Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd


This message goes out to everybody everywhere and it applies to any album. So you're thinking Dark Side of the Moon is the greatest album of all time and you don't think that any other album is equally as great. Well then I would say that you've been living in a small world to think that because there is no one all time greatest album just like every single Pink Floyd album is different. There could be as many as three thousand all time greatest albums. Dark Side is just one grain of sand in a musical hourglass. If you believe Dark Side is indeed the greatest and there are no other all time greatest albums then throw out all your cds, album, cassettes, downloaded songs or whatever and just listen to that one album and nothing else because you're saying that nothing else compares so why lower your expectations. When somebody says every time I listen to this album I hear something I haven't heard before and I say you haven't been listening at all. You're only on Planet Earth a short ...more - frankmartin

Oh I have looked in that endless hourglass of music in the world. I don't listen to this album very often, but when I do, it just puts you in another world. Although I think there are many great albums, this one is still my favorite. - Kyledren

I'm glad this is so high up on the list, but it should be number one. I like Michael Jackson's thriller too, but Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon is just out of this world, because while Thriller does have great songs, you can hear the album and realize it's good, but with Dark Side Of The Moon you not only have to hear but listen to the album. You have to pay attention to the details on it. Thriller is good for dancing and having a good time. Dark Side Of The Moon is for opening your world of music, and it teaches you about life. If you're not familiar with this type of music, you may have to hear it several times to fully appreciate the quality, beauty, and power of the album. Those who say this album is overrated are people who just listen to the music without opening their mouths and years to it.

"Breathe" - "Breathe, breathe in the air. Don't be afraid to care. Leave but don't leave me. Look around, choose your own ground."

"Time" - "Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain. You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun...Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time. Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines. Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way. The time is gone, the song is over. Thought I'd something more to say."

All of "Brain Damage" and "Eclipse."

Moreover, a timeless album with music that stirs your soul and lyrics that make you think about society and your place in it.

What you asked was the best album. Thriller is an album made up of single songs. Some of these songs are good, but others are terrible. The Dark Side Of The Moon on the other hand, changed everything.

This is a true album, from the root of madness to the lust of money, from the symphonies of death to the passage of time this album, aside from it's beautiful songs. It is a message of life. It is a warning. A Mozart of the modern era. You may listen to thriller and think, 'hmm, catchy chords". But you listen to Dark Side Of The Moon and you experience it, you feel it. For it is a story of life.

No album is as complete as Dark Side Of The Moon. I'm talking musically, lyrically, and production wise. The only album that could give it a fight is Wish You Were Here and The Wall, which are all by Pink Floyd. Led Zeppelin also wrote some pretty amazing albums too. My choice as number one album in the world is still The Dark Side Of The Moon. It is a true masterpiece. Every single second of the album is worth listing to, especially if you have a good set of headphones. Thriller is good, but it's only number one because its songs are radio friendly. This album is amazing. It hasn't aged at all. It has better quality than a lot of album recorded today. It's quality is unmatched.

In 1967, The Beatles invented progressive rock with Sgt Pepper. Then six years later, Pink Floyd took that sort of music and perfected it. It takes you through the journey of a human life. Gilmour's solos are unparalleled, Waters' riff on money is genius, Wright's keyboard and piano is unmatched and Nick Mason shreds those fracking drums.

Speak To Me - Sets up the album with the heartbeat, laughing and the sounds from a cash register.

Breathe (In The Air) - Wonderfully peaceful yet unsettling song with great lap steel playing by Gilmour.

On The Run - Revolutionary sound effects and great beat through-out.

Time - Nick Masons best performance ever (on the intro), Gilmour's aggressive singing is perfect for the verse and his solo is one of the greatest of all time.

The Great Gig In The Sky - Wright's time to shine. He plays the piano is a very dark way that along with Clare Torry's haunting vocals really brings home the song's message of ...more

I guess people equate best selling album with the best. Not so much. While DSotM was a HUGE seller, it's probably the best overall album ever made. The songs all flow together and just sort of climax every here and there. If asked to point to the best song, I would tell you "The whole thing. Start to finish. " I doubt you could say that about Thriller. Micheal Jackson's voice is annoying anyway. High and squealy. I think he was just a slightly more talented Justin Bieber. There. You all heard it. I just called Micheal Jackson Justin Bieber. Deal with it.

So is the All-Time Greatest about the popular vote, sales position, time on chart or is it about albums that are the most influential, innovative and revolutionary? I think Dark Side is a great album but is it at #1 because of popular vote? There were albums before and after Dark Side that were influential, innovative and revolutionary and albums that led to formations of bands and reasons why people got into music in the first place. Really the most influential, innovative and revolutionary albums should be listed in chronological order. Dark Side wasn't the first and it isn't the greatest in terms of being influential, innovative and revolutionary. - frankmartin

I like Thriller, but it's commercial pop. Don't get me wrong, it's a good album, but in terms of music and lyrics, it cannot be compared to The Dark Side Of The Moon. The Dark Side Of The Moon was not only unique in its time but has amazing music and lyrics that talk about life. This album changed the world of music. For the 1970's, this album was out of this world because of its sound effects and meaning. Not any idiot can listen to this album. It takes someone with extreme good taste in music and art to fully appreciate the greatness of The Dark Side Of The Moon.

I first heard The Dark Side of the Moon in High School, only a few years ago, because I played Breathe with my band at a concert. This album is, by far, the best experience I have ever had with any music. Everything from the amazing lead up Speak to Me to the thoughtful Time and the absolutely amazing Money, that still remains as my favorite song of all time.
Music has never been better than it is on this album. It might not be for everybody, but, as of writing, this album is at the 2nd spot on the Best Albums of All Time-list, and it really deserves this spot.

All Thriller is are mainstream-easy to listen to-songs. I have nothing against Michael Jackson. He's a true artist. But in terms of musical ability and lyrics, Dark Side Of The Moon is way better. Thriller is an album that urges you to dance and have a good time at a party. Dark Side Of The Moon is an album that opens your mind and takes you to place without even having to use drugs. It takes you to another world, if you listen to it properly. You don't need drugs to take you places. All you need is this album and a good pair of headphones.

Dark Side of the Moon was what got me into rock and roll. It is my favorite album, with The Wall close behind. Dark Side has brought new opportunities into my life. I go to School of Rock, and I'm currently in a Pink Floyd show. I recently got the chance to meet Roger Waters at the premier of his concert film for "The Wall" in September. I will never forget that moment. For those who say that Dark Side of the Moon isn't the best album ever made, I will politely say that you are wrong in every way.

So cool that my favorite album is #1. Its definitely a masterpiece in my eyes, an album that has perfect a near perfect arrangement of songs. This album came at an important time in my life entering high school when in choir, this girl that had liked me bought it for me as a Christmas gift. I remember going home and listening to it in its entirety and from that point on I knew exactly why it was one of the greatest albums ever made. After all this time its still my #1

Absolutely the greatest combination of music you can feel, lyrics that connect to every single person at their deepest roots of humanity and the magical ability to transport us to that scary place where we must face ourselves - if we dare. Can't believe a group of young men could even put this type of art-form together so long ago and bring life to silent emotions experienced by us all "when the grass was greener".

There is no better album than this one. It is meant to be listen to how it is. Thriller you can listen to in shuffle and skip songs and nothing happens. Dark Side, on the other hand, you have to listen from start to finish without skipping songs and without putting it on shuffle. Otherwise, you ruin the entire album. Listen to it in your car with the speaks turned all the way up. You'll see what I'm talking about.

I'm a MJ fan too but I think that thriller just became famous by its music videos. I've listened to both and the dark side of the moon creates a more imaginary setting than thriller. Both have songs that people know and love even if their not fans. With songs such as thriller, Billie jean and beat it. And songs such as money, us and them, and brain damage/ eclipse. Commercially both albums sold greatly but thriller won in that category. But the dark side of the moon wins musically. - Windowstcm1988

The concept, design, and presentation is great, and the music fits the mood of the lyricism and it's super creative like how the cashier sounds at the beginning of Money or you can ear the person's steps and breaths on On the Run just listen to it with your eyes closed, there are few albums that are this great and it set the precedent for what a great thought-provoking album would be like

Music is an art form, something that can be so powerful it draws emotions from you as you're listening to it. that's what I felt listening to this album when I was in high school. The songs cross over seamlessly and blend together like its made as one concert spectacle. This isn't an album you listen to, its an experience you take with you

Why is thriller always number 1 on lists like this? Dark side of the moon is WAY more amazing than any of these other albums.. When you listen to it, all other albums seem... Well.. Ordinary. From the heart pumping speak to me to the climactic eclipse, this album is so easy to get lost in. Rock music at its best and it shouldn't be number 2, it should be number one!

Such a joy to listen to something that is the peak of performance of masterful song writing and musical performance. Depth of lyrics is off the charts. Sonic construction - a masterpiece. Instrumental performance is as good as it gets. Been listening to this for 40 years and never heard anything so tight, artistic and lyrically amazing.

Dark Side of the Moon was on the Billboard Charts from 1973-1988. It has at least two of the Top 25 Classic Rock Songs of All Time "Time" and "Money" and together with Led Zeppelin IV, It is the most voted #1 Album on various Radio Countdowns. It is #1. Shame on whoever voted for Heart or Gackt. - TheGreatest

You go out and buy a pair of high quality headphones because this album is so awesome. Its like watching a great movie or reading a great book, you are hooked from beginning to end. You don't listen to one song over and over, you listen to the whole damn album over and over.

THE Best EVER! An album that is Still relevant in the 2000's is an accomplishment few have ever done. Even "The Wall" has relevance even if the subjects and sounds are a bit dated in some areas. This list should read: #1 Dark Side of the Moon #2 Wish You Were Here (by extension) #3 The Wall. Everything else is just not as good, period.

The music is amazing. The lyrics are amazing. The entire album flows together so well like one powerful song. Every track is good, there is no bad song on the album. This album has had one of the biggest impacts on rock music. It is most definitely one worthy of the greatest album of all time. - Madcap

This album is "time"less certainly worth all the "money" I spent on it. It's so good I don't know if I "breathe" when I listen to it