about what people where and wheren't supposed to say, they released the album filled with rage and disappointment about America and it's politics anyway.
The storyline throughout the whole album is appealing to the youth as everybody can find something to identify with. And with a mix of angry rock songs like "American Idiot" to emotional ballads like "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends" I don't see how this can't be considered the greatest album of all time.
Even if it's almost 6 years since it first came out it is still current with a now on going Broadway play.
That, for me, makes American Idiot the obvious choice on this list.

Really? American Idiot at 13? Come on fellow green day fans, lets pump this one up to number 1! Lets go

15 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Played this album day after day after day for over a year when it first came out...and today it still sounds the same.

What? Wish You Were Here at 77? I don't believe this. Literally every song (Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-9, Welcome To The Machine, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here) is awesome and this album is my most favorite album after Dark Side Of The Moon. This album deserves to be in the Top 20, to say the least. I don't know why it's so down below.

This or the dark side of the moon, but WYWH gets my vote for two reasons: it's currently only 16th, and it is more musically consistent.
Every song is brilliant, and you have 44 minutes of a perfectly crafted sonic journey, with some haunting lyrical themes and melodies.
Far in advance of anything the Beatles did, even if they did it first.

I mean, yeah, what else is it going to be? It's not a collection of songs, it's sonic artwork

16 Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses

For there first album, this is really good. And still there best as well.

Of course the best album ever by the best band. No 1 because...
Paradise city
Sweet child o' mine
Welcome to the jungle
Night train

This is the best first album ever for a band and also the best album of all time!

Why in the hell is this not higher on this list! Should be number 1... I was surprised this wasn't in AT LEAST the top 10... I'm glad that S&M made it on the top ten though... This, Back in Black, Master of Puppets, Blizzard of Ozz, they all need in the top 10... This album is clearly deserving of a place in the top 10! Has so many many many great songs on it...

17 To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

this is a very important album it will never fade away king kendrick

A very deep, rich and sharp album. A cohesive reflection on black identity with amazing lyricisim and impressive experimentation. I listened to it for 16 days, one song every day, to savour the concept. When I finished Mortal Man, it was the final blow. I was completely awestruck. Brilliance. Perfect album. The think that probably nailed it for me was the spoken word, such an original idea.
What I never get is that it rarely shows up on "best concept albums" lists. It is a concept album. It has precise themes, lyrical motifs, and a storyline.

Kendrick Lamar is one of the best lyricists of our time, and this album proves it. He brings up a lot interesting perspectives in this album in a non-preachy way that's enjoyable from start to finish. I'm talking themes such as, but not limited to, racism from outside of and within the black community, depression, society's glorification of fame, celebrities, money, and sex, and much more. Not to mention the near perfect production of this entire album. The many talented producers for this album, some that are famous and some that are hidden gems, really went all out with making this album sound unbelievably original, creative, complex, and enjoyable to listen to. It's easily one of the best hip-hop albums of all time.

By far more lyricial and complex than most albums on this list. Combine that with amazing flows, beats and storytelling and you'll get one of the best albums of all time.

18 Kid A - Radiohead

A masterpiece of experimental rock, and a brilliant concept album. At first I only liked a couple songs on the album. But a couple months later, I gave it another shot, and I couldn't believe the songs didn't stand out to me before. Now it's my favorite album of all time. There's the weird, cult-like opener "Everything in it's Right Place", the alien lullaby "Kid A", the frantic, out-of-control "National Anthem", and the transcendental and extremely beautiful "How to Disappear Completely" (Which contains some of my favorite lyrics: "That there / That's not me / I go where I please / I walk through walls / I float down the Liffey"). Followed by this is the ambient soundtrack "Treefingers", then the rockier "Optimistic", the surreal "In Limbo", the chilling, robotic "Idioteque", the weird, experimental "Morning Bell", and finally, as the perfect album closer, the solemn "Motion Picture Soundtrack" which tears your heart out by the ending with the lyrics "I will see you in the next ...more

A perfect album. Electronic. Rock. Amazing. 2nd best Radiohead album after Ok Computer.

Another great album. Radiohead's experimentation with Electronic and Jazz was fantastic.

Why so low? Best album of the 21st Century, although in my opinion In Rainbows and Random Access Memories are close.

19 Rubber Soul - The Beatles

Rubber Soul: a masterpiece that changed how the western world viewed music in general. It influenced Pet Sounds, that consequentially influenced Revolver and Sgt Pepper's and so on and on

My favorite Beatles album - the US version with I've just seen a face leading off.

It isn't their best of course, but it influenced many artists to make more mature music.

None of my top few Beatles songs are on this album, but Rubber Soul is the most consistently good all the way through.

20 Paranoid - Black Sabbath

That's the ultimate heavy rock'n'roll album! So good! So heavy! So inspired!

Black Sabbath will Always be my number one. From their first album throughout their performances in concert until their first breakup, their stack of records were always playing on the turntable at home after school. There is no other sound like Tony Iommi has that will ever be reproduced. I still from time to time go back through each song in order on each album. This album was special with the Iron Man song, Paranoid and War Pigs. Its funny how certain songs find their way into Movies and other Sound tracks of movies. Even though they have more or less retired from working or producing, their work will live in infamy forever.

Tony Iommi is the master of riffs, with only 2 whole fingers he carved out an entire genre that was heavier and harder than anything else up to that time. Every song on Paranoid is legendary and each has several memorable riffs. Iron man is possibly the most famous riff ever and I don't even think it compares to war pigs or paranoid. Gosh every song is great, fairies wear boots, rat salad, electric funeral, planet caravan, and hand of doom. All great songs.

This album was the most influential album on metal. It completely changed music forever

21 Meteora - Linkin Park

This album is the best achievement in psychology, in my opinion. It helped me to get rid of depression originating in the very beginning of my life. I also love the set of songs from it that became popular.

Meteora is legendary. I'm not a fan of Linkin Park but some people say "old music is better and the classics are the best" they're wrong. In my personal opinion Meteora is a lot better than a lot of the stuff in front of it. Linkin Park itself needs as much attention as nirvana (who were completely garbage). Every song in this album is great but in Nevermind the only reason they could sell out of it was smells like teen spirit

Meteora is one of the finest album ever made in the history of rock genre and best given by Linkin Park it should be at top position

Linkin Park should at least be in the top three! where are your ears? They make the best music.Very meaningful and deep.

22 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

Great album, but guys, stop hating on Living Things and saying "why won't LP return to their roots" because you know that they definitely won't make a Hybrid Theory 2.

This should be at least #1. I'm listening to the album right now. Also, I think dark side of the moon is kind of overrated

One of the best album ever created.
It deserves to be at number 1..
Thanks Linkin Park for existing

Hybrid theory is average at best it belongs no where near the rest of the albums here. Why they're so popular on this site I will never know

I came here expecting this to be in the top 10 and now I'm shocked that its not

23 Rumours - Fleetwood Mac

All the top 10 Beatles albums are good no doubt, but Rumours changed a lot of things in music after it's release. I can recall driving in my car in Chicago and flipping stations and half the music stations would be playing a song from Rumours. That is what really defines a great album; when it cuts across genres. Rumours is one of the few. It was the high point of Fleetwood Mac's long and storied career. When Tusk was released they officially jumped the shark.

An example of how members of one group going through relationships can write just faboulous music

Basically greatest hits besides Landslide and a few others. my second favorite album ever

Not one song on this album is filler. Great from start to finish. Not sure who it would replace, but should be top ten for sure.

24 Back in Black - AC/DC

Ain't my favorite AC/DC album, but I love all AC/DC albums. My favorite album is their Flick of the Switch, and/or Fly on the Wall albums. Most AC/DC fans love Back in Black, but I voted for this album, because it is AC/DC. I love Givin' the Dog a Bone, which is probably my favorite song on this album. Listen to it! You'll love it!

Should be in top 3. How many albums were sold again? Uh huh...40 MILLION!

One of the best selling albums of all time and for good reason.

Holy trinity of hard rock alongside "Appetite for Destruction" and "Led Zeppelin IV".

Deserves top 10 for sure.

25 The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

This album is nothing short of beautiful. The raw energy of some songs like "Dead! " and "Welcome to the Black Parade" is polar opposite to the held-down and somewhat brooding sounds of "Disenchanted" and "Sleep". This album has stood the test of time, with a deep storyline following a cancer patient as he recollects on his life as he is nearing the end of it. Even though it's original listeners are grown now, everyone still gets those times when they feel they want to look back on their own pasts, and this album is inspiring the next generation as well. The lyrics are deep, introspective, and tells a dark and beautiful tale none will ever forget.

Despite the fact that the top ten glorifies the older material, I think that, objectively, every album with such a concept and a deeper lyrical meaning should be superior to everything else. Every song could be a single, every song has depth and power, and most of all, a massive contribution to the general concept of knowing your own death. The whole Beatles discography is some innocent songs that talk about whatever the songwriter feels like at the moment. This and American Idiot outshine everything else just by their impact on real-life aspects. Those albums form opinions and give hope to everyone in a difficult spot

I cannot see how anything in this existence can be more beautiful than this album. I will refrain from describing it any further because I'm afraid I will smear its name with our earthly terms.

There is only one bad song in this album (I don't love you, I don't feel it fits in) and the others are all masterpeices.

26 Animals - Pink Floyd

For those who haven't heard it, give it a listen, then give Dark Side of the Moon a try. If you don't love these when you're young, you'll grow to love them when you're older. I grew up on AC/DC (was at the Back in Black live concert), Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Queen, Elton John, Black Sabbath, Billy Joel and loved them all--in their Day. The only music that seems to have serious holding power over the generations is the Beatles and Pink Floyd. While Elvis may be the king of Rock n Roll and MJ the king of Pop, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is still selling over a 1/2 million copies annually and has been for almost 50 years. NO OTHER ALBUM can claim this. While the Beatles and a very small number of other artists do this over all albums combined, clearly a single album with that staying power transcends fads and fashion through pure musicality and speaking to the human condition in the worldwide audience. People can argue opinions forever, but when an album never stops selling at ...more

Being a Pink Floyd fan I'm happy to see that both DSOTM and The Wall are included in the top 10, although I'm very disappointed to find Animals so far down on the list. I strongly believe that this album is severely underrated. This is personally my favourite Pink Floyd album. The combination of Roger Water's straightforward, no B.S. lyrics about politics, society and censorship, with the incredibly creative and progressive music by the rest of the group make this a perfect album. There is simply nothing else like it. If you've never listened to it I strongly recommend you do.

Dark Side's little brother that few notice, Animals is no less masterful and timeless than Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall.

While the concept sounds cheesy and the track lengths might look stereotypically proggy, the album manages to conjure up some of the most intense moments and dark lyrics the band had done up to that point. The only bad thing about it was the path it set for the band's post-wall future.

27 Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

oh, I could name so many great things about this album no, masterpiece. and only 41st place? what a shame. invaders starts with an incredible riff and depicts the slaughters of the saxons in the olden days. #2 is about the movie"children of the damned"it is slow and melodic until a vocal genius by the name of bruce dickinson speeds up the tempo. the next two songs are nowhere near as amazing but still great. Then we get to the rock anthem"the number of the beast"which will knock any true metal lover of his/her feet. with a complex and insane riff followed by bruce dickinsons beautiful voice it is one of the most outstanding songs on this album. next is "run to the hills"with its remarkable drums which stands out over all of adrians glorious guitar work. now is my only problem with this album "Gangland"it is by all means not a bad song but it is so out of place in this wondorous album. finally is the single most influencial and beautiful and... ...more

This is the one that took Maiden from headlining Theaters and Pubs to an opening band for names like Ozzy and Kiss. Bruce made all the difference in becoming a headline act. I stilI enjoy Paul, every song on "Iron Maiden" and "Killers" are untouchable. When I listen to them I turn it to 11. I believe "Peace of Mind" was their first headline album tour, and they never looked back. Steve of the best Bassist ever! (come on got to give the like to Lemmy, Geddy, Jaco, and many more ). UP THE IRONS!

After rocky start with Invaders, the next 7 are legendary. From the iconic Number of the Beast and the surprisingly catchy Run to the Hills To the angry The Prisoner and the guitar driven 22 Acacia Avenue all of them build to the finale of Hallowed be Thy Name, which is the perfect Iron Maiden Song and one of the best metal songs ever written

I typed a large comment for this album but accidently deleted it. Nevertheless, this album rocks!

28 The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem

This album has it all. At a time when Eminem was getting criticised for all his controversy from his first album. So what does he do, make an even more controversial album and it became an instant success. How can a diamond album that sold nearly 2 million copies in its first week be this low. The whole album is packed with genius songs and lyrics and it was an album that told everyone to shut up and listen because Em couldn't care less. A masterpiece

This needs to be higher, no diamond album should be rated this low, with meaningful tracks like Stan and songs to show off em's skills like the real slim shady, this album is the complete package.

You can't talk classics without bringing up eminem

How is this not higher what? all the above "albums" are worse than this, who cares about beatles overrated as hell

29 Fallen - Evanescence

Evanescence are an amazing band with a gorgeous singer, but this have to be their best album!

As I look back on the beginnings of this group, this is an album that I wish that I could experience again...for the first time. For my ears it was so unique and moving. I can still feel the buzz that was alive when this group first hit big. An exciting moment frozen in time when the founders, Amy Lee and Ben Moody made for a powerful duo that went south so suddenly.

I think it is the album of Evanescence and it consists of all of my favourite songs like Bring me To Life, My Immortal and Tourniquet. The Open Door and Evanescence are also too good. Please vote it to take a better position. It can go to the top

Epic album... All songs are perfect...

30 Illmatic - Nas

Best hip hop album ever created in my opinion even though dark side of the moon is my favourite album illmatic will always be in my top 5 it's lyrically insane

Why is this album not at least in the top ten on this list. Christ is seems like the people who vote on these lists think that music died with nirvana. I personally do not strive to be hipster but I do believe that music is all just a matter of taste and opinion but God the hipster type always put down hip hop as being meaningless just because they have only heard mainstream hip hop. Well, hipsters I challenge u to listen to this album and not respect the pure genius that is Nasir jones

"Hipsters" LOVE Illmatic.
However, this site is not a very "hipster" website. Illmatic is amazing indeed.

This is the standard all lyrically inclined music should be held to. It is a benchmark achievement for modern music.

This album was not only astounding on every level, providing it's audience with every single one of it's exceptional tracks, but it also revolutionized a genre, a remarkable feat that I can't speak for every album of this list, but I must say it's rather hard to believe that many others have done so as well.

31 ...And Justice for All - Metallica

Fallen, Meteora, Dear Agony, and Nevermind above THIS?! We need to get this higher than 39

Blackened, and justice for all, one, harvester of sorrow, dyers eve and much more. There is not a bad song on this album

The fact that this wasn't up here shows how many people are def. This is, IMO, the GREATEST album ever released.

With Ride the Lightning, best metal album ever... And Justice for All could easily be Top 20 albums ever.

32 Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin

So so underrated album from most underrated band. Listen guys take this higher it deseves more.

This is a good album but it should NOT be this high up the list

I will not bow my favorite song from them

I didn't expect this one to go up this high in the list...but I have to say, it's an excellent albums

33 London Calling - The Clash

London Calling is the best album ever created (Followed by Pet sounds), no matter genre! It opened so many doors for other bands like the suicide machines and Operation ivy. The way they mixed funk, ska, punk and classic rock was unique back then, and still is.

Bought this album when I was 14 and it was brand new. Didn't even know what I was getting. I wore out 2 vinyl copies of it over the years, which really is the only way to truly enjoy it. It loses something in the digital domain. Unabashedly, my favorite album of all time.

Even the worst song on this album (possibly "Lover's Rock") is better than about 80-95% of songs ever rerecorded. The Clash's first four albums are all awesome (Combat Rock is just good, not great) but this is their best. High Points: It is impossible to choose, they are all so good.

This should definitely be top 10, if not top 5. These list are always run by classic rock purists who think that Pink Floyd can do no wrong. Either that or kids who think they know music that isn't pop, while listening to the pop of the previous generations.

34 Bad - Michael Jackson

Definitely not the best Michael Jackson album, but is definitely better than some of the albums with more votes here

by the way this album is not its title, it's the total opposite: Awesome. Man In The Mirror, Bad, Smooth Criminal, and the underrated I Can't Stop Lovin You, it has some great songs.

It is AMONG one of the worlds best selling albums, selling OVER 30 Million copies

Great album with songs like bad, speed demon, another part of me, man in the mirror, dirty Diana, smooth criminal, leave me alone and more

35 In Rainbows - Radiohead

I think we all know this should be much higher on the list.

OK Computer is an album of its time, In Rainbows is an album that transcends time. The textures, the muddiness, the loving and personal lyrics. It combines Radiohead at their most electronic, rocky, orchestral, sensual, heartfelt, dangerous, joyful, and real.

This Album is far greater then any album I've ever listened to although they're my second favorite band this albums is still ahead of any album ever made

This Albums is just out of this world. It creates such a wide range of emotions. Bodysnatchers is happy and danceable, weird Fishes feels like a hug and Nude is one of the most depressing songs ever written. Still it fits together like a puzzle. Pure musical perfection.

36 Who's Next - The Who

Should be way higher it's a top-five album not a bad song on it and the who is the best band of all time

Greatest Rock Album. Wont Get Fooled Again and BaBa O'Reily are anthems!

Coming from a person who has actually listened to the entire album from start to finish, Who's Next is truly of the few rock albums without filler songs at all.
A true masterpiece by one of the best bands to ever set foot on Earth, The Who! A groundbreaking album and many years ahead of its time, which still sounds fresh today.

Why is The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance above The Who's Who's Next?

I'm not saying that My Chemical Romance are bad, but they just CAN'T compare to The Who in my opinion! At least one Who member beats all the My Chemical Romance members combined!

37 Rust In Peace - Megadeth

Holy wars, Tornado Of Souls, Hangar 18 all 3 in top 10 metal songs of all time.
Five Magics, Lucretia, Rust in peace polaris all strong too. Overall amazing album, best in metal for sure.

The best metal album of all-time for sure. "Paranoid" comes to close though. The album when the riffs and guitar solos reached the peak of metal and perhaps music in general.
More complexity than Reign in Blood or Master of Puppets.

63 is just sinful. Say what you want about Dave Mustaine's wild accusations when he's given a mic / twitter account, but this album is a classic thrash metal album. I think this deserves to be in at least the top 20 albums of all time because it was so jam - packed with great metal hits that it should be considered throughout all genres for best.

One of the best metal albums of all time. I'm surprised it's this low, should be higher than some of the other bands on here such as Linkin Park and Green Day.

38 Powerslave - Iron Maiden

Not only is the best album of the band, but also created a trend in heavy metal music. Along with Piece of Mind, one of the best albums of music history.
All the musicians on this album makes a huge job, especially Steve Harris notes. A historical record, no doubt.
Up the Irons!

This album truly defines what Metal is all about. Every song is epic, every riff is a masterpiece. Bruce Dickinson at his vocal best. Absolutely mind blowing album. Deserves to be in the 10 for sure

66 r you kidding me?

Should be higher then all the Metallica overrated .

Pop albums generally sell more than metal so all metal albums should only compete with other metal albums. The pop purists are only ever gonna vote for the same pop albums and metal will always be overlooked. Just start an all time metal list.

39 White Album - The Beatles

A disjointed masterpiece. Definitely deserves a listen and top 20

Consistently inconsistent. Easily one of the best albums released, not needing a concept or unifying sound, just a damn good set of songs.

The White Album is truly a great album! I love it so much. All of The Beatles albums are the best!

How is this so low? This is the best Beatles Album there is! It should be second after the Dark Side of the Moon. While there may not be a concept behind this album, the songs on it are great. Just listen to While my Guitar Gently Weeps, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Blackbird, Dear Prudence, I’m so tired, Sexy Sadie, and Helter Skelter

40 Let it Bleed - The Rolling Stones

This deserves to be a lot higher. Maybe not the best album ever, but it gave us some of the most amazing songs ever

The Stones are not my favourite band, but this is the best album ever recorded!

Easily in the top 20 only to be surpassed by EXILE! They had an amazing run of albums from BEGGARS -EXILE!...unsurpassed...

Best stones album...after Brian's death they locked themselves in the studio and came up the the greatest rock album of all time..the press at the time thought they wouldn't better Beggars Banquet...Let it bleed easily surpasses it.

41 Dookie - Green Day

I just like the idea of animals throwing loads of poop at human beings. that just proves that animals don't like to be abused by humans so it's pay back time!

Has sold well over 23 million copies and has some of their best songs like "Longview" and "When I Come Around". Deserves to be in the top 15

The album that revitalized punk and created pop punk.

Come on guys! This is at least 10 times better than American idiot, which is way higher. This should be at least top 20

42 2112 - Rush

2112 is quite simply one of the greatest musical masterpieces of all time. Hands down.

Side one of this album is a top of the line science fiction short story espoused through a magnificent musical medium. There is not another album remotely similar. I enjoyed reading the lyrics while listening to it, and picturing the scenarios in my mind.

LONG LIVE RUSH! Featuring the band's longest song, 2112 is the album that saved their career and proved that progressive rock wasn't dead.

The greatest album ever created. Geddy Lee's vocals, Niel Peart's drumming and Alex's guitar (one of the most underrated guitarists ever) is the greatest sound in my opinion. I am 13 and Rush is my favorite band. I hate the pop crap that is playing nowadays. This album should be in the top three at least. Not number 38.

43 Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold

Musicality wise, this isn't even close to being the best album of all time, and some could even go for the sound of the album. The album isn't consistent in its tone, but for me, that's what sells it. I don't expect this to be praised by all and it doesn't deserve #1 best album of all time. But it is without a doubt a great album and it is my personal favorite.

By Far the best album ever made every song on this album is perfection and it also has one of the best songs ever made on it, Afterlife.

Just amazing can't believe it isn't in the top 10.

There are so much better albums to put here in this spot.

44 The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars - David Bowie

An incredibly engaging and intriguing work!
The cohesiveness of the album is astonishing. Every song serves as a basis for the next one regardless of their tonality or theme. Even skipping one track would ruin the pacing and it would also be an absolute sin to miss out on such good rock! Fellas, it's definitely one of those few albums advised to be listened in their entirety - singles such as Starman are not reflecting the depth creativity and the overall genius of David Bowie.
This album cannot be anything else than glamorous 10/10.

The greatest most influential album ever made a timeless classic a century ahead of its time Bowie was is and walways will be years ahead of everybody else

Just Great!
It changed music history forever!
It should definitely be in top 10.

Dude it's ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars. This thing is a masterpiece among filth and trash. Top 5 now

45 Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory - Dream Theater

All the others above are there because they are mainstream. Dream Theater is the furthest you can get from mainstream, so in that sense, it's pretty high up.

Maiden was my fave with Metallica 2nd, Dream Theater is my new fave, Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory is great!

Next to Wish You Were Here, Close To The Edge, and Moving Pictures, this is the greatest prog rock album.

Unnamed emotions. That's all I could say to describe this album

46 Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin's masterpiece. The best double album of all time because many successful bands of the '80s spent all their time redoing 5 songs on this album over and over again. Better than any other Led Zeppelin album and way better than any new cruddy artists work.

Almost as good as IV. It's a cliche to say it at this point, but "this needs to be higher"!

Recently revisited this album, and played it in its entirety near ten times in a week. It stands out in part due to the variety of style and influence. I suspect it is probably my preferred Zep album. Shared some of those ten plays with friends and family and no one, irrespective of musical taste objected.

Stunningly diverse with side 3 (vinyl) the standout. They never reached these heights again.

47 Are You Experienced - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Why is this so low? One of the greatest albums of all time made by the best guitarist of all time!

Led Zeppelin
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
The first three hard rock bands.

You know what's great about this list? They don't make albums anymore. Therefore, you don't have Carrie Underwood, Jackie Evancho, or any of the other reality stars that you see on virtually every other top ten list. To say it's refreshing is the biggest understatement I've ever made on one of these sites.

Perhaps this requires an acquired taste, but for my money, this is absolutely a top ten album. How can Jimi be considered the greatest guitarist ever, but his album is not in the top 20 (at least). Doesn't make sense.

It's because people copy their friends and feel ashamed not voting in Jimi when he is the quintessential guitar player but they will never actually listen to his music - they'll just keep their heads up Linkin Park's and Metallica's butt.

48 Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin

Greatest album of all time so much better than four this album is the definition of hard rock every song is killer

The 1st. Led Zeppelin album I ever heard, it still gives me goose bumps in 2020, fock on!

Zep II Should be #1. Floyd Dark side #2 Beatles Abbey Road #3.
There it is folks! The three you take to the bunker when the nukes come calling!

A hard rock/heavy metal joyride that's awesome from Whole Lotta Love to Bring It On Home. The first one was a little better produced and heavier, but this is looser, more energetic and considerably more original.

49 White Pony - Deftones

What!?!? Only 96!?!? This deserves to be WAYYY higher. Deftones is the best band ever

simply it's own depressed music we all need

50 Moving Pictures - Rush

Gotta have Canadian rockers on this list, especially when it features the best drummer in the world - Neil Peart - RIP

Some of Rush's best.
And Rush was some of the best.

So, some of the best music from one of the best artists, definitely up there

This album is a masterpiece, every track blows. Rush at its best.

Perfection-my favorite album of all time.

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